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1/9 We’re sharing a series of recommendations from WES Ambassador @tundeTASH: Online resources and #eLearning courses #intlstudents and #newcomers to Canada can benefit from.
2/9 International students who would like to continue the application process for admission to #highered can now take the #IELTS Academic test online whilst in-person IELTS testing is suspended.

Learn more: #intlstudents
3/9 As #COVID19 disrupted physical operations, many settlement organizations are delivering services to #newcomers by phone, email, or video conference. You may be able to get pre-arrival services in your home country before you move. Learn more:…
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@JoeBiden Outlines #Immigration Plan For 1st 100 Days In Office | @NBCNews via @YouTube

TAKE 2 mins to review. This sum crucial for #voting. He will...
1) Eliminate #h1b freeze @potus put on
2) Give 11M ILLEGALS in US easier access to grn card
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3) Eliminate #Muslim ban (non #christians)
4) Bring in 95K #refugees from 15K today
5) Bring in 100K "dreamers" from E &SE Asia

IMO: when there is chaos, u dont bring more into any equation. AND- if we dont get back to Christian ideals, our country will plummet.
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AND- we dont have #jobs for 20M CITIZENS, u def dont bring more in! #hireamerican AND- does anyone realize how much (pre #virus) some of the illegals cost?

Id like to help the world, but sadly, we will BECOME the 3rd world if we flow $ out like this!
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After 6yrs of a roller coaster ride #PhD and 1yr of #jobsearch, #immigration woes, and a #pandemic, I am humbled and happy to officially accept a Postdoctoral Scientist position @abbvie. I owe this to my wife and savior @priyankaitkar9, #parents, #inlaws, and all #familymembers!
Shoutout to kind and supportive people in my life who guided me and kept me sane and positive so I could aggressively go after my dreams @UMassChemEng @IITGuwahati.
I am also #grateful to all the people who offered me #interviews and #postdoc positions. You helped me gain confidence in my abilities and it was emotionally difficult to decline your offers! 🙏🏽
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"We are now going to do something that's going to be incredible for the American public" by reducing prices for prescription drugs, announces @POTUS.
"You'll hear something that's very shocking" in reducing drug prices for seniors, says @POTUS.
"I'm signing four sweeping executive orders" on drug costs, says @POTUS.
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And will not God give JUSTICE to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily.”

— Yeshua Image
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement vs. Black Virginia Conservatism

A White Virginian Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro… Image
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#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement

A Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro

Despite black support, the Republican party increased efforts to recover white votes through a "lily white" movement.…
A History: Virginia Black Republicanism

Imagine walking into the corridors of White Supremacy; like an African King reclaiming your fucking crown 👑?

If you can grasp this ...
Tnen you'll better understand who Mr. John Langston Mercer was.

Black Excellence on Fucking Fire🔥!
Momma Africa Reclaiming Her Time!
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Together with our friends and fellow #immigration lawyers @gsiskind and #JeffJoseph, @Immigrant_Atty, We have just filed legal action against President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and @StateDept, seeking to stop the #ImmigrationBan as it applies to 149 Diversity Lottery Selectees.
President Trump acted illegally when he ended the Diversity Lottery 2020 program, something that he has talked about wanting to do for the last four years. The President does NOT have the authority to overturn the entire statutory scheme of immigration created by Congress.
By acting in this unlawful manner, Trump violates the Take Care clause of the U.S. Constitution, and he operates outside the boundaries of INA 212(f), which requires specific actions in order to fulfill its requirements, actions the President failed to take.
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Ok, I've read all 132 pages of the new #immigration policy document. I was hoping for real insight into how things are going to be different from 2021, don't feel like I have that... #CheckChangeGo [thread 1/6]
It's quite odd that most of the identifiable changes are actually relaxations of current rules, like potentially positive changes to in-country switching, and to the 'cooling off' period for some applicants, introduction of the #graduate #worker route, etc [2/6]
However, it's even odder to have no mention of the 'sole representative' route, or the Investor #visa. If these route are just being closed from January 2021, that really needs to be said now. It's not like there wasn't space in that massive document to be clear about this [3/6]
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#Justice July 2020 #CSE
#Justice TOPEKA,KA
City Of Topeka Video Producer INDICTED On Federal Child Porn Charges | Another Kansas Man Faces Similar CHARGES In A Separate Case

Travis Bronson, 39, Lawrence

Charles Shepaherd, 76, Bonner Springs

#Justice TAMPA,FL
Convicted Sex Offender SENTENCED For Attempting To Entice A Minor To Engage In Sexual Activity

Richard Stephen Terry

Enticed adult women to allow him to engage in sexual activities with their minor children

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My new article with @stevenshafer, “Measuring in Absentia Removal in Immigration Court” is now out @PennLRev:…. We study judge decisions to deport noncitizens without first providing them a day in court, a procedure known as in absentia removal. 1/6
Bold assertions by President Trump and others that immigrants “never” appear in court drive central policy decisions on immigration enforcement, including growing immigration detention, limiting access to asylum, and building a border wall. But, are these claims true? 2/6
We examined #EOIR court cases from 2008 to 2018. We find that 88% of all immigrants in immigration court with completed or pending removal cases attended all of their court hearings during the 11 year period studied. Much more detail in the paper. 3/6
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MAJEUR. #Barr vient d'annoncer qu'il a demandé à #Trump de virer directement le procureur fédéral #Berman à qui il reproche sa "non collaboration"(cf. mon enfilade👇) C'est du rarement vu. L'indépendance de la justice US vis-à-vis du président est en pé…
2) En faisant virer #Berman par #Trump, le ministre de la Justice #Barr évite n partie l'écueil juridique décrit dans mon enfilade matinale. Ce titre 28 §541c de la loi fédérale permet au président de virer tout procureur fédéral, sans mention de la façon dont il a été nommé...
3)... mais il reste quand même 1 grosse incertitude car jamais un procureur fédéral intérimaire dont la nomination devenue définitive après 4 mois d'intérim est prononcée par les juges- comme #Berman- n'a été renvoyé par le président. Discussion ici.…
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Federal Skilled Trade in #Canada.Many Nigerians have been deceived about the FST Class of our #immigration stream.Canada is not looking for just any trade skilled workers.A lot of fake news have been coming from Nigerians in Canada and back home on this subject matter.
This is one of the 3 programs via the express entry system as such you must have express entry profile for you to be eligible under the FST Class.There is no #education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades Program but FOR competitiveness post secondary educ is vital (ECA)
Facts on Federal Trade skills.
Minimum Requirements
1.Job Offer or Certificate of Qualification(COQ) from Canada
You must have an offer (LMIA approved) of full time employment from up to 2 employers for at least 1yr or COQ in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian Province/Terr
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TODAY IS A GREAT DACE FOR THE IMMIGRANT COMMUNITY — but we are always aware of the fragile nature of #DACA protections, particularly in light of the Trump Admin'ss continued attacks on immigrant communities.

The Trump Admin must leave DACA in place and reopen new applications.
WE ARE CELEBRATING THE #DACA RULING FROM #SCOTUS — but we're also aware that it comes as our nation is directly confronting its long history of targeting Black people, and when communities across America are actively fighting over an affirmative vision of who survives in America
HERE IS THE TRUTH — #DACA RECIPIENTS HAVE LIVED IN FEAR and uncertainty for years, today's ruling is nothing short of a fragment of certainty in our lives, as we continue to work, contribute, and give back to the country that we call home: The United States
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This is an easy thing to say when you haven't been following what #KamalaHarris has done for California. She has let white-collar crime slide.
#KamalaHarris has let criminals in-state who have shafted utility payers slide.…
She let someone who I don't think that @thomaskaine5 is a fan of (well, I'm assuming that) slide, too.…
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Attention Nigerians.
Upward trend in Canadian work permit scams in #Nigeria.
Please,you all should be careful.
Here are some of the methods being used by these wicked and fraudulent agents in Nigeria and Canada.
1. Pay when your visa is out.
Just give us your resume and passport. No Contract,No LMIA.They will even get you biometrics Appointment and even ask you to go for medicals.This might look real but there is no application submitted to IRCC.
2.I live in Canada approach.
You tend to believe him/her because he/she resides in Canada.He/she promised to get you a job from #canada.Pay just $5000 and all will be settled.100% scam.
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Good morning. Have seen quite a lot of my work on here under the hashtag #dontbuythemail as an answer to the question posed by this morning's Mail on Sunday.
So thought I'd offer a fuller picture (1/?)

@jamesfelton @stopfundinghate
Some tweeps have used composites I created as part of an audit of the way the Press treated #immigration in the runup to #brexit. But they haven't used the most damning versions, so here is the full catalogue from the *Daily*, not Sunday, Mail over the past decade. (2/?)
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.@CHIRLA was one of many #immigrant/#refugee activist groups that I invited to participate in the @Vote_CNP conference last year in Santa Monica. I was trying to organize a participate in a round-table about what an effective and humane #immigration system would look like.
No organization local to L.A. responded with as much as a polite regret.
It is possible that an immigrant/refugee rights activist could make the CIM in to any kind of nefarious organization if they don't learn about what we are from our own writing and mouths. Chief among those myths is that the CIM is #whitesupremacist.
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A recurrent M.O. of white male dominance is to pit white women against the interests of women of color. Don’t take the bait. 1/ #Biden
Sexual assault #matters. But, we only have 2 viable choices for president now. It is, as @KirstenPowers says in this helpful column, a #zerosumgame. 2/ #biden
Remember this:
#Immigration is a women’s issue.
#Healthcare is a woman’s issue.
#ClimateChange is a women’s issue.
#Education is a women’s issue.
#Guncontrol is a women’s issue.
#massincarceration is a women’s issue.
#NuclearProliferation is a women’s issue, too.
3/ #Biden
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The current #Immigration debate is fascinating.

Proponents of it usually argue that modern Western states should be defined through (liberal) values. But detractors point out that most immigrants, particularly Muslims, aren't really liberal.

So I decided to have a closer look.
I started with Women's rights since this topic is hotly debated.

To that end, I took the Global Gender Gap index from the (2018) Global Gender Gap report and used the percentage of #Muslims per country as a predictor. (Note the confusing fact that a high index means a small gap)
The regression revealed a strong relationship with R2=0.395. This means that almost 40% of variation in the country-level gender gap is explained by the % of Muslims in a given country.

That's way higher than I expected.
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Trump's new immigration order, annotated…

1st, the claim that immigrants take jobs from minorities & disabled people—forever debunked, yet deathless.

I believe the audience here isn't vulnerable communities, it's the base. So they can feel virtuous.
Let me translate this section:

"Hey, US citizen exercising your right to sponsor your relative for permanent residency & ultimately citizenship! Where you see your mom, dad, kid, or sib, we see a job-stealing moocher who's not fit to join US society."

Here's the key section for upcoming lawsuits:

Once again, Trump invokes the president's authority under INA 212(f)—same as with prior attempts to ban nationals of Muslim-majority countries, asylum-seekers, & even people without health insurance.

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Malkin livestream on sham #immigration ban and what we must do to fix it.…
2/ Exactly. We have THIRTY DAYS to make a difference. Here's the section of the exec order I just mentioned in my livestream that creates an opportunity we must seize. #americafirst
Another 4.4 million Americans out of work filed for unemployment benefits this week. Measly gestures like the 60-day, Swiss Cheese-holed #immigrationban sham will not do. We need a FULL stop. @realdonaldtrump @presssec @secpompeo
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I've spent a decade working with rural immigrant communities across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. Everyone I know is telling me that the meat packing #COVID19 outbreaks in their communities are way worse than what's being reported locally and nationally. #Immigration
The Trump Administration's response to protect the food system has been non-existent. There needs to be a national task force to keep food and farm workers safe and healthy so our food system can stay open.…
To understand the full impact of COVID on the food system you have to look at the entire meat packing region that roughly follows the boundaries of the Missouri and Upper Mississippi River Basins. State and local metrics are missing the big picture.
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The Rabbit hole is deeper than you think! Wake up America👇 #Immigration
Oops! 👀

Don’t you just hate it when you refer to your wife by a different name on accident? Or was it??? #tuesdayvibes 👇
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