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According to @jphackworth42, the revenue of #JIT #MEV on #UniV3 has reached $7.3M as of Jun 8.….
The newly released spec of #UniV4 brings novel development to the field. Do you think JIT will become more frequent or less seen?
#UniV3's concentrated liquidity created Just-In-Time MEV bots that extract fees from LPs, with risks for passive providers. JIT involves 3 more txs, it's hard to read the detail steps inside these txs. Let's dissect on of these JIT 🤖 and find out what's going on inside.
3️⃣ key transactions involved in a JIT trade: add liquidity, swap, and remove liquidity.
Let's take a look at the adding liquidity tx first.
Steps 0-1: The LP provider added $7.8M $USDC and 98 $WBTC as liquidity to a #UniV3 pool.
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Friendly Degen Guides on "How to safe and efficient micro cap trading, with tips to avoid #MEV bot" 📈💸💡
This thread is for crypto newcomers 🔰
➊ Fund management
➋ Follow good influencers
➌ Create your watchlist
➍ Setting up wallet
➎ Use Maestro bot
➏ Book profit!
1/1 Fund
It's a great opportunity for everyone, regardless of how much money you have. Whether it's $500, $1000, or more, managing your funds well is crucial.
With micro cap plays, you can start investing with as little as $50-$100 per token.
2/1 Fund
You should bear in mind that micro-cap tokens have a market cap of less than $1M and are considered ultra-low.
For this reason, you cannot buy them with a large volume; otherwise, you will become exit liquidity or face a high slippage rate.
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1/14 🤑 $32.5M, that's searchers' revenue of #MEV on #Ethereum in Jan and Feb of 2023. In the same MEV supply chain, builders' income reached $67.21M, out of which validators took the most: $62.58M. This research shows you how the value flows thru the whole stream.
2/14 📊 Here is the big picture illustrating the benefits flow for different parties, specifically builders and validators under the current PBS scheme. One liner: MEV Accounts for 51.6% of Builders' Revenue, and Validators Stand as Top Beneficiaries.
Let's dive deeper. 🕵️‍♀️ Image
3/14 ⚡️During the 2 months, EigenPhi identified 975,290 txs involving MEV payments. Our algorithm classified 64% of these transactions as originating from three types of MEV, which generated a profit of $7.3 million collectively and contributed $18.9 million toward MEV payments. Image
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1/10 🐄 Alert! 🐄
Our research shows 🥪 MEV’s impact on @CoWSwap is one magnitude lower than on any other DEX.
It’s time to Moo-ve your attention to this report and milk all the buttery details!🥛…
2/10 In the report, 🧐 we cover revenue💰, frequency 📊, and volume of all the sandwich MEVs attacking @CoWSwap. On top of these, we also compare 🥪's impact on different aggregators, DEXs & protocols. And we list all the top CoW Swap solvers under attack and many juicy data👇 Image
3/10 #Uniswap and @CoWSwap, which protocol is more resistant to 🥪attacks? In terms of 🥪 revenue for 2022, it's $0.13M from CoW Swap solvers. Compared to total fee revenue: $8.55M, sandwich attacks only accounted for 1.5%, one magnitude lower than #Uniswap. Image
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Instead of relying on "ALPHA callers"...

You can discover the next $PEPE, by following the smart money yourself🧠.

In this thread 🧵, I'll teach you how to track smart money using only Free tools like @DuneAnalytics and @DeBankDeF in 4 simple steps. Image
Step 1: Find the whale

- Choose the token you wish to investigate.

- Enter the chain and token address into this dune dashboard created by @defi_mochi, click "Apply all parameters," and let the dashboard run.

In this case, I use $BOB as an example:… Image
Step 2: Detect the whale

Now, we need to search for smart money.

Scroll down to the bottom and locate the table titled "Top 100 Trades by Estimated Profit."

In this list, most of the wallets are MEV bots, and I have to manually filter the "TRUE" smart addresses. Image
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📷 📷 每日重要新闻和好文阅读推荐 📷 📷 :

2⃣MEV-Share 是搜索者的新范例。 它解锁了新的订单流、功能和搜索策略。 Flashbots 的这份简短指南将帮助您快速了解新的搜索方式,并解释如何升级您的策略以利用 MEV-Share。#MEV…
3⃣了解什么事证明聚合(Proof Aggregation),为了在区块链上优化 zk-SNARKs,证明聚合的能力是另一个需要评估的重要因素。 那么为什么证明聚合如此重要?
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The Top 3: 23/04/23

Another busy week in the world of web3! The Menu today is an SEC Case, an internet breaking mint, and some beyond exciting DeFi developments.

Lets dive into it!
1️⃣ SEC Identifies Algorand and Five Other Tokens as Securities amidst Bittrex Case

The #SEC claims that listing of tokens OMG, Dash, ALGO, Monolith (TKN), Naga (NGC) and IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT) on #Bittrex constituted unregistered securities offerings.
Quite interesting considering that previously, Gensler had promoted/commended the #Algorand token, one of the six under fire.

This promotion falls under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which regulates the offer and sale of securities
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🌌🌲Navigating the Dark Forest: Unraveling the Mysteries of the MEV Market 🌲🌌

After spending weeks researching, we've mapped the complex #MEV Market Landscape! Explore the intricate world of the MEV stack across 3 categories: 1. Infrastructure
2. Solutions
3. Applications
👇 Image
Full blog post here:…
Before we dive in:

The MEV market is a complex and an ever-evolving domain. As such, the categorizations presented here may evolve over time. We view this landscape as just one perspective.

We welcome feedback as well as collaboration to update this - please reach out!
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🚨 A Validator Attack on MEV Bots caused $25.2M loss for MEV bots

Thread below with comprehensive explanation ⬇️

💸 MEV bots lost $25.2M today due to a planned validator action

The validator was previously funded through the anonymous #Aztec protocol, suggesting that the theft from MEV bots was premeditated

The validator's confidential top-up occurred 18 days ago
⚙️ In simple terms, the attacker takes advantage of being a validator and having control over the order of transactions in a block

The attacker strategically places their transactions around the MEV bot's transaction to manipulate the outcome
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This is an in-depth 🧵thread🧵 of the Euler Attack. We not only cover what happened during the attack, but also give our analysis on the beneficiaries and losers, whales affected, and addressed with net large flows👇
Ethereum-based noncustodial lending protocol Euler Finance faced a flash loan attack on March 13. The attacker stole millions in $DAI, $USDC, $WETH, $stETH, and $wstETH.
The exploiters' addresses transferred $740.28 million to the Euler contract, while the Euler contract transferred $944.75 million to the exploiters' addresses. As a result, the exploiters gained $204.46 million from Euler Finance, aligning closely with third-party data.
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Petit point sur la journée de demain

Une journée qui va être chargée en termes de volatilité et aussi en congestion de réseau pendant "quelques" heures suite à l'affaire #USDC.

Regardons ça de plus près et comment se protéger.
Concrètement, tout va se jouer sur la capacité de #Circle à honorer le redeem des #USDC en dollar suite à l'annonce.

Pour faire simple, cette opération consiste simplement à envoyer des USDC à Circle, qui vont les détruire et vous verser l'équivalent en USD sur votre compte.
À partir du moment où ce processus se passe correctement, certains vont faire de l'arbitrage et tirer le prix de l'USDC vers le haut jusqu'à atteindre le peg des 1$.

On retrouvera de gros investisseurs ainsi que des plateformes d'échanges (#Binance, Justin Sun etc...)
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Starting yesterday, the Ripple Effect of #SVBCollapse has come to #MEV area, creating tons of opportunities for both arb and 🥪 🤖, and it's a developing story.
Profit of arb from Mar 9 to 11 : $260K, $697K, $3.46M.
🥪: $50K, $311K, $2.14M. Image
This crisis has impacted the oldest decentralized stablecoin: DAI. It was affected by this USDC bank run crisis and fell as low as $0.9. Image
The main reason is that 54% of the DAI currently in circulation is minted on a 1:1 basis through the collateral USDC. When the USDC becomes severely de-anchored, the underlying assets of the DAI depreciate, causing a shock to its market price. Image
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Arbitrum 提出了一种新的 Sequencer 交易排序策略介绍:

Arbitrum 目前使用的交易排序的方式是FCFS(先进先出),用通俗的话解释就是Sequencer先处理它先接收到的交易(optimism 也是用的相同的策略)。

但是这种方式有一个缺点,就是会造成"延迟竞争"(latency racing)。
#Arbitrum #MEV

Arbitrum 为了避免大家为了成为延迟最低的fullnode互相卷,而导致物理资源浪费提出了一种time boost机制,你可以通过额外的手续费,让你的交易可以更快被处理(类似 bid for position)
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How Sei order engine reduces MEV?
[#SeilorRabbithole series]

0/🧵 The “Seilor rabbit-hole series” is a deep-dive on the 3 major Innovation breakthroughs of @SeiNetwork
1. Native Order Matching
2. Market-based parallelization
3. Twin-Turbo Consensus…
1/ 🧵 Why MEV holds back Billions in liquidity?

“Maximal Extractable Value is the process of maximizing economic value from block production, by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block”.
2/ Front-running bots/validators are considered Bad MEV while liquidators/arbitrageurs are good and needed for a strong #DeFi economic model.

Sei is trying to minimize bad #MEV with frequent batch auctions (FBA) and maximize good MEV with an off-chain flash bots-style auction. Sei MEV Illustration by Delphi Digital
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1/9 Riding the Wave of MEV Opportunities: In 2022, Arbitrage Dominates the Market, Promising Explosive Growth for Savvy Searchers! Let's See How It Happened!
2/9 Our results show that arbitrage opportunities were the most frequent, accounting for 68.3% of the market. Sandwich opportunities are around 30.6%.
3/9 Opportunities for liquidation are far smaller than the other 2 MEVs, for it was more likely to depend on intense market fluctuation rather than conventional arbitrage ones. But the liquidation, the 1% of total MEVs, gained 11% of the total revenue.
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1/9 Rise to the Top: The Thrilling Journey of Best #MEV Bots - Exploring Lifespan, Profitability, and the Blood-Battling Secrets in the Quest for Financial Success!
This 🧵will give you an exclusive overview of MEV 🤖's performance in 2022, which you would never wanna miss:
2/9 MEV is a fierce battlefield, with over 2.7K MEV 🤖s vying for profits. The arbitrage 🤖 are dominating the market, accounting for over 80% of total players.
3/9 In the cutthroat world of MEV, only the strongest may survive. See, the most profitable arbitrage 🤖 0xbad generates the highest profits of over $9.2M. One grabs 12.3% of the total profits from arbitrages! 🚀🚀
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#cosmos week 7 of 2023 Feb 14 - 20:

1️⃣ Kava launched mainnet
2️⃣ Quasar launched testnet
3️⃣ Cosmos Hub Rho upgrade ✅
4️⃣ Interchain event intends to build NFT interoperability in Cosmos
5️⃣ Osmosis is working on MEV resistance with Skip Protocol

Before we dive into the weekly update, let's see what bags people are loading up on.

An astonishing 45% is buying $ATOM, while 24% is accumulating $KUJI. 10% buys $OSMO and then 21% buys other tokens: $INJ $SWTH $CHEQ $SCRT $TORI $STARS $CRE $REBUS $XPRT

1️⃣ Kava launched mainnet

@KAVA_CHAIN launched 12 mainnet, a revolutionary new #DAO technology that enables any #cosmos chain DAO to have more control and flexibility over their emissions🚀

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So @oasisprotocols latest product, the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) is here to change #web3 for the better.

Understanding the magnitude of this development for the industry can be challenging, so here is my attempt to break it down

Mega Thread🧵Read on

#privacy #AI #BigData $ROSE
2) In order to understand OPL, we first need to start with the Oasis Sapphire paratime.

Sapphire is the first and only confidential #EVM network for #web3.

What does it mean to be a confidential EVM though?
3) Essentially what this means is that Sapphire has the ability to create confidential smart contracts. Smart contracts with the ability to hide aspects of state.

Hiding aspects of state vastly expands what can be done with smart contracts enabling more sophisticated use cases
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0/ (Long Thread Alert)

Kromatika's FELO (Fees Earning Limit Orders) are an innovative approach to limit orders in the #Ethereum Ecosystem.

🧵👇 Image
1/ What are limit orders though?

It is a direction to buy/sell an asset at a specified price. This allows traders to exercise better control of the prices at which they trade avoiding volatility.

A limit can be placed either as a buy or a sell order.

2/ Limit orders on DEXes:

A lot of DEXes that offer limit order are not fully decentralized but rather centralized as they rely on market makers to process its limit orders.

It is quite complicated to make a decentralized limit order hence they depend on market makers for this.
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1/9 I recently dove into MEV for the first time while researching on-chain market maker businesses. I found it to be an interesting concept and wanted to share a story from a market-maker perspective.
2/9 When I learned about MEV, I attempted to design a market-making business logic that leverages it. By aggregator DEX and the RFQ, as well as purchasing MEV services, market makers could potentially increase their profits.

Interesting, @Rook made it before I knew Rook.
3/9 Market making is a highly technical and automated business, with the biggest challenge being the implementation of a fully automated system.
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#24 #AlephiumReadingList

Never stop reading 🎉

Read, learn, buidl! Image

@0xRainandCoffee & @Maven11Capital on different types (or flavours) of Merkle Trees…
2/ @zooko thoughts about governance and a Founder's role, using a @VitalikButerin blog post as food for thought.
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Earlier today I tweeted I had come across a coin "that imo is almost guaranteed to 5-10x in the short-medium term regardless of what BTC does due to the narrative". I genuinely believe this. The narrative is #LiquidStaking #LSD & the coin is....Time for a thread 🧵

First of all, what is #LSD or the Liquid Staking Derivatives narrative & why should you care?

To understand LSD you must first understand native staking on $ETH. Eths move to PoS means holders can now stake their tokens, validate transactions & earn $ETH rewards for it.

Exact rewards stakers receive is minimally ever changing but it remains relatively constant around 4% APY. Sounds good? It is but not for all holders. stakers must stake at least 32 ETH to be a reward-earning validator. This is a lot of shekels for the average $ETH plebian.

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我将介绍 Flashbots 提供的免费产品,大纲:
- 什么是 Flashbots?
- 普通用户如何连接 Flashbots 节点发送交易避免被夹。
- 开发者如何使用 Flashbots Bundle 打包多笔交易。
#mev #flashbots #web3 ⚡️🤖
A Thread🧵
Flashbots 是致力于减轻 MEV(最大可提取价值)对区块链造成危害的研究组织。目前有以下几款产品:
1. Flashbots RPC: 保护以太坊用户受到有害 MEV(例如三明治攻击)的侵害。
2. Flashbots Bundle: 帮助 MEV 搜索者在以太坊上提取 MEV。
3. mev-boost: 帮助以太坊 POS 节点获取更多的 ETH 奖励。
Flashbots RPC
这是一款面向以太坊普通用户的免费产品,你只需要在加密的钱包中将 RPC(网络节点)设置为Flashbots RPC,就可以将交易发送到Flashbots的私有mempool,从而免受抢先交易/三明治攻击的侵害。
Metamask 钱包连接 Flashbots RPC 方法如图: ImageImage
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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research is excited to launch our platform in open beta, the most comprehensive research platform in Cosmos after a year of stealth! Featuring over 210 articles and over 90 platforms/writers to start. Please follow, retweet, and share with other Cosmonauts!
2) The website can be found here, and some of the coverage from day one is listed in this thread.
3) @agoric - smart contract blockchain focused on JavaScript

@akashnet_ - decentralized cloud and computing

#ATOM/@cosmos Hub - hub of Cosmos working towards being the IBC center and security of the ecosystem
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