Hello from Frankfort! It is Day 28 of #KYGA23.

We have about 15 hours until the veto period.

All eyes are on the Senate, which tried to and failed to debate and vote on HB 470 last night.

HB 551, the sports betting bill, just got a second reading in the Senate. This means it could get a full Senate vote March 29 or 30. #KYGA23
The Senate is going to do introductions and concurrence of bills, then break for committee meetings.

HB 470 can't come up until after those meetings. #KYGA23
After concurring with some bills, the Senate is recessing for some committee meetings.
Senate Bill 47 - medical cannabis - is TBD in the Senate today.

It has the readings but Sen. Damon Thayer isn’t sure if they have the votes.

They need a vote today otherwise it is dead. #kyga23
It is “somewhat close” on the vote tally on medical cannabis, Thayer says. #kyga23
HB 470 or something related to it is likely to come up on the Senate today, he says. They’re working with the House on it during the recess. #KYGA23
He doesn’t think the House will concur with Carroll’s amendment on HB 470 - a huge issue. #kyga23
“All things are possible” re HB 470, Thayer says.
We now have less than 12 hours until the veto period. #kyga23
I think the House just called for a House Education Committee meeting 👀

That’s where SB 150 needs a vote
🚨 SB 150 is getting a committee vote this afternoon.
This is Sen. Max Wise’s pronouns bill that has two readings in the House, so it could sail through committee and House today.

It got added to HB 470 and stopped moving for a bit, so this is big
There was a six minute difference between when a House Education Committee was called and when it started, solely to hear SB 150.

Transparency. #kyga23
I physically had to run here and I still was late.

A Committee sub keeps SB 150 and adds … sounds like a lot of HB 470
OK, keeps SB 150's original language + "a much more condensed version" of HB 470, Rep. David Meade says.

Requires districts to create bathroom policies, ban on gender-affirming medical care.

This committee sub is NOT available online, obviously. #KYGA23
This offers lawmakers two similar anti-trans bills to choose - HB 470 in the Senate and SB 150 in the House.

Again, I can't spot the difference because they're discussing a bill that is not available to the public and gave the public five minutes of leeway to get to the cmte
Three people were able to get here in time to oppose
Chris Hartman, Mason Chernosky and Emma Curtis - all folks who have testified against anti-LGBTQ legislation repeatedly this session - are at the mic.
.@MasoninKY says he keeps hearing from families and trans kids, and so much fear. He pleads with lawmakers: Do not do this.
Emma Curtis says she initially detransitioned due to the shame. She's transitioned back.

She says several lawmakers have talked to her in their offices, telling her it goes too far.

"May God have mercy on your souls."
Curtis: I would thank you for your time ... but for the first time I wish I wasn't a Kentuckian

Chair James Tipton waits maybe 30 seconds before calling for the vote. They are RUSHING. #KYGA23
🚨 An eleventh hour resurrected and significantly expanded SB 150 -- now banning gender-affirming medical care -- easily passes out of the House Education Committee 16-5.

It goes to the House floor. The bill sponsors walk out.
To recap:

After GOP discord threatened HB 470, lawmakers resurrected SB 150, gave six minutes notice for a sudden hearing, RUSHED through a hearing on something NOT publicly available, and now can pass it like ... now.

Zero transparency. #KYGA23
Several lawmakers cried or are still crying.
GOP Rep. Killian Timoney, who voted against the bill:

"When I stand before God on my judgment day, he's going to say, 'Who did you love?'

"And I'm going to say, 'Everybody.'" #KYGA23
“This is the cheapest trick they can pull!” Fairness Campaign leader Chris Hartman says of the sudden meeting.
House is back.
And they're going straight to a vote on SB 150
It has been one hour since the committee meeting was first called. Insane.
Rep. Keturah Herron, a Black LGBTQ lawmaker, making a point of order and going after I believe Rep Josh Calloway, a white man who said last night he is being oppressed.
Herron says it was "very clear" they were trying to pass SB 150 without Dems being there.

She points out the meeting was called for during the House's lunch break. The mics weren't on in the House for the announcement. They couldn't hear.
Herron makes a motion to table the bill. It fails
Ooo - Rep. Lindsey Burke asks if this meeting violates the open meetings act, which requires public notice 24 hours in advance.
Full new version of SB 150 in a thread starting here

Just messaged Michael Abate, open records lawyer, re the open records question.

He said we could file a complaint for a violation but it would go to ... lawmakers.
It is important to note SB 150's sponsor Sen. Max Wise is running for lieutenant governor.

Is *this* how he plans on running Kentucky's state government? #kygov #kyga23
Rep. Rachel Roarx first to read the suicide crisis hotline - 988 - into the record today.
Rep. Derrick Graham is making a motion to see if the cmte sub is germane to the initial language of the bill.

Speaker David Osborne rules it is germane.
Rep. Tina Bojanowski, who left the committee room in tears like several others, is speaking now. She says she didn't know if she was going to be able to stand.
Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson asks how this isn't a piggyback. Osborne says it isn't a piggyback if it is a committee sub
Rep. Nima Kulkarni asks about the timeline.

Osborne says she needs to focus on the content of the bill.

She's challenging that.
Kulkarni says Hinduism acknowledges transgenderism and gender fluidity. It isn't something new being forced upon Kentucky's kids, she says.
Rep. Josie Raymond asks about the support from those in KY - or lack thereof.

Rep. David Meade says he has many emails
Raymond proposes, jokingly, a work group
Raymond says the theme of #KYGA23 is "ignorance.

"Ignorance of children's individuality, children's agency, children's value, children's futures and children's understanding of who they are.

"The disdain that this body shows for children astounds me."

She softly weeps.
Rep. Brown is talking about the ice caps melting. Osborne tells him to remain on topic.

Brown says it *is* germane, comparing it to, I believe, "a soup"
Rep. Pamela Stevenson asks if there is anything in the bill to protect kids from gun violence.
Stevenson asks Meade to define "sexual identification."

Meade: I think it is what you identify as.
Stevenson: this bill is not Godly

Stevenson is preachin'
At least half of the House Dems have spoken against SB 150 - and they have all taken the long way 'round.

We are now about 7.5 hours from the veto period.
Rep. Sarah Stalker asks the House if they oppose teaching kids the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

No hands go up.
Just realized there are several young pages in the House rn.
As a reminder: More than half of trans and nonbinary youth said they seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year – and 24% of them attempted it.
Another thing to note about the HB 470 / SB 150 will they won't they:

Part of the reason HB 470 is paused is because some in the GOP thought it initially went too far, so they softened the language, but now others think it is too soft.

SB 150 has the harsher care language.
Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson: "The word 'fiasco' comes to mind."
Stevenson encourages trans youth to NOT read the bill if they're struggling.
Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo brings up @MasoninKY's testimony, saying his testimony brought tears to her eyes because you could hear the pain in his voice.
Two hours of debate are up, they're voting.
OMG they just voted to adopt the committee sub - not on the bill itself. I did not realize they hadn’t adopted the new language.
They have NOT voted on SB 150 itself yet.
Meade is responding to multiple criticisms of the process, the bill, the criticisms, etc.

He is citing a poll that I'm not familiar with that found two-thirds of Kentuckians want this. I'd love to see that source.
He says lawmakers have heard from "children" who were forced to transition and have detransitioned.

The rate of regret on gender affirming care is 1-2% - incredibly low.

And the person who detransitioned they had speak is now in her 20s.
All Dems are standing as Rep. Daniel Grossberg calls for a floor amendment. #kyga23
Motion to suspend the rules to hear the amendment fails. It got 19 votes - that's when I realized Dem Rep. Ashley Tackett Laferty is seated and did not vote.
Rep. Rachel Roberts says today has been a one-sided debate.

Outside of Meade, I don't think anyone spoke in favor of the bill.

Roberts says she respects Rep. Josh Calloway's conviction to stand last night for what he believes in. Where is everyone today, she questions.
🚨 SB 150, three hours after its filing, is about to pass 75-22.

It now goes back to the Senate, which must agree with the changes and send it to Beshear by 11:59.
Rep. Ashley Tackett Laferty, D-Martin, was the sole Democrat to vote in favor of the bill.

Republican Reps. Kim Banta, Stephanie Dietz and Killian Timoney voted against.

Rep. Kim Moser, who opposed HB 470, passed. #KYGA23
So, now, the Senate can concur with the changes - sending it to Beshear.

They can reach an agreement on HB 470 and pass that instead, sending it back to the House for concurrence, then send to Beshear.

They can refuse to concur on either bill....
If that last option happens, a group of lawmakers from both chambers will meet in a committee and try to find a compromise. Then pass that, send to Beshear.

Or they could ... not do anything.
House in recess.
SB 150 just got added to the Senate's concurrence orders of the day.

SB 47 - the medical marijuana bill - is on the orders.
Sen. Damon Thayer says they will take up SB 150 first when they get back.

HB 470 is not on the orders.
OK I'm in the Senate now, where senators are beginning to file in after caucus meetings.

Expecting SB 150 to come up for a concurrence vote soon. #KYGA23
(Concurrence just means they need to agree w/ the House's changes)
Sen. Damon Thayer calls for SB 150 and Sen. Cassie Chambers Armstrong immediately calls for an objection. #KYGA23
Chambers Armstrong: I believe it is improper to vote on SB 150 when a substantially similar bill (HB 470) is currently laid on the table. #KYGA23
Lawmakers now have 6.5 hours until veto period
After some discussions of rules, Chambers Armstrong's move fails.
We're moving into SB 150's concurrence debate.
We are voting. Berg is no.

She initially said yes and some folks in the back laughed at her.
Berg seems to suggest former Rep. Jerry Miller's testimony against the bill meant more to some Rs than a body of medical evidence
Boswell is a yes.

Carroll is a no.

Both R, Berg is D
Carpenter, R, is a yes.
Chambers Armstrong, D, is a no.
Deneen, Douglas, Funke Frommeyer, Girdler, Givens, Higdon, Howell, Mays Bledsoe, McDaniel, Meredith - all Rs - are all yes votes.

Meredith was a no on HB 470 in committee, but is now ranting about abortion.
Harper Angel and Neal, D, are no.

So far, Carroll is the lone R voting against.
Nemes, Adams, Schickel, Smith, Southworth all yes.
Stivers, Storm, Thayer, Tichenor no.

Thomas yes.
Tichenor is trying to explain the impact of gender-affirming care on human bodies.

Berg, an actual medical doctor, is livid.
Turner, West, Westerfield all yes

Westerfield says he does so "reluctantly"
Westerfield says everyone who voted in favor of the softened language last night to HB 470 got "blasted" with hundreds of emails.

I have questions.
Wheeler, Williams are yes.
Williams alleges there is a multi-billion dollar industry in trans kids

I don't believe that's true.
Williams says to believe in your 30, 40,000 cells tell you about who you are

Solid argument in favor of gender-affirming care tbh
Wilson, Wise are yes

Yates is no.

Webb, a D, is the final person to vote.
Webb is a YES.

Tally is 30-7.
There was an audible gasp when she cast her vote
🚨 SB 150 is going to Gov. Andy Beshear’s desk after the Senate confirms the House’s changes on a 30-7 vote. #kyga23
Senate Bill 47 - the medical marijuana bill - is being heard on the Senate floor.
.@ACLUofKY statement just now: "ACLU-KY policy strategists and attorneys will continue to analyze the final version of the bill. If this unconstitutional measure becomes law, our legal team stands ready to see the commonwealth in court."

#KYGA23 #SB150
Just filed (hopefully, maybe) the last update to my SB 150 story.

The Senate is eating free KFC. Not expecting too much else to happen tonight. #KYGA23
Senate is back. The senators keep calling themselves by their first names and it is slightly unnerving.
Concurrence and stuff continues. Not expecting anything crazy as we rapidly approach the veto period.

During the lull, I have turned to my ✨mentions✨
House Bill 101, which would prohibit COVID vax requirements, just got a first reading in the Senate.

This means it could get a floor vote March 30. Beshear would be able to veto it and they could do nothing about it.
Senate is discussing a resolution adjourning until noon March 29.
Senate is DONE with the orders of the day for today.

Someone exclaims "yay" in the back of the chamber.

(I did not make a SOUND)
I am exiting the Capitol

• • •

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Mar 15
👀 Rep. Josh Calloway filed a floor amendment today to add the anti-drag language to Senate Bill 5.

SB 5 is supposed to be voted on tonight. Amendments are supposed to be filed at least a day in advance. #KYGA23
The House can vote to ignore "the 24-hour rule" and hear the amendment anyway.

They often do NOT do that ... for Dems. But for Republicans ...
Calloway signed and dated each of his amendments (I think he has five on SB 5 alone).

This amendment is dated "3-5-2023."
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Mar 15
Hello from the Kentucky Senate! It is Day 27 of the 30-day legislative session.

We're expecting a Senate vote on House Bill 470, the omnibus anti-trans bill, at some point today.

Stay tuned. #KYGA23
Senate Bill 47, the medical cannabis bill, just got a second reading. That could be passed out of the Senate tomorrow. #KYGA23
House Bill 319, the teacher shortage bill, just got a first reading in the Senate. #KYGA23
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Mar 14
Kentucky’s Senate finishes its business without a vote on HB 470.
LOL Sen. Damon Thayer just said they might have more orders of the day later today lol nice
Spoke with Calloway a bit earlier - he declined to share details about his floor amendments today and said the situation is "fluid."
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Mar 14
Another lil twist in Kentucky's fight to figure out what it wants to do on the anti-trans/"parents' rights" front.

HB 173 didn't even get a committee assignment, signaling limited appetite for it as is.
And given how some Senate Rs think HB 470 goes too far, hard to see how HB 173-as-a-floor-amendment is successful / torpedoes the entire thing before the veto period.
As I explain here, getting the House and Senate - and all of the factions within - to agree by 11:59 p.m. Thursday could spell doom for not just HB 470, but *all* "parents' rights" and anti-trans legislation in KY.

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Mar 14
Seeing a lot of confusion in the mentions about this.

The surprise last-second push to audit @JCPSKY will not happen because a House committee refused to vote on it.

This means the potential JCPS audit will not happen.

Again, audit NOT happening.

I'm going to walk through this as simply as I can.

Senate Bill 156 is a bill. It is a bill dealing with a state reading research center.

It passed out of a Senate committee and the Senate earlier in the session. #KYGA23
This means its next step in the legislative process is passing out of a House committee.

It was assigned to the House Education Committee. That committee passed the bill yesterday morning.

That meant its next step would have been a House vote. BUT
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Mar 14
Good morning from Frankfort! It is Day 26 of #KYGA23 and what a day it will be!

Starting my day in the House Education Committee where lawmakers will vote on a sudden bill to audit @JCPSKY.


The crowd for JCPS is hoppin’. Three of the roughly 11 folks here are with JCPS.
SB 156 is up now.

Rep. Tina Bojanowski, a JCPS teacher, says she was really excited about the bill initially because it dealt with reading - but now she isn't thrilled.
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