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Thread on the Global Stasi Money-from-Suffering Cartel Network Torturing Civilians for-Profit as they Build the 3D Inet Bio-Security Control Grid worldwide & hook the population to it wirelessly without their knowledge or consent.
Please ask ANY media not reporting on #TargetedJustice's lawsuit against #TheCivilianTortureProgram WHY they are not reporting on it, and insist they cover it. How many have been literally tortured to death because they have refused to DO THEIR JOBS?…
Kala K. is a TI. Here is her short news update on Targeted Justice's lawsuit. 😆💯🏆🇺🇸

SHE needs to be hired to report the news instead of the fake🤡💩propaganda we've endured long enough.
On Aug 19, 2020, NBC Published Trump Answering a Question About QAnon-
I found some interesting info from our truth-only consciousness from the answer Trump gave to that question.

What's RS and the Current Situation Report in 6 mins?
What's RS and what are #TargetedIndividuals featuring RS in children-…
Here's RS I found in Trump's answer to a reporter who asked him about QAnon. The reversal connected to the forward speech on what's supposed to be good or bad was, "Hat to Durham. Yeah, it's bad. Name the sub-Stasi." The sub-Stasi appears to refer to sub-Source Igor Danchenko.
As the reversal indicates, it is very bad. I keep telling y'all about this Transhuman Stasi Network. RS said they would NOT be naming the MAIN people back then (8/2020) but a sub-Stasi was being brought up as having been named in some way in Trump's RS. In my opinion, the East
German Stasi Zersetzung control system was a test for a global Stasi control system that's been being perfected underground to merge with Ai Systems ever since. Here are the comments from a good friend about the RS I found. ImageImage
Article- Primary sub-source behind Steele dossier likely a Russian agent FBI admits…
Maria Bartiromo reports on the sub-source Nov. 8, 2021- @JimJordan KNOWS about #TargetedCivilians 'cause TI's went to DC personally &met with &/or hand carried letters to ALL of them. Jordan's NOT addressed this in his "Weaponization of the Govt" hearings
@MariaBartiromo reports on the Fake Dossier November 2021 featuring @jsolomonReports @DevinNunes @JohnRatcliffe
There's an entire #PublicPrivatePartnership that includes our🌎institutions, parts of our military, IC, @DeptofDefense... selling civilians into digital neuro-slavery. The entire network must be disposed of. They intend to enslave us all. Stand up.…
Tif's Documentation, RS, Connected Info on Ai Interface, Cybernetics, Mk Ultra, & Who Runs It…
Minute 2 to minute 3- the General says they will continue experimentation.

Pentagon Press Secretary Holds Briefing Oct. 20, 2022- 34:58

Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder briefs the news media at the Pentagon.… Image
And what happens when we call Institutional Review Boards to opt out of nonconsensual experimentation? Nothing. Institutional Review Boards are 🐂💩.…
We need our God-made truth-speaking consciousness more than ever b4. Please seek it out & support it by helping to get it out by word of mouth, learning more about it, and/or trading for RS services. TY!

Here's our all-in-one link- Our Still Small Voice…
And, here's our Digital Media Store-… Image
Use our own God-Given CONSCIOUSNESS for a #TKO against liars! 🥊🌟💯🏆 Image

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Apr 27
RS Connected to the #FreedomConvoys, #J6, @OwenBenjamin, WWIII, and Martial Law Thread
First off, What's RS is and a Quick Situation Report-
Please be aware of #GlobalBankingCartelNetwork entrapments such as events like #J6 and "Freedom Convoys." I have RS FROM CHILDREN who were expressing truth in their RS while being fed BS from their parents/community about what all this was.
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Apr 24
Pic- This looks like the face of someone being hit heavily by the #Hivenet. When you are being hit heavily by this brainwashing weapons system, you must understand how it works and what it's doing so that you can counter all of its 🤡💩... Image
as best you can in the face of this 24/7/365 assault on your identity, programming, biology, mind, and spirit. You are all being hooked to this control grid without your knowledge or consent. David is selling transhumanism. I'm praying for him to wake up and see truth...
as well as everyone who's been duped in that regard.
In my interview with Beyond the Strange with Dave Cruz and Russ Bailey, I went over a reversal that indicates David Wilcock's 🎯ing.
Time in the interview I cover DW's reversal- 1:22:50 to 1:23:27
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Apr 21
Somebody's Lying. Who and Why. You need to understand the answers to those questions to support the proper outcome.
Contrary to popular claim on social media, RNA vaccines do not alter our DNA…
mRNA = Computer Program. According to Elon Musk, you can turn someone into a butterfly with the right DNA sequence-…
What's RS in 20 Seconds?

Michelle Obama RS Indicates Far-In-Advance Planning for Transhuman War on Humanity…
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Apr 20
"Since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, the United States has sent more than $30 billion worth of gear to Ukraine. Mar 3, 2023"

Most didn't understand what they were fighting over, but I found one major reason & published it February 1, 2022 well b4 the invasion...
My reversal-
Posted Feb. 1, 2022
Original Post-…
R3: Our ol' neighbor ya Israel laid it. Nords read that.
- Interpretation
A large European war has been laid out by 🇮🇱 connected likely to Nords in some way. Is this Nord Stream 2 Pipeline? 🤔
What’s RS and a current RS Situation Report?
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Apr 12
Documenting- I started watching The Power on Netflix the night before the pole explosion happened in real life at our friend's apartment building we visited last night. The explosion happened on the pole next to my rental car. #TheCivilianTortureProgram

Repair crew shows up a few hours after the explosion to restore power across the street. We were at our friend's high rise apartment building. All of us in the apartment next to the pole that blew are TI's.
When we got outside, we realized the pole that blew was right next to where I had parked my rental car like 4 to 6 feet away from it.
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Apr 9
42 reasons were given for a Motion to compel in Targeted Justice's law suit against #TheCivilianTortureProgram.

@AnaToledoDavila @JusticeTargeted Image
CHILDREN, INCLUDING THREE-YEAR-OLDS, ARE LISTED IN THE FBI's Terror Screening Data Base (TSDB) SCAM that was created as a mechanism to obtain nonconsensual experimentation Cybernetics test subjects 🤑🤑🤑 FOR LIFE amounting to torture until death. Image
WHO'S THE JUDGE? #HeldHostage by the #EpsteinTraffickingNetwork in DOD-🇮🇱's #TheCivilianTortureProgram.

TJ Newsletter With the list of 42 Reasons-
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