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They are going into the brains Motor Cortex and eavesdropping on the neural pathways and retrieving readouts of thoughts from the target. Remotely.
#remoteneuralmonitoring #nanodust #nanotechnology #gangstalking #madscientists #5gtechnology
Eavesdropping on Brain Activity Turns Imagined Handwriting to Text. They are well past this technology if they are showing this. #remoteneuralmonitoring #Neuralink #neuroscience #5gwireless #nanotech #biofrequency #DNAbarcoding

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"Aerosolized Nanobots" paper from

If they can aerosolize nanobots, what else can people aerosolize? Viruses?

These are legit questions, IMO. When you understand the tech available RIGHT NOW, almost anything and everything is possible.

"could be employed to assess, respond to, or modify molecular and chemical characteristics of a biological target"

"They can be partially or fully autonomous and are capable of storing information with potential to identify or affect specific biological targets"

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IBM paper on brain computer interfaces.

For those still behind, transhumanism is the next stage of the culture war. Barring any technological setback or cataclysmic event, I'm not sure anything will stop this.

Healthcare is the launching pad. Enhancement follows.

Potential applications for brain computer interfaces (BCI's):

-Smart Cities

"BCI's are Devices that Can Both Record and Modulate an Individual’s Brain Signals Through the Collection and Processing of Neurodata"

Can be invasive or non-invasive.

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1/#BishopsStortford #HomelessShelter used as #gangstalking hub by fake Christian in attempt to recruit #stalkers & generate #smears in advance of #TheCelebrityCode bk CONFIRMED BY SOMEONE APPROACHED BY MANAGER-Nazi tattooed neighbour who accosted disabled gf &laughed@her tears ⬇️ Image
2/#BishopsStortford after being the hub of the #NewWorldOrder under #Rhodes #Rothschild and #LordMilner, now has activated a cell to infiltrate local authorities such as the council, with the intent to sabotage my #TheCelebrityCode book exposing their #Nazi affiliations&symbolism Image
3/ #zersetzung #gangstalking victims & #cynics who doubt its existence (esp in #BishopsStortford) shd read "Motives for Mind Control..[which]discusses..the motives..and why it continues."… @threadreaderapp #unroll
#TargetedIndividuals What categories are u? Image
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Oh, what, like the disease warfare, lab leaks & AI misuse happening ALREADY?? Like so-called "conspiracy theorists" have BEEN saying?? Including TIs?

#Bioweapon #ArtificialIntelligence #LabLeaks #WorldWarIII #FourthReich #TargetedIndividuals…
Does anyone at all want to talk about the black mold, nano dust & Morgellons that TIs have been subjected to, which sounds an awful lot like what Bile Guts wants to talk about with Jeremy C-
Connect the dots.

1) The effects from electronic torture are collectively known as Havana Syndrome, and the attacks on US Intelligence Officers in particular are being hinted to have been caused by Cuba or Russia, even though the US GOVERNMENT THEMSELVES paid compensation.
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An alternative narrative synthesized from open sources.

HYPOTHESIS: Global public-private partnerships (Gov't/Military + Corporate Elite + Global NGO elite) = Mankinds greatest threat
WEF/UN + Gov't Elite + Corporate Elite
-Military ind. complex
-Pharma/health ind. complex
-Technology ind. complex
-Media ind. complex

They are working together to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, Robotics, Genomics/gene editing, IoB/IoT, digital + physical merge)
This unification of the Global Industrial Complex (Elite politicians + Corporate Elite + Global NGO elites) creates a new potential threat to humanity

The strength of these partnerships & the UNIMAGINABLE POWER current technologies provide them is a threat to ALL of humanity
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How many #TARGETEDINDIVIDUALS are out there?
ful video:
thanks @headlinejuice for sharing with me
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It seems from 2013-2016 the @FBI under @Comey was comprised of agents doing their best @Jim_Jordan impression & I think it's healthy as a nation to ask WHY.

Not just with sexual abuse, but with white supremacy, #TargetedIndividuals, mass shooters, religious abuses, EVERYTHING.
#McKaylaMaroney's full transcript:…

If you're a #TargetedIndividual, a #gangstalking victim, if you've been attacked by anything resembling #HavanaSyndrome, or by a sexual predator, the #FBI protecting someone else NOT YOU will resonate.
How many victims can say the same as #McKaylaMaroney?

Going back to #AaronAlexis & #MyronMay how many people took evidence of #abuse & trauma to the @FBI & were ignored? How many reports were doctored or misconstrued so that the #FBI could protect someone else, NOT THE VICTIM?
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Here is another Comment about my criminal record that John Edward 's friends were sharing on Twitter. #TargetedIndividuals
John Edward is right there too! He helped the team with their mission.
Denise can be seen claiming it was a team effort targeting my Twitter accounts. They were on a mission! #TargetedIndividuals
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I have been receiving psychic attacks from John Edward and another self-identified vampires today. I haven't been writing about the psychic attacks I have been receiving lately on my substack website but I plan on doing that soon.
I don't have to stalk John Edward and his energy worker Buddy from Pennsylvania that put a false charge of stalking on me.
But I do have a first amendment right to write about the psychic attacks that I'm receiving energetically from John Edward and any other vampire.
If John Edward thinks that he can keep on targeting me energetically then let him keep thinking that I'm still going to take him to federal court and civilly sue him and his energy worker buddy from Pennsylvania that put the false charge of stalking on me.
I have no problem
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I'm going to write a mini-thread about this as I and my friend "Mr. P" have been dealing with this shit a lot longer than all of you have.

Yes, this overlaps with the #TargetedIndividual BS at times.

Long-term cruelty and death IS A FEATURE, not a bug. It is part of the point.
After the Las Vegas shooting, SEVERAL of the survivors died unexpectedly. One died in a hit-and-run, another died in a separate mass shooting.…
The oddity came with Kimberly Gervais who died two years later after suffering the results of surviving the Las Vegas massacre.

It was strange, suspicious, but the death was eventually ruled a homocide.…
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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The Rothschild Surrealist Ball of 1972 featured imagery that was meant to look “Satanic”(psyop) but to a more discerning eye, actually is mocking all religion. It features many sick examples of the infamous banking family mocking the rest of humankind #truth #SaturnDeathCult
more, do you see the Saturnian symbolism?
Why are the #Illuminati so obsessed with symbolism? Especially regarding horned gods, black cubes and the planet Saturn? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #NWO #awake #woke
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THREAD #TargetedIndividuals This is a very interesting newsletter from PACTS International, it is well worth a read.
Recently, there have been a number of TI's who have visited Dr. Michael Hoffer at his office in Miami, Florida.
As most of you know, Dr. Hoffer and his colleagues were the ones who examined the US diplomats to Cuba a few years ago who have now been diagnosed with the "Havana Syndrome." Some of you have graciously reported back to us after your visit to him to let us know how things went.
Our community has received extremely valuable information from these visits. Such is the case with Richard Lovelace who reported back to us last Monday from his appointment with Dr. Hoffer which was last Wednesday, December 4th.
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Here's some questions for those who believe #QAnon is bullshit:

Why is it that l research I did prior to Q arriving on the scene corralates with info Q drops?

Why is it that my writing/vlogging/podcasting Q drops/my research that I am actively silenced WHILE RECORDING? (Con't)
Why is is that the app I use to record and the app I use for podcasting no longer recognize my mic, despite uninstall/reinstall?

Why is it that I was silenced after reading the title of a Senate presentation on Civil and Human Rights in America?
For reference and recommended reading (10 pages long)…

This obviously contains important info that douchebags want you to remain ignorant about.

#humanrights #civilrights #USSenate #ti #TargetedIndividuals
#TortureByContract #FISAAbuse
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'The government applied that label to people like Osama bin Laden & other Islamic jihadists. But now the Obama administration has removed all references to Islam from terror training materials, & instead the term “terrorist” is being applied to large groups of American citizens.'
Chomi Prag
"Is gang stalking prohibited under law? Yes, it may not be spelled out as "gang stalking" per se but the methods and tactics perpetrators use against their victims or targets is not allowed by law."
Article Source:…
Once the government is committed to the principal of silencing opposition it has only one way to go & that is down th path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens & creates a country whr all live in fear
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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