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Organizing graduate student workers at the University of Hawai‘i for the power to make UH a better place to live and work for everyone. #EAluKākou
19 Jan
UHM workers, never forget that Provost Michael Bruno, took the opportunity of #MLKDay to defend allowing white supremacists to have a platform on campus. This is who our bosses are. From an email sent today entitled "Provost message on National Day of Racial Healing." @uhmanoa
ALU member @adi_gajigan: "The problem w/ this supposed "neutral" take is it helps the oppressors. White supremacy is the dominant ideology. They control the state & its apparatuses. Unis should be used to deplatform these terrorists or at the very least struggle against it."
This is the same "good people on both sides" argument that Trump and other fascists use to appease white moderates' aesthetics of multiculturalism while refusing accountability for propping up white supremacy. There is no neutrality. There is only justice or no justice.
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3 Sep 20
We received this anonymous testimony from a first year international GA. If this makes you as 😠 mad as it makes us, come to our General Assembly tonight at 5pm so we can organize for campus power and protect international student workers. Full text 👇 #EAluKākou #ShaveICE 🧵
“I am a first-year International TA. I accepted my program’s offer with the understanding that I would have a GA fellowship and job security all throughout my coursework.
"After the ICE ruling however, my department decided without my consultation that I would not be able to come to Hawai’i, and that I should start my first semester of my PhD program virtually from abroad without a GAship, and therefore no living stipend nor tuition remission.
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12 Aug 20
🚨After we released preliminary results of our reopen survey, @UHawaiiNews Pres Lassner released this pathetically tepid statement on changing fall reopen plans. Admin is totally deferring taking any leadership. Our lives are at stake. And we're pissed. hawaii.edu/news/email/eve…
The statement essentially "requests" that faculty to "determine if those instructional components can be moved online" for those classes online and do so if possible. WEAK 👏 ASS 👏 NOTHING 👏 #spineless
Deferring all responsibility for the health and safety of our community to faculty, who are frantically preparing for teaching and mentoring students during a global health and economic crisis with only 1.5 weeks before school begins is irresponsible and not–in fact–policy.
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9 Aug 20
We're here to update you on the first 145 results of our UH Reopen Survey. It's bleak. There is a total lack of faith in our administration and their preparations for safe campus reopening. Here's a 🧵
#OurRiskOurChoice #HigherEdWorksBecauseWeDo
@uhmanoa @UHawaiiNews @GSOManoa
Reminder that while cases are at alarming record highs on Oʻahu, UH is still planning to move forward with in-person work and learning in the fall. The results of this survey reflect our communityʻs fear that UH admin are not making decisions with our health and safety in mind.
First off, here's who responded. It's mostly grads. We want more diverse representation, so please continue to share the survey. docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI…
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5 Jul 20
Watch UH Mānoa Provost Michael Bruno dismiss outright grad students' demands for basic sick leave during a global pandemic. We want sick leave now! Thread
This past Thursday, UH Mānoa Provost Michael Bruno ”answered questions” regarding the scheduled fall campus reopening. The entire two hour forum was a lot of Bruno congratulating himself and fellow administrators for a job well done, and very few real questions answered.
Things we did learn:
1. There is no formal mask mandate or policy. We are relying on “aloha.”
2. Housing will be at 70% of the usual capacity. Priority will be given to freshmen from off-island. There is no plan yet for those not offered housing.
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1 May 20
ALU's Political Education Chair ‘Ilima Long, @lisagrand808 of @uniteherehawaii, and Kawehi Apo of @HawaiianAFA were featured on this month's First Friday. On International Workers Day, we're proud to be part of the Hawaiʻi labor community.


Current FF host @NoeGK interviews these three wahine involved in labor struggle in Hawai'i, who each share a bit about the long, proud history of unionism in Hawaiʻi. Did you know the 1st strike in Hawai'i was an 1839 grad employee strike?!
First Friday, a show that has aired on public access television for decades, was originated by two radical Hawaiian sovereignty activists, Haunani Kay and Mililani Trask to draw connections between labor movements and struggles for self-determination.
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26 Mar 20
We've been administering our Student Hardship Fund for one week. As of noon today, we've received 74 applications from UH grads and undergrads. We've learned a lot. We're mad. Here's a thread. 🔥 #EAluKākou
academiclaborunited.org/hardship Image
Student workers are facing layoffs and loss of wages at alarming rates. Roughly 60% of applicants to our hardship fund report losing some or all of their employment. Off-campus industries such as food service, hospitality, retail, and other “non-essential” jobs are shutting down. Image
While this is challenging, what is most infuriating to us is that many students are also reporting loss of employment in on-campus student worker positions across a wide array of offices and departments, including Kennedy Theatre, UH Athletic Services, and at the CCs.
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