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28 Jul
Dr Hinshaw shows up wearing a mask for some reason and does the performative thing with the hand sani.
She says she's pleased to be back.
Then she talks about the numbers going up and blames unvaccinated people but not herself.
She says two doses of vaccines is important for delta variant but for some reason doesn't mention that her reopening strategy was only based on one dose %
She says numbers will keep going up for cases but it is less likely that hospitalizations and deaths will rise. That last part is probably written in pencil tho.
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10 Jun
Jason starts this press conference saying he wants to celebrate going to Stage 2. Then he puts up the most useless slide we have ever seen.
He says thanks for getting vaccinated and "welcome to Stage 2". You can now go to your favorite restaurants except Bottega 104 which is only open when it is not supposed to be in order to serve boring assholes breaking rules.
Jason says 67.8% of all Albertans have got their 1st dose which is basically 70% so we can pretty much open Stage 3 because of the new math curriculum.
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8 Jun
We are only going to cover the questions today and we are pretty sure we do not have to explain why.
Question from @KevinCTV-- there are 1000s of unclaimed 1st dose appts from AHS; can you open 2nd doses early?

Hinshaw--we are looking at it but leaving availability for ppl who don't have 1st doses yet.
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6 Apr
Jason Kenney starts off the presser with his heartfelt condolences to over the families of over 2000 Albertans who died because of his incompetence.
He says there is a race between the variants and the virus and the variants are winning.

[Actually the wild type virus isn't losing either. YOU are Jason you stupid joystick.]
Jason coughs and says "spring allergies" so you don't think he was invisible over easter weekend because he had COVID. It was because he is incompetent.
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5 Jan
Second question from Rick Bell: "Quite bluntly, what is your reaction [Hinshaw] to the white hot anger of Albertans about what's happened in the past few days and Naheed Nenshi is really bad too."

Tyler says he's not asking for forgiveness because the UCP got 1M votes.
CMOH says she understands why Albertans are angry but we're all so tired and so we should be compassionate with the people who went on vacation?

Tyler comes back to say thank you for sacrifices which was a better answer than the CMOHs. wtf.
Third question: why are you bragging about using only 56% vaccines. Isn't the goal higher.

Tyler: we're celebrating the hard work of the HCWs
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