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Breaking overnight: Once again, the courts save humanity from Donald Trump....and they're just not wasting time anymore! #TuesdayThoughts #Immigration #SouthernBorder…
2/"A federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration from denying asylum to migrants who illegally cross the southern border into the United States, saying the policy likely violated federal law on asylum eligibility. In a ruling late Monday, Jon S. Tigar of the U.S.
3/"District Court in San Francisco issued a temporary nationwide restraining order barring enforcement of the policy. The president’s action was announced on Nov. 9, though the White House had as early as last month floated drastic changes to the way the United States affords
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In a ruling from the Board of Immigration Appeals: The court wants to uphold a judge’s ruling which removed an immigrant from the U.S. who claimed if returned to Mexico, he would be involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital and subjected to torture; conditions squalid etc.
A judge removed him anyway - he appealed saying the removal violated the Convention Against Torture Act, which should protect him from being subjected to cruel/unusual treatment - something he argued was present in Mexico.
The judge acknowledged conditions might be poor but because he couldn't prove the treatment in Mexico would rise to the level of torture per se, the judge's removal order was upheld.
The BIA upholds here, dismissing the appeal.
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1/ ME, A VERY TIRED #IMMIGRATION LAWYER: this just in, our awful government is doing an illegal thing to #asylum seekers

YOU, A CONCERNED CITIZEN: Like, *how* illegal though


*pours a Laphroaig double*

okay, let's do this
2/ 1st, this is not exactly an executive order. That's coming later, via "Presidential proclamation"--obvs a totally cool & normal way to make things happen in a democracy

This "final interim rule" skips usual due process and goes into effect NOW, because #MigrantCaravan
3/ N.B.: This doesn't complete cut off all possibility of legal protection for #asylum seekers. "Withholding of removal" (a form of relief I like to call "asylum lite") and protection under the Convention Against Torture remain. That's not to say that this is necessarily OK.
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1/Respectfully @NPR I take issue with one sentence in this report: Calling The Center for Immigration Studies “Nonpartisan” isn’t IMO accurate. #immigration
@NPR 2/The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by John Tanton, a man who at the very least pushed hard immigration polices and at worse is a white supremacist
@NPR 3/Krikorian quoted in your article as non partisan, said after the Haitian earthquake that crippled Haiti in 2010, "My guess is that Haiti’s so screwed up because it wasn’t colonized long enough,”
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Dear #MAGA #Desis & other assorted non-white ppl who support Republicans because of anti-blackness or lower taxes or the feeling of proximity to power, observe this pattern of escalating & widening targeting in #immigration policy & #deportation:
1. Criminal illegal aliens "bad hombres"
2. All undocumented immigrants
3. End TPS "Temporary Protected Status"
4. End family preference in green cards "chain migration"
5. Reduce/eliminate residency lottery
6. Review citizenship applications for fraud & revoke citizenship &
deport ppl who've been here for decades
7. End birthright citizenship for children of undocumented migrants
8. Muslim ban
9. Revoke residency visa for people who have used certain public welfare benefits

I've probably forgotten some other measures, and no doubt there are more
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Progressive policies make sense for Chinese Americans and it's why the majority of our community supports commonsense proposals on issues like immigration, health care, the environment, and racial justice. 1/5
On #immigration, Chinese Americans have a history of benefiting from reforms that allowed our communities to grow and be part of the American story. Through immigration reform, we have been able to reunite families and contribute to the U.S. 2/5…
On #healthcare, Chinese Americans support programs that expand access and provide quality health outcomes. The ACA reduced the number of uninsured Chinese Americans by half and that's one reason why it's so popular in our community. 3/5
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#Mexico helping unvetted African migrants to U.S. border, many from Al-Shabaab jihadi hotbed

Caravan Jihad? you better believe it!
#Muslim captured coming over southern U.S. border had ties to #Taliban

#Jihadis among the #MigrantCaravan is not as ridiculous as @CNN would have you believe
Pakistani Muslim arrested crossing #Texas border, lied to #FBI

Caravan Jihad? 🤔
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
GROWING 50,000k #Invasion?!
WILL the @DeptofDefense STOP
#georgesoros is FUNDING THIS
#Mexico #Honduras #Guatemala
#MOB Burns Our Flag!!
FEDERAL Police stand guard along road being used by #US-bound, fm #CentralAmerican migrants walking from Ciudad Hidalgo to Tapachula, Mexico 10/21. Officers who WOULD NOT identify themselves say their Instructions are to maintain the flow of traffic, NOT to STOP the caravan.
#MOBInvasion of #Haters #Terrorist
AN ATTACK ON #AmericaFirst
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
via @YouTube
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Can someone explain to me when the @GOP stopped ignoring fiscal responsibility?
Can someone explain to me why @GOP claimed to be the party of Moral Values but continues to support a person like @realDonaldTrump?

Can you explain to me why you wouldn't want another party in power for the Senate or House when you believe in the Constitution and checks and balances?

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Federal prosecutors indict a #Russian🇷🇺woman alleged to be the chief accountant of an *ONGOING* Kremlin campaign to influence 2018 ELECTIONS in the US & EU (including troll farm Internet Research Agency) financed by "Putin's Chef," Yevgeniy Prigozhin.🤬…
One major #Russian🇷🇺social-media theme was to exploit white supremacy👉🏼trolling NFL protests against #racist policing, #immigration, the Confederate flag & “the #Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ rally” that killed Heather Heyer in Aug'17.

Pivoting off a piece by "right-wing blowhard" Michael Savage, the #Russians🇷🇺 sought to “forcefully support” Savage’s message that “any attempt to remove Trump is a direct path to **civil war** in the US."😳
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I spent the last month+ doing a deep dive for @CAPimmigration on the proposed rule that would dissolve the Flores settlement / allow the Trump admin to indefinitely detain kids in immigration jails.

Tl;dr it will be VERY costly to the Govt…

The goal of this rule is to ensure that the Trump admin has the ability to lock up children and families seeking asylum for as long as they want.

If it goes into effect, the admin will have unchecked authority to ramp up family incarceration.

DHS/HHS claim they can't estimate the potential costs from indefinitely detaining kids but the math just isn't that hard to do:

At the lowest end the Flores rule will cost $2 BILLION over a decade.

At the highest end it will cost $12.9 BILLION over a decade
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The Suffocation of Democracy

By: Christopher R. Browning

As a historian specializing in the #Holocaust, #Nazi Germany, and #Europe in the era of the world wars, I have been repeatedly asked about the degree to which the current situation in the United States resembles the interwar period and the rise of #fascism in Europe.
I would note several troubling similarities and one important but equally troubling difference.

In the 1920s, the US pursued #isolationism in foreign #policy and rejected participation in international organizations like the League of Nations.
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"White genocide" is a racist trope that says white people are the object of a systematic genocide through non-white #immigration & multiculturalism.

It's a false belief promoted by white nationalists.
The myth of "white genocide" is a white nationalist conspiracy theory that ignores South Africa's complicated and painful history of apartheid.…
In August, Pres. Trump promoted the myth of "white genocide" in South Africa.
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The #WhiteSupremacist Republican Journalist — Mr. James Newcomb

“There is but one way open to Republican success, and that is that the WHITE Republican come forward and take charge of party management.”

The Galveston Daily News, Thursday, Oct. 24, 1884

“For over twenty years the south has been in political turmoil growing out of the Negro question, and if anything we are further from a satisfactory solution than in 1865.”
“The Negro troubles are resulting in the great masses of colored people shutting out white #immigration. There is but one way open to Republican success, and that is that the white republican come forward and take charge of party management.”

— James P. Newcomb
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Going to do a little live tweeting of today's #HSGAC hearing on the Flores Settlement which the administration and @RonJohnsonWI are looking to overturn so they can get the asylum system and hold children indefinitely in detention
@RonJohnsonWI @immcouncil and @AILANational have a statement for today's hearing which you can see here…
Currently @RonJohnsonWI is doing all he can to say why he thinks the Flores settlement is bad and how he thinks it incentivizes #immigration. He is doing a great job showing he doesnt know what he is talking about. Migrants do not know about the TVPRA or Flores...
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@TuckerCarlson Looking at #nature we see diversity as not only a strength but a necessity for survival. When it comes to humans, however, we don't look at how much cooperation there is in nature which helps diversity thrive. Instead we limit diversity of thought which can stagnate minds...
@TuckerCarlson we don't grow and thrive as well as we could. A crow doesn't ask an elk to be something it isn't. An elk doesn't ask a wolf to be different either. There are many lessons in #nature from which we can learn about being better humans.
@TuckerCarlson When it comes to #immigration few look at why America has done it better than most other countries, because we used to take assimilation into account more than just doing a body count. A common language helps a great deal in assimilating immigrants, yet we resist this today.
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Many people think that “illegal immigrants” are the scourge of this country, and are a very hot topic in the political world. Let’s dispel any myths and misunderstandings on this subject once and for all.
#Immigration #ImmigrationReform
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The first item I’d like to point out, is that a better term we should use would be undocumented immigrant. “Illegal alien” creates and perpetuates the stigma that these people are inherently bad, or criminal. The reality is that they are just seeking a better life.
Probably the biggest misunderstanding is that everyone should simply just immigrate legally, when in reality there’s nothing simple about it. There are very specific and restrictive criteria one must meet in order to immigrate to the U.S. legally.
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1/ THREAD: What doesn’t appear on #Hamilton68 is often as interesting as what does. Today, near silence on the Manafort verdict. Instead, the focus is largely on using the Mollie Tibbetts murder to spread divisive content on #immigration. This follows a familiar pattern.
2/ On Dec 1, 2017, accounts monitored on #Hamilton68 pounced on the not guilty verdict in the murder trial of Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco.
3/ The dashboard’s findings on December 1, 2017 mirror data collected by Clemson Univ. researchers, who recently published more than 3 million tweets from IRA troll accounts.…
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Quick update on #AZSen. Using my AZSen data and cross referencing the @FiveThirtyEight confirmed Russian Bot data, here are your top #AZSen tweeters in the month of August, as well as how many times they were pushed by confirmed Russian Bots.

@K92 leads the pack. Funny.
@bbusa617, who has tweeted a total of 107 #AZSen tweets this month so far, was pushed by confirmed Russian Bots a total of 169 times. Pretty unoriginal stuff here. Diminishing returns are probably getting pretty high. Guy loves @kelliwardaz and pushes fairly positive content.
@michaelbeatty3, who looks to be a #WWG1WGA #QAnon conspiracy pusher, has tweeted #AZSen content 26 times this month, and was pushed by confirmed Russian bots 140 times. Likely the crazy conspiracy crap. Normal Kelli Ward positive pusher.
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Here’s the official statement by the Attorney General of #Dubai, regarding the case involving a Swedish national with her daughter at Dubai International Airport @DubaiAirports via @DXBMediaOffice
Here is the full story by @TheNationalUAE Ellie #Holman, 44, arrived in #Dubai on an @Emirates flight from #London Gatwick on July 13 but immigration desk officials found her #Swedish passport expired on June 10.
#Dubai Attorney General Essam Al Humaidan said she then produced an #Iranian passport and was told she qualified for a temporary visa that allowed for a 96-hour stay, shorter than she had planned.
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@secupp @secupp ... @IngrahamAngle correct

Illegal immigration out of control & must be stopped

LEGAL IMMIGRATION is out of control & needs to be SCALED BACK

What's the controversy?

Immigration ISN'T SACRED. Nobody has a right to come & we dont always need it

@secupp @IngrahamAngle I have developed a concept for your reckless thinking @secupp

When immigration gets out of control or starts to harm the national interest, if not put in check, it will lead to invasion.

The Immigration Invasion Loop (iiL)
@secupp @IngrahamAngle @Avenge_mypeople @kausmickey @NumbersUSA @MarkSKrikorian @RoyBeck_NUSA @joelpollak @parscale @anntensity @RealTravisCook @CIS_org Invasion can be anything ranging from immigration without assimilation, to migrant armies storming the border with the intent to take over the country. Immigration can start as a good thing, but then become bad through reckless altruism.
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You can’t make this s**t up @SenWarren @SenatorCarper @SenWhitehouse @SenBlumenthal are demanding an investigation from the Department of Defense IG into who’s toured Air Force One. These people are insane, what a horrific waste of resources. #VOTEDEMSOUT
WHAT do you think giving tours to campaign donors was for? You are a further embarrassment to the VA Committee Blumenthal the @DeptofDefense has better sh*t to do like defend the Country.
The whole damn world has had a tour of Air Force One?! THIS is what you worry about? OMG. ENOUGH.
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Today More in Common is releasing a groundbreaking study of #Italy's attitudes towards #populism, national identity and #immigration, undertaken with @IpsosItalia. Some surprising findings: Italians are pro-migrant and anti-immigration. Here's my key takeouts: /1
We found 7 population segments in Italy: 27% with 'open' values, 24% with 'closed' values, and 48% in one of the 'middle' groups. Similar to other countries - but with more segments and more diversity of opinion in every group /2
Italy's populist wave is driven more by a rejection of political elites than by migration. 73% say traditional politicians don't care about people like them. Only 18% think globalisation has been good for Italy. 57% agree Italy needs a strong leader willing to break the rules /3
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 25, 26, 27, 2018
1. Kansas City Area Laboratory Owner Convicted of Illegally Storing Radioactive Waste.
Beta Chem Laboratory has been mishandling and improperly disposing of radioactive waste for years.

#BetaChem #radiation #radioactivewaste #EPA #carbon14…
2. Guatemalan Man Admits Robbing and Threatening Happy State Bank Employee with a Pipe Bomb

#HappyStateBank 😃…
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