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11 Nov 19
In honor of Veterans Day and to support our vets I present a collection of poetry/prose written by vets and their family members.

ALL royalties go to who adopts rescue dogs and trains them to service disabled vets for FREE

SemperK9 mission: Enhance the quality of life for wounded, critically-ill and injured U.S. Armed Forces veterans and families by providing them assistance dogs. Using rescued/donated dogs we provide service dogs for psychiatric alert and mobility challenges free of charge.
The use of rescue dogs is absolutely genius. It's a two-fer.
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6 Nov 19
I searched and was unable to find transcripts of Trump Rally speeches. It is my determination that Trump Rally speeches are important and should be documented. I aim to convert his rally speeches to PDF format for easy searching. Here is a sample of what I have been working on.
The aim of this project will be to track the official 2020 campaign message trajectory via what the campaign loads on the teleprompter, as well as identify off script comments of importance. Additionally, transcripts will be historical records documenting the 2020 campaign.
It is a laborious process that I am working on making more rapid. There is also a cost associated with the software I am using. If you feel led to contribute to this project you can donate here>
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29 Oct 19
Mitch McConnell is fundraising and campaigning against impeachment. He has ads that state essentially "donate and vote for us to stop the impeachment in the Senate". He wants it to linger in order to milk it for political benefit.
While I would like Mitch to come out harder against the House I can also identify with the political calculation that is being made. One could readily argue that the impeachment hoax helps Trump and the Republican party more than it helps the Dems heading into 2020.
Mitch McConnell ; "The way that impeachment stops is with a Senate majority with me as majority leader. But I need your help. Please contribute before the deadline."
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25 Oct 19
FBI Vault Releases "The Finders" Pedophile Sex Cult Investigation Documents
Why was the investigation deemed a CIA "internal matter"?
Why was FBI Counter Intel involved?
Release does not answer these questions. It does however raise them again.
DC Metro Police Investigation Summary stated that The Finders group were disinformation tool of the CIA. (p67) #TheFinders
DC MP Finders Investigation - "Stepping on the CIA's Toes"
Before losing control of the investigation, DCMP documented exchange with the CIA where he learned they were running a solo Finders investigation of their own since the beginning and DCMP was stepping on CIA toes. (p68)
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23 Oct 19
President Donald J. Trump Is Ending the War on American Energy and Delivering a New Era of Energy Dominance

Energy and Environment Fact Sheet>…
Establishing Energy Dominance
President Donald J. Trump has implemented policies that increase energy production and advance energy independence.

Energy and Environment Fact Sheet>…
Abolishing The War On Energy
President Trump ended the costly war on energy that hurt America’s vital energy producers and cost American workers their jobs.

Energy and Environment Fact Sheet>…
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23 Oct 19
1/2 Republican ID Thread
I would like to put out some video but not sure who these Republicans are. If you can ID one or more please do in the replies.
2/2 Republican ID Thread
Buddy Carter was lit. Like that guy.
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22 Oct 19
October 21-22 - Bahrain Hosts Maritime and Aviation Security Summit
Many countries present.
Every placard at the table represents a country.
More than 60 countries sent representatives.…
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17 Oct 19
COS Mick Mulvaney - Destroyer of Narratives
Mick takes a "cover-up" question from the front row
"If we wanted to cover this up, would we have released it [Ukraine Call] to the public?-You don't give stuff to the public and say "here it is" if you're trying to cover something up."
After 38 minutes of swatting the media like flies Mick bounces out. Listen to Acosta crying about not getting a question! 😂
The Shutout Sets In - After 30+ minutes, the clock winds down on Acosta as
COS Mick Mulvaney takes the last question.
Mick: "Sorry ma'am did i really ignore you the whole time?"
Jim Acosta: "Same with me Mr. Mulvaney."
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17 Oct 19
Vice President Mike Pence Announces Turkey Cease Fire
● Operation Peace Spring on STOP. (Sanctions stay on)
● Operation Peace Spring to end in 120 days. (Sanctions come off)
● Huge foreign policy win for Trump Admin.
Trump is schooiling EVERYONE right now on the power of personality and economic leverage.
Big bad Erdogan on FULL STOP! He was talking so tough! He folded.
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14 Oct 19
Caravan Top Organizer - AMLO has turned #Tapachula into a "Prison City"
2,000 caravan reduced to 600. (If he's to be believed)

Regardless, a large chunk of the caravan gone. Media reports many detained. Authorities are mum. Word is many will be deported.…
Caravan numbers are always sketchy. In this case espcially so. We know there was a core of about 1,000 Africans yet reports were the caravan was from 2-3,000. A large number of Central Americans came out of the woodwork and joined the caravan when it formed #Tapachula
I imagine the smart ones hung back and when the National Guard made contact, they retreated, and went back into hiding in the #Tapachula area.
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13 Oct 19
Meet Eddie Rispone Louisiana Pro Trump Republican Candidate for Governor

Guided by faith, family, and God in his life.
Pro Trump, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Second Amendment
Non-politician. Businessman. Proven job creator.

ISC Group. Award winning construction company founded by Eddie and his brother.
Eddie Responds to Impeachment Hoax - Democrats are Lunatics!
"We stand with Trump folks."
"We're gonna continue to stand with President Trump."
@EddieRispone @realDonaldTrump #lagov
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12 Oct 19
African Migrants March North!
Early Saturday morning African migrants in #Tapachula joined a caravan consisting primarily Caribbean and Central American migrants marching north to demand an audience with AMLO in Mexico City. Caravan numbers from 2-3,000.
Mexican officials decided to let the caravan leave Tapachula in order to relieve pressure on the immediate area.
Pro migrant Mexican press has reported that the caravan is heading to Mexico City enroute to Tijuana and the U.S. Border. However, there are unconfirmed reports that the National Guard plans to detain and encircle the caravan now that it is out of #Tapachula. Will keep tabs.
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11 Oct 19
Kyiv Marie Yovanovitch was FIRED in disgrace. The next "star" witness is literally a Trump hater removed from office for anti Trump bias, among other irregularities.
A disgruntled employee that hates Trump! That's all they got right now!
#ImpeachmentHoax #WhistleBowerHoax
There is a truckload of stuff on her. Her coming forward is a desperation move to get out in front of documents that are looming over her head.
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11 Oct 19
President Donald Trump - "This is a movement."
President Trump went for an hour and forty minutes last night.
Media and Democrats have no answer for the Trump Rally. None.
#Trump2020 #TrumpRally
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8 Oct 19
United States Trade Rep Releases U.S. - Japan Trade Agreement Fact Sheets
FACT SHEET U.S.-Japan Digital Trade Agreement…
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4 Oct 19
@JarradKushner Atlantic Council Itinerary August 25th, 2019 that establishes Schiff staffer Thomas Eager's contact with Bill Taylor prior to Taylor's text exchange with Sondland. Image
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4 Oct 19
Jim Jordan Calls on Schiff to Release Volker Transcript
Jordan calls on Schiff to release the transcript from today's closed door Volker hearing, a hearing that blew massive holes in Schiffs false accusations.
#ReleaseTheTranscript #ImpeachmentHoax
You know if Volker advanced Schiff's narrative there would be leaks splashed everywhere and it would be 24/7 news. Controlling the information behind closed doors is an insidious feature of the hoax being perpetrated. #EnemyOfThePeople
Democrats and the media demand transparency only when it suits them. Scum.
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3 Oct 19
United States and China Treaty on Mutual Assistance in Legal Matters
Signed in Beijing on June 19th, 2000

Dem/Media feign outrage/ignorance over Trump's China comments is another attack on the Constitution. They know this agreement exists. They simply see an opportunity to erode the Constitutional authority vested in the President to enforce the law. #EnemyOfThePeople #CorruptMedia
Yes they are trying to protect Biden and any other illicit dealing that they may have been up to, but more importantly the outrage is an attack on the Executive Branch and the Constitution.
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3 Oct 19
Former State Dept. Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker is on Capitol Hill being interrogated behind closed doors right now by the Grand Inquisitors. He is expected to be grilled for contacting Rudy Giuliani and connecting him to Zelensky aide Yermak. #ImpeachmentHoax
Rudy this morning has released a series of texts that demonstrate Volker contacting Rudy and setting up the meeting with Yermak on behalf of Ukraine before the phone call took place.
The corrupt news media is on standby breathlessly awaiting spin and leaks from their corrupt democrat allies. Leaks and innuendo that will use to advance the impeachment hoax. #CorruptMedia #ImpeachmentHoax
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1 Oct 19
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reveals another Media/Schiff charade.

9/27 The grand inquisitors sent a letter notifying Pompeo of a subpoena. The subpoena has yet to materialize. Media and Democrats all weekend acted as if a subpoena exists. It doesn't.…
Media headlines breathlessly blared "Democrats subpoenas Mike Pompeo!!" around the world.
Inquisition letter stated: "We are hereby transmitting a subpoena." As of today they have yet to do so.

10/1 Mike Pompeo: Where is the transmission? Where is the subpoena???

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1 Oct 19
Lindsey Graham - What are they afraid of?
"We're going to find out about that [foreign spying] in two weeks. This NYT article is an effort to stop Barr from looking at how this whole thing began in 2016 regarding the Trump Campaign. What are they afraid of?"
🚨Lindsey Graham - Shoe Drops in Two Weeks

Question: "Do you believe those three specific countries Australia, Italy, Great Britain...subcontracted spying in order to circumvent American laws?"

Lindsey: "I don't know. But we're going to find out about that in 2 weeks."
The question is who is this "we" Lindsey is talking about? Does he have a mouse in his pocket, or is he talking about the public? We shall have to wait and see.
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