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#MachineLearning engineer. #NLU hobbyist. #AutisticZebra (#autism & #EhlersDanlos). Guitarist, singer, songwriter. Rude-sounding kind person. (he/they)
May 29, 2019 4 tweets 1 min read
For perspective, a 30 point difference separates average IQ from intellectual disability. I have more of a difference in my cognitive abilities as a single person, than your average Joe does from someone who has an intellectual disability. People don't see that. They see me put my foot in my mouth and sound like an ass, while I struggle to get what I really meant to say out. It's supremely frustrating, especially when it keeps happening, which has brought me to the brink of becoming a recluse or committing suicide-
May 29, 2019 8 tweets 2 min read
Something I don't talk about much, because, tbh, I'm ashamed to some degree, and afraid ppl will bully me for it as they have in the past: I'm not only #autistic, but highly #gifted. They call ppl like me "twice gifted". Twice isolated would be more like it. I'm a National Merit Scholar. I missed 5 questions total (together worth 3 points) on my PSAT. I absorb information, especially about science and math, like a sponge. I have an IQ just shy of 140.