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#autism and authority - a thread about, well, autism and authority. Please share, as it may be useful to people outside of my followers. Thank you! /1
So this will be a two part thread - firstly, #autistic attitudes towards those in authority, and secondly, how #autistic people handle being in a position of authority. /2
I've discussed before, in one of these endless threads I do, how #autistic people often struggle to know how to act around authority figures. Actually, that's not true - we don't seem to *care* how we act around authority. /3
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What would a good, useful and autism-friendly Autism Charitable Organisation actually be like, were one to exist?

A vaguely passive-aggressive thread about how too many charities are pants. /thread
1. It would not refer to accepting #autism diagnosis of your child as 'grieving' for the child you thought they were.
2. It would have a CEO and leadership team at least 50% of whom would be #autistic themselves. At least. I'm being conservative here guys.
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Autism and the arts: why this really isn't an unusual combination, despite the perception of #autism that exists in the public eye.

Please share, as ever. Raiding understanding a bit at a time. /1 #autism #Thread #Neurodiversity
The stereotype seems ancient and unarguable - #autistic people are science nerds, maths geeks, engineering boffins. They wear glasses and have strange habits. /2
But only one if these is typically true (the strange habit one, strange at least to neurotypicals). All the rest is an extreme tunnel-vision view of #autism, rather like looking at a birch tree and assuming all other trees are exactly the same. /3
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How to employ an #autistic person - a guide for employers everywhere.

Please share widely. Bear in mind these are just my thoughts, read responses to the thread for lots more insight. /1
#autistic people are disproportionately affected by unemployment and homelessness, so anything that may help autistic folk get a job is worthwhile I think. But the onus has always been on us, not employers. /2
Employers *need* to accept more #autistic people into their workplaces, if we're ever going to see an improvement in the stats. So here goes. /3
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#Autistic people are bullied for a variety of reasons. Let's go through them, through gritted teeth and with a sense of furious discontent that we have to deal with this crap. Please share, but beware I may get quite cross. /1
Firstly, #autistic people might get bullied for looking different. Bullies hate variety, it seems, so they target anyone who looks unlike the absolute average human of their age range. #autistic people can look quite different to the 'norm' for a variety of reasons. /2
We struggle with self care a lot when things are hard, so we may look a bit disheveled. We also often hate haircuts so longer hair is common. We may not like the feel of makeup, or have the spoons. /3
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This! It's not just the struggles you face, but how you handle them. If you're a parent, autistic child or not, but you abuse that child, then you are not a hero.
If you're a parent of a child, and you're doing the right thing, raising your child well, loving them unconditionally, and (at least never intentionally) never harming them, then you're being a parent, a good one.
A "hero", to me, is one that goes above and beyond what being a "good person" would do, but considering being a "good" parent includes doing everything you can for your child... I can't think of an example of a "hero" parent, but I could also be taking it too literally.
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Autism and Identity - a very painful thread.

Please share though, it might help people. /1

#autistic #autism
#autistic people who become adept at masking over the course of their early lives often use scraps of other people's behaviours to help them make their mask. /2
I think for many #autistic people, the mask is a kind of hodge-podge of fragments of other people's personalities, both real and fictional. /3
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Something that is fascinating for me at the moment is the question of what lies at the very core of #autism, and what #autistic traits are simply a result of conditioning from our daily traumatic experiences, should we have them. /1
I think the latter often get subsumed into 'autism' as a whole, which could muddy the waters as to what #autism actually is. How often are we mistaking 'after effects' of autism for key traits? /2
So for example, social anxiety is often seen as a key trait central to #autism, and yet its more likely to be a result of our different wired communication causing serious damage. /3
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Fact is, until an #autistic person can have a meltdown in public without the consequence of abuse, mockery or being arrested, we still have a long way to go.
Until an #autistic person can stim in public without fear of rebuke, laughing and pointing or worse, we have a long way to go. #AutismAcceptance
Until an #autistic person can 'act' as openly autistic in hospital without being restrained or wrestled by huge security guards, we still have a long way to go. #AutismAcceptance
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One huge thing that stands firmly in the way of #autistic advocacy (and also probably other disability advocacy) is trying to get across the fact autistic people are both capable and incapable *at the same time*. It's a vital nuance that is so easily lost. /1
So #autistic people rightly want to be clear on what they are able to do, even what they excel at, because a big part of the disabled existence is being made to feel lesser than a led people. It's natural to try to rebalance the scales. /2
Trouble is, the moment this is done, the *moment* capability is extolled, incapability is expunged. If we advocate strength, it comes at the expense of weakness, as if a person's overall capability is a zero-sum game. /3
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Autistic people are often assumed to have no sense of humour. Presumably this myth was put about by people who just weren't funny.

#autistic people *do* (usually) have a sense of humour, but it can be quite different to a neurotypical one. Thread - please share /1
When I was in my diagnosis process, the doctor was very interested in my sense of humour and noted that among #autistic people it was noticeable that dark humour was a favourite, as well as surreal humour. I matched this perfectly. /2
Dark humour is humour that utilises taboos to either generate or deepen laughs. So dark humour could be any that deals with death, depression, suicide, illness, insanity, gore, imprisonment, punishment and so forth. /3
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A linguist named Paul Grice took an interest in how it was that conversations actually work - how did people manage to make themselves understood when speech is such a complex thing? His answers have considerable interest to the #autistic community /1
He realised that underpinning all human verbal communication is quite a bold assumption - that the person we are communicating with is being cooperative. This is at the very core of his theory. #autism #linguistics /2
We assume (as a default position) that the person we're talking to is cooperating with us. We assume they are acting in good faith. And this gives human interaction an awful lot of creative freedom. /3 #autism #linguistics
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How does social anxiety actually work for #autistic people?

A thread of introspection, please share as it may be useful for folk who are unsure about whether they need a diagnosis. It's from my POV and I don't speak for all autistic people, bear in mind. /1
Everyone knows that #autistic people tend to struggle with socialising. That we may even have social anxiety. But as with all things #autism related, I think it may be more complicated than that. /2
The understanding that #autistic people are basically introverts who need space and alone time to recharge is common, and reasonably accurate, but only to an extent. For example - reply if you'd say you were an #autistic extrovert... /3
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50 Reasons why your #autistic adult (or you) may be in a Bad mood. Please share widely, add your thoughts and ideas too, make it a resource. #autism #Neurodiversity #thread #autistic /thread
1. Maybe they're too hot. They may not be dressed appropriately for the weather, to be honest. I struggle with this, having my favourite jeans that I'll wear without thinking during a heatwave, and spend all day grumpy as a sad badger. #autisticadults
2. Maybe they're too cold. Heavy woolly jumpers can be anathema to #autistic people, as can any rough material. Some of us hate wearing coats. We may need looking after with this, especially if we like the cold - we may not notice it's now too cold!
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A thread of numbers - how many people are autistic? Please share.

In 2012 the NHS ran a study that concluded that 1.1% of the population of the UK was autistic. This means around 700,000 people. /1
The same study concluded that 2% of men were autistic (around 640,000 individuals) and 0.3% were female (around 60,000 individuals). We start to see a problem. /2
We know female autism is massively underdiagnosed. Since 2012 there has been an anecdotally huge rise in the number of diagnosed and self-diagnosed female autistic people. The ratio could be well off. /3
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I found another person working to understand #suicide in #autistic people at #iasp2019! Kairi Kolves from Griffith Uni describing a national longitudinal register based study. We need more large scale studies, it’s encouraging to see more of this research taking place worldwide
Over 35,000 autistic people included in the national study in Belgium compared to 6million in the gen pop. Looked at suicidal behaviour and death by suicide and role of diagnosis, age, and sex.
Rate of death by suicide highest in those diagnosed with Asperger syndrome compared to other subtypes (similar finding to other work) #IASP2019
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Things not to say to #autistic people - a Public Service Announcement. Obviously generalised but should still be useful. Please share widely. /1
"Oh, so you're like Rainman yeah?"

No. No I'm not. Are you like Dorothy Gale? /2
"You don't look #autistic."

Oh sorry, I left my special hat at home. /3
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Teaching when autistic - a thread that may be useful. If you're into #education or #autism please share so I can continue to get people understanding it. Buckle up, it's thread time again folks. /1
Teaching in some ways doesn't fit well with stereotypical ideas of #autism. It's essentially a social activity, it involves dealing with people a lot, there are huge sensory issues and so forth. But I think it actually fits rather well. /2
There are, for a start, quite a lot of #autistic teachers. Enough, perhaps, for its own hashtag. This would suggest *something* about the profession works for the #neurodivergent. /3
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What's good about being #autistic? A positive thread. Please share. #autism #Neurodiversity /1
1. Sometimes the extreme empathy #autistic people can feel can be powerful and useful, like if it spurs you to do voluntary work or to try to change the world. /2
2. Our #autistic obsessions can make us, relatively quickly, expert on these subjects. This can be enormously useful for humanity generally, or just bring us tremendous pleasure. /3
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I struggle so much with being #autistic.

So this is a thread about all the POSITIVE things I can think of that my #autism does for me.

Most of my positives have negative effects AT THE SAME TIME.

But I need this & so do many others.
#MyAutism makes me very honest and direct.

Many people don‘t like this and it gets me into a lot of trouble because of that. I often can’t lie when I should for various reasons. I am still thankful for this.

I like my direct communication.
I like my honesty.
#MyAutism makes me creative, and immune to boredom.

I ALWAYS find things to do.
I don‘t need other people for this.

I‘d sometimes like to do things with others and am lonely but that‘s another issue.

My head is always full of ideas.

I like my creativity.
I like my ideas.
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My number one advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Accept us as we are!

Verbal, non-verbal, non-speaking, speaking, stimming, meltdowns, shutdowns, echolalia, dependency, different social interaction...

ALL autisticness is valid.
My number two advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Autistic needs are individual, varying, and fluctuating!

When we communicate our needs, believe us & listen.

Do your best to accommodate our needs.
We do to our best to accommodate yours.
My number three advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Learn about autism from autistic people!

Read our books, blogs, articles, watch our youtube videos, hear us speak at conferences...

If you have a platform - platform autistic people!
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Everyday things I can't do - how #autisticadults have to negotiate a difficult world, a thread. #autism #autistic #Neurodiversity please share widely. /1
1. Get a haircut. I hate having long hair. I also hate getting my hair cut. The sensory issues are massive - too much going on around my head, bright lights, uncomfortable chair, staring at mirror. Add to that the small talk and fear of a silly result, and its awful. /2
2. Take a different route. I feel physically unwell if I consider walking or driving a different way to the norm. It literally unsettles me terribly, and I will go to ludicrous lengths to avoid it. #autism /3
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Support isn't just the absence of malice. If you think it's ok to be gay, but you're not actually doing anything to uplift the gay community, you are accepting, but you're not supportive. Support is an action; it is actually doing things to help people.
Not being cruel isn't the same as being supportive. There is a neutral zone in between, where a lot of people are. They don't abandon someone for being gay, trans, ND, etc, but they don't actually do anything to help us either. They won't abuse us, but they won't stop others from
abusing us either. They won't call us slurs, but they conveniently miss it every time other people do.
I reiterate: support is an action. If you are not taking action to help a marginalised community, you are not supportive, even if you are accepting. And it's worth noting that
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50 reasons why your #autistic child might be in an extremely bad mood. By an #autistic adult who is still in a bad mood. #thread #autism #Neurodiversity /1
1. They might be too hot. Yes, it's only 21°C... They might still be too hot. I'm too hot right now. #autism #autisticparent
2. They may be too cold. Stands to reason. You might not be cold, but they may be. Temperature sensitivity is a big deal for #autistic people. #autisticparent
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