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Mar 6, 2023 23 tweets 14 min read
🧵 A thread on the key crypto catalysts to look out for in the month of March


- March 14 and March 22 will be key dates to watch, as Feb's CPI data & the Fed's subsequent decision on said data will be divulged respectively.

- If Feb's CPI reveals... 1/

rising inflation, Mar22 may see the Fed initiating a rate hike that'll put pressure on risk assets like crypto

- Viewed in tandem with rising bond yields (that crypto's fortunes are inversely related to), said risk assets may be further deprioritized by market-participants
May 10, 2022 16 tweets 8 min read
Why $ust's peg has everything to do with @CurveFinance's #3pool

A thread on $ust's collapse with @dicksonlai_ @GabrielGFoo @themlpx 🧵

@TheSpartanGroup @nansen_ai

#luna 1/ The story begins - believe it or not - with $DAI, and how it maintains its peg.

As a stablecoin backed by collateralized debt positions, the outstanding loans within DAI’s economy play an important role with regard to DAI’s ability to maintain its peg.