(1) Breaking: Active shooter situation in the last 40 mins at YouTube HQ, San Bruno, CA.

Walmart, Kaiser hospital, offices nearby. San Fran general hospital report receiving multiple patients. YouTube building >110k sq ft, 800 workers.
(2) FOX updates earlier info to say the building is >220k square feet, 1.700 workers.

ABC7 reporting a "white adult female wearing a dark top and a headscarf came in the back door and started firing."
(3) Maps showing where San Bruno is in relation to San Francisco and the Bay Area. (Orange circle). #YouTubeShooting #SanBrunoShooting

Stanford Hospital reports receiving 4-5 patients. SF General reported receiving patients earlier.
(4) As always, my recommendation for the first few hours is to only trust info coming from local law enforcement sources:
(5) The address of the YouTube HQ building is 901 Cherry Ave.

(6) Excellent first aid from this composed young man reporting what happened in Carl's Jr. Used a bungy cord as a tourniquet for a woman's leg wound. Perfect thing to do.
(7) Good advice:
(8) Scene of (some or all of) the shooting appears to have been a dining area and courtyard within the building complex and there was a Carl's Jr nearby.
(9) Some eyewitnesses referring to the shooter as male. Early reports are so unreliable. I'm keeping an open mind about all aspects of this until official statements are made. Police news conference happening soon.
(10) FOX reports San Mateo County Manager said "the shooter has been taken down." News conference soon.

FOX only willing to confirm 4-5 casualties at present.

WH reports the President has been briefed and is monitoring the situation.
(11) IDK if shooter male or female or wearing a scarf or not. While female shooters are rare, if this shooter was female, IMO that doesn't in itself suggest motive. Women are just as capable of crime as men.
(12) Helpful photo and map from FOX.
(13) San Mateo County coroner called in. Confirms that there has been at least one fatality. Local FOX reporter says witnesses say shooter was a woman who shot her (ex?) b/f then shot herself. Let's hope there were only two deaths.

Local FOX affiliate:
(14) Reporter at SF General Hospital (Level 1 trauma center) says 5 patients: one 37yo man in critical, one serious, one fair.

Police briefing started: at 12.46pm received calls. 12.48 arrived on scene.
(15) San Bruno Police Chief confirms at briefing that a woman is deceased with a self inflicted gunshot wound. Does not confirm this is the shooter (but it seems likely to me). 4 injured victims. May be more. Will announce time of next Police update soon.
(16) POTUS:

(17) SFG hospital: Have received 3 patients - one 32 yo female, serious condition; one 27yo female in fair cond.; one 36yo male in critical condition. Expecting an unknown number of additional patients. Will provide briefing at 3.30pm PT. Stanford H says have received 0 patients.
(18) The additional patients the hospital is expecting will be people with minor injuries who are currently being cared for by first responders at the onsite staging area.
(19) The early reports of patients sent to Stanford Hospital were wrong. Just goes to show...
(20) SFG Hospital second briefing. Now saying they do not expect additional patients. Talks about the family reunification center. Refers people to the SB Police for that. Introduces surgeon who will speak about the injuries.
(21) Surgeon is a gun controller who gives his political opinion before giving the medical facts. WHAT A JERK.
(22) Gun controller who happens to be a surgeon mentions among his extensive irrelevant info, that he does not believe long guns were used here. Refuses to give details of the wounds. unlike what his colleague said before him. Oh and his comment on "critical" is incorrect.
(23) "Critical condition" is a meaningless and unhelpful term that medical groups are trying to stop being used. There is a new categorization system that is much better.

Surgeon says no surgery has been carried out yet on the patients. Interesting.
(24) This guy's comments are so off the wall that the conspiracy theorists are all gonna say he's an actor. I just know it.
(25) San Mateo County Supervisor speaking to FOX reporter by phone. Gives no useful new info.

(From me) What we know atm: Only 3 victims shot. They are in hospital. 1 shooter, a female, deceased, self inflicted wound.

Only 'just' counts as a "mass shooting."
(26) The shooter's body is in the courtyard with the red umbrellas. At least one of the injured women got herself across the street to the Carl's Jr (square building on the right). Amazing what adrenalin allows you to do.
(29) The County Supervisor who spoke to FOX sounds like a typical Dem beta male, saying how easy it is to obtain a gun, & how great it was that the PD got there so quickly.

Literally the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff approach. He wants people to rely on Police arriving.
(30) I'm betting that the County Board of Supervisors makes sure their PD gives out as little info as possible early on, giving the politicians maximum leeway to use their gun controller talking points to spin the narrative.
(31) When will people wake up to the fact that some women are violent towards men, and female>male and male>male domestic violence is one of the biggest untold stories in our society?

I'm not gonna hold my breath. Buy guns and ammo, saves lives.
(32) Local FOX reporter complaining how inconvenient it is for staff whose cars are in the locked down area and they can't get them out to collect kids and so on.

Part of #DisasterReadiness is having a plan for your family you can use if needed.
(33) Wherever you live, whatever your household composition, I recommend visiting ready.gov for info and tools to #prepare for the unexpected.

Keep a written list on you at all times of key phone numbers. If evacuating a bldg, have it in your pocket.
(34) Second Police briefing. The shooter used a handgun. I just caught the end of the briefing so will need to find the rest of the info and bring it to you soon.

Here's the PD press release:
(35) Nice to see this headline, actually. Much less severe than we first thought this event would be.
(36) Here's advice from FEMA on what you can do now to #prepare for an active shooter incident. It can happen anywhere. Please make the time to get informed and make a plan.

(37) The local FOX affiliate was at the hospital before patients arrived & filmed this male patient being brought in. He's the one who is in critical condition. IMHO, hospitals should arrange for TV cameras not to be able to see the patient. eg staff could hold up sheets.
(38) AP reports two unofficial Police sources saying the investigation is being treated as a domestic "dispute."

This is part of the problem. Domestic abuse, violence and relational terrorism is framed as a "dispute." In some cases both sides are abusing, but in most cases not!
(39) Looking at the TV aerial footage, the outdoor cafe seating area appears to have a staircase to the street that is unsecured. One or more victims used this exit. Shooter may have entered through main entrance.

Witness said shooter aged over 30. The only male victim is 36.
(40) Latest reports per FOX: The shooter began firing outside then entered the building. She is believed to be aged 35-40. The 36yo male victim in critical condition has lower body injuries (I find it odd that he didn't need surgery early on).
(41) BREAKING: Name of shooter released. I wasn't quite expecting this. I hope the Left and their company take the right lessons from this experience.

(42) As frustrating as YouTube demonetization has been for conservatives, I've yet to see any of the disgruntled channel owners try to kill anyone over it. Gun controllers are looking at the wrong end of the political spectrum for violent people.

(43) The West Coast tech oligarchs are known for their "modern," fun, environmentally friendly workplaces. But 3 people were shot at this outdoor cafe area that had absolutely no protection from the street. An open, ungated, unguarded concrete stairway takes you up to the cafe.
(44) The above photo isn't ideal because the tree conceals the stairway. Here's a view from today:
(45) At Google and YouTube some adults are going to need to advise on security because Google Maps is showing even the office layout and room names inside the building. The cursor is where the shooting occurred. Near the "PR war room" and "Punch - out!" room. Time to grow up?
(45) Local PD press release and photo of shooter:

(46) I don't recall the "domestic violence / targeted her boyfriend" angle being confirmed by Police at all today. Several MSM outlets claimed Police *anon sources* told them. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they made it up, knowing who she was.
(47) The current Police *confirmed* information is that none of the victims were known to the shooter or targeted by her. She appears to have fired indiscriminately. It's a good thing she was an unskilled shooter. Not enough (or any?) range time. Completely barking mad.
(49) Surprisingly, her website is still up. I don't feel inclined to study it. If you're interested, you can probably still access it for a few days, I guess. most of the photos of her show "flat affect." nasimesabz.com
(50) I wonder if her family was financially supporting her, and that's why she never came to the attention of mental health professionals? If you don't need to leave the house to work or do anything else, you can stay under the radar. Sad.
(51) The family came to CA from Iran in 1996, when she was 16 years old. So, her formative years were spent in Iran.

At the time she left San Diego for San Fran she was living with her grandmother.

Her Dad says he suspected she was heading to YT HQ.

(52) I'm always skeptical of what the family says (whatever the race, nationality etc, calm down). If the Dad told Mountain View Police at 2am on the day of the shooting that he suspected she was going to YT HQ after constantly ranting about her grievance toward YT for weeks...
(53) Then maybe that PD has some explaining to do. Like I said, the Dad's testimony should be viewed w caution. It's possible he didn't communicate his concern well enough, or at all. Bottom line: the YT workplace was the softest of soft targets. No high profile company shd be.
(54) Here's an example of what NOT to do if you think it's an earthquake and then find out it's a shooter.

>EQ: Get under the table & hold onto a leg of it.
>Shooter: Hide, shelter in place until all clear given. (Unless you are armed).

Go to: ready.gov
(55) Here's another genius who's either never had active shooter training or wasn't paying any attention.

Source of this and above example: heavy.com/news/2018/04/n…
(56) Police press conference scheduled for 9am Wednesday. Hopefully they have some info from Mountain View PD about the 2am conversation with her and then with her father.

(57) ICYMI (which is highly likely since the MSM is playing it down), the identity of the crazed far left YouTube shooter was released last night:

(58) Per local Police, a Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-auto handgun registered to the suspect was recovered at the scene of the YouTube shooting.

She obtained the gun legally.

So new gun laws wouldn't have done a thing, Democrats.
(59) Time for Thread #2 about the Youtube Shooting in San Bruno CA on April 3, 2018.

Thread #1 was live tweeting about breaking news:

Thread #2 covers the aftermath:

Unrolled version to follow.

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Jan 5, 2023
Well said, @DonnaLeeSun. I have the same approach.

Donna is "Unapologretically Canadian."

I am Unapologetically New Zealander/Kiwi. Granted, "sorry" has a special meaning in Canada, eh? But our countries do have a lot in common. Mini-thread:
I really get what Donna is saying in her Twitter bio:

"Trumpism has a strong foothold in Canada & we ignore it at our peril. Pay attention, esp. to PP, former PM Harper & idiot Premiers!"

The same is true of New Zealand, Australia, and our OG mothership: The UK.
PP stands for Pierre Poilievre, who became the leader of Canada's conservative party on 10 September 2022.

For me it's super simple: Far right extremism gained a foothold in the US, only to be rejected by majorities of voters multiple times since. Because #DemocracyWins.
Read 4 tweets
Dec 30, 2022
"Misogyny" is a trigger word for the far right-controlled Republican party. But the ideology is real, and it can lead to people getting killed.

Bryan Kohberger
George Huguely
Elliot Rodger
Andrew Tate
Donald T****

#RespectWomen is a public health and safety issue.
Evidently, my above use of the term misogyny has triggered a few of them.

They're trying to insinuate that Kohberger was a liberal which, even if true, would have nothing to do with the points made in my tweet. We already know several things about him, and his crimes...
Further, when writing the above list of 5 known and/or confirmed misogynists, some of whom have killed at least one woman, I considered a range of factors that put them on that list.

I want to encourage discussion about misogny and the targeting of women by violent offenders.
Read 7 tweets
Dec 5, 2022
"Elections are decided by women." So true.

Esp. the 2020 US presidential election, and others where right wing governments were (and will soon be) punished for anti- public health and safety, anti-science, ignorant approaches to pandemic response.

We manage household health!
Do politicians and their advisers get this yet? In most households, it is one or more women who take basic health and safety seriously, & who develop a superior knowledge base due to our more complex biology, higher rates of illness, & greater need for infection control measures.
Of course there are many men with the same health knowledge and risk management priorities as women, but we are talking about "in general" here, and how that applies to elections.
Read 9 tweets
Nov 30, 2022
Gotta laugh, my tweet generated the following reply from a maga account:

"Ukraine flag in bio"

Ad hominem/genetic fallacy is all they have. They deflect by targeting the player not the ball. Because playing the ball is too hard for them. It requires honesty & courage.

I recognize this form of gaslighting because I learned it from others and even used it, during my time* in Cult 45. (* Ended TWO years ago, OK?)

Any sign that someone is outside the cult is used as a way to disregard whatever the person says.

I proudly attach 🇺🇦 to my a/c...
And I will keep the Ukraini flag on my account for as long as it takes. Full independence, with pre 2014 borders, nothing less will do.

Cult 45ers viscerally hate Ukraine and Ukrainians.

They have to, in order to protect the scaffold of lies they have been fed.
Read 7 tweets
Nov 23, 2022
Thread: Mass shooting in a Walmart store, Chesapeake, VA

Here is the latest at 4am Eastern. At 8am Eastern, local police will hold a media briefing.

Yet another shooting. There are some relatively easy ways to prevent most of them...

I'm talking about changing the way domestic violence incidents are handled, and doing more to put long term distance between known DV offenders and their legal access to guns.

An idea best espoused by the outstanding @BeauTFC. Link to follow.
The outstanding @BeauTFC talked about this issue here:

(The video he was referring to is this one: )
Read 22 tweets
Nov 14, 2022
Thread: The future of Twitter

I wonder what price between $8 billion and $44 billion Elon Howard Hughes Musk might consider to sell this vital pro-democracy communications hub before he completely destroys it.

I mean, that's his goal, right?
He paid waaaay too much for it. Value currently estimated at $8 billion. Surely there are billionaires out there with the ability to build a consortium to entice it out of his grubby little hands?

There's a good argument for the US federal government buying it, too...
Or a group of countries. It's not all about the US, you know.

What does the Putin regime have on Musk, that could get him to over-spend so much money? The global fascist movement is the only winner out of this. Or was it the Mercers?
Read 4 tweets

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