#krbkdk #krdk #krbk #bkdk
soulmates, reincarnation, angst
fantasy au (first life), canon au (current life), also kinda mcd?


eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one soulmate catches his other. he hides his tears, feeling his heart break once more.
they found each other again.

he wonders when they will find /him/. if they ever will.


{ “de— izuku,” katsuki says. “i'm sorry for everything.”

eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one lover catches his other. }
{ “shitty hair,” katsuki turns to him. they're both looking his way, expectation in their eyes. he marches toward them, wiping off his tears.

he falls into their arms.

they catch him.

eijirou feels relieved. }

kirishima eijirou is 14 when he remembers his first soulmate. he's reading an article about a kid his age that ran into danger to save his friend from a villain. there's no name, no picture, yet he knows.

/midoriya izuku./

his soulmate.

{ eijirou is 14 when he hears about midoriya izuku for the first time. a kid his age that ran into danger to save a friend from a monster. news has traveled to his village. there's no name, no picture, yet it's enough.
the next year, he's on the road.

he even meets him.

/midoriya izuku./

his first soulmate. }


meeting his soulmate while he still doesn't remember you is a bittersweet experience.

there's expectancy. when is he going to recognize you?
what will be the astounding and spectacular moment that will become the bridge between all your shared past lives?

there's also a bit of awkwardness. izuku doesn't know who he is or how he feels; he cannot tell him or he may never remember.
and there's fear. what if he never does?

eijirou tries not to let that though dwell for too long, but the more memories he gets from his past lives, the more anxious he gets.

because since their first life together, izuku never remembered him. not even once.

when katsuki gets taken away, eijirou sees the absolut defeat in izuku's eyes. there's a pang in his chest he doesn't quite understand, but he knows they'll have to go.

he doesn't question why offering his hand to izuku in the hospital didn't trigger his soulmate's memories.
still, it hurts.


kirishima eijirou is 15 when he remembers his second soulmate. izuku asks him to reach out to katsuki in his place, telling him he's the key of their success. when katsuki grabs his hand while they fly over the kamino ward,
all of their shared lives crash into his mind. this time, he doesn't feel any excitement — all that's left is weariness. because, just like izuku, there isn't a single life where bakugo katsuki remembers him.

“you idiots,” katsuki smirks as they leave the villains to all might.
eijirou smiles, tightens his grip on katsuki's hand.

he wants to cry.


{ eijirou is 15 when he meets bakugo katsuki. izuku asks him to reach out to their companion in his place, telling him he's the key of their success.
when katsuki grabs his hand while they fly into the monster's lair, all he feels is excitement. and maybe a little more, but perhaps it's the adrenalin making his heart beat so fast.
“you idiots,” katsuki smirks as they hear the beast howl in anger behind them.

eijirou smiles, tightens his grip on katsuki's hand.

he's glad he met him.

/bakugo katsuki./

his second soulmate. }

eijirou often wonders why they were three of them if they never remember him. are the moments they share in every life so insignificant to them they cannot trigger their soulmate bonds? are the memories they have from their first life not worth remembering?
all he can do is watch his soulmates dance around one another until they eventually set their bond off. he stays on the sidelines, witnessing as they recognize each other for the thousandth time.
it's cruel, he thinks, being the link between his soulmates until they remember each other and is left behind.

sometimes he thinks about telling them the truth before it happens, but he can't. he cannot risk their bond to be broken, even when it's to save his.

kirishima eijirou is 19 when he dies.

it's an accident, shouldn't have happened. it's unfair, he thinks, dying so young. the last thing he sees is the faces of his soulmates over him, trying to stop the blood loss. they're crying, beg him to stay alive.
“i—,” he chokes. “m'sorry—,”

for dying, for leaving you behind, for not being worth remembering.

the last memory of his first life comes to him. why does he always go so young?

he wishes he had more time.

midoriya izuku and bakugo katsuki are 19 when they remember their soulmate.

it's an accident, shouldn't have happened. it's unfair, dying so young. they try to stop the blood loss. they're crying, beg him to stay alive.
“i—” his voice is low. they almost didn't hear him. “m'sorry.”

what for? they want to ask, but a memory they didn't have one second ago starts to overlap the scene before their eyes.

their soulmate always dies at 19.

that's when they remember him.

{ eijirou sits between his soulmates, watching as the sun rises behind the the forest below.

“what memory do you think will trigger the soulmate bond?” he asks.

“i hope it's the first time i hear of you,” izuku answers. “i don't want to spend a single second
around you not knowing who you are.”

“'better be that time you idiots crash that stupid monster's lair to rescue me,” katsuki smirks. “so i can smack your head right after for doing something so dumb.”

“what about you?” izuku turns to him.
“well...” eijirou hums. “i think... when we hug after finding izuku in the forbidden forest.”

“i like this memory too,” izuku smiles fondly.

“yeah,” katsuki agree. “s'not a bad one.” }

the end

• • •

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Jan 8
Here are my thoughts about the differences between Mineta and Uraraka's characters regarding their admiration for Deku. Idk where else to post this rant (I should maybe try reddit? or tumblr?)
As a disclaimer, I'd say that I obviously know more about Mineta's character.

- He's more easy to analyse because he's a side character and where he stand to Deku isn't ambiguous.

- I feel sometimes as if Uraraka's character lacks—
—not in a "she sucks" way but more like we sometimes expect to get answers regarding her development but get only a few because she's put on the sidelines. Her development hasn't the same importance depending on the arc.

Now that it's said, let's get started:
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Dec 11, 2022
#bkdk with hints of krdk and krbk (bkdk endgame), college roommate, pining bk pining dk (maybe krbkdk ending? i don't think it will but we never know where it goes)


where bakugo and deku went to different high schools and meet again in college where they share a dorm

izuku opened the door of his new dorm only to collide with a naked chest.

"sorry!" he frantically bowed. "i didn't see you." he looked up and immediately recognized the spiky red hair. "oh my god, you're red riot!"
the man smirked, "oh you know me?"

"of course, i saw you at the sport festival! your quirk is so fascinating and..." he started to rant and only stopped when he heard the other man chuckle.

"oh i'm so sorry," he apologized again. "i tend to mumble a lot."
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Dec 3, 2022
#bkdk first date

Katsuki entered the bar and went straight to the man he was looking for as soon as he saw him. /Green hair, green eyes, you can't miss him,/ Kirishima had said. He sat in front of the guy, looking straight into his eyes.
"You've got twenty minutes to convince me you're not wasting my time," he shot before turning to the waitress to order a drink. "Name's Bakugo Katsuki," he continued, "I don't usually go on blind date, but they kicked me out of the lab for some kind of facilities improvement."
He rolled his eyes and kept going. "It's very inconvenient. We're trying to push the boundaries of human knowledge and we got to stop for what, maintenance?" He sent the guy an exasperated glare, "that's fucking ridiculous if you ask me."
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Nov 22, 2022
#bkdk crack treated seriously, villain!bkdk

When he notices pro heroes taking position on Ground Beta's buildings as Nezu entered the training field, Katsuki knew shit was about to go down. The principal stood in front of the twenty students, staring at Izuku.

Instinctively, he
moved to place himself behind the nerd.

He could see by his teacher's position that he was ready to fight.

"Midoriya," the mouse said. "There's no need to hide anymore. We know."

Katsuki saw how their classmates glanced anxiously at each other. He only clenched his hands more.
"What do you know?" Izuku asked calmly.

We know you are a villain," Aizawa wrapped his scarf around him. "We know you are the traitor sent by the League."

Silence fell upon the classroom. The tension was so thick that Katsuki didn't dare to breathe.

Then Izuku chuckled. "Well,
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Sep 30, 2022
#krdk, stranger to lovers, fake dating, college au, mention of cheating (there's no actual cheating), mention of mndk

summary: izuku has an imaginary boyfriend that looks a little bit too much like someone else.


when izuku gets asked out by monoma neito, he panics and
says he's already got a boyfriend. when the other boy keeps demanding for a date, he adds more layers to his lie. and when he finally gives in and goes to that fair with monoma,
he finds himself in a love triangle with a boy he doesn't really wanna date and one that doesn't even exist.


when he tells him, kacchan finds it hilarious.

"so you mean to tell me that you're cheating on an imaginary boyfriend now?" he asks from the top of the bunk
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