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Youth dialogue with #Brunei LegCo youth rep Khairunissa Ashari @kyeeee
Some recs from youth during dialogue with #LegCo rep @kyeeee: 1) Remove need for event permits from MOHA
2) Require MPKs (village councils) to have a youth member on their committee, to enhance youth involvement & interest in local govt
3) Introduce mentorship programmes for civil service, creative arts
4) Need grants for arts: 'artists can't make quality work living off nasi katok'
5) Youth need communal spaces/co-working spaces to work, build businesses, start-ups, NGOs
6) Need to address govt censorship, esp in arts. Standards are subjective, don't distinguish btwn what's unpleasant & what's inappropriate.
7) Govt will be more responsive to youth feedback if they have solutions/proposals to address problem/issue
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