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This guy appears to be a buddy of Hunter Biden.
#J6 Hoax ImageImage
My #J6 RS findings- Video-…
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Actually, it’s his Astroturfed “Moms for Liberty” that is rolling this out nationally at his direction. > #DeSantis inspires push to make book bans in Republican-controlled states easier…
1) Unmasking “Moms for Liberty” - a nonprofit claiming to advocate for “parental rights,” appears to be using parents as pawns to advance a far-right agenda.…
2) We must emancipate U.S. kids from groups like Moms for Liberty
Some media outlets tend to give the ultraconservative, book-banning organization a pass for its links to #extremism. Here’s why that’s a mistake.…
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Playing the Fiddle with Matt Gaetz and the DOJ

A thread by Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI) aka The Free Range Journalist

#Oathkeepers #J6 #Weaponization #Judiciary #SexTrafficking Image
Camper Trailer, Missouri — Florida Representative Matt Gaetz had much to say on Thursday evening in a Twitter Space hosted by an Australian multi-millionaire named Nawfal who lives in Dubai.
Out of an apparent abundance of what some might say is an excess of privilege, Gaetz placed his blessed acumen on full display in front of approximately a half million people by referring to the OathKeepers as “idiots” who were “literally trying to overthrow the government.”
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Now as to so many claiming that all I do is attack people and cause division

1 Who have I attacked? Name names

I have ONLY called out people and groups GRIFTING off of #J6
and attacked those who attacked me for calling them out

Division well I won't go along with Grifters
To all #j6ers & #j6 supporters

Explain to me some things

Was there instigators on #J6

If yes like I believe then tell me

Have the instigators been arrested or are they ONLY the people NOT arrested?

Is it possible that some of the people that you call J6ers are BAD?
Who gets to decide who's who?

Or are we all just supposed to call everyone even the instigators J6ers?
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1/8 The Stop the Steal movement was itself stolen. On 2020-11-04, @KylieJaneKremer of @america1stwomen (WFAF) started a Facebook group Stop the Steal. It became a movement. Within 22 hours, the group gained >300,000 members. 2.1 Million more joined its waiting list.…
2/8 A week later, the Stop the Steal (& #StopTheSteal) was controlled by twice-convicted felon Ali Alexander. He turned it into an evil parody of #MAGA & his personal cash cow. Ali’s speeches had violent & racist undertones. His events invited troublemakers & White nationalists, Image
3/8 although Ali Alexander is a black man born as Ali Akbar. WFAF parted ways with Ali.
Ali announced his Stop the Steal rally on #Jan6, a permit for which he received by misrepresentation. He promoted it by falsely claiming support from Trump & @GOP speakers he never talked to. Image
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If any of these people who CLAIM to care about j6ers really cared they'd be up here with me exposing the Scams funding ABUSE bribes threats
but instead they saw the Grifters getting away so they decided to follow suit and create their own "alternative" funding
But not 1 CALLED OUT and SPOKE OUT against the 1st #J6 Fundraising Scam because they wanted to instead take the place of the 1st money hungry clout chasing pieces of Scum!!

ANYONE Who'd put anything else before human lives IS INHUMANE TRASH!

You're WORSE than the left because

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17 armed FBI agents swarm Oregon home in early morning raid to arrest one of their own. The alleged crimes: Four misdemeanor J6 counts: trespassing, illegal parading, yelling and calling names, etc. Defendant is former @NewYorkFBI Special Agent Jared Wise. @julie_kelly2 ImageImage
The first 4 pages of the 8-page federal misdemeanor complaint against former FBI Special Agent Jared Wise. #J6 ImageImageImageImage
The second 4 pages of the 8-page federal misdemeanor complaint against former FBI Special Agent Jared Wise. #J6 ImageImageImageImage
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@cheeseslave2 @RealDrJaneRuby I grew up on the family dairy farm est 1765. Before the USA was a nation & one of the favorite treats after milking, feeding the cows and cleanup was done, was to get a cup of chilled fresh whole milk out of the refrigerated tank. A childhood friend told be the other day...cont/
@cheeseslave2 @RealDrJaneRuby That if we fed the store-bought homogenized pasteurized "processed" milk, instead of "fresh wholesome from the mother cow milk" that the calf would die.

The corrupt are killing us and saying "it's for our health".

For our health.

I've come to realize....CONT/
@cheeseslave2 @RealDrJaneRuby It's not "NOT" for the good of our health but for the robbery, destruction and death of our health.

This government is no longer of the people, by the people, for the people but a rogue unrecognizable lawless crimes to constitutional and humanitarian law...cont/
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I don't just talk I've backed up my words with actions
that's why right now my words are valuable because with every word the doj prosecution is gathering to be used against me to say why I need to be locked up for life
The #FirstAmendment is 1st for a reason
but to America's enemies it's the last line of defense for freedom & Our enemies last battleground
You really believe after Americans compliance to the lockdowns that yall won't have your 2nd stripped 😂
Talk big but you masked up without
hesitation, claimed you'll lose your job can't shop you freakin name it YOU complied
They know Everything you buy with credit cards they are making cash impossible
#WakeUp #J6ers are in Jail 2 yrs pretrial abused Yall silent
#J6 defendants are tried without access to discovery
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Please share across all platforms. Do you Know these individuals?? Please contact the FBI or contact us at Please do not post names on social media. #WeekendWarriorss #J6 #Justice4J6 Image
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RS Connected to the #FreedomConvoys, #J6, @OwenBenjamin, WWIII, and Martial Law Thread
First off, What's RS is and a Quick Situation Report-
Please be aware of #GlobalBankingCartelNetwork entrapments such as events like #J6 and "Freedom Convoys." I have RS FROM CHILDREN who were expressing truth in their RS while being fed BS from their parents/community about what all this was.
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THREAD: Proof that Ray Epps Was a Die-Hard Trump Supporter.
Ray Epps' activities go beyond what an FBI agent or asset would be permitted to accomplish. Ray Epps was added to the FBI's WANTED list on January 8 and removed from it on June 30, 2021, after he was formally recognized by the New York Times.

🚨Click ALT on the Photos for Source
The MSM defense of Ray Epps is strange, in this piece ("Ray Epps has suffered greatly in the previous 10 months as right-wing media personalities and Republican lawmakers have baselessly labeled him..." — NYT, July 13, 2022) is particularly suspect.…
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Brock lives in TX and was involved in Jan. 6th in DC. He had been a pilot but was fired afterward. He is now a home inspector in the DFW area and @TRECommission is fine with it. Texas Realtor Cos. are overrun with MAGA supporters. Their PACs regularly support GOP candidates.
You may remember Brock was the guy with a handful of zip tie handcuffs he planned on using against elected officials. Image
Brock owns Resolute Inspections out of Ft Worth.
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Everyone who stays silent about PFP and or is saying that I'm causing division is ok with Actual Racist, corruption, lies, threats, & Stealing from American citizens! Do you all think that @realDonaldTrump will be ok with this? Speak out now or you sink with PFP!
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I blew the whistle on Cynthia Hughes months ago with proof of what I discovered
@newprisoner6 @TPCLJ @SovSoulMel @realstewpeters
Thank you for allowing me to come on your shows and to expose the truth about PFP Cynthia Hughes Joseph McBride and Julie Kelly
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The Society of Former FBI agents (@SOCXFBI), a subservient arm of the @FBI Director’s office run by woke and weak former Agents, have released the following to their members:

Apparently they are getting a rare “circle the Wagons” sit down with Wray at Quantico next month. 🧵
In this release, they defame @RealStevefriend and @SeniorChiefEXW along with @JamesAGagliano because they are parroting the Director’s talking points. In it, they imply that #KneelTeam6 was justified in dropping a knee, the #FBIWhistleblowers are not really whistleblowers …
And #J6 “was an insurrection,” which is stated in a declarative sentence.

Despite the typos and mistakes like calling @Jim_Jordan a Representative AND a Senator in the same paragraph- the @socxFBI is another mouthpiece for the corrupted admin state. And they are more evidence
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BREAKING: Trumpers commit violent insurrection on J6. Not lol. @dom_lucre @KanekoaTheGreat

J6ers fight Pelosi's Stasi (some bad Feds, CP, Antifa) to STOP vandalism of Capitol and to STOP Capitol Police from beating unarmed Protestors.
#J6Files #J6Substack #J6 #Insurrection Image
1. Brag they orchestrated Capitol Breech. Vids prove they did it.
2. Attack and murder Protestors.
3. Refuse National Guard backup.

1. Protect Capitol.
2. Protect protestors from renegade Capitol Police.
3. Protect Capitol Police from renegade Feds. Image
1. Bad guys bragged in ecstasy about pulling off Capitol breach:
A. Trump offered National Guard but Nancy-Mitch (with final say so on all Capitol security) refused.
B. Fed Epps: 'I orchestrated it.'
C. Antifa Johnny: 'We did it.'

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Tucker Carlson: "Here's the truth: More cops were injured by Kamala Harris's favorite mob, BLM, at the White House than were injured by Trump voters at the Capitol on J6...both events are bad, but here's the key: we only remember one of them. Why? Because the people in charge of……
Tucker Carlson: "Now, you sometimes hear people say that the whole partisan system is an illusion and that underneath the manufactured debates, the leaders on both sides are, in fact, secretly united in a common love of money and power and the deception required to get them. And……
Tucker Carlson: "The commitment to lying in Washington is far deeper and more bipartisan even than we realize, and we follow this stuff for a living.

Consider the death of police officer Brian Sicknick...after reviewing the previously withheld video evidence, we can tell you……
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On December 25, 1868, President Johnson (D) issued "unconditionally, and without reservation...a full pardon and amnesty..and restoration of all rights, privileges, and immunities” to Democrats responsible for the deaths of 1.5M people in order to preserve slavery.
Prior to December 25, 1868, On December 8, 1863, in his annual message to Congress, President Lincoln (R) outlined his plans for reconstruction of the South, which included terms for amnesty to former Confederates. A pardon would require an oath of allegiance, but it
would not restore ownership to former slaves, or restore confiscated property which involved a third party. The pardon excluded office holders of the Confederate government or persons who had mistreated prisoners.
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1. As the federal capital, the Constitution grants the United States Congress exclusive jurisdiction over the District in "all cases whatsoever".

James Comer and Kevin McCarthy should release any prisoner held for a duration of time inconsistent with standard criminal guidelines
2. In the case of the J6 self-guided tour attendees, that is every last one of them.

The Oversight Committee can take charge of the DC jails and release the #J6 #PoliticalPrisoners IMMEDIATELY.
3. They can't change the Biden DOJ or judicial process, but the jail & police falls under jurisdiction of the OGR Cmte.
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#J6 2021 ~ Capitol was off limits to public access. 12:53pm #MAGA #QMAGA #QAnon forced their way onto the premises resulting in bodily injury to many on duty DCM Police Officers.
Here's Michael Fanone's testimony.
@TuckerCarlson will have you believe the breach was peaceful.
Here's Tucker downplaying the events as he relentlessly propagandizes you.
In order for the mob to gain access to the Capitol they resorted to violence against police shown in the video above. Correct?
Fox News is not your friend.
Tucker said they poured thru 1ks of hours of video - what they did was cherry pick the softer side. This is evidence of how stupid they think you are.
Let me ask you something.
Does this look peaceful?
Does this look like a "handful" of vandals?
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Tucker Carlson: "What the committee did not do was explain what happened inside the Capitol on January 6...As we're about to show you, committee members LIED about what they saw, and then hid the evidence from the public as well as from January 6 criminal defendants and their……
Tucker Carlson on the newly released J6 footage: "It doesn't answer every question from January 6—far from it—but it does prove beyond doubt the Democrats in Congress, assisted by Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, lied about what happened that day. They are liars. That is……
Tucker Carlson: "But it turns out there's quite a bit of video you haven't seen, and that video tells a very different story about what happened on January 6. More than 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from in and around the Capitol have been withheld from the public, and……
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1. A primer 🧵for those interested in actually learning:

@HouseJudiciary Democrat attacks on @FBI witnesses that @empwr_us helped as not "real" #whistleblowers are wrong on the law and factually baseless.
2. Legally speaking, a whistleblower is someone makes a "protected disclosure." Period. Nothing else.

A "protected disclosure" generally means a good faith effort to properly report waste, wrongdoing, or a safety concern.

3. Reprisal or retaliation means taking and adverse personnel action, or colloquially speaking, any other form of retribution in response to a protected disclosure.
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It’s Wed. morning and Day 24 of the Proud Boys trial LiveBlog starts shortly. I’ll be live-tweeting here and on Lawfare: We’re in the middle of cooperating PB Jeremy Bertino’s direct testimony.
First, I’ll show a couple video exhibits that came in yesterday. (Yesterday’s thread began here:)
Here’s the crowd of PBs in front of Harry’s bar in DC on 12/12/20 (the Million MAGA 2 march). You get an idea of why Oath Keepers called the PBs a “force multiplier.” When camera pans left you catch a glimpse of Harry’s.
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