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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: We have administered 173K+ doses of vaccine & 69K+ ABs are fully immunized. Over the last 24hrs, we ID’d 273 new cases incl 11 new variant cases & completed 6.1K+ tests. Our positivity rate is about 4.5%. (1/13)
There are 324 ppl in hospital, incl. 53 in ICU. Sadly, 16 new deaths were reported in the last 24 hrs. Many were from Dec. & ID’d post-mortem. Every death & case is not merely a number but a fellow Albertan who loved and was loved by many. (2/13)
There are 235 schools under alert/outbreak, about 10% of all schools in AB w/ 840 cases since Jan. 11. The R value for the province is 1.03. This includes 0.93 for #YEG, 0.95 for #YYC & 1.13 for the rest of AB. A reproductive number of 1+ means cases are rising. (3/13)
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Propaganda and


Oh my !!

A thread further to the antimask protest in #yyc last weekend.
With @CalgaryPolice avoiding all responsibility for the shitshow @CFChinookCentre claiming the brohug btwn officer & protest organizer was to “negotiate protesters leaving the mall peacefully” they’ve given tacit approval for a repeat
The event was met with outrage which prompted reaction from councillors @JyotiGondek and @gccarra. No small wonder that there is growing community, gov and expert concern #COVID19AB…
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NHL is on tonight, so...

In 2019 #yyccc approved spending $290 Million on a new arena.

In 2018 there were 2911 homeless people in Calgary.

That’s about $99,622.12 going to support Billionaire N. Murray Edwards for each homeless person in the city.

Source for Calgary’s homeless numbers.…
“Coun. Evan Woolley convinced only three fellow councillors that reconsidering the taxpayer-funded portion of the arena was the way forward.”

Woolley was right.…
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Imagine having an opportunity to end homelessness and have a lasting legacy of fighing poverty but instead deciding to spend $613 Million to build a house for Billionaire Daryl Katz’s NHL team.

#yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
Imagine selling the naming rights to one of the worst price-gauging telecoms in the world.

#ableg #yeg #yegcc…
Imagine sending your city’s police force to rob Edmonton’s growing homeless population of their few belongings... when it’s below -30C outside.

The next day Daryl Katz would host Mark Chipman at the $613M house #yeg built.
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New from me.

Alberta is exploring the idea of establishing a provincial police force. What are the motivations behind this move, how much is it going to cost, and do Albertans even want it?

#yeg #ableg…
Alberta currently pays $262.4 million for its RCMP service, with the feds paying $112.4 million annually in a 70-30 split. This is the prime concern for Alberta’s small towns and cities.

“We could be saddled with some immense costs going forward without federal contributions.”
Dr. Laura Huey, a criminologist at the University of Western Ontario, estimates the cost is likely to be in the billions.

"I’m not convinced necessarily that people understand and appreciate how enormous those costs are, and that those costs are ongoing and forever.”
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POTENTIAL RING HOUSE SOLUTION. Most of us love heritage buildings. Few of us own them. It's easy to love and want to preserve things that someone else is paying for. Right now @UAlberta is facing severe financial challenges due to factors that include...…
provincial funding cuts. Under these circumstances, with its mission to provide outstanding higher education, it would be irresponsible of the university to plow $4 million into deferred maintenance on the homes that could otherwise improve teaching and research.
But it would also be hypocritical for a public institution with the vision to "inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery, and citizenship in a creative community" to tear down valued pieces of our built heritage...…
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Edmonton mayor @doniveson speaking at today's federal announcement of $14.9 billion in new public-transit funding.

#yeg #yegtransit #cdnpoli
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Edmonton has been a city for 126 years. Today, over 40% of Edmontonians are a BIPOC or minority. In the last 126, only 4 BIPOC have served #YEGCC.

Speaking of history let’s also remember:
Dan Knott was an Edmonton mayor who the Ku Klux Klan campaigned for. They burned a cross in his honor when he won. He has a school named after him called Dan Knott School and he has a neighbourhood named after him called Knotwood. (1)
Malcolm MacCrimmon was was an accountant and bureaucrat with the Canadian government who made it his life’s work to disenfranchise as many Indigenous people as possible so that the government would pay less money in Treaty annuities. He has a park named after him in Ermineskin (2
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I don't even LIKE Trudeau that much and I got so sick of the Trudeau bashing and fearmongering in the media about Canada's vaccine status that I pulled numbers and did the math on our relative position and looked at who is ahead of us. A THREAD. #COVID19AB #cdnpoli #covid19Canada
First of all, our relative ranking that is causing this hand-wringing is based on vaccines ADMINISTERED, not acquired. Trudeau has no control over the former, and if we calculated on # acquired we'd leapfrog six spots up to 14th in the world per capita. That's on the premiers.
Given that we're 39th in the world for population and second in the world for physical area, (ie not that many people in a whooooole lotta land for vaccines that have considerable transportation logistical factors), 14th is already pretty good, IMO.
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OK #ableg #mountainsnotmines #defendabparks I read up on the Ram Coal Corp leases near Nordegg.

Another thread on one of many coal companies aiming to set up shop in Alberta, putting our mountains, water, and nature at risk.

Today's focus: Water 1/10

⏬🚨⏬THREAD ⏬🚨⏬
Here's a map of Ram Coal Corp's leases and their "Aries" project. All on former cat 2 land where open pit coal mining would have been prevented by the now rescinded 1976 coal policy

200+ sq km of leased land for coal exploration, only 15km from the N. Sask river. 🏞️
Remember @albertandp plan to protect the Bighorn Wilderness that the UCP were angry about and scrapped?

"There was a tremendous amount of economic concerns and questions that were not answered." - Jason Nixon

Economic concerns like....coal mines?🧐… 3/10
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- 459 new COVID cases in Alberta on 12,800 tests (3.6%)
- 12 new deaths reported, now up to 1599
- 604 in hospital, 110 in ICU

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Hinshaw says hospitalizations are at the same level as they were on December 4th - a reminder that while numbers are declining, there is still substantial strain on the health care system.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19b
Hinshaw says restrictions will be in place "for a little while longer" to protect the health care system and ensure care is available for all other medical needs.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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Alberta confirms that it will fund Zolgensma on a case by case basis for kids suffering SMA.

The drug is often referred to as the world's most expensive drug, often requiring families to raise the $2.8M price tag.

#yeG #yyc
Shandro says he cannot speak to specific patients.

Specialist physicians will receive info to help families figure out eligibility and applications.

#yeg #yyc #ableg
Several Alberta kids have had some good news about this lately, like Kaysen Martin who received his dose of Zolgensma in early December.

#yeg #yyc #ableg

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Alberta health minister Shandro begins by discussing the basics on variants.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image

Alberta has now confirmed 20 UK variants, and 5 from South Africa.

AND - Alberta reports its first variant case *not* related to travel, meaning it may have reached the broader community.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
*If* COVID variants become dominant strain in Alberta, it could mean a major boost to COVID cases.

In fact, it could reach 10K new cases DAILY if unchecked.

(graph shows what would happen over six weeks, light blue being the variant)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
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And we’re off - right on time for the Wildrose Independence inaugural AGM.
President Rick Northey notes they do not have availability to hear from the “floor” today but next time maybe.
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
The morning events will consist of speakers and the new board election.
Dwayne Hill is the first speaker.
Says he’s been involved in the separatist movement for many years but ramped up in 2015 after Trudeau’s election.
DHill thanks those who came before him, Alberta First, and others.
Says after the NEP was brought in, people started paying attention.
2019 showed Albertans are powerless to stop liberalism even as the province fully rejects it.
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I have an emergency that I would like my Twitter Family's #Help with.

I am worried about my friend Jenn and her co workers that run @HarvestHillsYYC.

They have run themselves ragged and need help.

There's a reason why Jenn and the team have not posted or shared a lot lately on their social media accounts.

She is probably going to kill me for doing this (RIP @Hell_Berta)......but I need to do something for them. I can't sit back and watch them burn themselves out.
As everyone knows, Jenn was in a car accident in Dec. and she was hurt pretty bad. I am talking grade 3 concussion bad and really really bad whiplash and other injuries.

She is at home recovering and her fellow board members and dedicated volunteers have picked up and helped.
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Of 853 individual comments on the Benga mine currently on the Impact Assessment Agency's registry, 97.9 % express strong opposition to the Grassy Mtn strip mine. You can read them for yourself, here:…
@TheNarwhal @CBCFletch @DrewPAnderson #StoptheBengaMine
I read or scanned all of them. The authors appear to be almost exclusively Albertans, and they are fiercely opposed to the approval of any further coal mining on the eastern slopes. @GeorgeMonbiot @Martin_Lukacs @guardianeco @HMcPhersonMP #abpoli #cdnpoli
The opponents are impressively well-informed about the environmental risks and socioeconomic arguments surrounding the proposed Grassy Mountain coal mine. @ABWilderness @cpawssab @TheTyee @AlbertaViews @ABlawg @ABEnvNet @APTNNews @CBCNews
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This evening at 4:45pm we got a call from a social worker that works with seniors. She called us in a frenzy asking us for immediate help.

She told us of an emergency so extreme that her voice shook with concern over one of her clients.

#YYC #Calgary #CalgarySeniors #hope
This is what she said:

"Hello Jen, I was hoping I would be able to contact you before I left my work for the day in regards to a rather important situation that came across my desk this afternoon. I hope you have the time to chat?"

I said "Yes of course, how can we help?" #care
She said "We have a senior lady that is struggling so much that she has been going door to door asking for food from others in her complex."

I was quiet and honestly speechless.

I said "Of course we can and we will help. What is it that you need." #FEEDYYC #FoodHamper #helping
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As a municipal politician who grew up in poverty I know elitism & blind ideology when I see it.

On #yegcc I have the luxury of examining & responding from all sides of an issue. No party whip.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve 🤦🏻‍♂️ over #ableg approaches to municipalities.

Conventional wisdom says that I shouldn’t be speaking openly, that it invites retaliation from the province or from their staff and faithful.

Let that sink in.

We serve the same people. You.

We should be building healthy relationships, not fear based relationships.

The issues should be simple, put people first in every decision.

This includes but is not limited to

1. Ensure value for tax dollars
2. Ensure equity for a stronger economy
3. Eliminate poverty so we have everyone contributing their best in our communities
4. Promote well being
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Actions speak louder than words and the UCP's actions are telling us that they just don't give a fuck.

& you know what? I give a lot of fucks. I give so many fucks that I am here on Twitter, demanding that Jason Kenney - with his 26.5% approval rating

during a society-altering worldwide health crisis - call an election right the fuck now. Jason, if you truly believe that you are the best person to lead us right now, you wouldn't be so fearful of doing this.

You cannot even hide behind the pandemic bc other jurisdictions all over the world have had successful elections during COVID-19.

It's because you know with absolute fucking certainty now that you would lose to Rachel at this point, isn't it?

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Honestly I'm livid right now. Jason Kenney just told Albertans that his Ministers and MLAs didn't need to follow the public health recommendations because he didn't tell them to personally.

He is literally putting lives at risk.

#ableg #covid19ab #yeg #yyc #yql

While tens of thousands of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine went undistributed - the Minister responsible for Alberta's Emergency Management Agency was vacationing in Hawaii.

Kenney says Emergency Management isn't a factor during the pandemic.

#ableg #covid19ab #yeg #yyc #yql

I don't believe for a second the Premiers Office didn't know where Allard was during the holidays. Who was the acting Minister while she was away? This is par for the course in our Government.

He's only speaking now because they got caught.

#ableg #covid19ab #yeg #yyc #yql

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December 31 2020
11:30 PM

I'm sitting & watching fireworks in my backyard in my v cool wearable fleece blanket (it's cozy as fuck, okay? No hate🤣). #ableg #yeg
I know that today there were UCP caucus members and staffers alike reading some very strongly worded emails about "Bad PR" with the subject lines basically amounting to "how the fuck do we get out of this one?!"
The answer is that you don't, Jason. You have fucked up beyond repair now. At this point, it's just gonna be damage control, crisis mode, complete anarchy. You're great at being terrible and sewing division between people,
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a 🧵 poem

Jason Kenney taught me that cruelty wears different faces. Cruelty will put on a festive holiday sweater, sit in a red armchair in front of a Christmas tree, smiling, hands folded nicely in his lap as he lies to your face.

Cruelty will compromise morals and blur lines, standing in your driveway,
red faced,
spitting mad,
forked tongue.

Cruelty will not be able to read the room. He'll make publicly make ignorant comments about other Canadians, stand by those comments, and still think he's all that and a bag of Cheezies.

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After a day of delivering shopping for and hampers with @merylyyc, I was dropping my daughter off at her dads for the week when I first got a call from a single mom that needed help.

Picture below is a truck full of hampers!
I answered the phone and explained the steps this person on the phone needed to do to apply for assistance. She told me she would head to the site right away.....and she did.

So this 🚨Emergency🚨 came in tonight. (See photo of email).
I immediately contacted her and asked her what she immediately needed. She explained that she needed to get out of the room she is sharing with her children & into a basement suite

She then said she wanted a meal or two so she could eat like a family with her kids for Christmas.
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*THREAD* I'm one of the local co-chairs for @HSAAlberta Calgary Metro Paramedics.

Paramedics in Calgary work in a variety of functional specialties and I'd like to give you a brief rundown of how we work and where we're at risk. #VaccinateYourParamedics 1/12
First let me say that @ahs_ems has done an amazing job of supplying us with PPE. Everyone in AHS EMS has been supplied with exactly what we need, when we need it. When the world felt like it was falling apart in March 2020, we were as safe as we could be. 2/12
Our emergency paramedics go into highly contaminated environments and risky situations each day. We preform point of care risk assessments even if no symptoms are reported in the dispatch notes. We have been lied to and misled out of fear by patients, had PPE ripped off. 3/12
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