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Jan 17
Anyone citing the 'burden' the unvaccinated put on the HC system should know this arguably aggressive 6 mo. estimate put the cost of 'preventable' hosps with C19 (not from) at $13B.

Obesity in 2106? $260B

Given 👆 'may' triple hosp risk from C19, just imagine 2020 or '21... Just imagine what good could've come -- not just with respect to Covid but for all other obesity and metabolic health-related illnesses - had PA emphasized, incentivized, and educated the public on the importance of and path toward good metabolic health...
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Jan 11
In March 2020, my just-turned-18-year-old was told not to return to her ultra-liberal, elite, east coast university that she had worked her ass off to get into.

She finished the semester online.

In the fall of 2020, she took personal leave after learning the C19 restrictions… …which included:

- being socially isolated
- living alone on campus
- masks in and outdoors
- no clubs or in-person events
- online classes
- mandated weekly testing
- take-out meals only, and
- harsh punishment and public shaming—including expulsion—for breaking C19 rules…
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Jan 8
If the CDC, NHS, or any other PH/Epi surveillance authority really ‘can’t figure out’ if people are hospitalized ‘w/ Covid’ or ‘from Covid’, then…

a.) that lack of distinction applies to the entire last two years

b.) they lack the most basic skills their job requires… …and should all be immediately replaced with people who called out this gross data collection flaw—oh—two damn years ago.
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Dec 31, 2021
My favorite tweets of today summarized:

"If you only had your MPH, you would know that failure is actually a sign of success." "I know I just pissed my pants in front of you but saying so isn't fair because you're not accounting for all the times you weren't around and I didn't piss my pants."
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Dec 30, 2021
So closing out 2021, we have seen:

@CDCDirector admitting that PCR is unfit for purpose of determining infectiousness

@DrLeanaWen admitting cloth masks are mere facial decorations


@chrislhayes acknowledging that we don’t reorient our lives around the flu.

Are we done now? 👇
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Dec 30, 2021
Anyone who thinks this is new info hasn't been paying attention.

And that's ok.

But all those people who called this out 18mo. ago?

They *were* paying attention.

Maybe we should start listening to them now since - you know - they've been paying attention all this time. And their reward for paying attention - mind you - was endless scorn, derision, and moral accusations.

So maybe a little more consideration this time is in order.
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Dec 29, 2021
I’d bet there’s an honest mea culpa out there that sounds a lot like this:

“In March 2020, my life didn’t feel particularly meaningful & I wasn’t contributing much to the world.

Suddenly, I had a chance to feel like I could, w/o sacrificing anything I didn’t already want to… “And for awhile I’ve suspected that the policies I was supporting didn’t quite make sense and were only superficially consistent with my values. But I resisted changing my mind because I really needed to believe I was one of the “good” ones — that I was doing the “right” thing…
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Dec 27, 2021
So now vaccinated people—many of whom proposed refusing unvaccinated people medical care on the grounds that they would unnecessarily overwhelm hospitals—are unnecessarily overwhelming hospitals…


wcax.com/2021/12/22/cov… And to be clear, I don’t actually begrudge them. People should be able to go to the ER when they believe they need to.

The problem is that they’ve been led to believe they need to — even when they have no symptoms or physical complaints…
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Dec 13, 2021
Yesterday, my 16y.o.’s exploration of our new neighborhood via skateboard ended with a high-speed, face-first collision with a telephone poll.

Do I regret letting her go?

Of course not. Exploring is healthy. Skateboarding is fun. I want her to live fully, free from… … limitations imposed by my fears about what *might* happen - and that involves tolerating a certain amount of risk.

Could it have been worse? Sure— her head could’ve met the concrete instead of the more forgiving wood of the telephone pole. But it didn’t, in part b/c she…
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Dec 11, 2021
Think of all the beautiful moments of your life that happened in-person:

- meeting your very first best friend
- your first date w/ the love of your life
- impromptu travel that changed your worldview
- 2am conversations that made you feel so connected and understood…

🧵🪡 - a performance or presentation which was utterly terrifying but opened doors that were previously shut
- a crowded concert/rally/event where you shared in a moment so much greater than yourself
- witnessing your grand baby enter the world
- comforting your grandma as she left it
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Dec 9, 2021
Fear got us into this mess.

Courage will get us out.

Be brave…

🧵🪡 What does that mean?

It means don’t self-censor, don’t go along with mandates and policies you know are wrong, put your principles ahead of your comfort, do things that terrify you, take short-term risks for a long-term benefit…
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Nov 14, 2021
I’m on an @AmericanAir flight as I type & the crew has spent 90% of the time on the intercom delivering repeated warnings about letting masks slip, including a stern rebuke that two reminders will result in authorities meeting you at the gate & inclusion on a no-fly list… What I don’t get is that all but the small, fearful minority know that masks are a mere performance whose only utility is *placating the feelings* of an emotionally dysregulated subset of the population…
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Nov 9, 2021
It makes you wonder why we didn’t follow those tenets of public health and, instead, decided mandates, porous masks, lockdowns, and sowing panic was the solution this time.

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Nov 1, 2021
Last night, my youngest went Trick-or-Treating. She came home puffy-eyed & quiet.

She told me she had an ok night but at one of the last houses, an old man was handing out full-size candy bars & when it was her turn, he sneered at her & told her she looked like a ‘punk’… She was dressed as one of The Outsiders - a homemade ensemble, b/c store-bought costumes - like everything else - were in short supply and she didn’t decide to go until the last minute.

She was worried she was too old…
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Oct 27, 2021
How do you turn the public on someone you deified for two years?

Puppies and orphans is a good start.

ahrp.org/ahrp-calls-for… In case you missed the puppies.

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Oct 25, 2021
Question: Did anyone *not* have Fauci as the fall guy?…

People in those high level positions get there by their willingness to do unsavory things that others won’t do in exchange for power and ego gratification.

A quick read of his emails makes it’s clear that Fauci was vulnerable in that way…

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Oct 10, 2021
Given all the claims that masking is cost-free in terms of broader culture, I thought it would be interesting to see what some of our iconic images would look like with the lower half of the subjects' faces covered.

Impression: There is clearly a cost. ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImage
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Sep 18, 2021
My friend (no, not me) recently had the opportunity to respond to a @tacobell "Tell us about your visit" survey - specifically the "Heath & Safety" portion.

I sure hope that tweeting this doesn't ruin her chances in the $500 sweepstakes.

It made me laugh & had to share ...😂 "I don’t care about your COVID health and safety measures.

I am not operating under the delusion that a fast-food vendor can protect me from a respiratory virus.

You claim to be 'committed to my health' but if that were the case, you’d stop selling me your 'food'...
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Sep 11, 2021
What's the word for an economic system in which the government can artificially restrict a company's (or even an entire sector's) customer base at will?

Because it's not capitalism... And, yes, we have regulatory oversight: FLSA, FCC, CPSC, EPA, etc... the list of regulatory agencies is extensive.

But what we're facing mass disruption of the most basic market forces using a flimsy justification that crumbles under the most superficial scrutiny...
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Sep 8, 2021
Yesterday, @Medium informed me via email that they were deleting my account for “elevated risk of potential harm to persons or public health”

The only piece I pub'd there in the last 9mo. was a narrative essay expressing shock at how we’ve treated children - 6w ago...


🧵🪡 And for that thoughtcrime, they are burning my books in the town square.

All my books.

Even the ones on parenting and autism and writing and health.

Medium thinks I am a dangerous dissident in need of silencing...
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Sep 6, 2021
Part of the problem here 👇 is that people no longer understand what journalism is.

The ethics standard is not, “Run the story unless it’s ‘completely negated’.”

The details must be accurate & verified.

There no excuse for the @RollingStone story to still be up anywhere…

🧵 A bigger part of the problem is cognitive dissonance.

Despite being thoroughly debunked, people are still defending the Ivermectin OD article.


They need to believe it’s true or else their world view falls apart,

Firmly held beliefs can be excruciating to dislodge…
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