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1/n @TandonRaveena ji, #SadarPranam . You will be surprised to know Communists have laid India down on various fronts including Indo-China war. You may read this thread of tweets where I present sources from @CIA dossier. It began with Kerala Elections 1957. Pl read on 👇🏼
2/n #CPI for the first time came to power in Kerala in 1957, which made into international news among communist world.

July 1957, EMS Namboodaripad was asked by the Soviets to forward a full report on the methods used to attain power via elections.
3/n Interestingly HS Surjit and others were working with the Soviet Communists to setup an underground party.

Feb 1958,an official of the Soviet Embassy contacted CPI Leaders to renew the request to setup an underground organization.
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#SadarPranam @PrashantKishor ji. Why shouldn’t #CAA_NRC be applied in Bihar? As per the Constitution of India no state can go against it. I explain it wrt Constitution in this thread, as you seem to have never read it.

Read thread & respond should u have enuf substance.
2/n India is a “union of states”, “not a federation of states” which is headed by the @rashtrapatibhvn . The PM & the Council of Ministers are appointed by the President to run the Republic of India. The Governor is head of states being the nominee of the President.
3/n The @rashtrapatibhvn acts on the advice of the @PMOIndia as per article 74 of the Constitution. Interestingly Indira Gandhi through 42nd amendment made it mandatory for the president to accept advice of PM & council of ministers.

Read snippet from the Constitution
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1/n #SadarPranam @ShashiTharoor ji. Saw this fake table shared by @anubhavsinha & you.I chose to respond to you than former for I don’t like talking to bullies.

I have discussed myths abt “Hindutva & Hinduism” in my book #ModiAgain :An Ex-Communist’s Manifesto” too. (Pg 96-99)
2/n I start of with 1st point & trust me what it says is exactly opposite of truth. I’m surprised a language expert like you falls on this trap.

I’ll explain #Hinduism & #Hindutva one by one. But before that let’s understand the root word “Hindu” as starter. Read on👇🏼
3/n Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which means "a large body of water", covering "river, ocean".It was used as the name of the Indus river and also referred to its tributaries.
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1/n #SadarPranam @VishalBhardwaj ji. There has been lots of fuss about #Faiz & his poem but it’s unfortunate that most of the people have deviated from hard facts in order to take sides.

I request you to read thread below where I explain the concern.
2/n In fact the great Historian @irfhabib tries to school people about #Faiz but misses the root point.

What is really important right now is to speak a bit about a very important poem “Vande Mātaram” with its reception.
3/n Syed Imam Ali,a Shi’a Muslim,President of Muslim League condemned Vandematram on December 30,1908.

Source: Vande Mataram: A Historical Lesson by A. G. Noorani, Economic and Political Weekly
Vol. 8, No. 23 (Jun. 9, 1973), pp. 1039+1041-1043 (4 pages)
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1/n #SadarPranam @Javedakhtarjadu sir. Perhaps you don’t know much about #BhagatSingh . Pray,read the thread below & tell me how many Marxists except @TarekFatah can agree with Bhagat Singh who u claim to be a Marxist.

“Bhagat Singh writes: Muslims totally lack Indianness. “
2/n Source for above: “The Problem of Punjab's Language and Script” by Bhagat Singh. Written in 1923. published in Hindi Sandesh on February 28, 1933.

That apart while Marxists of today hate #Savarkar ,Bhagat Singh was highly inspired by him. Read on.
3/n In his Jail Dairy, Bhagat Singh quotes #Savarkar from “Hindu Pad Padshahi”. A book that is hated by most of the so called “Marxists”.

By the @Javedakhtarjadu sir, what’s your opinion about “Hindu Pad Padshahi”?
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1/n #SadarPranam @sagarikaghose ji, let me expose ur list of patriotic kings one by one. Follow the thread.

Siraj ws losing grip on Bengal for his tyrant character & Sexual Debauchery. He used to disguise himself as a woman &gain entry into the women’s quarter
2/n Among his victims was the daughter of Jagat Seth. Certainly, Siraj was forming various such enemies because of his pervert & tyrant character. Shouldn’t one have a doubt that why Jagat Seth sided with East India Company, essentially against his own enemy.
3/n Source for 1/n & 2/n Calcutta: A Cultural & Literary History by Krishna Dutta

The character of Siraj was reputed to be worst ever known.He had not only distinguished himself in all shorts of debaucheries but also by revolting cruelty.
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1/n #SadarPranam @iftikhargilani ji. Your understanding about destruction of Nālandā is absolutely unclear. @ASIGoI sources say:it was the Muslim Invasion which destroyed it.

Refer this thread where I cite references from Accession No 57346 of Central Archaeological Library.
2/n Nālandā wasn’t just just place of Buddhist teachers but was also Center for various other Dharmas which included Hindus too.

The accessed work of @ASIGoI also states that the Center was destroyed by new Faith: obviously Islam.
3/n The writer makes imp assertion that it’s a point worth noting that restoration happened post Mihirkula Invasion but not post Muslim Invasion.

Unlike Hunas, Muslim Invasion Left none, & destruction was not feasible to be undone.
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @FarOutAkhtar ji. It wasn’t just the inaccurate map but whole poster was anti-India Propoganda. Let me make you aware since @Javedakhtarjadu uncle didn’t. Read the whole thread below👇🏼@TVMohandasPai
2/n Here is your tweet & poster for which you gave clarifications.

Lets begin clarifying the the highlighted part @FarOutAkhtar .

#CAA doesn’t apply to any Indian not even Hindus so how does it exclude Indian Muslims? Pl clarify for u have added unrest for useless thing.
3/n @FarOutAkhtar when #CAA is combined with #NRC only Hindus,Buddhists,Jains,Sikhs,Parsis & Christians frm Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Pakistan who have come to India before 31-12-2014 get its benefit. Every other Indian including Muslims have to go through same procedure as Hindus.
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1/n #SadarPranam @ValaAfshar ji. But why @bbcideas & even u fail to acknowledge one of the oldest founder of “Algorithm”, ie Āryabhaṭa (5th Cen CE) who briefly explained it in Āryabhaṭīya by applying it as so called “linear Diophantine equation” (ax + by=c)?
2/n Source of above: Aryabhatiya-with-English-commentary
by Prof. K. S. Shukla

Bhāskara I (7th Cen CE) gave a detailed description of the algorithm with several eg from astronomy in his Āryabhatiyabhāṣya.

He gave algorithms the name Kuṭṭaka. (Source in Snippet)
3/n You know what Literature & Science began to develop 750-850 CE but as you see from earlier tweets,Indians already had established Algorithm.

Source: In Snippet
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within u @zafarsareshwala sir. I’m sorry to say u are grossly wrong. Follow this thread to know ur glitch.

Mauryans were first to unite India
At Peak-
Source : “East-West Orientation of Historical Empires and Modern States”
2/n @zafarsareshwala sir, India was very well connected North to South long before Mughals barged in India.

“Epigraphia Zeylancia”’s Inscription 13(13th Cen) mentioned in Volume-2 talks of road based connectivity from NW to Ceylon
3/n @zafarsareshwala sir, as you speak of great Administrative system of Mughals. Let me take you through this graph in snippet. What does it speak of?
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