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Jun 29 12 tweets 11 min read
$200m+ profit from MEV has been extracted since January

Here are 10+ GitHub MEV codes/repos that you may find useful 🧵⚡️

(might delete it soon 😉) Sandwich:
- github.com/mevcheb/optima…
- github.com/libevm/subway

@libevm @mevcheb
May 15 5 tweets 5 min read
Here only includes atomic arbitrage and doesn't include stat arb, cross-chain arb, etc

Here only includes liquidation on Solend. The other protocols have a much smaller liquidation volume, except Mango and Larix, which had a bug. Some liquidators also got rekt decent amount because they liquidated UST, sold UST in different transactions, and got rekt from Slippage, so the profit might be a little off.
May 15 20 tweets 12 min read
$43m in total MEV on Solana 👇🧵

The collapse of LUNA / UST edition Image I calculate the total arbitrage in the past 7 days following UST/LUNA collapse.

Here are what I found:
- total arbitrage profit: $2,743,624.75
- total liquidation volume $40,514,596.20
- total liquidation profit $2,025,729.81
May 2 15 tweets 4 min read
2 of the most used blockchains Solana and Ethereum became *unusable* for a while yesterday.

Both actually share 2 sides of the same problem:

The Race for BlockSpace 🧵👇 2) For Context:
🦧ETH became *unusable* because it costs too much gas (1.5 ETH) to do anything as APEs bid for high gas to mint Otherdeed land

◎ Solana on the other hand got spam >100Gbps so bad by NFT bots for block space that the network had to shut down and restart
Apr 20 28 tweets 26 min read
NEAR Mega Thesis 🧵:

@NEARProtocol blockchains with:
- Solana TPS + speed
- AVAX EVM ecosystem
- Terra algo-stable

Everything you need to know before $USN launches tomorrow.

@ilblackdragon @mattdlockyer @Cameron_Dennis_
@nearbigbrain @j0hnwang @Nakameowdough

1/x Image NEAR Edges 🧀:
- $800m+ in ecosystem funds from basically all the VCs
- $USN
- Thriving NFT community
- Sharding
- Aurora - faster EVM chain than AVAX-C-chain
- Trustless Rainbow bridge

Apr 5 7 tweets 3 min read
1/ Transaction Quality Trilema🧵
How it relates to MEV, gas fees, and decentralization.

Why do your Txs fail?
Why are fees so high?

@epolynya @sxysun1 Image 2/ In an ideal world, the highest transaction quality means
- anyone can send a transaction (no censorship)
- no spam
- low fees

Obviously, this is not possible so you can only have 2 of the 3. Some compromises need to be made.
Mar 23 7 tweets 6 min read
$100k profit starting with just $200 in a single transaction.

Best #solana MEV from @CashioApp hack 🧵👇

Thoughts? @wireless_anon @buffalu__ @raggedsec Image Another $76k profit from just $12 in a single transaction Image
Mar 22 15 tweets 10 min read
MEV on Solana Cookbook: Arbitrage 🧵👇
$20m profits from arbitrage in 90 days

Here is everything you need to know about MEV on Solana.

Would love thoughts from @bertcmiller, @samczsun,
@sxysun1, @wireless_anon, and @buffalu__

1/10 Image I wrote a custom script to ingest the data and calculate the total arbitrage in the past 3 months.
Here are what I found:

There were $20m of arbitrage profit made in the past 90 days. Here is the time vs. profit chart

2/10 Image
Mar 14 4 tweets 1 min read
1/ A Thought Experiment:
The Ship of Theseus of Blockchain and L2.

Blockchain has 3 comps: Execution, Consensus, and Data Availability (DA).

Replacing Exec:
At first, L2 starts out as replacing just the execution layer and rollup on the Eth consensus layer. 2/
Replacing DA:
There is also work being done like Celestia and Avail to replace DA but still relying on ETH as a consensus layer.

Replacing Consensus:
Finally, there is a solution like Arbitrum's Anytrust to replace ETH consensus with a committee and post block hash on ETH.
Mar 10 12 tweets 8 min read
EVMOS Thesis 🧵👇:

Breakthrough in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

@fekunze @EvmosOrg $Evmos

This year, the Cosmos ecosystem has been on the breakthrough with the growth of Terra, Osmosis, etc., with a combined TVL of $30B+.

Feb 7 9 tweets 6 min read
Celestia Thesis 🧵👇

A Major player in L1 and L2 wars

@CelestiaOrg is the first modular blockchain's data availability (DA) and consensus layer, allowing other chains to scale data availability and instead focus on execution.

@nickwh8te @epolynya

1/x Think of Celestia as decentralized AWS for blockchain's data availability (DA).

Celestia scales DA for other chains and allows all the L1s and L2s to rely on Celestia for data availability in a trustless manner resulting in more throughput.

Feb 4 9 tweets 5 min read
Future of MEV opportunities on Solana 🧵👇

would love @aeyakovenko and @buffalu__ thoughts on this to ensure accurate information.
#MEV #Solana
Solana currently only has an internal mempool of pending TXs and not external/public.
This means MEV opportunities only exist in terms of
- running your own validator
- inspecting TXs that come your way
- running your own MEV code on top (not easy but feasible)