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How not to handle a #MeToo case #MeTooIndia…

This is Sanjjannaa Galrani, a Kannada film actor who has been coerced into apologizing for sharing her #MeToo story. In this video, she is with Nagendra Prasad, President, Kannada Film Directors' Association
I have attempted to transcribe the gist of this video.
Sanjjannaa: I haven't done this with the intention of maligning anyone. Several people in the association have taken this personally, they have been hurt. I've also listened to senior actors Ambareesh, Rockline (Venkatesh) and Doddanna, and have arrived at this decision...
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I can't imagine how difficult the last month's been for the brave women who've spoken their #MeToo stories & the brave women for whom it's still hard to speak. This is a revolution and it's been a long time coming. But I've been perplexed by the reaction of us men. #Thread
It's been difficult navigating conversations with fellow men over the last month, particularly as someone who's been speaking up on #MeToo& who's known both survivors & (unfortunately) perpetrators, and has been deeply affected by that.
(This won't be preachy, please read ahead)
Yes, there are men who are empathetic and kind; then there are conversations that've revolved around 'Such is life', or 'What can one do'. But many (heated) conversations have alarmingly been about: 'But any man is a target today (#Notallmen)' & for others still, this is gossip.
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I opened "information disorder" session today at #IGF2018 @intgovforum @igf2018paris, and was asked to provide quick overview of some key research findings.

Key points: we need conceptual clarity, more research outside US, and collaborative responses

Links in thread below 1/9
Conceptual clarity. As @cward1e and @h0d3r report "Information disorder: Toward an interdisciplinary framework for research and policy making" points out, term "f*ke news" is woefully inadequate and harmful. (Disappointing #igf2018 uses it so widely)… 2/9
We need more research outside US: Online disinfo relies on techs that are also used for legitimate purposes world-wide (e.g. #metoo), dynamics and impact will differ in different places depending on media+political+social context-see e.g @BBCWorld work… 3/9
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This is a great thread. And powerful thinking particularly about the impact on Christian theology. Of course, WWII had a much bigger impact on Jewish theology, and on American Judaism in various ways (as well as obviously worldwide.) A couple of notes. 1/x
Here is a non-comprehensive list of Jewish thinkers who got out of Europe before the Nazis got them & came to America:

Abraham Joshua Heschel, the
last Chabad Rebbe (Menachem Mendel Schneerson), Moshe Feinstein, Joseph Soloveitchik, Shlomo Carlebach, Zalman Schacter-Shalomi.
If you tease them out, you can trace almost every important thing happening in American Judaism to one of them. Almost, indeed. But many many corners of Jewish life claim at least one of them as their spiritual father. (I almost said parent. But it’s father.)
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Thinking about the theology born in the trenches of World War 1.
Paul Tillich was a German chaplain whose encounter death and suffering were so intense that he said, "The World War in my own experience was the catastrophe of idealistic thinking in general." For years after, he suffered from PTSD.
Tillich's understanding of God literally was shattered on the fields of WWI.
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Never in past 11 months of my freelancing life have I felt this helpless & frustrated at the lack of a guaranteed media platform where I will have the legal cover & resources to tell imp stories of women up against powerful abusers. This private #metoo conversation broke my heart
A woman who resigned after failing to bring a man she claims is a serial predator to justice, and changing the work culture of a company she co-founded. She's on the verge of giving up. Do you know how many similar stories there are?
A woman writes in with mail exchanges with her HR that bypasses, in woodenly framed language, her concerns that she's not feeling safe in her current team. She was assaulted at the workplace. She's written mail after mail to company head asking for a meeting. Hasn't got one.
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Threading the essay on #Rajalakshmi
I was no older than 12 when I first read about Phoolan Devi in an old copy of the Outlook magazine.
"They passed me from man to man." "Say it!" shouted Shri Ram. "Tell them what happened to Vickram." Admit it, bloody b****! Admit you killed him."
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🗳❌Here’s the Democrats lawsuit in Florida, they are claiming that signatures should not be compared because it historically disenfranchises Democrat voters.. #STOPtheSTEAL…
They claim this Florida policy decreases confidence and first time voters. According to the lawsuit the Vote by Mail number is almost identical to 2016 elections, shocker. In 2016 27,700 votes were rejected. (They fail to mention which party) #STOPtheSTEAL
This is rich. According to them (after saying it’s always Democrat’s) signatures can be affected by all kinds of things including alcohol, drugs, pen type, distress, anger, fear, happiness, depression and nerves🤦‍♀️ #StopTheSteal #FLRECOUNT2018
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Linda Sarsour
Sarsour was married in an arranged marriage at the age of 17 and had three children by her mid-20s. Both Sarsour's family and her husband are from the Palestinian city of Al-Bireh—in the West Bank, and about 9 miles (14 km) north of Jerusalem
Sarsour's early activism included defending the civil rights of American Muslims following the September 11 attacks of 2001. Shortly before 9/11, Basemah Atweh, a relative and founder of the Arab American Association of New York, asked Sarsour to volunteer for the organization.
Atweh, who held a prominent political role uncommon for a Muslim woman, became Sarsour's mentor
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Here is failed pick up artist and date rape aspirant Cernovich trying to sell it as a "karate chop". As I said earlier today: amazing.
Reading through the replies - it looks like it's a hard sell. The people "buying" it are joking, in their way, comparing it to what they assume are exaggerations by women in #MeToo. Others are trying to spin it as "rudeness" enough to be banned while brushing off the "assault".
Shory version: they know Acosta did not assault anyone but are once again trying to "use the weapons of the SJWs against them" without actually understanding what anyone else believes or why.
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As someone who worked against Cordray I need to make a couple points here @daveweigel. 1/several
@daveweigel DeWine was always seen as THE leader on the opioid crisis. That presented a challenge for Cordray who just didn’t fit as the guy to deal...
@daveweigel ... with Ohio’s MAJOR crisis of this era. Also Cordray had a bad record of allowing discrimination and #metoo shit on his watch at CFPB.
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Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash in the DC films, reveals he has a #MeToo story involving a director and producer

“They gave me wine and I was underaged... They were like, 'Hey, want to be in our movie about gay revolution?' And I was like, 'No, you guys are monsters.'"
The writer of the story indicates that the identities of the director and producer should be easy to figure out, but I have no idea who it could be. I guess the easy answer would be Bryan Singer for the director but I can’t think of a “gay revolution” movie he made.
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Okay. As promised, a short thread breaking down the absolutely bonkers elections happening in Alaska today, including a race that could unseat the current longest-serving member of Congress. Let's journey to the frozen north together.
There are two key races happening in Alaska: the governor’s race and the race for our one (1) House seat. What ties these two races together? A plane crash, a knife-wielding congressman, and a common theme: women having unprecedented impacts on every race.
In the race for Congress, Don Young (R) is facing off Alyse Galvin (D). I cannot adequately explain Don Young in a tweet. He regularly wields an 18-inch walrus penis bone for when trying to emphasize a point. He once *threatened to bite* a fellow Republican.
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Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you the most surprising findings from my recent reporting trips to East Germany. Is there a gender element to the rise of the far right? Thread:
The far right AfD got 13% in last year's election. But among eastern men it got 28%. In Saxony, where I visited, 1 in 3 men voted for the party
2. Only 9% of German women voted for the AfD. And only 16% of AfD members are women. The far right is disproportionally male. And so, it turns out, is eastern Germany:
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Nazis in Charlottesville chanting "Jews will not replace us,"
One reason to vote by mail, trail, plane, or bus.
Children separated from parents, put into camps at border,
Another reason to vote, lets get America's house in order.
In Helsinki Cheetolini kowtowed to Putin his boss
Another reason to vote, our democracy cant take another loss.
Lies, lies, more lies, and lying some more,
Now is your chance to give the Dems control of the floor.
Pruitt, Zinke, DeVos, and of course DJ Trump,
Corruption abounds when morals are set by a chump.
#MeToo, Her too, Him too and they,
Vote now, vote proud to protect the woman and gays.
Heathcare, daycare, Medicare and the lot,
Entitlements will dwindle if you dont vote at your spot.
Kavanaugh, Kava-him, Kava-her, I LIKE BEER,
The court is always in play, its an election year
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More on #MeTooSociology and the most important piece about Wilkins.…
I can already feel the temptation of feminist professors to use this as a moment to critique #MeToo and to argue that feminist movements should hold men accountable first (or only).
Professors taking that stance are wrong. And they are not feminist. There is nothing wrong with cleaning your own house. There is something hugely important and admirable about defending our feminist spaces against abuse—even when the perpetrators are women.
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Remember the Democrats and the media trying to destroy a good man? I remember. And I do not forgive them for it. PUNISH them for it at the polls tomorrow.…
I also remember Saint Sasse going to the Senate floor and declaring, "I urged President Trump to nominate a woman." in the middle of that battle. Barf. And I remember Jeff Flake whimpering before unhinged lunatic in an elevator. I remember.
Remember when Ronan Farrow took his reputation for good journalism during the #MeToo movement and flushed it down the toilet? I remember.
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I’ve been asked countless times by mostly white people “Why do Muslim women submit to so much misogyny?” I’m now asking same question about these white women. Replace “Republican” with “Muslim” here & imagine the outrage… #FootsoldiersOfThePatriarchy
“Our research led us to conclude that Republican women will mainly stand firm in their party affiliation.” #FootsoldiersOfThePatriarchy
“we have found that Republicanism encompasses different visions of womanhood that allow women to feel that they can be Republican and also strong women.”
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Wonderful women, reclaiming public spaces, shattering patriarchy, one voice at a time. Going to list down some statements from the #MeToo meet up in Cross Maidan, Mumbai today.
"I thought I was overreacting, maybe I imagined that it happened to me. Now I know I was not and I have nothing to be ashamed of."
"I went through years of abuse as a child and #MeToo has been cathartic for me."
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“All the policies are only for the walls. You have factories full of 2000 women and none of them know who they can approach. There’s no support for migrants who come to work here or sympathy from the police.” #MeToo #GarmentWorkersSpeak #bangalore
“When our colleague who was sexually violated by a supervisor for 3 years went to file a complaint, the response was ‘if it happened for so long, you must like him’”. #bangalore #metoo
“As women conductors on BMTC buses, we’re constantly being touched, groped and pushed up against. Men board these buses drunk and misbehave with us. We work so hard and can’t even have clean toilets to ourselves- there’s no safety in this job.” #bangalore #metoo
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Reconcile this with #metoo and @womensmarch don't objectify. AGAIN! Ejemplo de los demacratas ido muy loco.
@Avery1776 @AmDigitalNews @CarrollQuigley1 @WackJob6 @Cara_TXZEAL
@womensmarch @Avery1776 @AmDigitalNews @CarrollQuigley1 @WackJob6 @Cara_TXZEAL Immediate impression was 'What? Are they promising if you vote against Republicans, they'll send a stripper to your house?'…
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On this, her 45th birthday, reasons Aishwarya Rai deserves your utmost respect: A Thread
1) Called out her abuser, by name, over 15 years ago when doing so was unheard of and almost certainly career-ending.
2) After SRK, arguably the most powerful man in the industry, had her removed from movies because of her abusive boyfriend's actions, she didn't forgive him until he and his wife personally apologized. She knew he was wrong, and waited until he admitted it to her face.
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@PatientFreedom @drbabelovelife These are words from a woman who is denying masculine nature. If she fully accepted masculine nature in a positive way, she would not say anything to put the brakes on until things were getting hot.

Why? Because that is respectful since it is appropriate at that time.
@PatientFreedom @drbabelovelife If she is trying to preemptively set the tone, then she is protecting herself from a man's negative reaction when she would put the brakes on. But, worse, she is actually training you to accept her lead in sexual matters. That's a red flag.
@PatientFreedom @drbabelovelife Keep in mind that when a woman says this kind of thing, she says it because that's what she thinks she wants. It's a built-in shit test for your leadership and your ability to make her feel safe. You can either walk away or you assert that chemistry is very important to you...
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From the governor's mansion to the halls of Congress, Democrats across Michigan have the opportunity to reclaim the state from Republicans. #MIpol (1/7) NXTGN.US/fjf
#MIGov: Gretchen Whitmer is the leader Michigan deserves. She supports affordable healthcare, the #metoo movement, and will stand up to Trump. NXTGN.US/fjg
#MISen: Debbie Stabenow was the first woman to defeat a sitting senator. From banning oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes to supporting sensible gun control, Stabenow will fight to protect Michigan residents. NXTGN.US/fjh
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