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(115) Spring rain generates Ukrainian mud, which conquers Russian armor again.
(116) War Art: Saint Javelin, patron Saint of Javeliny
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@engineers_feed (1) Herringbone gears and Double Helical gears try to balance the axial forces generated by the gear mesh action, reducing the load on axial thrust bearings. @engineers_feed (2) Helical gears produce axial thrust (left, red arrows), while all gears produce radial thrust (left blue arrows).

A so-called Pillow Mount Radial Bearing is used to handle the radial thrust force.
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(1) @TheStudyofWar: Click the link to read the latest #Ukraine report and see the latest control-of-terrain maps from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats:… (2) The Life and Times of Vladimir Putin
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@engineers_feed (1) This patent was one in a series of Tesla's patents in which he explored methods of power transmission, and electrical power communication methods.

Tesla performed primary research with both High Voltage and High Frequency systems. @engineers_feed (2) An analysis of Nikola Tesla's work during this time period can be found at the URL below, in a year 2000 paper by André Waser:…
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(1) It's Day 21 in Ukraine, time to start a new megathread:
(2) @thedrive: Ukraine Strikes Back: Barrage Leaves Russian-Occupied Kherson Airbase In Flames

Satellite images show multiple aircraft were destroyed in a Ukrainian attack on Russia's forward operating near Kherson.…
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(1) Decoding the RAV4 Sightings, Iteration 2:

Here is my summary of the RAV4 Sightings and closely related events. Please comment, as this is just Iteration 2 of a working theory. I will got through each step in this thread. (2) Assumptions:

A. Non-perp witnesses mostly correct.
B. Rahmlow tipped Colborn before he was assigned to the case.
C. Ryan/Mike did see the RAV4 on Tuesday night.
D. RAV4 at pond during flyover, but police failed to find it.
E. Pam Sturm was told where to find the RAV4.
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(1) The Fox 11 News Copter filmed someone taking pictures of Steven Avery's burn pit for quite a while. Where are those photos? (2) It's also amazing that the gentlemen standing around can't move their blooming asses so they aren't casting shadows on the crime scene.
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(1) Decoding the RAV4 Sightings:

At first glance, the RAV4 witness statements don't tell a clear story, but can we develop a working theory to decode these RAV4 sightings? (2) The main conflict is between Wilmer Siebert and Tom Sowinski:

- Siebert sees the RAV4 planted via the Salvage Yard conveyor road, while Sowinski sees it pushed into the yard from WI 147 via Avery Road.

- Siebert sees it running, while Sowinski sees it needing to be pushed.
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(1) #MakingAMurderer Sleuths: Check out my recent threads investigating Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, Michael Osmunson and Grey Beard suspects.

Getting the Momentum Back:
(2) #MakingAMurderer Threads:

The Wendy Baldwin Files:

Scott Tadych and the Zellner Tweets
Feb 4 14 tweets 6 min read
(1) In his March 30th, 2006 police interview, SCOTT TADYCH places himself in the Janda/Dassey laundry room on the week Teresa disappeared.

He's questioned about this because he has had loose lips at work, casting suspicion on Brendan. (2) SCOTT TADYCH's admission corroborates statements made by Steven Avery about SCOTT in his supplemental affidavit of Nov 14th, 2017.
Feb 4 16 tweets 8 min read
(1) "The second man appeared to be in his 50's or early 60's, had a long grey beard, was wearing a worn puffy jacket, had a larger frame, and was around 6 feet in height"
- Tom Sowinski, The Avery's newspaper delivery man Image (2) In John Ferak's article, that broke this story, we also found out:

"The man with Bobby Dassey moving the RAV-4, Zellner said, looked to be at least 6-feet-tall and, he had a beard between 8 inches to 12 inches long."…
Feb 3 26 tweets 12 min read
(1) Strangely, Bobby Dassey and his friend Michael butchered a deer in Bobby's garage on 11/03 or 11/04/2005.

Is the object in Bobby's garage video seen below a saw? (2) There are a lot of different types of saws, but that object looks like a "Bow saw"
Feb 3 23 tweets 11 min read
(1) How Strang missed his opportunity to impeach Scott Tadych regarding his and Bobby's alibis.

Nov 10th:
"... saw Bobbie about 1/2 mile east of Avery Junk Yard, just before the curve in the road."

At Trail:
He [Bobby] was slowing down to turn into my driveway." (2) Breaking it down:

When Scott Tadych was interviewed by the WI DCI on 11/10/2005 at 2:03 pm (left, below), he said said he (right, below):

"... saw Bobbie about 1/2 mile east of Avery Junk Yard, just before the curve in the road."…
Feb 3 26 tweets 11 min read
(1) According to Steven Avery's affidavit, someone broke into his residence on the evening of Nov 3rd, 2005, and Steve woke the next day and said,

"I smelled cigarette smoke in my trailer on November 4, ...., someone else had been in my trailer...."… (2) At first, my primary suspect was a rogue MTSO officer, perhaps Lenk, but an excerpt from John Ferak's book, "The Wrecking Crew", gave me a different idea:

"Although Bobby does not smoke, Scott Tadych was a heavy cigarette smoker, Zellner observed."

Was it Tadych?
Feb 2 10 tweets 5 min read
(1) After #MakingAMurderer Season 2 came out, @ZellnerLaw released a thread of new findings. The first finding involved our current Person Of Interest, Scott Tadych. The tweet put Tadych at the Janda/Dassey residence around noon on 10/31/05. (2) @ZellnerLaw's entire thread can be found here:

Feb 2 32 tweets 14 min read
(1) #MakingAMurderer: More on Scott Tadych
Inv. Wendy Baldwin's files

During the Teresa Halbach murder investigation, CASO Inv. Wendy Baldwin (Schmitz) found leads that suggested Scott Tadych had more involvement in the murder than it first seemed.

Let's review her reports. (2) This saga began when Inv. Baldwin interviewed Lisa Novachek at THE WISCONSIN ALUMINUM FOUNDRY where Scott Tadych worked 2nd shift. Keith Schaefer, Scott's Shift Super, had asked Lisa to set up an interview.

Baldwin contacted Lisa on 3/2/2006.…
Feb 1 35 tweets 20 min read
(1) #MakingAMurder: Getting the momentum back:

I'm starting a new working thread: Pulling together evidence and timelines for Bobby Dassey and his suspected accomplices, Gray Beard, Michael Osmunson and Scott Tadych. (2) I'm going to start out by collecting evidence without trying to organize it. Then I will analyze it & give it structure.

I'll start w/this lead from Scott Tadych's brother Shaun, "Watch the movie again and watch how he [Scott] acts on the stand when he gets questioned...."
Jan 31 18 tweets 10 min read
@braddasseymusic This letter has a sad and desperate quality that is very hard to hear. Steven seems to be flailing at his family again.

I don't see any evidence of new findings in this letter, but it's clear that Bobby is a party to the crime, now, and there are accomplices. @braddasseymusic He accuses most of his family of being complicit in his character assassination or the cover-up, except for Brandon, Blaine, Bryan and Brad. Image
Apr 12, 2021 89 tweets 41 min read
(1) Working thread on incorporating Zellner's latest find into "Bobby Dassey did it" working theory. Image (2) Reference to the Filing:… Image
Apr 12, 2021 10 tweets 2 min read
Zellner's Motion for Today!

Witness saw Bobby and an bearded man pushing a RAV4!… (2) Witness who delivered papers saw Bobby and another unidentified older male pushing a dark blue RAV4 down Avery Road on the right side toward the junkyard.
Apr 11, 2021 40 tweets 20 min read
(1) The dust-free bullet fragment w/Teresa Halbach's planted DNA was found on top of white cement dust that did not exist in Steven Avery's garage until Law Enforcement (LE) generated it w/a jack hammer the night before. LE testified it was photographed exactly as they found it. Image (2) Had the AirUp Tire Inflator and Sealer can found under the front passenger seat of Teresa Halbach's RAV4 been used? Image