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#krbkdk #krdk #krbk #bkdk
soulmates, reincarnation, angst
fantasy au (first life), canon au (current life), also kinda mcd?


eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one soulmate catches his other. he hides his tears, feeling his heart break once more.
they found each other again.

he wonders when they will find /him/. if they ever will.


{ “de— izuku,” katsuki says. “i'm sorry for everything.”

eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one lover catches his other. }
{ “shitty hair,” katsuki turns to him. they're both looking his way, expectation in their eyes. he marches toward them, wiping off his tears.

he falls into their arms.

they catch him.

eijirou feels relieved. }

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#krbkdk #krdk #krbk #bkdk

Eijirou thought he would be happy dating Katsuki, someone he loved so dearly, but he missed his friend. Izuku had distanced himself, leaving them space, giving himself time.
He'd respected that, but sometimes, he'd wish that they'd never confessed, that they'd kept this one secret between them.

Dating Katsuki was amazing, his love for his boyfriend grew more and more as the weeks, then months, passed, but there was an ache in his chest that kept

“Where's Deku?” his lover's voice stirred him out of his thoughts and Eijirou couldn't help but hate it. /Where was Deku?/ It felt like an eternity since he'd talked to his friend — and maybe it was.

He missed him.
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#KRDK, nsfw, shota!deku, teacher x student, MEGA age gap (11-35), dekussy, implied coercion

"S-Sensei- nhg... i-is this good?" Izuku moaned as he watched his teacher's peepee fuck into his little kitty stretched to its limits. He had his knees hiked up to his shoulders,
locking his arms under his knees as he was fucked into. Each thrust made his belly feel weird and his kitty clench around his sensei's cock. "Ngh-- Y-Yeah, /just/ like that," Kirishima-sensei grunted, sounding almost pained as his teeth clenched. Izuku moaned as he stared up at
his sensei, watching those sharp crimson eyes track up and down his naked body. Izuku had to say he was apprehensive about taking his clothes off because of how cold it was in school, but his sensei had said he would warm him up.

And he did!
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#bkdk with hints of krdk and krbk (bkdk endgame), college roommate, pining bk pining dk (maybe krbkdk ending? i don't think it will but we never know where it goes)


where bakugo and deku went to different high schools and meet again in college where they share a dorm

izuku opened the door of his new dorm only to collide with a naked chest.

"sorry!" he frantically bowed. "i didn't see you." he looked up and immediately recognized the spiky red hair. "oh my god, you're red riot!"
the man smirked, "oh you know me?"

"of course, i saw you at the sport festival! your quirk is so fascinating and..." he started to rant and only stopped when he heard the other man chuckle.

"oh i'm so sorry," he apologized again. "i tend to mumble a lot."
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#krdk, stranger to lovers, fake dating, college au, mention of cheating (there's no actual cheating), mention of mndk

summary: izuku has an imaginary boyfriend that looks a little bit too much like someone else.


when izuku gets asked out by monoma neito, he panics and
says he's already got a boyfriend. when the other boy keeps demanding for a date, he adds more layers to his lie. and when he finally gives in and goes to that fair with monoma,
he finds himself in a love triangle with a boy he doesn't really wanna date and one that doesn't even exist.


when he tells him, kacchan finds it hilarious.

"so you mean to tell me that you're cheating on an imaginary boyfriend now?" he asks from the top of the bunk
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#bkdk prompt, married! #krdk

"Is your husband single?" the intimidating blonde asked with a handsome smirk, eyes glinting and playful.

The kind redhead just laughed at his bestfriend's joke. Katsuki only did humour people he liked, he's happy the man is already fond of Izuku.
It's been five years since the blonde left for the States, something about trying to find someone he couldn't lose. Before that, Eijiro thought that his friend didn't have an ounce of romance in his body. Then he went to do something crazy like uproot his entire life for someone.
Eijiro looks down at his strangely quiet husband, nudging him subtly and flashing him a toothy grin. The redhead knows how intimidating Katsuki can be, but he really wanted them to get along.

Izuku was still refusing to look up at the imposing male, making himself as small as
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#KiriDeku #KRDK
background shinbaku, good friend Bakugou, Uraraka won't take a hint
Izuku and Eijirou have been dating for 6 months and the class refuses to leave them alone for even one date. So KiriDeku has to create more and more elaborate plans to get away.
“Kacchan, please you have to help me!” Izuku begged, collapsing on the others bed.

“I don’t have to do anything. You the idiot that decided to date Shitty Hair, figure it out yourself.” Katsuki's gruff voice was slightly muted as his face was shoved into his closet.
Sadly, that meant Izuku's puppy dog eyes weren't working.

Despite how much the blond protested helping him, Izuku knew he’d cave. He just had to wait for Eijirou to join them and then Katsuki would have no choice but to bend under the will of their pleading.
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#krdk #bkdk #krbk college au
just an idea, I don't write a lot so I hope I do justice to the prompt. if not let's call my thread self-indulgent 😂


Eijirou's heart clenched in anger as Katsuki gently held the mortal while he was giving his last breath.
The mortal had died so many times already, yet Katsuki never let go. He didn't understand.

Katsuki never knew when or where he would meet Izuku again. He just waited with a patience Eijirou had never seen in the God.
It's been decades. He had seen Izuku die so many times in Katsuki's arms.

The anger in him never left. It was unfair how Katsuki had accepted his fate when he couldn't even accept him.
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#KRBK [temporarily] | #KRDK [endgame???] | #katsukibakugou #IzukuMidoriya #KirishimaEijirou QL!AU

Big thank you to @keicchaaan for writing this amazing prompt, I hope I do it justice. 💖

CW: Cursing, mentions of past cheating

This fic picks up right where Keicchan left off…
“To the newlyweds!”

Raising his glass of champagne, Izuku drank it down like water, the reception hall around him was dead silent.

Handing off the microphone, Izuku set his empty glass aside and stepped away from the stage.

No one knew what to do.
No one knew what to say or how to react.

There were only a few people who knew the past drama and the situation as a whole.
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#KRDK Soulmate angst where if one soulmate receives a scar the other gets a matching one~

cw: past physical abuse, extreme bullying, burns, scars. #angstaugust


Eijiro's body is covered in scars. In fact, there is very little of his skin that isn't scarred in one way
or another. And unfortunately, only one tiny one on his eyebrow actually belongs to him.

At the age of seven, Eijiro had been happily chasing butterflies around his garden when he noticed a big red mark on his arm. Startled and scared by its sudden appearance he'd run inside
calling for his mothers. They'd shared what he now knows were concerned gazes and sat him down on the couch, explaining what 'soul scars' were and how one obtained them.

He'd spent the rest of the day sitting on the grass running his fingers over the marked skin, promising
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#bkdk #krdk pasado con denki #omegaverse #angst

En donde omega denki falleció durante el parto de sus gemelos y sus alfas: katsuki y Eijirou, están destrozados.

Con dos niños crecidos, ambos alfas no tienen el tiempo de cuidar a los gemelos y contratan a Izuku, una nodriza.
Izuku era un viejo amigo de ambos alfas, pero se fue al saber que podía lactar sin necesidad de un embarazo y decidió dedicarse a ser una nodriza.

Básicamente ambos alfas empiezan a querer a dk, pero con la herida abierta, lo comparan cada vez que pueden con su omega fallecido.

Años después, dk creé que tiene la oportunidad de amar y ser amado por esos alfas que nunca olvidó, pero pronto se dará cuenta de que solo vivió en un cuento.

Los alfas siempre mencionaban a Denki.

Los niños mayores lo odiaban y detestaban que apareciera un omega "intruso"
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#krdk fluff, first date, overprotective Hawks and Dabi, mentions of cheating, QL AU
The day was finally here and Kirishima was so excited. His date with Izuku. It was no secret to anyone that Kirishima had the biggest and most obvious crush on Izuku. But being the oblivious idiot Izuku is, Izuku just assumed Kirishima was socially awkward.
But then Kirishima confessed.

"Midobro! I really like you! Please go out with me!"

Izuku was a blushing mess. He could tell Kirishima was passionate. More passionate then Shindo Yo was when he asked Izuku out.

"O-ok! I'd really like that, Kirishima. Text me the details ok?"
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#dkbk #bkdk where Izuku, a renowned doctor and surgeon, dies from an unknown heart condition he had. And ends up waking up in his past life the day after he entered a loveless marriage with King Bakugou Katsuki.

A marriage that a bratty prince Izuku forced upon the king after
getting rid of so many suitors vying for Katsuki’s attention and the empty throne beside him. Eventually even scaring off Katsuki’s fiancé that Katsuki had actually loved and cherished.

But Izuku is no longer the same person he used to be.

A prince once more, but the heart of a
caring doctor with regrets…





“Umm, P-Prince Izuku?” a maid watches silently as Izuku just casually sits, a book in hand. “A-Aren’t you going to see his majesty on his walk?”

“Hmm?” Izuku looks up, a gentle smile on his face. “Nah, I don’t want to bother him.”
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#Bkdk, slight #krdk, #krmn age difference, cheating, nsfw

Izuku knows Eijiro's been sleeping around. He could tell from the unfamiliar scents that clung to his work shirts. Could see from the make-up stains that he sure as hell didn't put there.

So it was only fair that he got
some fun too.

Initially, he had planned to remain the loyal husband. A martyr of sorts that would desperately grasp at straws to keep their doomed relationship together. After all, he thought it was a little too late to start over at the age of 35.

I mean, who would want him?
But that all changed when he caught the attention of their new pool boy.

Bakugo Katsuki was a sight for sore eyes. Ripped to the nines with a sculpted chest and arms that flexed every time he waded through the pool.

Not to mention, his flaxen hair that shone under the beating
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#bkdk #tddk #krdk #overdeku #DbDk #endeavordeku #izuocha #mindeku #kmdk #shindodeku #srdk #togadeku #realitytv #omegaverse O!izuku ; A!Bakugo, A!Todoroki, A!Kirishima, A!Overhaul, B!Dabi, A!Endeavor, O!Ochako, B!Mineta, O!Kaminari, B!Shindo, B!Sero, A!Toga
Lights are everywhere, it may be 9 pm but the artificial spotlights make it as bright as day
The blond beta was reading his cards one last time before the producer makes him a sign from where he sits with a few cameramen in waiting and a pitcher of black coffee.
Aizawa always hated night shots but this show is so far the most famous coming out of their channel and with how much the network pays him he can sacrifice a few nights a year to film.
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#bkdk, #kacchacko, mama bear Inko, #krdk, cheating, anniversary angst, QL AU

"And... perfect!"

Inko stepped down from a step ladder she had set up in Izuku's living room, helping set up for the special anniversary dinner Izuku had planned for Katsuki.
"Looks awesome, Mrs. Midoriya!"

Inko smiled over at Kirishima, who waz also helping out.

"Aw, you're so sweet, Kirishima!"

Kirishima then gave his signature grin.

"Ok. I just need to go pick up the bouquet that Izuku had specially made for Katsuki.
Do you mind just helping Izuku finish getting ready in his room?"

"No problem! Be careful, Mrs. Midoriya!"

"Thank you so much!"

Inko then grabbed her purse as she began walking to the flower shop.
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#SunkissedKrDk #KrDk2022 #krdk

prompt: fireworks – summer nights

this is part of my villain!kr X vigilante!dk au where hero dynamight disappears and kr is in charge of the security of dk's civilian persona


Eijirou sat on top of the skycraper, legs hanging in the air,
facing the sea. As the most notorious undergroung villain in town, his eyes alone weren't enough to embrace the whole territory his clan owned.
Taking out his phone, he took a picture of the ocean; of the last rays of light dancing with the waves of the sea that were dying the sky with a warm shade of red.

He sent the picture to Izuku.

Soon he received a selfie of the man hanging out in the festival that was held
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#bkdk #krbk #krdk #krbkdk #omegaverse

Izuku is an older omega, like 35 or something, and just lost his alpha a few months ago
Sadly he just realized that even with his death the insurance doesn't cover the full mortgage and with just one paycheck,
now it will be difficult to keep the house But Izuku loves this house, his husband changed it so much so it could be all theirs adding a shed in the garden so Izuku could grow food, changing the garage so Shindo, his husband, could work on cars which were his passion,
& adding rooms and stuff
This was their house and they Were happy and Izuku would be damned if he ever let the house go

So he writes an online ad for roommates, the house has 4 rooms so he ask for two roommates, the 4th room was Shindo’s office and it's too early still
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Endgame (?)
angst, unrequited love, forced separation, arranged marriage, village/tribes

[A Helping Hand]
Izuku was distressed. Distressed might have been an understatement, actually. Izuku was losing it. You see, a little over a year ago, he’d been over the moon, courted by the kindest alpha he knew.
Eijirou, a hunter and guard from a neighboring tribe, had been secretly courting him for over thirteen moons and they were finally going to tell his pack. He had dressed in his head house attire and worn the official markings of his people.
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i’ll try to write this one soon but here’s a gist! see sammy’s quoted twt for tags! #bkdk #krbk #krdk #krbkdk where eijirou asked someone to threaten and harass izuku into breaking the bond with him and katsuki. the alpha he asked, agreed. he gave the details where izuku
would be that night and the time. their movie time cane and ei was nervous, guilty even. and a bit regretting. that guy probably met izuku and threatening him, noticing the greenette stopped responding to him.
a few more minutes into the movie, ei’s mark burned and he screamed. katsuki’s screamed beside him as well. and that’s when he realized what is happening.

/no, no, no! omega mate! must go to him!/ ei’s alpha screamed.

their classmates panic and surrounded them.
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🏷: nsfw, public sex, degradation.

izuku and kirishima as something like gym buddies (?) even if Iuzku is not super muscled he has to keep active, so he always asks for help to Kirishima, who shows Deku how to do properly those types of exercises.
Eijirou knows that Izuku is fairly attractive, he’s not blind, but he doesn’t know if the other boy is interested in him.

But it was as soon as Izuku started stretching in front of Eijirou, clearly in a provocative way, that Eijirou though that making a move was-
- not that bad.

Kirishima helps Izuku with the lifts, his crotch is brushing against Izuku’s ass and the other boy is clearly pushing his ass against his crotch.

Eijirou tries to keep a straight face, but it’s hard to do it if there’s someone-
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krdk where pro hero dynamight was kidnapped by a powerful underground villain and vigilante deku and villain blood riot have to team up if they want to rescue him
#krdk enemies-to-lovers

imagine kiri going back to his empty house only to see a figure waiting for him in the shadows of his living room

“blood riot,” a voice rang as he stepped inside. “nice home you have here.”

“who are you?” eijiro asked, falling into a fighting stance.
“it doesn't matter,” the voice replied. “for most people, i'm only a vigilante, for some others, i'm a villain. a few sometimes call me a hero. truth is, i don't really care about what i am. what you are is more interesting to me.”

“and what am i?”
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#krdk, aromantic?kr, no hurt/no comfort, maybe angst? idk im just venting
title: the way i don't love you


dating izuku is nice, eijiro thinks. it was easy. they didn't argue, never had any fight. ut seems that he makes izuku happy, or that what his boyfriend says anyway.
he wonders if it's true. maybe izuku is already happy by himself. maybe he just happens to tag along, taking credits he doesn't deserve.

izuku takes him to the amusement park, it's nice. he likes it, the crepe sharing and the hand-holding.
but sometimes he wonders, he wonders if there could be someone out there that could make him feel something different. he wonders if he would be able to let them into his heart. he wonders if this person could be izuku.

sometimes, he wonders if he'll be able to /love/.
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#kirideku, #krdk, hanahaki, college au, jock!kr, nerd!dk, angst
title: flowers that he'd never see
inspired by the "i wished you were sober" song


since the day they met, izuku had always felt like he was watching eijiro from the sidelines.
when eijiro scored for the first time, it was were he was standing, watching and cheering for his friend.

when eijiro walked side by side with his current boyfriend or girlfriend on campus, that was were he found himself too, frozen, reminded once again that he didn't have a
chance in the first place, that eijiro would always be way out of his league.

and when eijiro would bring conquests to their shared dorms, he could only smile from there, as if it didn't tear his heart apart.
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