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#harassment #sexualharassment #catcalling #thread
Don’t know what “men” (yeah, in quotes bc it’s laughable) think, but the vast majority of women don’t want to be honked at by randos. We don’t find it cute, flattering, or fun. It’s mostly annoying af and sometimes scary.
Silver lining? After 30 years of dealing with your bs entitlement to my existence, at least I’m not dealing with it as a 10yr old anymore... fuck ya’ll. P.S. if you’re thinking #notallmen, you’re probably sexually harassing someone or thinking of calling me a fat bitch. #tiredass
I think I was probably 7 or 8 when I first noticed men (20-70 years old) thinking it was ok to invade my space with the drive by kiss, tongue flick, catcall, letting me know the firmness of their dicks, hugs that lasted to long, hands on my knee, or asking for my personal info.
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Not a single man on the planet believes "Not All Men".

In reality what you want to say is that you personally haven’t been directly or moderately violent towards any woman. But don't for a second gaslight women about “Not All Men” as though you believe it. You don't.
If you really believed #NotAllMen, you would let your tried, tested and trusted homies date your sisters.
You don't.

You would let your daughters go to sleepovers at other men's houses, even if those men’s wives or mothers were not home. You don't.

Because you know.
You would have at least three men on call that could babysit your daughters, the way women have at least three women on call that they can leave their children of either sex with. You don't. Because you know.
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To my 3,000 followers (mostly bots), here’s a thread on why I believe #MenAreTrash

As a man, I’m basing my conclusion on what I have read, seen, learned, and experienced.

Those who say #NotAllMen are actually not dumb, they just need to be told the truth in a practical way...
You don't have to have raped someone, killed someone, or assaulted them to be trash.

1 - Laughing at jokes that disregard women = trash

2 - Seeing your friends disrespecting women & doing nothing = trash

3 - Calling women names & speaking badly about them among friends = trash
4 - Feeling the need to tell women what to wear and what not to = trash

5 - Not taking no for an answer, “She’s playing hard-to-get” = trash

6 - Saying, “You hit like a girl. You drive like a girl” = trash

7 - Saying, “that’s a man’s job”, “that’s no lady-like” = trash
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Today's edition of "Allie gets murdered by the internet":

#ACAB is a shorthand for a concept. If you have an issue with it you also have an issue with "All men are..." I know that a lot of the people that rail against ACAB rail against #NotAllMen and that's hypocrisy.

It should not be read as "Every individual that has put on a badge is evil." It should be read as "The system is corrupt and allows those who are actively evil to get away with it, often rewarding them."

I've met plenty of police offers that truly wanted to help and cared about the people they interact with. I've met plenty who go the complete opposite direction and assume anyone that doesn't match their WASP vision is a criminal.

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Just a reminder that if you’ve never worked in the sex industry, it is 100% not your place to make assumptions abt our clients. Perpetuating the idea that clients are especially gross or bad men is harmful for a million fucking reasons, but mostly please just stay in your lane.
Trust that sex workers are competent enough to discuss *among ourselves* the challenges to the labor and the stigma and social policies that reflect those challenges.
And at the end of the day, I’ll be honest, when other straight women do this shit it feels like their attempt at #NotAllMen-ing it for the sake of protecting the dudes in their lives.

trust me— ur dad and ur brother and ur boyfriend are not like a different species of man. Sorry
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Warum sind sexistische Pauschalisierungen eigentlich immer nur okay, wenn Frauen mit Hashtags wie #maennerwelten, #menaretrash oder #killallmen so tun, als könnte man negative Verhaltensmuster ganz klar einem Geschlecht zu ordnen.
Die meisten Menschen kennen auch Väter, die von der Mutter mit widerwärtigen Mitteln aus dem Leben der Kinder entfernt und finanziell ruiniert werden. Die kannte ich schon, bevor ich mich selber als Vater mit dem Thema beschäftigte.
Aber niemand käme auf die Idee deshalb Frauen pauschal für narzisstische Glucken zu halten oder von ihnen ein Mea Culpa wegen ihrer degenerierten Geschlechtsgenossinnen zu erwarten. Und noch weniger kämme man auf die Idee deshalb #Mutterwelten zu starten
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The #boyslockerroom got exposed because like the subreddit about a college in Chennai, this group was accessible to someone outside. What are we going to do about the porn-sharing WhatsApp groups in literally every HS/college class of boys? Do you think they don't exist? Ask boys
or if you've won the trust of teenagers, ask any girl too (though of course not all girls might be privy to the exact contents) but every teenager KNOWS that these groups exist and that their classmates are active part of it. We live in a country where the idea of sex ed is still
considered scandalous. We live among repressed teens who are turning to all the wrong sources for both information and validation of their behavior. The roots of this rot run deeper than what a 2-minute PSA or an occasional slap on the wrist can check. It's in our family system;
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The #boyslockerroom chats are disturbing, disgusting, shocking but ultimately, not surprising. This is an endlessly repetitive pattern that patriarchy has not only given rise to, by excusing boys for terrible behaviour ('boys will be boys'), but has actively encouraged.
It starts with parenting and the way boys and girls are differentiated, sometimes within their own homes. There is always an onus on girls to behave, dress, act, and be 'achche ghar ki ladkiyan'. But boys can get away with anything, because 'ladke hain, yahi toh umar hai unki'.
In most homes, girls are taught about how to keep themselves safe, and what to do in uncomfortable situations, but in few homes, are boys taught about why girls feel unsafe and how to make sure girls don't feel uncomfortable. The onus of safety is always placed on the girls.
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All my life, I have used public buses in Karachi and many a times touched inappropriately while coming to home from college. What did I do? Get myself covered in a bigger chadar. Took a scarf. Took my brother with me to the bus stops. Wore lose clothes.
The harassment didn't stop. I thought guilty of myself. I felt bad about my body. When I first started working, I was a young enthusiastic student full of hopes and dreams for a better future. I wanted to work to gain financial independence.
I was an innocent, naive person with ideas in my head like I will stop working when I get married (Because the society taught me so). My first experience of harassment came at my first workplace. He was the most sweetest boy of office. Innocent-looking, full sunnat bearded man.
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Thread on yesterday’s debate in the House of Lords. A male, Conservative Peer has said what *some* Women’s organisations have been to afraid to say. I’m only part way through the transcript this is part 1.
Many of us have watched the direct attack on single sex spaces and how invariably the male toilets remain unaffected and women’s are converted to “gender neutral” i.e Mixed Sex. Or we are told those with urinals are suitable for both sexes. They are not.
The Question. 👇
Where is the research? Who is disadvantaged? WOMEN! For safety, dignity and privacy. For the record there are many male people who do NOT like mixed sex facilities. And YES there are many strange men in this world and every woman has met them.
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THREAD: The book of Ruth

Begins as if it's going to be a story about a man:

'In the days when the judges judged there was a famine in the land, and a MAN of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, HE and HIS wife and HIS two sons.'
Immediately *famine* & *sojourn* co-occur

as they do in Genesis 12:10--the 1st time either term occurs in the Bible.

So we're in an Abraham-like situation.

A man is on the move, with his family, away from famine, to sojourn in another country.
Strangely enough he's leaving Bethlehem, which means 'house of bread' (beth = house; lehem = bread).

We have 2 reasons to think names in this book bear significant meanings:
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Har de sidst dage tænke en del over hvordan jeg kan gøre min twitter oplevelse bedre - hvad det er der der nager mig ved debatten her - og så leverer DR's Aftenshow lige et fantastisk eksempel, på noget af det jeg synes er mest ødelæggende. Whataboutism ("men hvad med?"). Tråd:
Hop 35 minutter ind i udesendelsen her,…, hvor Sofie Hagen, fortæller om hendes nye bog Happy Fat. Bogen har et emne - hvordan man (og det her lyder crazy), kan være både glad og fed. Det er hendes budskab.
Og om at samfundet gør det virkeligt svært. Hun siger meget præcist, at hun gerne vil have at vi fokusere mere på, hvordan vi skaber et ikke-fatshaming samfund. Så 2:45 inde (i segmentet) spøger en af værterne, sundhedsministeren, der tilfældigvis er i studiet...
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Thread: (A)
14 Tips to Prevent Rape:

1. When a woman is travelling alone, she is expecting to get to some place safe, so DONT RAPE HER.

2. Women don't need to share their location at all times with their family, like you never do. Make her feel safe by not raping her.
B) 3. If she is traveling alone by a Taxi or an Auto which is driven by you, it just means she wants to get from point A to point B. It doesn't mean you should rape her.
C) 4. If a woman seems like she is in an unfamiliar area, she might be lost. She may or may not ask for your help. Help her find the address. It's perfectly possible to do that without raping her.
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Here’s a new comic!

Instagram spinelessly kept removing this post, so hopefully Twitter’s a little more accommodating of, y’know, NOT HATE SPEECH? 1/3
(3/3) Cheers! #menaretrash #notallmen
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Desde que entré a Twitter feminista mexicano hace como año y medio noté la presencia de los discursos trans-excluyentes y la neta sí me alarmé.
Sé que suena bien privilegiado pero habiendo estado en medios feministas franceses, esas posturas allá o no existen o no son públicas.
Y sé que es otra referencia europea pero el fin de semana pasado me tomé un café con una feminista buga alemana, y ella estaba boquiabierta cuando le platicaba de las lógicas trans-excluyentes que rondan por aquí.
Lo más similar que ella ha visto allá son feministas mayores y aisladas que dicen que son solidarias con las mujeres trans por ser mujeres, pero no con los hombres trans porque son “traidores” por “unirse al patriarcado” (o sea, ¡lo opuesto que aquí!).
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Aqui vai a lista para a maratona dos Clássicos de animação Disney, são 57 títulos até 2019, sem contar as continuações. Desses 57, apenas 44 eu encontrei com audiodescrição.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Branca de Neve e os Sete Anões
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"le moment où un homme voit sa fille pour la 1ère fois et qu'il réalise que les femmes sont des personnes"

Je me marre MAIS une étude en sciences politiques suggère qu'avoir une fille comme premier enfant rend les hommes plus susceptibles de devenir des alliés du féminisme
Dans leur recherche, les chercheurs ont trouvé qu'un des facteurs déterminants des pères à soutenir les mesures politiques d'égalité des genres est le fait que la *première* enfant soit une fille

C'est le "first daughter effect"…
Avoir une fille ou même avoir plus de filles que de garçons sans que l'aînée soit une fille ne permettraient pas aux pères d'autant se sensibiliser aux inégalités sociétales (offres sportives, salaires, harcèlement au travail).
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For many South Africans, and pretty much every South African woman, yesterday was harrowing. The terrible rape and murder of #UyineneMrwetyana and the abduction of 6 year old Amy-Lee de Jager brought into the spotlight the terrible fear that all South African women face daily.
And women took to social media to express their fear, mainly using the hashtag #MenAreTrash
But perhaps the worst part (if it could get any worse) was the number of men who took umbrage to women speaking out.
It was despicable that in the midst of women expressing their worst fears and experiences, some men decided that, rather than listen and understand, they would take offence and respond with #NotAllMen.
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When you tell women and girls to learn self-defense, or carry weapons against rapists, you're not reducing rape. You're just saying "let him rape someone more vulnerable."

Stop calling for dystopias. Start working to end patriarchy. Make a world BEYOND RAPE.

Patriarchy wants us to believe that rape has always existed and always will. That rape is intrinsic to masculinity. This myth serves patriarchy by transferring all consequences of rape, including shame and blame, onto victims. Patriarchy stays unaccountable.

Rape culture is how patriarchy sustains the hegemonic myth that rape is a given, an unchangeable condition, of all human societies. So men never have to hold themselves or other men accountable. Rape is a women's issue.

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Guys in my mentions arguing that #NotAllMen are the perpetrators of #GunViolence, sorry, but you are.
It is a predominantly male crime and you kill each other most often.
Don't fight me on the stats, do something to stop the violence.…
Guns are used in more than 70% of all homicides.
For every person killed in a gun homicide, six more are injured in a gun assault.
Gun homicides are on the rise, up 30% from 2014 to 2017.
Access to a gun doubles the risk of homicide.…
On average, fewer people die from gun violence in states with strong gun laws and more people die in states with weak gun laws.

The US gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries…
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THREAD: Men can live in a world of sexual harassment and violence against girls/women and not be impacted personally. This is privilege. When this is pointed out, we become uncomfortable, then annoyed. As if we are being victimized by not being allowed to go on ignoring it all /1
We men can live life untroubled by sexual harassment and violence against girls and women. All we have to do is one simple thing. Just ignore it. Don't take a stand against it. Stay on the sidelines.
Be good men, sure, just don’t rock the boat, just be quiet about it all. /2
Sure, maybe sometimes we have to give some angry women some pushback. You know, #NotAllMen and so on. We have to clarify, “I don’t rape.” But that’s just us making sure people know we’re good men. Then we can go back to ignoring this issue that we’re not personally creating. /3
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So, #MenAreTrash...

It's a #Thread.
Some details are sensitive, but sharing them is necessary👇🏾
First of all, origins:

On April 28 2017. South African Sandile Mantsoe stabbed his girlfriend Karabo Mokoena, doused her in petrol, burned her, and buried her remains in a shallow grave. The body was discovered the next day, burnt beyond recognition. It couldn't be identified
Until May 10, by her mother.

Around the same time, 3 year old Courtney Pieters (also from SA) goes missing. Her body is found dumped on May 13. It will later emerge that Mortimer Saunders, a childhood friend of her father who was living with the family killed her. He raped her,
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My 2 cents on the debate on quizzing: I've loved this beautiful mindsport since forever.I've met some great friends through the KQA/ others QCs. There's almost nothing else I'd rather do on a Sunday (across cities).

But yes, there are problems. If not addressed, this sport...
will continue to decline. (It already is btw. The participation in every year's KQA college quiz is a clear sign of that).

A lot has been said about how unwelcoming quizzes are to women. IMHO it's all true. Only a handful of women continue to attend quizzes,& fewer male QMs do..
something about it.

Regular quizzers can't be all painted with the same brush, but yes, a lot of the familiar faces are destroying the sport. All of us -folks at KQA, other QCs & everyone who hosts quizzes- need to
a)admit that there are problems.
b)actively solve them.
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Day two of #context19 This morning's speakers are @clairegcoleman @clementine_ford @RoyceRk2 and Manuela Akot. This set up is a long table, really interesting idea - like a brunch, with onlookers. The writers are going to speak on Writing To Tell The Truth.
This event is run by @writerssainc in partnership with @CityofAdelaide and hosted in the excellent @AdelaideLibrary It's a free event on today and tomorrow, so come check it out if you're in the city. #context19
Manuela is an award winning poet, and she's also a very wise woman because she quit twitter two years ago.
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