1) CIA Director Mike Pompeo vs Swamp Denizen Leon Panetta (and sidekick)
2) Today CIA Director Mike Pompeo was a guest at the Reagan National Defense Forum. Here is their mission statement.
3) Not knowing anything about them I thought I would look them up to get a feel for the context. Reagan National Defense Forum sounds good right?
4) The RDDF Steering Committee consists of career politicians. It is a who's who of mostly retired veteran swamp creatures with one nasty surprise....
5) Mike Pompeo was going into swamp territory and now everything makes sense to me as you will soon see.
6) The slogan for the RDDF is "Investing in Peace Through Strength" I like Peace through Strength but the "investing" part sets off alarm bells. I am not going to investigate who funds them but I imagine it's not pretty.
7) The RDDF is an organization that is run by active and retired swamp creatures whose main purpose is influencing and shaping policy.
8) Mike sat down with Panetta and his lackey Brett Baer for an hour and they discussed world events from a security perspective. It was light hearted and fun and that is all part of the set up.
9) Mike Pompeo is relaxed, joking and having fun. Panetta even tries to connect with him as "two Italians". Brett's ambush questions are strategically placed for maximum effect.
10) The Triggering!
Baer asks Mike Pompeo about Saudi Arabia: Panetta and decades of swamp failure are brought face to face with the dramatic sudden success of Trump Administration Foreign Policy.
11) Everything was jovial up to this point (at about 30 minutes in) Panetta's reactions became "really serious and concerned and his responses became lectures. An old swamp thing cut off from power flailing for relevance.
12) The Soft Ball
Baer asks Mike Pompeo how he shares intelligence with Trump.
13) Get the target relaxed and laughing if possible then ask him an easy question followed immediately by the ol" gotcha question! This one is quite sick.
14) The Ambush!
Mike Pompeo asked about #FakeNews stores regarding the mental state of President Trump: "It's Absurd" (watch and listen closely)
15) Remember everyone is laughing and having a good time up to this point and on cue as the question is asked Panetta laughs. It was the prefect set up!
16) You can see the moment when Mike sense the trap he licks his lips and smiles ever so slightly. He is ready!
17) Mike breaks character, reveals his power level, and suddenly kills the room! Penetta nervously begins laughing some more to try to lighten the mood. I would have loved to see Baer's face as he absorbed this stare. I guarantee he looked down and away.
18) The next order of business to to try to get Pompeo to listen to the wisdom of a "very concerned" Panetta regarding the danger of #TrumpTweets
19) #TrumpTweets are Dangerous!
Mike Pompeo doesn't think so. He uses them strategically.
20) Baer just can't leave well enough alone and asks Mike to comment on Panetta's nervous concern shtick. He expected Mike to acquiesce to all those decades of swamp experience. Everyone in the room did. Instead, Mike goes for the kill!
21) Swamp Concern!
Panetta takes concern trolling to a whole new level over #TrumpTweets
22) Note Mike's body language and comments he really is trying to politely end the conversation but they keep pushing...
CIA Director Mike Pompeo reminds old swamp creature (Leon Panetta) that he is a failure and irrelevant.
24) After you are done laughing consider how deadly serious this was. It was a carefully orchestrated trap completely scripted and gamed out in advance and Mike came up aces!
25) Pompeo's ruthless defense of Donald Trump speaks volumes about his loyalty and dedication to the cause. His defense of #TrumpTweets confirms that they are highly strategic and coordinated with the CIA. This frightens everyone... but us.

• • •

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