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In the 70's & 80's [they] called it Satanic Panic.
In 2019 [they] call it a Pizzagate-style conspiracy theory.

So naturally, when "The Finders" review was released, the two narratives separated by decades, clashed with striking similarities.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheFinders
By now it's clear, regardless of narrative ascribed, allegations of satanic ritual abuse have continued to permeate society for over 60 years.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheFinders
The prevalence of SRA allegations has undoubtedly left more questions than answers for even the strongest of skeptics.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheFinders
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1. THANKSGIVING: Fake News Newsweek Slams President Trump for Golfing, Tweeting.. At Same Time He Lands in Afghanistan to Visit Troops



2. Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, soldier pardoned by President Trump in first interview since release from prison:

"I love you sir."… #TRUMP #NEWS #Vet #Veteran #Military
3. Afghan President Praises President Trump for ‘Eliminating’ Baghdadi, Says More Important Than Bin Laden… #TRUMP #NEWS
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🙏🇺🇸This NATION is on the very verge of CRUMBLING to pieces & tumbling to the ground

🙏When the CONSTITUTION is upon the BRINK of ruin, WE will be the STAFF upon which the NATION shall lean



@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973
@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @lenlucas46 @Bluepopcorn8 @DRottiemom @ChristinePolon1 @HH_kathy @keystotruth @ladydwinter @RicMaldonado2 @michaeljohns @SmartiPants83 #ItIsTime

🙏🇺🇸For CENTURIES, America was hidden from other nations

🙏Do you believe that to be a COINCIDENCE?

🙏In the Lord’s due time His Spirit “wrought upon” Columbus, the pilgrims, the Puritans, & others to come to America

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @lenlucas46
@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @lenlucas46 @Bluepopcorn8 @DRottiemom @ChristinePolon1 @HH_kathy @keystotruth @ladydwinter @RicMaldonado2 @michaeljohns @SmartiPants83 @LavenderLives @QBlueSkyQ @DonnaWR8 @Debbie_Vesino @PWeepingAngel @Messenger983612 @MichaelDadiego #ItIsTime

🇺🇸America was and IS founded “under God, by WHICH it STANDS.”

🇺🇸In 1776, the #ILLUMINATI came from Europe & turned back around

🇺🇸G.Washington was too much for the group of Luciferians. Why?

🇺🇸In 1917, the #ILLUMINATI became firmly attached. Why?

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I'm about an hour in to this stream by Mister Metokur (he was the original Internet Aristocrat if you're a #Gamergate fan) and it's horrifying:…

Why was Customs, The CIA, the FBI, the DC Metro Police and the DoJ involved in this case where a group of malnourished children who had never even seen a stapler were found in Talahassee?

Gee, I wonder.

I came across this quote twenty years ago. It started making a lot of sense in mid 2016 and has made more and more sense every day.

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Recently declassified material #thread on #TheFinders Exact same #JeffreyEpstein #Honeypot operation and ties all the #Satanic uproar from the eighties and the #ChildSexTrafficking allegations by our politicians. Is #MichaelAquino tied in? #CIA #MKUltra
#TheFinders was a #CIA front company that impeded investigations into the #SatanicRitualAbuse cult perpetrated by a #UnitedStates taxpayer funded agency.
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The Finders documents have been released
Here's the background story on the Finders

Please stop what you are doing & listen to this FBI Whistleblower explain how the government is run by satanic pedophiles & his investigation into their crimes against children

#GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Qanon

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Con un certo anticipo sulla pubblicazione del #FISAmemo di Horowitz, l'indagine sull'indagine di Mueller, esce un documento ufficiale RACCAPRICCIANTE che riguarda una sezione speciale della #CIA, #TheFinders, i Procacciatori...
Di cosa?
Ho scaricato il pdf.
segnalo qui le parti salienti
partiamo dal 1993
c'era già un'indagine interna a West Palm Beach, Miami
il Dipartimento di Giustizia chiede qui ufficialmente che vengano indagate tutte le possibili partecipazioni del sistema di INTELLIGENCE degli Stati Uniti a questo gruppo di criminali, dediti alla sottrazione di minori a scopo di sfruttamento sessuale e peggio...
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10/25/2019 FBI Tweet
THE FINDERS PDF- 324 pages - Partially redacted
Slaves, Traffic, Sexual Exploitation of Children,
I'll highlight pieces as I go thru, Note after the redaction about allegations of a cover-up with the intel community #Qanon
The "Finders" were discovered due to a mistake in Florida -the 6 kids they were with linked to Washington, D.C. which revealed the base of ops. Note they were near Broward. Connecting it to another nest of exploiting kids. #MKUltra #GreatAwakening
The official account is in 1987 six dirty kids were found due to a complaint - they were in the care of non related adults on a park far from home. The men with the kids were UNCOOPERATIVE ABOUT THEIR OWN IDENTITIES AND THE KIDS IDENTITIES.
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Everyone needs to read this-it's a doozy. Prepare to be uncomfortable- you have been warned.

CIA tied to cult group named 'The Finders' -child abduction/brainwashing



The School.

• Hand dug tunnels
• Organized Child abuse scheme
• Brainwashing

⚠️US Customs Secret Agent claims he observed loads of computer equipment + *documents containing instructions on obtaining children*⚠️
School tunnel blueprint with entrance/exit and pathway marked😱

Pentagrams, tunnels, dead bolt doors w/o doorknobs, ea. room had button labeled 'fire alarm' not connected to any local Emergency Response center ...😳😱 #TheFinders
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Thread - Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo… #SueArrigo #DrSueArrigo #SexSlaves #CIA
3. Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue Arrigo MD… #SueArrigo #DrSueArrigo #CIA
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Enjoying my twitter silo today. So many clowns in our movement. If I know who they are, so does Q. Efforts to slow information are futile.

👊🏽 #Q2442

History is being made.
You are the saviors of mankind.
Nothing will stop what is coming.

Are they connected?
Was the Finders release yesterday setting the stage?


We have it all.
Re_read re: stage. (okay, I will)
The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].
[Impossible to defend].
[Toxic to those connected].
@KJBBeliever has a theory

Not enough sauce for conclusions, but oy vey, I like his line of thought.

▶️Set stage 5:5 (Finders release).
▶️Child porn — pill public can swallow.
▶️Toxic to those connected.
▶️Arrests come after public is horrified.

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FBI Vault Releases "The Finders" Pedophile Sex Cult Investigation Documents
Why was the investigation deemed a CIA "internal matter"?
Why was FBI Counter Intel involved?
Release does not answer these questions. It does however raise them again.
DC Metro Police Investigation Summary stated that The Finders group were disinformation tool of the CIA. (p67) #TheFinders
DC MP Finders Investigation - "Stepping on the CIA's Toes"
Before losing control of the investigation, DCMP documented exchange with the CIA where he learned they were running a solo Finders investigation of their own since the beginning and DCMP was stepping on CIA toes. (p68)
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#TheFindersDocs | #TheFinders were/are a CIA Front established in the 60’s. Members were trained Government Kidnappers with top level clearance.

Assigned with the task of stealing children.

Torturing, sexually abusing and sometimes involving satanic rituals.
#TheFindersDocs | During their investigation at McMartin Preschool the FBI uncovered underground HAND DUG tunnels.
#TheFindersDocs | In these tunnels contained three pentagrams.

They also uncovered over 100 animal bones alongside 2000 “artifacts.”

On Classroom 3 there were no doorknobs, only a deadbolt lock.
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Dark to Light... Govt. has been complicit in Child Sex Trafficking for decades... Children don’t just disappear!
TRUTH... ‘The Finders’ was a C_A front that procured children for SICK abuse & Global Child trafficking that’s run rampant for decades & continues today... Just look at #CPS!
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1/ Ett dussin personer arresterade i Michigan i operation mot människosmuggling (14 okt).

#HumanTrafficking #USA

2/ Ett av världens största barnporrnätverk sprängt

#HumanTrafficking #ChildPorn #USA #SouthKorea…
3/ Om man följer X22 Report får man en hel del intressanta hintar om vad som pågår. Som i det här avsnittet från 15 okt.

#HumanTrafficking #USA #SaudiArabia #AliceInWonderland #HillaryClinton

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◼️George Bush: World Class Monster

◼️“George Bush is a satanic, sadistic, brutal monster

◼️“COMPARED to George BUSH, Adolf HITLER was a true GENTLEMEN”

Michael B Williams, former Campaign Manager for SenGary Hart &Bush murder attempt victim
@SpaCare @sxdoc
🔊 #SilentNoMore

◼️For the record, if I had my CHOICE as to which one of the two (CLINTON or BUSH) represented the greater EVIL, I would say George Bush - in the blink of an eye....”

◼️Michael Ruppert, former LAPD Narcotics detective who was later “killed”

@TWITMO_INMATE @TexasDeplorabl4 @jleetxgirl @txangel821 @Txarmadilla @GatesRobin @MAGA_Len @DepolableDuck @RicMaldonado2 @KAG202019 @StormIsUponUs 🔊 #SilentNoMore

◼️Evil is ARROGANT. It has NO conscience. It is utterly self-serving. It HIDES from the LIGHT & will DESTROY others to PRESERVE its own DELUSIONS

◼️Did you know that GHWB planned to vote for Kilary?

@SpaCare @TWITMO_INMATE @FashionabAnon @Bella_deOlivera
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@OrtaineDevian @IPOT1776 @jsolomonReports @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @M2Madness ☢️THE FINDERS


🔶There. I said it. It’s a fact

🔶They count on the fact that the more bizarre they act the safer they are bc no one can fathom the depths of evil this agency perpetrates


🔶One by one, the dots get connected
🔶 The same names keep popping up & they are linked with the same activities over & over again
🔶The pattern becomes clear & undeniable
🔶Circumstantial evidence becomes overwhelming
🔶The picture emerges

@OrtaineDevian @jameco01 @trixirilla @JewelsJones1 @ZionistGirl18 @tijqc @stlpcs @jillb111120181 @lafleurjmmyp @ChristinePolon1 @GogolLafit ☢️#thefinders

🔶The picture that emerged is that the major institutions of the USA, the CIA, the FBI & many of our governmental AND MEDIA are involved in CHILD SEXUAL SLAVERY & RITUALISTIC abuse

@OrtaineDevian @Bella_deOlivera @HB04920973 @Lied2B2point0 @volarconalas @SpaCare
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Deciphering the panoply of manipulation deceit & lies of the parasitic #Ophite/ #Khazarian #Globalist #DeepState cabal…

To begin with “#OnlyTheNameChanges” is key to THEIR usurping/ renaming belief systems for THEIR own benefit… regardless ALL are based on #Ophiolatreia 🐍

To comprehend “#Serpent worship” one must travel far back in time to the founding cults of ALL symbolism/ religions/ belief systems…

#Stellar = #AstroTheology (most ancient)

#Solar = #FireandSun

#Lunar = #SerpentDragonandWolf

1915 Churchward…
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💀🔫DEATH by GUN CONTROL 🔫💀(part 2)

🔫”TRUMP will lose in 2020 if he pushes red flag laws,” said Debbie Dooley of the Tea Party Patriots. I agree

🔫WHAT is he THINKING? Or has the #Globalists got to him too?

🔫One of his last speeches, tells me “no”

💀🔫Death by Gun Control 🔫💀

🔫Some conservatives are parting ways with Trump~even ‘hard-core’ supporters

🔫The big reason is who deems high-risk or mentally unstable people?

🔫According to Dr. Donald Cameron: Anyone who is WEAK

@OrtaineDevian @Lied2B2point0 @RikPik2
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🔥🔥🔥CAN You Say, “CORRUPTION?”🔥🔥🔥🔥

🔥What does #CIA, #MKULTRA, & THE FINDERS have in COMMON?

🔥🔥Child Sex-Offender, JEFFREY EPSTEIN 🔥🔥

@OrtaineDevian @realDonaldTrump @NSAGov @GenFlynn @Bluepopcorn8 @volarconalas @Telford_Russian @Lied2B2point0

🔥It is time ~ They MK-Ultra’d WHITEY BULGER while in prison

🔥The psych: “...[a child] was filmed NUMEROUS times performing SEXUAL ACTS with HIGH-RANKING Fed Govt workers, in a scheme set up by Cameron

🔥It is definitely time

@OrtaineDevian @trixirilla @BrianCMulloy76 @miketeets4 @MagaSpud @MmeMaryMary1 @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @DevinPMcDermot1 🔥In 1956, Bulger served his first term in federal prison

🔥While there, he was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research mind control drugs for the CIA

🔥For 18 mos, Bulger & 18 other inmates were given LSD and other drugs

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🚨THE FINDERS ~ Child Kidnapping/in America

🚨🔥🔥🔥The C_A CONNECTION 🔥🔥🔥🚨
Ted L. Gunderson ‘82

♦️Estimated MISSING 100,000 CHILDREN a Year
♦️Few known facts are APPALLING
♦️NO one keeping accurate account

@OrtaineDevian @Maca691 @Corp125Vet @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @BreyndaMcoy @MissesJ3 @MEMcCaffrey1 @_megadama_ 🚨THE FINDERS~C_A Connection

CIA operation called "The Finders" is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America's CHILDREN

♦️For purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse

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