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🚨Gov. Andy Beshear has VETOED Senate Bill 150.
Beshear also vetoed Senate Bill 107, which would make Kentucky's education commissioner subject to Senate confirmation.
NEW: As expected, Kentucky's governor has rejected one of the nation's most extreme pieces of anti-trans legislation. #KYGA23…
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.@GovAndyBeshear just dropped his first set of vetoes for #KYGA23.

SB 150 is *not* on the list, but here's what is:
House Bill 4 regarding electric generating facilities.…
House Bill 329 allowing the state treasurer to end government contracts as recommended by a legislative committee.…
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Gov. Andy Beshear is kicking off his weekly presser. He says he plans on signing several bills. No mention of any potential vetoes. 👀
Beshear signed HB 538 -- the student discipline bill -- into law.

HB 538 allows principals to create policies to handle disruptive kids ... much like how it is now.

No major, required changes in this now-law. #KYGA23
Beshear also said he plans on having another press event tomorrow at 11 a.m. where he plans on signing more bills.
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Hello from Frankfort! It is Day 28 of #KYGA23.

We have about 15 hours until the veto period.

All eyes are on the Senate, which tried to and failed to debate and vote on HB 470 last night.…
HB 551, the sports betting bill, just got a second reading in the Senate. This means it could get a full Senate vote March 29 or 30. #KYGA23
The Senate is going to do introductions and concurrence of bills, then break for committee meetings.

HB 470 can't come up until after those meetings. #KYGA23
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👀 Rep. Josh Calloway filed a floor amendment today to add the anti-drag language to Senate Bill 5.

SB 5 is supposed to be voted on tonight. Amendments are supposed to be filed at least a day in advance. #KYGA23
The House can vote to ignore "the 24-hour rule" and hear the amendment anyway.

They often do NOT do that ... for Dems. But for Republicans ...
Calloway signed and dated each of his amendments (I think he has five on SB 5 alone).

This amendment is dated "3-5-2023."
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Hello from the Kentucky Senate! It is Day 27 of the 30-day legislative session.

We're expecting a Senate vote on House Bill 470, the omnibus anti-trans bill, at some point today.

Stay tuned. #KYGA23
Senate Bill 47, the medical cannabis bill, just got a second reading. That could be passed out of the Senate tomorrow. #KYGA23
House Bill 319, the teacher shortage bill, just got a first reading in the Senate. #KYGA23
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Seeing a lot of confusion in the mentions about this.

The surprise last-second push to audit @JCPSKY will not happen because a House committee refused to vote on it.

This means the potential JCPS audit will not happen.

Again, audit NOT happening.…
I'm going to walk through this as simply as I can.

Senate Bill 156 is a bill. It is a bill dealing with a state reading research center.

It passed out of a Senate committee and the Senate earlier in the session. #KYGA23
This means its next step in the legislative process is passing out of a House committee.

It was assigned to the House Education Committee. That committee passed the bill yesterday morning.

That meant its next step would have been a House vote. BUT
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Good morning from Frankfort! It is Day 26 of #KYGA23 and what a day it will be!

Starting my day in the House Education Committee where lawmakers will vote on a sudden bill to audit @JCPSKY.

The crowd for JCPS is hoppin’. Three of the roughly 11 folks here are with JCPS.
SB 156 is up now.

Rep. Tina Bojanowski, a JCPS teacher, says she was really excited about the bill initially because it dealt with reading - but now she isn't thrilled.
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Obtained a copy of the committee sub on HB 470 and it is a doozy. #KYGA23

Basically, they took SB 150, added a lil spice, and dumped it into HB 470.
By added a lil spice, I mean adding:

-no convos on human sexuality or STDs before 6th grade
-parents must provide written consent for 6th grade+ to learn about those topics
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The future of Senate Bill 150 - aka the pronouns bill - is very up in the air rn.

Some of the House Rs tied to the more drastic "parents' rights" measures are trying to get pieces of those bills, which are dead after not getting enough readings, into SB 150. #KYGA23
If the plot sounds familiar, that's because this happened last year.

House Rs filed harsher bills aimed at "critical race theory." Sen. Max Wise, SB 150's sponsor now, had a "Mr. Nice Guy" approach to such legislation.

Wise's bill cleared the Senate. #KYGA23
When it got to the House, some of the folks tied to the House's "CRT" bills -- which were on their deathbeds -- had Hail Mary attempts to add their language to the bill in order to get it through.

Those attempts failed. #KYGA23 #KYGA22
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Good morning from a gloomy Frankfort. Day 25/30 of #KYGA23 is underway.

We’re about 20 minutes out from a special meeting of the House Education Committee, where the agenda is jam packed but the room is not.

Follow along! Image
Here's today's House Education Committee agenda. Most people are here to speak on Senate Bill 5, which would create a process for schools to handle parent complaints about books, programs, etc. #KYGA23 Image
And away we go. Chair Rep. James Tipton says they're moving SB 5 to the end of the agenda. We're starting with Senate Bill 3, Sen. Max Wise's educator liability insurance bill. #KYGA23
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monday's house education committee agenda does NOT include senate bill 150 - the pronouns bill/only "parents' rights" bill still able to pass this session.

it can still be heard tuesday morning but it is NOT on tomorrow's agenda. #kyga23
here's the monday house education committee agenda.

senate bill 5 is of note - this is the parent complaint process bill.

senate bill 107 requires the education commissioner to be approved by the senate. #kyga23 Image
i'm hoping to make individual tiktoks for each key bill today, but first, here is one explaining the legislative process #KYGA23…
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Hello from Frankfort!

I might have gotten the last seat in the Senate Education Committee room.

SB 150 is the main item on the agenda. #kyga23 Image
This is an unusual view for me. Looking forward to making an appearance in the background of the KET feed! #kyga23 Image
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Senate Bill 150 is facing the Senate Education Committee at 11 a.m.

I’m already seeing some misinformation about the bill, so let’s run through what SB 150 does. #kyga23
It does NOT require teachers to out students to their parents if they start using different pronouns/name.

Especially true if an educator believes outing a kid would cause them to be abused or kicked out by their guardian.
It does not allow districts or KDE to require teachers to use a student’s pronouns or name if they don’t align with their biological sex.

It also does not bar teachers to *not* use new pronouns. Choice is left to the educator.
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Meanwhile in the Senate, former Senate Education Chair Max Wise is the latest GOP lawmaker to go after Education Commissioner Jason Glass for defending KDE policy asking teachers to respect students' pronouns and names and to not out them.

I still have several photos of various Republican lawmakers hugging a teary Berg on the first day of session.

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Hello from day six of #KYGA23.

The Capitol complex is flooded with people — there was literally a line to get into the parking garage.

I have to stand two stories above the Capitol Rotunda for Children’s Advocacy Day where our queen @d_yetter is getting an award.
Worth noting EdChoice KY is having a presser for their “students first” constitutional amendment at the exact same time as Children’s Advocacy Day. #kyga23
Debby just got her award and this was my view! Image
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The new bills filed today are now online, so let's run through some of 'em!

As always, this will be a thread. #kyga23
First up, House Bill 173 -- the omnibus anti-"woke" education measure I reported on earlier.

It has 11 sponsors. #KYGA23…
And House Bill 174, the constitutional amendment for public dollars for private schools. It has 17 sponsors. #KYGA23…
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As I suspected, House Bill 174 from Rep. Josh Calloway is a constitutional amendment that, if voters approve, would allow public dollars to follow the student to non-public schools. #KYGA23
But wait, there is more.

After learning about how a politicized education arena is pushing some teachers out of classrooms, Calloway filed HB 173: a measure best described as every culture war topic facing schools thrown into a pot. #KYGA23…
Under HB 173, teachers would be required to tell parents of their students request them to use new pronouns or names, or if a student starts dressing out of line of their expected gender expression. #kyga23

That directly contradicts current KDE guidance.…
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Hello from Frankfort! #KYGA23 restarts today.

We're kicking things off with the House Education Committee, which will dedicate its first meeting of the year to the teacher shortage.

I looked at what's on the table and what should be on the table.…
It is a packed house for this morning’s meeting. #kyga23

It has filled in a bit since I took this photo, too. Image
House Education Chair James Tipton says committee subs will be sent out the night before (woo!) but the committee will meet at 8 a.m. for the rest of the session (boo!) #KYGA23
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Ahead of tomorrow's teacher shortage-focused House Education Committee meeting, I'm once again sharing this fact-check on how many teacher vacancies Kentucky *really* has.

It is 300 words. Read it. #kyga23…
You don't need to wonder, "Oh, I wonder if the discrepancy is from xxxx" on Twitter.

You don't need to keep perpetuating incorrect information because you can't be bothered to click a link and digest information.

You can be better!…
But I will take the time to explain the situation via Twitter thread because I know if I don't, y'all won't get it and reporters won't get it right (and will attributed my reporting to the GOP).

So this will be a thread. 🧵
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