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Why I’m proud to be autistic.
I’m proud to be autistic because it means I’ve rejected the narrow, prejudiced, pejorative definition of autism most people subscribe to.
I’m proud to be autistic because I’ve accepted the parts of myself that are different to what society expects of me.
I’m not denying my true identity to appease other people any more.
I’m proud to be autistic because of what it took me to get here.
A raw, painful retrospective exploration of six decades of my life.
It would have been easier to let things lie.
But I sought the truth.
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The “How did they NOT know I was #autistic as a kid” list-

I was:

1. The last kid picked in gym class
2. The kid that was always picked on
3. The kid accused of being a “know it all”
4. The kid paired up with the teacher on field trips.
5. The kid all alone at recess.
6. The kid who read “War and Peace” at age 7.
7. The kid who counted paragraphs ahead and read them over to be prepared to read aloud.
8. The kid who looked like they just rolled in a random pile of laundry before coming to school.
9. The kid who sucked their thumb till grade 3
10. The kid who organized all legos by shape, size, and color.
11. The kid who didn’t use a hairbrush until grade 4
12. The kid who shaved their eye brows off and drew them back on with permanent marker.
13. The kid who loved MacGyver
14. The kid who ate school supplies
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Yesterday’s episode of the The Untold on @BBCRadio4 was a tough listen.
It was about a 9 year old autistic child who’s started refusing to go to school.
It highlighted so many issues I thought I’d write a thread with some reflections.…
My first thought was how woefully inadequate the post diagnostic support seemed to be.
Although professionals had tried to help, the parents were clearly frustrated and confused.
And ‘Andrew’, the autistic child at the centre of this situation, was powerless and distressed.
The overriding sense was of a family overwhelmed.
Some people had suggested ‘Andrew’ was putting on a performance
because this bright, sensitive, autistic child clung to the wall like a barnacle, or hid in bushes, to avoid school.
But his distress was so obviously genuine.
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Things you can do to help #autistic people - start today and make our lives less horrifyingly stressful!

A thread 🧵
1. Give us time to respond - don't expect an answer immediately. Our brains work differently AND we'll almost certainly have a history of bejng misunderstood so we take our time. #autism
2. Don't imply anything when telling us what to do. Be straight up and clear as you can. Don't worry about upsetting or offending us by being blunt. We *love* blunt, generally speaking. #autism
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Last night my #autistic 15yo explained to me how they understand their #neurodivergent brain to work, in particular as relates to their ability to focus.
Imagine a bar, like a health bar in a game, that represents their total attention capacity. There are four things that can fill this bar: thoughts, sights, sounds and movement (eg fidgeting, hand flapping, chair spinning).
The extent to which thoughts on a given subject, like the one they're supposed to be learning in class, fill the bar is determined by their novelty, interest and challenge.
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Stop calling me a "self-advocate" in political stuff. I'm not here for me. I'm here for all autistic people, to protect a huge community.

No one ever called me a "bi/queer self-advocate", just a queer advocate.

Stop degrading #autistic & #disabled ppl like this. Thread. ⤵️
This means no offense to those Autistic folks who identify as "self" advocates.

But I'm not in this for my self. Using that language implies that I'm here to fight for my individual needs. I am a "self-advocate" when I'm alone, fighting a professor at school for accommodation
I'm a "self-advocate" when I challenge a doctor who has ignored my symptoms.
However, that's not when this language is used.

When I'm organizing autistic people across the country and doing years of research and engaging with my community, I'm not a "self" advocate.
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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New co-produced study defines #AutisticBurnout through experts with lived experience of #autistic burnout syndrome. Research by @JulianneHiggi16 @drsamarnold @liz_pellicano @JanelleWeise @3DN_UNSW. @AutismCRC, @NationalAutism @Autism…

A thread.
@JulianneHiggi16 @drsamarnold @liz_pellicano @JanelleWeise @3DN_UNSW @AutismCRC @NationalAutism @Autism @JulianneHiggi16, late-diagnosed autistic peer-researcher with experience of burnout with @drsamarnold noted that #autisticburnout was discussed in social media but not in academic literature. The @3DN_UNSW @liz_pellicano team brainstormed survey, Delphi or interview approaches.
@JulianneHiggi16 @drsamarnold @liz_pellicano @JanelleWeise @3DN_UNSW @AutismCRC @NationalAutism @Autism @JulianneHiggi16 identified the Grounded Delphi Method (GDM), enabling an emancipatory approach led by autistic adults positioned as experts by lived experience. Grounded theory with Delphi method, is useful for theory building and reaching consensus in under-researched areas.
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"What the fuck does Maysoon know about #Palestine? Who is she who dares to speak?" I grew up spending every summer of my life in Deir Debwan, a Palestinian village on the outskirts of Ramallah. In non pandemic years, I live part time in Palestine. I own a home and land.
My land is currently being threatened by the settlers who have outgrown Beit El. I married and later divorced a man who was born and raised in a refugee camp. He has 5 brothers. All 5 have been shot by the Israeli army. All 5 survived. One of them is #autistic. #IsraelApartheid
I spent a decade working on the ground in Palestine. The focus of my work was the mainstreaming of the disabled and wounded children into the #Palestinian school system. I also pioneered stand up comedy in Palestine. These are my people. My actual family lives under seige.
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Insomnia in #autistic people. A thread. Appropriate for this time of the day because it's midnight here in the UK. #autism #ActuallyAutistic /1
To make myself clear, insomnia is being unable to sleep and this can go on for a couple of days, weeks, months, and even years. It's an #autism trait for some autistic people and I will explain why. /2
Insomnia and sleeplessness (they're both the same thing) in autistic people can be triggered by sensory distractions. /3
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I would like to ask people to talk about “identities” instead of “labels” when talking about descriptions of yourself or others that are self-chosen and proudly-carried. I am thoroughly sick of saying people talking about “why label yourself”; “I don’t want to label my child” etc
when talking about important diagnoses such as #autism and #ADHD that are utterly essential to self-understanding and often become proud, self-chosen identities as a child grows up, and it’s even worse when people talk about #gender and #sexualities as “labels”.
Ultimately, “labels” have no function for the self; they exist purely for interactions with others. That doesn’t mean they can’t be useful and empowering, but to my mind it’s a huge misapprehension to describe #gender and #sexualities in this way and plays right into the idea
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Hey @target @AskTarget @TargetNews I love you. I do. But can I make a suggestion? The first round of suggestions didn’t work when I spoke to corporate about your blue Halloween buckets. I’m still upset over that and would love to chat more. DM me anytime.
My next suggestion is adding inclusive bathrooms to your stores. Including bathrooms areas that are private and can accommodate adults different toileting options (hint, not everyone can use a toilet).
I’m asking you because you seem to try to do right by your customers. You seem to care.

Did you know that there are many people, of all ages, that have to leave your store and go home because you don’t have accommodations set up for more accessible toileting options?
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Look at all this crap I did.

#autistichands ImageImage
Are my hands cut up always? Yes.

Are my feet dry af? Sure.

But am I rich? Also no.

It is contentment and inner peace that matters.

Which, SPOILER ALERT, I also don’t have. ImageImage
But I can toke till it stops hurting. Image
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Okay, it's that time the week where I swallow my pride and hype for the one person I never want to hype for...


Did you know that I have restarted my Patreon blog and have been writing pretty prolifically for the past month? Have a gander!
Here, I write about how choose to publicly live my life an #autistic person.

I want to talk about being autistic, I want to connect with others knowing that I am autistic. Basically, AUTISTIC AUTISTIC AUTISTIC!…
This is a great question. How do you know?

If you are #autistic, you know from an early age you are different. Other people do things that makes sense to everyone except you. Making friends becomes impossible in teen years. Ppl treat you differently 1/2

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Recent tweet triggered a memory:

My students once interviewed me on camera for a project. No notes, no preparation. Just "chatting."

When I saw the video I was shocked at how I sounded. I spoke so slowly I sounded drunk. At the time I was ashamed & embarrassed.

(cont'd 👇🏻 1/5)
Looking back, I think that was the first time I was ever really forced to "see" myself as others do. Not the version in my head.

The real me.

The #autistic me that struggles with communication. And who struggles to maintain a mask when stressed.

Like when on camera. 2/5
I couldn't prepare. Or memorize. Or control the environment. ALL of that worked against me. My brain shut down.

It was a struggle to organize my thoughts & a fight to get the words out. To sound educated. Intelligent. Like a teacher.

I wasn't even trying for charming. 3/5
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#Autism and Grief

Yrs ago I was in the middle of a vet appt for my dog when I heard a gut-wrenching wail from the exam room next door.

That sudden outpouring of grief seems to be a fairly typical reaction to a devastating event.

It’s very different for me.

a thread 🧵 1/15
Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen to find my dog stretched out, unmoving. Only a few hours earlier she’d wiggled her good mornings, eaten her breakfast, and seemed fine.

I never heard a thing. It was if she quietly lay down and slipped away.

She was still warm. 2/
Before I get too deep into this, let me address the misconception that #autistic people don’t feel emotions.

Somehow we’ve been saddled with an unfair stereotype: that of an unfeeling, uncaring robot.

The world has it so very wrong. 3/
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Since I have new followers, I guess I should introduce myself! And give you a heads up what to expect. 😂

a short thread 🧵

For starters, I write a lot of threads. 🤣 Mostly about #autism & #ADHD. I'm working to understand myself better. Twitter is my free therapist.

I'm also a massive sci fi nerd. I tweet A LOT of #StarTrek 🖖🏻 but love just about anything sci fi. #Stargate is top of the list.

Had to scroll deep to find this thread, but it's still my favorite I've written. Pretty much sums me up.


As for the boring stuff:

30; auburn, pale & freckled. I don't tweet pics of myself for privacy reasons.

Former science teacher; working from home

Texas hostage; liberal, will not discuss politics

Avid gardener, occasionally tweet that too

These two 👇🏻 are my life.

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When people who don’t realize I’m autistic ask me if I’m concerned that getting the COVID vaccine may change my DNA & cause something like autism. I ask them if it will now make me not autistic or what is my secret hope, make me super charged autistic? #DifferentNotLess (1)
Please know asking that tells me you’d rather risk COVID & potential death than to be autistic. While being autistic has caused challenges in my life, I still live a fulfilling, worthwhile life w/ many who love me as I am. I’m studying law & each day try to make a difference. (2)
Please know I don’t need or want a “cure” for being autistic, as I don’t feel there anything wrong w/ me. But I do feel there is something wrong w/ a society that devalues autistic people to the point that some assume that severe illness & even death is a better fate. (3)
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The other day I fell and banged my head.

That speaks to a much larger issue among some #autistic & #ADHD adults: the struggle with self-care.

It’s assumed we’re fine if we’re managing on our own. Except that behind closed doors, often we’re not.

So let’s talk about that. 🧵
❗️ Disclaimer: My experiences are my own. I'm not an advocate.

That said, I think others might relate to my struggles and with the stigma attached to adults who fail to adequately “adult.”

I hide my struggles from everyone. And suffer the shame of it alone. 2/
I struggle with a basic survival skill: remembering to eat. It’s why I got dizzy, lost my balance and cracked my head against the wall.

And the doorframe. Kitchen counter. Shower wall ...

It’s happened too many times to keep count. 3/
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Okay, so there's another argument brewing. And my big mouth got involved.

But this is actually deeply upsetting to me. I went 19yrs undiagnosed. I was bullied, abused, traumatized & subjected to violent parental ABA. All bc I was #autistic.

(continued 👇🏻 keep reading) 1/
Having a doctor tell me I was autistic didn't magically validate everything I went through. That trauma was real LONG before someone in "authority" decided to stamp a label on it.

I may not have known it was #autism, but I sure as hell knew the pain of it. 2/
Telling someone they don't understand disability simply because a doctor hasn't bopped them on the nose with a magic wand is horrifying.

How can anyone feel entitled to simply erase someone else's lived experience? The barriers to even GETTING a diagnosis are astronomical. 3/
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Anyone else struggle with knowing when something is genuine?

I take things at face value and then get told I'm naïve.

A (somewhat rambling) thread 🧵
Here's the context:

I retweeted someone asking for $ for medical expenses (something I never do). Showed the tweet to my mom and she rolled her eyes and said scornfully, "How old are you?"

And I was immediately flooded with shame & self doubt. 2/
Now I have NO idea if that tweet was genuine. It might have been completely legit.

The problem is I can't tell.

It's why my whole family thinks of me as an easy victim. Easily manipulated.

So I undid the retweet & now feel really stupid. 3/
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Anyone else think that a big issue with #parents thinking that food is “curing #autism” is the fact that it’s actually treating highly co-morbid #MCAS, and that people are just mistaking the behavioral impact on #MCAS as “an autism thing?”

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent
- It’s thought that 1 in 10 with #autism have #MCAS

- MCAS triggers can affect you systemically, & the chemical effects on your body cross the blood-brain barrier.

- Removing foods that have these chemical effects = less stress on the body, & the brain 1
- Less stress on the body & 🧠 (as this involves neurochemistry) causes less distress in general, so you see less of the signs of stress in that #autistic individual. You’re not “curing their autism.” 2
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So, only interested in #MBTI labels in terms of what they can help us learn about ourselves & others. (I can’t stand how they’re used in things like hiring decisions, some people having self-limiting beliefs, etc.)

That being said, who has helpful tips for an #INFP personality?
Particularly, I actually think I’d love tips on breaking past certain ways of operating, as an #INFP

I’m not going to be one of those that “comes up with the ideas, & passes them off to someone w/more power.” I have a history of seeing those w/power not listening to common sense
I think that the dreamers can be leaders. SHOULD be leaders.

People having positions of power only because they like the *feeling* of power - or bc they’re naturally charismatic, so people gravitate towards following them - it’s something that’s bothered me for a while.
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