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Another not-so-fun Sunday morning story. Today, I got chased and harrassed while I was walking my dog… for being Muslim #yeg #ableg 🧵
I’m not Muslim. I was wearing a headband, and the guy clearly wasn’t very smart to understand it wasn’t a hijab. He changed direction after he saw me and started walking after me, yelling things, and the last one I heard before I rushed around the corner was “F*ck you, Muslim”
As a Canadian citizen that came from Latin America, I’ve had my share of racist/xenophobic comments directed at me. People are usually able to tell I’m not white, but don’t quite recognize where I’m from (where to send me back to?) so it’s not as direct or as violent.
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Man once rejected by a pretty horse girl / cyclist blocked me for pointing out the entire internet is not true 😆
Also don’t read that thread unless you want your brain to explode! It’s also both offensive and amusing.
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#Ableg News 🧵

2022 is the year of “Really Bad News” for the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Elections Alberta is investigating Kenney (AGAIN!) (Story #1)

🤫- UCP hide documents during FOIP Requests (#7)

👩‍⚖️- A judge warns Kenney about divisive language (#16)

Here’s 17 UCP Bad News Stories
#Ableg News 🧵

So It Begins…

1. Elections Alberta is OFFICIALLY investigating allegations of bulk UCP membership purchases made by Kenney’s camp right before this year’s leadership review

The investigation involves 4,000 new UCP memberships purchased by only 6 credit cards.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. 13 motions to improve accountability & transparency in Alberta’s Lobby Act, including several made by Alberta's Ethics Commissioner, were rejected by the UCP!

It’s noted Kenney has close, secretive “relationships with firms who regularly lobby his government”
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#Ableg News 🧵

This was the WORST bad news week for the @UCPCaucus in 2022:

🤬- The UCP suddenly defund critical diabetic care (Story #1)

🤫 - Jason Nixon secretly removes park protections (#2)

🤐- Kenney’s silent on Women’s Rights (#7)

Here’s 22 (YUP!) Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Thousands of Albertans were SHOCKED after the UCP announced a plan to “improve” diabetes care…by partially defunding insulin pumps for diabetics

Sick Albertans may see expensive premiums, co-payments or they’ll be forced to abandon their treatments altogether
#Ableg News 🧵

2. 🤫 Shhhh….pro-coal UCP MLA Jason Nixon is AGAIN silently changing legislation to weaken protections of our provincial parks!

Critics say he is attempting to now allow activities in provincial ncisl parks and public lands that are currently prohibited ⛏
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#Ableg News 🧵

I told @AB_AgainstUCP it’d be a “quiet” week for the @UCPCaucus

I was wrong: it’s AWFUL:

🥊 UCP MLA Nixon Gets Away With Bullying (Story #1)

😨 Another UCP MLA Calls Kenney Out! (#5)

🏥 4 Major Health Care Crisis’s! (#7-10)

Here’s 16 bad news UCP stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. UCP MLA Jason Nixon will not be sanctioned for comments he made during an angry exchange that included him swearing at Speaker Nathan Cooper in the leg.

It is noted Nixon didn’t ACTUALLY apologize…rather an “I’m sorry” letter was read by another UCP MLA.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. UCP MLA Fir announced private schools, which receive 70% of funding from taxpayers, won’t need report how much they charge for tuition under a new bill. 

Critics suggest the UCP is hiding how much wealthy private schools make in tuition payments from parents
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Edmonton’s police commission needs to be more transparent & open up private meetings to foster public trust, says city councillor (& commissioner) Anne Stevenson. The police commission had its first public meeting with council today. #yeg #yegcc…
Coun. Anne Stevenson, who is also a commissioner, said there needs to be a “cultural shift” so that the oversight body becomes comfortable asking difficult questions of police leadership in a public forum.
Police commission chair John McDougall told me the commission has been “remarkably transparent” already. Even so he supports the idea to have more public committee meetings.
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#Ableg News 🧵

It was a stinker of a bad news week for the @UCPCaucus

👩‍🎓- LaGrange’s education cuts create chaos! (Story #3)

😔- The UCP kick 40,000 vulnerable Albertans off health care plans! (#5)

🎭 - 5 UCP DRAMA STORIES!(#7-11)

👀 Here’s 16 bad news UCP stories this week
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Kenney is accused of hiding a report showing how Alberta auto insurance providers collected over a $1,000,000,000 more than they paid out in 2020!

Despite this: Auto premiums went up significantly over the past 2 years- after @jkenney removed the rate cap.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. The Alberta Ombudsman is calling out the Kenney gov’t to make MAJOR changes to the AISH appeal system

He ruled that under the UCP, Disabled Albertans wanting to challenge their provincial disability benefits are facing a system that isn’t fair and troubling.
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Another Wednesday, another conference filled with misinformation.

@JasonCoppingAB says not all hospitals are overcapacity. Only some in #yyc and #yeg ... And okay, perhaps that true. But that should not be reassuring to anyone, and here's why.
#YYC and #YEG contain the main tertiary car centers for AB, where specialized surgeries, procedures and transplant medicine occurs. It's where resources such as telemetry beds, specialized equipment exists as single point access for all Albertans.
If those hospitals are overcapacity, they can no longer safely accept patients from the peripheral sites, the rural hospitals, the smaller centers that do not have all of the necessary medical tools and personnel to care for every patient.
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#Ableg News 🧵

Despite it being “Good Friday”, it’s been a BAD News Week for the @UCPCaucus:

🧳- Alberta has the WORST job growth in Canada (Story #1)

🤦🏻‍♂️- LaGrange’s BRUTAL Presser (#8)

📈 - Alberta Insurance Profits Skyrocket (#13)

Here’s 13 Bad News UCP Stories
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite record job growth all across Canada - Alberta is being left behind under Kenney!

#YEG saw the unemployment rate jump to 7.1% (from 6.9%); #YYC saw a tiny drop at 7.7% (8%) — these are some of the HIGHEST unemployment rates among major Canadian cities
#Ableg News 🧵

2. In just 3-months in 2022, Alberta Health Services has posted 52 news releases alerting the public that Alberta emergency rooms and urgent care centres were closed or relying only on nursing staff because there wasn't a doctor available.

This is a crisis 😬
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Here's your pre-Easter weekend look at #COVID19AB wastewater data.
At the risk of sounding glib, something has risen and it isn't a holy figure... 🧵
Fort Mac #YMM has seen a general upward trend for the past 3 weeks (last data point today)
Grande Prairie looks to be starting a swing upward from an apparent nadir a few weeks ago (last data point Apr 12)
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#Ableg News 🧵

There’s no “Good News Weeks” in Alberta; only slightly less awful weeks under the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Kenney’s expensive referendum was useless (Story #1)

👨‍⚖️- Provincial Lawyers Threaten To Strike (#5)

📉- More Bad UCP Polls! (#X)

Here’s XX Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite spending $10,000,000 in taxpayer 💰, Kenney’s “Equalization Referendum” had 0 influence on Canadians' support for the program, revealed a new national survey

This 100% goes against Kenney’s claim his referendum sent a “powerful message” to Canadians🤦🏻‍♂️
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Dr. Verna Yiu was fired by Kenney’s AHS Board, shocking health workers who admired her calm, compassionate leadership

Critics say she stood in the way of Kenney privatizing health care + supported COVID-19 mandates. Multiple UCP MLA’s publicly attacked her
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Invited my wife to grab groceries with me tonight on our bikes. It was her first time. She laughed the whole time, sent pictures to her friends, was like “I can’t believe we’re doing this”. Then halfway home she was like, huh, this isn’t that interesting actually. Haha. #yegbike
This has been my experience over and over again. As North Americans we’ve made biking for daily trips seem so absurd and novel. Somehow getting $60 of groceries with a bike and basket is weirder than driving a 4000lb metal box that seats 5 people 4mins to get a few bags. #yegbike
Part of normalizing biking again has to be invitational. “Come and see”, “want to join me?” I am convinced this can make leaps and bounds in cycling advocacy world. Cheap rentals and free trials/courses for bikes are especially needed. (Ebike, Dutch, cargo too as foreign kinds)
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Dear @Alberta_UCP voters registering in the thousands for the leadership vote, heed my warning: Kicking out @jkenney will not save this province. Replacing him w/@BrianJeanAB will not undo the damage of the last 3yrs.

If you vote UCP again, there will be dire consequences. 1/7
I watched excellent doctors leave in 2020 due to the UCP fight w/doctors. But these were only the docs who were given opportunities to leave & weren't easily tied to this province. The rest of us stayed behind and fought b/c leaving wasn't so simple & we hoped for change 2/7
However, every doctor I've spoken to, from the wealthiest specialist to the part time Family Doc, has said they have discussed/thought of an exit plan from this province if this govt remains in power. We are too demoralized by how the UCP handled this pandemic & we are done 3/7
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NEW: Leduc fire chief George Clancy has resigned.

Yesterday, @charlesrusnell and I approached Clancy and the city re: the chief’s behaviour during an investigation into alleged sexual harassment and bullying of women firefighters. (Thread)…

#leduc #yeg
Two firefighters, Christa Steele and Mindy Smith, have launched a proposed class-action lawsuit against the city, alleging many years of abuse by coworkers, sometimes escalating to the point of sexual assault.

Background here via @breanna_ks:…
The lawsuit does not accuse Clancy of sexual assault or harassment. But it claims he and other senior managers oversaw a toxic work environment that belittled and targeted women.
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The Alberta government has finally released complete data on 2021 drug poisoning deaths. The numbers are bleak. 1758 people dead last year. In November and December we had the highest monthly totals *ever recorded;* 176 people lost in each month. 🧵 #ableg
Edmonton was very hard hit in 2021. Looking at the numbers it is reasonable to ask whether the closure of the Boyle Street SCS--the city's busiest supervised consumption service--in April 2021 wasn't an important factor driving these deaths. #yeg
In Q1 2021, there were 12,834 visits to #yeg SCS sites. After Boyle Street's SCS was closed, there were 10,186 visits in Q2; 9,513 visits in Q3, and 10,500 visits in Q4.
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NEW: The province has finally released the latest drug poisoning deaths. 176 Albertans died in both November and December, the highest ever.

A total 1,758 Albertans died of a drug poisoning in 2021. #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #overdosecrisis #yeg #yyc
The province also added deaths to previous months:

Oct: 162 deaths (prev. 153)
Sept: 163 (prev. 156)
August: 136 (prev. 129)
July: 143 (prev. 140)
June: 143 (prev. 142)
May: 138 (prev. 137)
April: 126 (prev. 122)
March: 135 (unchanged)
Feb: 114 (unchanged)
Jan: 146 (prev. 144)
Opioid-specific deaths in Alberta 2021
Nov: 171
Dec: 175*
*Highest recorded

2021 Total: 1,602
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New from me, Part 1 of a three-part project that has been about three months in the making looking at the growing drug poisoning crisis in Edmonton.… #yeg #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #overdosecrisis
In Part 1, I spoke with four families in the Edmonton area who all lost a loved one to an overdose between 2015-2021.

I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to the families who were willing to sit down and share what was one of the worst moments of their lives for this piece.
Photos and video for the project are by the phenomenal @davidbloomphoto and @GregSoutham. The video edit is by @allisonpelech.

Part 1 will also be in this Saturday's paper.
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Since I posted my SLP rant, I've enjoyed a shit ton of unsolicited DMs telling me I am a) a bitch b) can't manage my money c) am paid too much (among other things that don't need to be said)
So allow me to be 100% transparent as to why life is a struggle
for a professional single parent in #Alberta.
I put MYSELF thru 7 years post secondary. Yes I had a family that supported me in terms of living in my undergrad. Priveleged for sure. Then they left the country. I decided to work and then go to grad school in an unrelated field.
I have a great job! And most days I love the WORK I get to do, though I fear these days are limited under @UCPCaucus and the @jkenney reign of uselessness. That's when I am allowed to do the job I put myself thru grad school for and not repurposed to swab or do nursing care
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UPDATED: Edmonton landlord Abdullah Shah killed in southwest shooting Sunday night. Going to do a bit of a thread on one of Edmonton's best known crime figures.…
Longer tenured #yeg reporters know the story better than I, but Shah came to prominence in 2008 when he was prosecuted as ringleader of a major mortgage fraud scheme. At the time he got out of jail, he & his associates owned 93 properties in the inner-city…
The problems with these properties are well-documented. CBC did a whole podcast about Shah. One of his properties was the scene of back-to-back homicides in 2017.… |…
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#Ableg News 🧵

While our weather’s improving; it’s pouring REALLY Bad News for the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- 2 UCP MLA’s: 4 HUGE bozo eruptions (Story #3-6)

🤥 - Kenney “accidentally” blocks Alberta (#9)

😳- Albertan’s pay for a Kenney radio show (#11)

Here’s XX bad news UCP Stores
#awbleg News 🧵

1. Health Minister Copping officially removed vaccination restrictions for front line health care workers, even for those helping the most vulnerable patients at significantly high risk.

Experts say this is “not only is that unethical, but it is immoral”
#Anleg News 🧵

2. In one of the biggest power grabs in Alberta’s history - the UCP changed the Municipal Government Act to limit local governments to have face-covering or vaccine passport bylaws.

#YEG Mayor Sohi was shocked, saying “We are treated like kids by the province”
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Great News #yeg Climate Activists!
@CJEdmonton & @350Canada are hosting a Climate Action this Saturday March 12 @ 2pm!
Join 1000s across Canada demanding the fed gov't passes a bold #JustTransitionAct
Meet at @R_Boissonnault's office DT Edmonton

More Great News #yeg Climate Activists!

A @350Canada Climate Action is organized for Riverbend Square this Saturday March 12 @ 11am!

Fun street theatre outside @Jeneroux's office!

Great News #yyc Climate Activists!
@350Canada is hosting a Climate Action this Saturday March 12 @ 10am!
Unite @ChahalGeorge's office Calgary to call on the gov't to put people before profits & ensure a #JustTransitionAct leaves no person behind

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MORE for you on the threat of wild pigs (aka boars / feral hogs) to #yeg I didn't have space for.

1. Re: idea 'predators will take care of it': here's a pig hanging out with a wolf captured on a trail camera in Alberta Image
“You cannot barbecue your way out of this problem": Mike Bodenchuk, USDA.

Hunting pigs for the foodbank was tried in one Texas city. But cities that try to make it into an asset instead of full eradication failed, he said. #yeg #yegcc

📸 Barrhead trail cam Image
“Trap them if you must, shoot them if you can, kill them before they get inside the city of Edmonton": Bodenchuk.

📸 Some wild pigs caught in one of the govt's traps Alberta #yeg Image
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Premier Kenney asked about what he needs to keep being the leader of the UCP at his leadership review.

He says he needs 50% plus one.

#yeg #Yyc #ableg
Kenney asked about Shandro being investigated by Law Society.

Premier claims these are the same people who tried to file complaints against Hinshaw at the Ab College of Physicians- says they have a hyper-politicized agenda.
Why not appoint an interim Justice Minister while Shandro is investigated?

Kenney says NDP Justice Minister Ganley wasn't removed when a complaint was filed against her to the Law Society in 2018.

Says he Shandro has served legal community in many distinguished respects.
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🧵Today’s announcement by the Premier to take away local government’s ability to make our own decisions is deeply disappointing. The implications of such an overreach will go far beyond the mask bylaw. Here’s why 👇 #YEG #YEGcc
It can affect all municipalities across the province if the GoA decides to alter the MGA whenever they dislike a policy a municipality has in place. This means the province can take away our responsibility to decide what works for our residents. It is deeply problematic.
If this overreach goes unchallenged, the province could, for example, restrict our smoking bylaws or affect how we build our cities by changing our zoning bylaws or decide how we manage traffic in our neighbourhoods to protect our children.
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