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2 Jun 20
.@protctdemocracy’s mission statement is “Protect Democracy formed to prevent American Democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government.”

We’ve identified 6 buckets that are part of the dictator’s playbook:
1. Quashing dissent. Out projects to protect all Americans abilities to dissent are here and they include suing the President for 1st amendment violations:…
2. Delegitimizing communities. Dictators turn communities against each other by saying some people “really” belong and others don’t. Sound familiar? Our work on that is here:…
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29 May 20
People have been asking what 3rd degree murder means (what the offer was charged with) and the different legal standards around some of this stuff in the case around the killing of #GeorgeFloyd. A thread:
In criminal law there are two elements to a crime mens rea and actis rea.

So that’s the mental state and the act.

Different degrees of murder have different mental states and slightly different definitions of the act.
3rd degree murder is no intent to kill but someone dies anyway due to depraved or reckless behavior. Carries up to 25 years.

You may be wondering how this can be if you saw the video.
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29 Dec 19
My guidelines and limits are slightly different. Thought I’d share mine too, in case they’re helpful:
1. I won’t attack people or name call. I can disagree with an argument or policy position but I do my best not to attack people.
2. I don’t share content I disagree with even to fact check it or say that it’s wrong. I don’t drive engagement or clicks to content that’s created in bad faith.

Instead, I will share factual information or the counter argument.
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28 Dec 19
As someone who has spent most of my time since November 2016 trying to stop the decline of democracy in the United States, I can’t really explain what it’s like to watch what’s happening in India (the country I was born in and am from) right now.
I grew up hearing a few repeated stories about India.

One was about partition - my grandfathers on both sides were refugees from Pakistan to India.

The second was about the pluralism of India. My mom would talk about the mosque, temple and Gurdwara being next to each other.
After 9/11, I heard remembrances of what India was like after Indra Gandhi was assassinated. My dad was so proud that in the US, Bush got on TV and defended Muslims.

Of course, all these stories are incomplete and through just the lens of my families experiences.
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17 Mar 19
It’s really hurtful that some people see turbans and view that as something to be afraid of.

Sikhs wear the turban/have long hair as a way to be publicly identified as in service to others. The idea is if you see someone in a turban, you’d know you could go up and ask for help.
A couple responses to things in my mentions:

1) Just because you didn’t know something doesn’t mean it’s not “widely known” or true. Read a book.
2) Comparing oppression and suffering only helps the oppressor.
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8 Feb 19
.@JillAbramson at @the_wing about her book saying, “I did make some errors.”

She added (I’m paraphrasing) that as a journalist all you can do is try to fix errors as quickly as possible.
“Whether to tape or not to tape is a great illustration of a theme in the mentors definitely said ‘don’t tape, it creates a barrier’”....”it is a generational divide and a technological divide.”
@amychozick is asking @JillAbramson about Trump’s criticism of media and the lack of trust in news.

Btw, Trump has gone beyond critiquing and used the power of his office to retaliate. That’s why @PENamerican is suing Trump for 1st amendment violations:…
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15 Oct 18
Favorite podcast with a woman host? I really like podcasts that do interviews!
I’ll try all the ones I haven’t already and let you know what I add to my rotation!
Self promotion encouraged!
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28 Sep 18
I don’t remember the Anita Hill hearings (I was 1), but I’ve seen the movies/documentaries and read the book.

I know a lot of people are in deep despair right now but I think that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is another step towards progress. Still too slow. Thread:
1. I’ll say at the outset that I think it very much matters that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is white. If this were a Black woman and a Black nominee, the dynamics and culture would be different.
2. Dr. Blasey Ford felt comfortable coming forward. She reached out to her Senator (a woman!) with this information. She thought it might matter.

Professor Hill answered questions by the FBI during a background check and did so reluctantly. She knew she wouldn’t be believed.
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2 Sep 18
People’s response to McCain’s passing and his memorial today shows me that we are very bad at nuance.
John McCain fought for and served his country. He had a life dedicated to serving the public.

He also made a number of racist comments over the years and consistently voted in ways that hurt marginalized people. Also, Sarah Palin.
George Bush got on TV after 9/11 and defended Muslim Americans. My parents were in awe.

He then got us into a nonsensical war that included gross human rights violations. He also presided over economic policies that led to the Great Recession.
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23 Aug 18
Someone should tell him that land distribution was part of the agreement that ended apartheid.

The dog whistles are sirens.

Here’s my piece on what I learned about ending institutional racism by studying South Africa:…
International outrage about a “genocide” against white farmers in South Africa ignores the data…
Here is the history of land restitution. It’s literally in the constitution of South Africa.…
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11 Jul 18
Hi. I was on the @ForbesUnder30 list this year. I have heard a lot of critiques of the list and how intergenerational wealth/access plays a role in success, especially at a young age.

I think lists/stories like this should include people’s debt as well as wealth for context.
We should also include how people make use of government programs and resources to succeed relative to jobs created.

The roads we drive on? Didn’t build it.

The postal service that delivers products? Didn’t build it.

The huge tax break she’ll get this year? Didn’t earn it.
We should also talk about how much more expensive it is to be poor than well off.

The inability to buy thinks in bulk really reduces your marginal profit.

High interest rates on loans rather than loans from parents cuts into profits.

Being unbanked? Credit scores? Etc.
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10 Jul 18
The women’s march if this happened...

70% of the country is pro-choice. CC: @VoteChoice
However, I don’t think many people are vocal about their views. I’ve heard people who’ve done much deeper dives in the space than me say that folks will profess to be anti-choice, but when you dig deeper it’s more complicated.
People seem to have an imaginary idea of who gets an abortion and what qualifies as a “good” abortion and a “bad” abortion. Of course, when you make laws, those distinctions are hard to create. I think when women realize THEIR rights may be changed, they’ll push back.
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17 Dec 17
Many people I know have the day off. Plus, it will be easier to mobilize my family since I’ll be with them.
has begun organizing a rapid response:…
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2 Dec 17
What’s the best explainer of #GOPTaxPlan that you’ve read?
This is a great detailed explanation of #GOPTaxPlan but is written for someone with more familiarity of the tax code than most people. Looking for something similar that actually explains each thing:…
This is a little better in giving you a sense of what it would be like for 5 different families under the new #GOPTaxPlan. Ideally, an interactive version would be best so people could see what it would mean for them:…
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