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We’ve long said that if you replace the word “terf” with the word “woman” you see what trans activism really is

When you replace the word “transwomen” with the word “men” the same revelation applies

Here’s a quick thread of examples:
Men want to be allowed inside women’s rape shelters where the women are trying to heal from male violence.

Men who have committed crimes, including serious sex offences against women and children, want to be in women’s prisons
Men want medicine to transplant wombs into them & they also want medicine to help them ‘breastfeed’ babies. Regardless of potential risks to that baby

Men want women to be unable to meet without them present and they insist they must always be included if they say so
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What has always driven the creation of separate spaces & opportunities for women are the physiological differences + inherent sexual tension that differentiate us from (& render us vulnerable to) men.

#notallmen, to be sure.

But the fact that most men...

... do not want their mothers, wives, & daughters to disrobe in front of other men illustrates this fundamental truth pretty well.

And that's why allowing men to claim entitlement to those separate spaces & opportunities is absurd on its face ...

Men's bodies - even bodies occupied by men who wish to be women - are still male.

And it's not just b/c they lack the (F) characteristics required for access.

It's that they possess the male characteristics (+ often hetero-sex drives) from which women seek protection...

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Stratagème 1 : l’extension

Élargir les limites de la thèse adverse (pour mieux l’attaquer) et réduire celle de la sienne propre (pour la préserver des attaques).
Stratagème 2 : utilisez l’homonymie.

Ex : usage du mot peuple

Pour le gouvernement : les électeurs s’étant exprimé par l’élection.

Pour la gauche : les manifestants s’exprimant par la rue, etc.

Pour l’extrême droite : les français AOP.
Stratagème 3 : généralisation des arguments adverses

Ex : lorsqu’un député s’insurge contre les violences policières, rétorquer que tout le parti déteste la police.
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Frage mich, warum es sie so derart empört. Wenn sie alle damit nichts am Hut haben: Warum fühlen sie sich angesprochen?
Es könnte ihnen ziemlich egal sein, was eine Frau ins Internet schreibt, denn für Männer hat das keine Folgen. Und siehe unten sind immer noch genug Frauen auf dem „Markt“, die #notallmen denken.
Da Ihr mich sowieso mit Euren langweiligen Hashtags offen verachtet: Was ist Euer Problem?
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"Not All" guns are loaded, but someone who thinks safety is important treats EVERY gun as loaded until they confirm otherwise.

If you want to help improve the world, inspect and abandon your need to defend yourself from the actions around you that you accommodate more than this.
Allyship so often falters at the point where someone is asked to accept that they're part of a problematic privileged group.

It *specifically* falters when they're asked to see and comprehend:

They accommodate the problematic behavior in their lives more than the marginalized.
When pools were integrated in the 1960s, violent mobs of white people assaulted any person of color for miles around the pool.

"Allies" within city governments paved the pools over instead of arresting the violent mob.

Many of those concrete monuments to cowardice stand today.
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Why are all women controlled by the threat of male violence, and even if it’s #NotAllMen it’s enough to make all women act differently? A thread 🧵 👇

My 17 yr old niece gets the bus to work, college & the gym. She is young, blonde, pretty & kind. She has become a target…
…for predatory men. From comments, staring, ‘jokes’ & now the inevitable & classic ‘creepy man on bus’. It started as soon as she hit puberty & it’s only getting worse.

The other day a man sat next to her on an otherwise empty bus. This is not a neutral act. It is an act of…
…dominance & aggression. It is a man trapping a young woman for his own gratification. He demanded her attention. The bus driver did nothing. She was too scared to say anything & the bus driver didn’t seem to notice/care.

She stopped going to the gym & has quit her job…
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Warum pochen radfems so auf die Bedeutung v. Geschlecht vs. GenderId? Ein 🧵mit Daten
Die aktuellen BKA-Statistiken zu Sexualstraftaten ergeben, unabh. v. Bundesland u Jahr, ein wenig überraschendes Bild: 99% der Täter sind männlich. Image
"Bei 83 % d. im Jahr 2008 polizeilich registrierten Körperverletzungen, 87 %der Morde, 99 % d. Vergewaltigungen sind Männer die Tatverdächtigen (BKA 2009). Diese Werte weisen, nicht nur für 🇩🇪, eine hohe Konstanz über Jahre u Jahrzehnte hinweg auf."
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1/ Amber is not a liar. She is one of millions of women who sought justice in a system that failed her. I stood with her from the start, I stand with her now. I share my thoughts on settling Depp’s defamation claim & what it means for survivors.🧵…
2/ I have always fought for victims of domestic abuse. I stand up for women. It’s what I do, this case was no different. I saw this case for what it was: the silencing of a victim. When we speak up about abuse (#MeToo), we have the power to challenge the system & male dominance.
3/ The hate that anyone who publicly stood with Amber was immense - but nothing compared to the death threats that Amber suffered. Many of my circle who stood with her are globally renowned in their field. We were all targeted. Today I received 3 complaints from Depp stans.
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It gets more bonkers! This is from Madrigal's press release.

We're sure he'll be delighted learn that TW are not killed, tortured, beaten, or excluded from health, employment, housing, & education.

It's almost like having robust equality law makes the real difference. Image
It isn't clear why Victor feels a piece of paper would stop these abuses though. Does the paper magically convince everyone these are real women?

If so, he should consider that in much of the world women are also killed & excluded, so it wouldn't make much difference!
Fortunately, in Scotland we have protections - although women are still much more unsafe that TW (no murders ever in Scotland).

Perhaps Victor should concentrate on those countries which do not protect human rights - unless of course there is another agenda at play?
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Je te comprends ma soeur, j'ai été comme toi!
Moi aussi au début je trouvais que les féministes étaient complètement cinglées, et que #NotAllMen. Moi aussi j'ai plein de potes qui n'ont jamais essayé de me violer et un père sympa.
Tu m'as beaucoup inspirée quand j'étais jeune. Parce que je crois que comme toi, j'avais bien compris que je ne correspondait pas au modèle Princesse Girly qui était le seul toléré à notre époque pour une femme, et tu m'as aidée à en rire.
Et le fait que toi, moi et plein d'autres, on ait été obligées de devenir aussi mec que les mecs pour se faire accepter, ou moins discriminer, ou moins prendre pour des énormes tartes, ou juste pour qu'on puisse avoir la paix et faire des trucs qu'on aimait vraiment,
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Les adolescents ne pensent qu'à leur bite. Quand j'étais au collège, la plupart des conversations c'était "Nathalie elle a une bouche c'est un garage à bites" et "Magalie elle est moche mais avec un sac poubelle sur la tête je la baise".

Tous les jours. Jusqu'à écœurement. 1/14
Au lycée j'ai fait une soirée, il y avait une fille très jolie et avec une jupe très courte. Elle a dansé un slow avec plein de gars puis avec moi et à la fin du slow elle m'a dit "merci, t'es le premier qui a pas essayé de me tripoter les fesses". 2/14
À une autre soirée, une fille un peu plus jeune que nous (14 ans alors qu'on en avait 16 ou 17) était bourrée. Un mec avait décidé qu'elle était pour lui. Alors il l'embrassait de force, elle le repoussait... il insistait, elle le repoussait. Personne n'a réagi. 3/14
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Část diskutujících má na validitu současných odborů podobný názor jako na validitu současného feminismu:

"Kdysi šlo o užitečná hnutí, ale dnes už jde o škodlivý/nebezpečný přežitek."

Tak se dnes na tento přístup podíváme trochu hlouběji z pohledu mentálních zkreslení. ->
Jde o kombinaci pěti mentálních zkreslení:

• "Chci zachovat současnost", neboli status quo bias.
• "Víme, jak věci dopadly", neboli problém zpětného pohledu.
• "To, co jsem prožil, považuju za normální", neboli baseline fallacy.
• Radši nezískám, ale hlavně neztratit", neboli averze ke ztrátě.
• "Dnes jsme na vrcholu, lepší to nebude", neboli iluze konce historie.

Myslím si, že odpůrce současných hnutí, který ale uznává jejich historický přínos, by k nim měl v minulosti na 99 % ->
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This was already coming true before the Supreme Court ruling. There are many celibate men out there who are not impacted by the coming abortion bans at all. This is one of the ways male celibacy can negatively impact women’s rights—women’s rights don’t matter to alienated men.
Exhibit B:

About 1-in-3 men aged 18-to-24 years reported no sexual activity in the past year (…), which is #NotAllMen, but a fairly significant number.

A significant amount of the 80%-or-more of women who’re sexually active are sharing partners.
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I’m a fairly low-key canary in the coal mine on Long Covid from a lived experience perspective, & I get annoyed when men with no discernible expertise tell me that I must be lying - so hats off to every single expert dealing with Johnny Contrary and Ben Misogyny in the comments😬
Yes, it’s #notallmen & #notonlymen - but overwhelmingly it is men who are rude, sexist, condescending - I often wonder how they are with their work colleagues & their families if this behaviour is acceptable to them.
It is no wonder that entering into public life is a big call.
It is no wonder that when sustained derision, derogatory comments, unacceptable toxicity occurs, the desired outcome is often achieved - the silence of leaders, of experts, of those who can, and who want to make a difference in favour of those who want power and the status quo.
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#NotAllMen? “Good men care about oppression. They care about the lived experiences of women. They understand that, without listening to women, they cannot learn what women experience. They believe women." 1/4…
"When women share their experiences and your responses is, "But not all men!" you undermine those experiences. You show no concern for oppression. You are not behaving as a good guy." 2/4
If you think a woman hates men because she hates rapists/abusers/assholes, then you think that all men are rapists/abusers/assholes, and the real person who hates men is you." 3/4
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Women shouldn't use actual statistics on sexual violence to back up their arguments about sexual violence because it's just too risky (to men)
From the man who read that one line in The Second Sex and used it to suggest Simone de Beauvoir meant the complete opposite of what she was arguing about sex and gendered socialisation.
Misreading truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Good practice when you want to own the feminists, a terrible risk we must all avoid when the feminists present you with facts you can't easily misrepresent.
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Ya bu arada yine alıntılıyorum, bu arkadaşa yüklenmek değil derdim. İyi ve haklı olduğunu düşündüğü bir ideolojinin bir kadın olarak kendisine negatif etkisini görmüş, bununla nasıl mücadele edeceğini bilmiyor. Bu, bu gencecik kadının suçu değil.
Trans aktivizminin kadınlara nasıl zarar verdiğinin bir diğer örneği işte. Kadınlar patriyarkal düzende katı sınırlar inşa etmemeye zorlanır ki bu sık sık kadınları saldırgan erkekler karşısında da savunmasız bırakır.
Trans aktivizmi kadınlara sık sık beş duyu ya da içgüdülerini reddetmelerini söylüyor, ki bu kadınların özsavunması için hayati öneme sahip. “O bir erkek değil”, “O penis zararsız çünkü o bir ladydick.”
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When we call out sexual assault against women as a problem men need to solve, and some men use #NotAllMen as a way to avoid responsibility for those violent acts, these men are saying "I don't commit assault." /1
The challenge here is that we are also using #NotAllMen as a way to avoid taking responsibility for our collective silence when some men around us do locker room talk, cat calling, tell sexist jokes, and commit worse acts. /2
Yes, millions of us don't actively commit abusive acts against women. But our collective #NotAllMen defensiveness rings strident and off key given our collective unwillingness to challenge men in our immediate circles who are openly abusive towards women and non-binary people. /3
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The #NotAllMen brigade are missing the vital fact that all women are affected by the behaviour 'not all men' engage in - & the woke brigade are missing the equally vital fact that we cannot protect women without defining them. Either way, women are caught in the crosshairs of 1/4
their inexcusable callousness & foolishness. Yes 'not all men' murder women, but almost 90% of porn depicts acts of violence and aggression against women, showcases it as erotic, & over 90% of men regularly wank off to it. What are women supposed to do with that fact? 2/4
Also many of the social commentators & NGO 'feminists' currently pissing crocodile tears all over social media (hello @NWCI) have near broken their necks in recent times looking the other way as violent men are housed in the women's estate on the back of a lick of nail polish 3/4
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A column I wished I never had to write: Seeing the tragedy in #Tullamore as a one off is a useful way of coping with its horror. But the attack isn’t random. The victim's gender was key to why she was selected for attack. 1/n…
There are patterns between events that deliver violence against women.
1. Women experience violence at the hands of men. Women are not raped or killed by invisible forces. Men kill women. #notallmen. Not even many men. But is almost always men @FixeditI will help you see. 2/n
2. Men who perpetrate life-threatening violence against women tend to build up to this point of their criminal careers. Perpetrators usually start with jeering, street harassment, exposure, groping. Often this is ignored or even condoned. Rarely is it prosecuted or punished. 3/n
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The question is how many men oppose violence against women but still see men as rightfully having power over women and girls? /1
The disconnect this represents is huge: to consider men as rightfully having power over women and girls and failing to see that as violence. /2
It is this presumption of male control over women which is at the root of the full spectrum of injustice against women globally. "I care for women. I treat women well. I have power over women because I'm a man. But I'm a good man." /3
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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

We need to talk about the culture of sexual harassment and assault in surgery.

And we have advice for *all of you*. Read on.
#VAWG #ILookLikeASurgeon #EarNoseAndNope
If you don't think there's a problem, see this from @RCSnews by @orthopodreg and @beckybeckyfish. "The debate about whether there is a culture of sexual harrassment, discrimination and sexual assault should end. Instead, harder conversations need to begin"…
And it's not old news. The @RCSnews report led by @HelenaKennedyQC highlighted 'jokes' about rape and sexual assault as a problem in surgery. It noted only 1/4 of respondents reported the harassment/abuse they experienced.…
#VAWG #ILookLikeASurgeon
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In order to see racial violence as about both race and masculinity, we must recognize that in systems of privilege that are not patriarchy, men tend not to recognize our complicity in those systems but women do. In addition “Gender” too often means women and trans victims 1/x.
When we focus on male perpetrators and that men are as gendered as women and NB people, things not usually associated with gender can be found to be gendered. There is a reason why antiracism work focuses on white women instead of white men. 2/x
This is also a reason why the study of toxic masculinity is now expanding to how men uphold racism, and why in 2021, suggestions to tackle racism include tackling male culture and TM. In England, after racially motivated attacks against black English players after their Euros 3/x
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