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1/n Shriman! RV X.91.14 doesn’t talk of slaughter of horse,bull,oxen etc.

The Rucha reads as:

यस्मि॒न्नश्वा॑स ऋष॒भास॑ उ॒क्षणो॑ व॒शा मे॒षा अ॑वसृ॒ष्टास॒ आहु॑ताः । की॒ला॒ल॒पे सोम॑पृष्ठाय वे॒धसे॑ हृ॒दा म॒तिं ज॑नये॒ चारु॑म॒ग्नये॑ ॥RV 10.91.15
& explanation is below:
2/n The attributions for RV 10.91.14 are:

ऋषि: -अरुणो वैतहव्यः
देवता -अग्निः
छन्द: -जगती
स्वर: -निषादः

(यस्मिन्) जिस उपासना में लाये परमात्मा में अथवा जिसके आश्रय में(उक्षणः)सींचने में समर्थ (अश्वासः)घोड़े (ऋषभासः)वृषभ(वशाः)कमनीय दूध देनेवाली गौवें (मेषाः) contd
3/n ऊन देनेवाली भेड़ बकरियाँ (अवसृष्टासः) पर्याप्त (आहुताः) अभिप्राप्त (कीलालपे) उस अन्नरक्षक (सोमपृष्ठाय) सौम्य औषधीरस जैसा आनन्द स्पृष्ट किया है, आत्मा में भावित किया है जिसके आश्रय से, उस (वेधसे-अग्नये)उस

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#SadarPranam to the “Guru” within you @DalrympleWill ji on auspicious day of #Gurupoornima. I read the whole article of @iamrana & trust me there is nothing in it that justifies “Mughals made India rich”. I give my argument in string below. U may respond should u have substance.
2/n I deliberately chose to respond you but not to @ReallySwara @ashoswai or @acjoshi as they just speak without research.

So why did Babur never go back from India? It wasn’t bcoz he loved “Bharata”.

I’m sure that you know it well sir, but chose not to speak.I explain 👇🏼
3/n S. M. Ikram writes in his book “Muslim Civilization in India” that “Babur paid attention towards India only because he had lost everything in Samarkand “ (paraphrased).

Details in Snippet. The link to the book:…
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @_sabanaqvi ji.

As you pick Ambedkar’s idea to look at VarnaWyastha & miss to mention “Azral” apart from Ashraf,Azlaf.Let me show you how Ambedkar perceived Islam’s social evil in thread below.Respond in full capacity.

Ref book (in image)
2/n Ambedkar writes in beginning of Chapter X, pp 215, that the Indian Muslim society is no different when it comes to social evil.
3/n Ambedkar mentions on page 220, that Muslims have all evils of “Hindus” & even something more.
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @asadowaisi . U say“ Jai Bhim,Allahu Akbar & Jai Hind” against“Vande Mataram, Jai Shri Rama, Bharata Mata Ki Jai”, I find it bigotry. Explanation in thread below. You may respond in full capacity but not before n/n
Ref Book (in image)
2/n You say “Jai Bhim” but any idea Ambedkar’s opinion about I$lam wrt India?

In Ambedkar’s opinion I$lam has only contempt & enmity for others & one can’t be true Muslim by accepting India as motherland.

See details in Snippet(Pakistan Or Partition Of India
by Ambedkar,p325)
3/n Ambedkar mentions on pg 294 that a Mu$lim can’t accept a Hindu Government for they consider “Hindus” as “Kafir”, hence inferior.

Mu$lims even considered low of Hindus despite they supported whole heartily in Khilafat Movement.
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within @t_d_h_nair ji. I’m sorry but before I expln,hw u have made fool of urself by quoting Martin Haug’s interpretation for “Aitareya Brahmanam”, let me show u mirror for “Niars” & “cow meat”. Read the string & respond if u have enuf substance.
2/n Prema A. Kurien mentions in her book “Kaleidoscopic Ethnicity: International Migration and the Reconstruction of ...” that Nayars avoided beef & even lamb meat to great extent. Check this snippet (pg no 124).
3/n While being inducted into the military,a Nair warrior having finished studying the art of warfare from Kalari took oath with King as primary witness to protect “Brahmins” & “cows”. This is documented by Duarte Barbosa, a 16th century Portuguese writer.
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @MamataOfficial .Your recent indigestion moment for #JaiShriRam has made me put few facts about Vishnu worship in Bengal. It’s bit too old (As per records it’s 1st-2nd Century AD or b4). Read this thread. Cc @RajivMessage @Sanjay_Dixit
2/n I’m sure that you recognise the image above since you are a proud “Bangali”. This is Susunia inscriptions: 4th Century A D (The earliest discovered inscription talking of Vaishnavism). References below:
3/n “The Susunia Rock inscription,the earliest reference to the cult of Vaishnavism, is a short Sanskrit inscription in three lines engraved in Brahmi script, recording the installation of an img of Vishnu during the Chandravarman.”
History Of Ancient Bengal
byMajumdar, R. C,P31
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @PritishNandy Ji. @Payal_Rohatgi is absolutely correct when she says Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a British Puppet & he created the bad image of India in name of Sati. I explain in thread below. You may respond in full capacity but not before n/n.
2/n Raja wrote to Victor Jacquemont that “India requires many more years of English dominance so that she might not have many years to lose while she is reclaiming her political independence.”

Ref: Leaders of National Movement by Vidya Dhar Mahajan, pg 4…
3/n Raja Ram Mohan Roy proclaims that “Indians are fortunately placed by the Providence under the protection of the whole British Nation.”

Ref: Leaders of National Movement by Vidya Dhar Mahajan, pg 4…
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @waglenikhil ji. I’m sorry to say but you are spreading fake information about #Savarkar ‘s “Six Golden Pages” & also exposing ur flawed vocabulary skills. Read this string & respond(bt not b4 n/n)or else apologise for fakery. @Shubhrastha
2/n Let’s begin checking ur “use of words” as starter. You say “...totally anti-Muslim & Communal..” Any idea what does”communal”mean?

Is being Communal~Anti-Muslim? NO It’s not.

Definition of “Communal” in image2. In short anything relating to “one community” is “Communal”.
3/n So @waglenikhil by internationally accepted definition of “Communal” anyone calling “anti religion~communal” is but a FOOL. Do you get it?

Further,bcoz you have spoken for Gandhi, while shunning Savarkar. Let me give you a comparative though I’m an admirer of Gandhi. Read👇🏼
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1/n #SadarPranam to “Ishwara”within u @acjoshi ji. I saw ur recent exchange with @madhukishwar & @TarekFatah .I’m sorry to say but arguments from u abt Hinduism,Bhagwad Gita & Hindutva seemed highly flawed + mediocre. I explain in string below. Don’t respond until n/n .
2/n Let’s first begin with, you disagreeing with what Madhu ma’am stated. She said: In this century of Lord Vishnu has come in avatar of Tarek Fateh. & then Ashish sir, u come with baseless argument (underlined in SS). Let me explain how you are wrong here. Read below:
3/n The shloka of context is:
यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भव- ति भारत ।

अभ्युत्थान- मधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्- ॥४-७॥

परित्राणाय- साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्- ।

धर्मसंस्था- पनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥

Translation for you sir, as you seem unaware of it (in image):
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1/n #SadarPranam to “Ishwara” within you @DalrympleWill ji. Babur’s truth is neither the baby in arms of “William”nor”Sanghis” that it can be tailored per choice. Read 👇🏼 where I quote from “Baburnama” which tramples your rhetoric. You may respond in full capacity. @Sanjay_Dixit
2/n On Monday the 9th of the first Jumada, we got out of the suburbs of Agra, on our journey (safar) for the Holy War...

Babur writing abt the battle against the Rajput Confederacy led by Maharana Sangram of Mewar. In Babur-Nama, translated by A.S. Beveridge, pp. 547
3/n (Holy-War~Jihad), isn’t it @DalrympleWill ji? Now let me take you further thru “Baburnama”.

“On this occasion I received a secret inspiration and heard an infallible voice say: 'Is not the time yet come unto those who believe...
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