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Media: The Democrat Enforcer (and party propaganda arm)…
The media are the Democrats' Luca Brasi, the #MeToo movement the gun.

Democrats have repeatedly warned the GOP not to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, but Republicans aren't getting the message. Send in the muscle.
To accuse Kavanaugh of being wildly drunk and attacking this woman is like accusing Mother Teresa of stealing from the poor before she became a nun
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Listening to the #MeToo special on @TheCurrentCBC and I have some QUESTIONS about Neil Boyd's analysis on the "well, aren't we conflating some bad behaviour things with sexual assault?" (Aziz Ansari was the example used).
The problem isn't that people don't know how to distinguish between different kinds of behaviours across the wide spectrum of what we might call sexual misconduct. The problem is that the mechanisms we have to deal with violence themselves do a poor job of addressing nuance.
We want people to make use of the criminal justice system because we consider it the "correct" way to address sexual violence, but then the same people get mad about the fact that the broadest category in the Canadian Criminal Code includes both groping and rape, for instance.
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It doesn't matter if no concrete evidence comes out. If this works, everyone involved will be celebrated as heroes. Harry Reid admitted to lying about Romney's taxes, grunted "It worked, didn't it?" and media laughed and slapped him on the back.
Some people assume this stunt could really blow up in the Dems' faces. There is little reason to think so, no matter what occurs. At worst, the media narrative will be about deeply caring people getting a little overzealous while calling attention to a Very Important Issue.
Even if this all ended with concrete proof Kavanaugh's accusers are lying or one of them admitted it, DNC Media would respond by flooding the zone with hand-wringing pieces about a vicious "backlash" from pouncing Republicans that threatens to damage the noble #MeToo movement.
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I think about this paragraph from my novel every single day now.
Also it has been super interesting to be asked on tour about #metoo in relationship to this novel as I wrote it two years before #metoo existed as prominently as it does now.
Which is to say it has always been here. In our lives.
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The saga continues. These new developments (3 decades ago) follow a pattern, not sexual assault, a pattern of lies and abuse by Democrats and their operatives. Step back and look, it’s too obvious, they can’t help themselves, and they’re laying it on too thick and all wrong
When the first thin 36 year old accusation popped up two weeks ago… these “new” 36 year old accusations obviously existed. Right? Absolutely. #MeToo wouldn’t they have piled on right then to lend credibility to Dr Ford?
If that was the motivation they absolutely would have come forward within days of Dr Ford’s public outing. No question.
That’s how #MeToo works.
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The #MeToo movement wasn't "coopted." It was crap from the start. Communism in weaponized form.
Why does the shit #MeToo movement get this disgusting pink gif? I don't even know what that crap is.

Give me a gif for the #MensMovement
Personally, I find the institutionalized war against men--whereby family courts prevent men from seeing their own kids based on lies from deranged women--more problematic than whores who regret sex afterwards.
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How many men watching Brett Kavanaugh being smeared and falsely accused with the media’s reckless assistance are thinking about new rules in their daily life like never being alone with a woman? Just out of sheer self preservation it sounds better than having your life destroyed.
What’s really treacherous about what the Democrats are doing to Brett Kavanaugh is that they’re weaponizing what was a non-partisan reckoning about assaults + harassment and turning it into a political dirty bomb. They’re stealing goodwill from #MeToo⁠ ⁠and using it for a scam.
When we look back on this farcical display of vile partisanship it will be remembered with horror not just because a good man and his family were recklessly attacked but because it hurt a movement of real victims whose claims were taken less seriously because of dirty politics.
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I have not tweeted one word doubting Ford's story (thought I have certainly mocked and criticized the process to get her to testify) and have been waiting to hear her out. But this Ramirez story reads so insanely fake I can't believe it's being entertained.
I mean, is this a joke. 35 years later she wasn't sure but 35 years plus 6 days later she was?
Everyone she named who would have been there or heard about it categorically denies seeing it happen or ever hearing about it. But then Farrow gets random others to say she's a good person who would never lie and they "cannot imagine her making this up." Start imagining, dude.
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Find your Senator's twitter account and phone # here… #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
In 1991 a bi-partisan agreement delayed the confirmation of Judge Thomas to allow for further FBI investigation, thus setting the precedent you claim doesn't exist @chuckgrassley #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
In an April 2014 speech to the Yale Law School Federalist Society, Brett Kavanaugh had a clear recall of binge drinking and partying. @senbobcorker @pattymurray #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
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Kavanaugh and the #MeToo Terror
But what makes this all the more pernicious is the Orwellian mindset they’ve adopted of a person being guilty until proven innocent. It turns the entire basis of our legal system, even our society, on its head.
We have always operated under the idea of due process and the presumption innocence. But in this age of sexual McCarthyism, all precedent is out the window.
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at last read the now-infamous Jian Ghomeshi "Reflections from a Hashtag" in New York Review of Books. problem begins w/ the title: Ghomeshi wants readers to think that his predicament is a consequence of #MeToo , not his own egregious & much-repeated misogynist behavior.
next problem, tone: Ghomeshi wants readers to think of him as a naughty boy who'd behaved badly, maybe, but not nearly so badly as #MeToo, or rather "women," are claiming. indeed, poor charismatic J.G. is a martyr--not to his own crude behavior but to injustice of #MeToo. unfair!
third problem, duplicity: Ghomeshi glides over the myriad charges against him which would be in US aggravated sexual assault, pretending that his "public toxicity" (his word) is not in fact private, much-repeated "toxicity"--sexual assaults against at least twenty women.
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South Carolina...
I’ve been to Charleston, a quite progressive and educated city of the south...
It’s time for SC to do better and rise to the 21st century. If minorities and woman show up, this waffling pawn is gone next round.
Lindsey Graham: Appoint special counsel to investigate "bureaucratic coup" against Trump. 😂
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This column sums up my entire emotional state this Sunday morning.
Particularly this:

"As a woman, as a loving parent myself, I am angry. I’m beyond angry. As the spectacle of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination unfolds, I find myself caught in the undertow of bad memories, stuck in a simmer of rage. My hands furl into fists...
"...My jaw clenches. My teeth grind in the night. I send my daughters out into the world each day, with a wave and a smile, and then I come inside and want to cry out of fury and frustration, because the world has not changed fast enoughIt’s one thing to say #MeToo...
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FFS. @onthemedia just aired a long exchange of @JHockenberry's editor explaining JH couldn't really do damage to the women he sexually harassed since he's in a wheelchair!

Using #disability to excuse sexual harassment FOR WHICH JH WAS FIRED is outrageous. I'll explain why.
First, like @JHockenberry, I am also paralyzed and in a wheelchair. And myriad studies have shown women who are #disabled are more likely to be sexually harassed and assaulted than non-disabled women. There is, in fact, also, an entire porn culture around women in wheelchairs.
There is also a long, extended discourse about how #disabled men deserve/need sexual releases. (There is no such discourse about disabled women.) Hockenberry's editor claimed, while laughing, "he can't exactly leap up & grab someone."

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@KimStrassel PLEASE find out who wrote “the letter” originally reported it was a law professor at Stanford that had heard the story then morphed into Ford writing it? Additionally Ford went and spoke to Ashoo for 90 minutes because she requested a meeting.…
What a duo🙄
Typical hypocrites where is outrage about Willy @RepAnnaEshoo #MeToo
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I wanna share my thoughts about believing women who claim they've been sexually assaulted. I normally tend to listen in on these convos and never comment publicly, but I feel my thoughts will be helpful to folks. Namely, black men, especially, need to do better on this subject.
I'll start off by saying that I have learned so much by listening to women share their stories of assault and had no idea how abusive men are. That ignorance shows how being a man can inoculate us from the harm women face everyday. That, in itself, is troubling.
As a man, I really have not had to consider dangers to my body in remotely the same way a woman has to on a daily basis. I also admit that, for a long time, I was pretty ignorant of the workplace and casual abuse women deal with. #MeToo has been an education.
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1) Starting a thread to review #BrettKavanaugh with respect to his conduct towards women. Since that is what is under attack.

Let’s go there.

(Full disclosure: I am biased in favor of his confirmation, not because of his record per se but because I want military tribunals now.)
2) I guess you could consider this citizen activism or volunteer PR.

Call it what you want, you aren’t going to convince logical people of anything unless you look at both sides.
3) So we are going to look at everything it is possible to find using publicly available data. Within the span of an hour or so.
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What Democrats Have Become
Let us posit that the one thing not at issue here is the truth. As a matter of law and fact, Ms. Ford’s accusation can be neither proved nor disproved. This is as obvious now as it must have been when Dianne Feinstein and the other Democrats came into possession of this incident.
Surely someone pointed out that based on what was disclosed, this accusation could not be substantiated. To which the Democrats responded: So what? Its political value is that it cannot be disproved.
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Please allow me a brief moment to put this Kavanagh issue into proper focus. A thead.
If you follow current events, even just casually, you probably noticed the Kavanagh nomination has been unprecedentedly pushed back on and obstructed in any and every possible way.
Just a brief recap:…
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The Dems #MeToo has been weaponized before. In 2015 it was against international PR whiz kid, Trevor Fitzgibbon. Fitzgibbon was accused of assault & rape by left wing activists w/backing of left wing groups (Soros)
because of his support of Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton and his association/representation of Wikileaks/Snowden/Bradley Manning. Fitzgibbon ended up losing everything: $5Mil International PR Firm, marriage and home.
Journalist, @SharylAtkinson interviewed Trevor Fitzgibbon in Shades of Grey which aired June 3, 2018 - Shades of Grey - Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson -…
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What if I told you THIS is why they created #MeToo.
#MeToo was designed to create a “sacred” place which cannot be assailed by political opponents without inflicting mortal damage upon themselves. Like a terrorist lobbing hand grenades from a schoolhouse filled with their enemy’s children.
Carefully constructed over the last year for such an use as this. #Metoo uses the pain and suffering women endure as victims of sexual predators as a “sacred” launch pad for attacks. But nothing is too sacred for use. If you ever doubted the evil on the left, doubt no more.
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What patriarchal men—and complicit women—don't comprehend about rape, attempted rape, sexual assault, harassment, molestation, etc., is that the victim NEVER FORGETS. Never. It doesn't matter if they were a child, a teenager, or a grown woman. #WhyIDidntReport 1/16
There is something so elementally vile & shocking about another person—boy or man—violating your personal space, your body; your safety & sense of autonomy, that the minutia of the incident—the sounds, smells, moments, emotions—stick w/ you. They impact you. #WhyIDidntReport 2/16
One @GOP woman actually said, "but there was no intercourse, there was just a touch," as if "no big deal." What she left out—beyond the egregious details of the attack—was the fact that even "a touch," if unwanted, if refused, if forced, is a violation. #WhyIDidntReport 3/16
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I have put details of my #MeToo story on Twitter this week that I have never made public before in my life. I have done it because I am a part of the bloodletting that is #WhyIDidntReport.

One of the things that it has led me to say several times is that were it not for my dad, who never doubted me, believed me from the moment I told him, found me a lawyer, and sat with me through the trial, I would not be as strong as I am today.

All it takes is 1 person who believes you & has your back. Even better if it is a man who commits to doing what you need, come what may and damn the consequences.

I owe my dad a lot. I owe him more than anything for his unwavering belief in me for as long as I've been alive.

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