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Progressive Netzbewegungen kennen es: ob #metoo, oder nun auch #IchBinArmutsbetroffen - plötzlich tauchen viele Kleinstprofile auf, die provokante Behauptungen aufstellen, natürlich wider den Thesen der Bewegung. Ein 🧵 1/x
Diese Profile können auf unterschiedliche Art provozieren. Manche versuchen im sachlichen Ton inhaltlich völlig falsche Aussagen zu machen, die entweder unbelegt oder, wie bei #Verschwörungserzählungen, halbwahr sind.
Wie dieser Spinner hier:
2/x Image
Was ist sein Trick? Nun, zuerst mal zählt er Dinge auf, die in unserer Gesellschaft alltäglich sind, aber häufig als Luxus wahrgenommen werden. Kosmetik kann die Basisschminke enthalten, die manchen Menschen einfach ein Gefühl von Gepflegtheit verleiht, oder 3/x
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Demain, 9h, la documentariste @Ovidieofficiel sera @AuPoste1 pour parler de son incroyable film «Le Proces du 36» et de l'ère post #MeToo…
Son film, présenté par @MagnetoTV :…
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NEW from BBC Eye + me: China's Silenced Feminist. Since November, we’ve been investigating the disappearance of Sophia Huang Xueqin, a high-profile feminist journalist who kick-started China’s #MeToo movement, for BBC Eye. (1/8)
In 2021, Sophia was awarded the prestigious Chevening scholarship to pursue gender studies at the University of Sussex. But in September, on the way to the airport to catch her flight to the United Kingdom, Sophia and fellow activist Wang Jianbing “vanished.” (2/8) Image
We tried to find out what happened to her, and found reports of her stuck in one of China’s “black jails”, awaiting trial on extremely serious charges of "inciting subversion of state power". (3/8) ImageImage
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Actualización 14 (será corta y centrada en el caso de David Shane, el nuevo relacionista público de Amber Heard)
1. El Daily Mail reveló que Shane fue arrestado por arrestos por conducir ebrio en 2010 y 2012 y dejó trabajos anteriores después de acusaciones de acoso sexual en su contra.
2. La ex modelo Hollie Doker, de 32 años, a quien conoció en la aplicación de citas Raya, afirma que trató de presionarla para que tuvieran relaciones y luego fue expulsado del sitio.
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I've been observing how leftist people fall for fake news on this website and I have to say that J*hnny D*pp propaganda is the most successful campaign I've seen in a while. Here's a short thread of what I've observed.
Left/liberal people are obsessed with virtue signaling their "goodness" and "considering all sides" and "speaking out on the right side of history", performing nuance so they are perceived as "good" and intelligent.
In the last few years, there's been a LOT of talk about how men can be abused too and how men can also be sexually assaulted, all true statements.
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In late 2017, with #MeToo in full swing, I set out to see if my high school harbored any teachers who took advantage of the often blurred boundaries with students on campus.

I never expected to find my journalism teacher.…
Eric Burgess was a perennial favorite among my classmates. A Rosemead alum himself, his favorite jokes began with “your mom” and his videotaped pranks were the stuff of legend.

"He was just kind of a big kid in a teacher role," a former teacher’s aide told me.
Instead of getting him into trouble, Burgess’ antics often resulted in slaps on the wrist, cementing his status as a “Golden Boy” on campus. As principals came and went, he excelled at gaining the trust of those who oversaw his behavior.

It’s a trust he exploited again and again
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Amber Heard has turned out to be such a horrible liar, a horrible trashy character and gold digger... Shes completely screwed up... but there is worse... she has screwed up many real #Metoo victims because of her stupid conspiracies..
Unbelievably... In 2016.. Amber Heard got a restraining order against Johny Depp... the stupid judge gave the order w/o a lawyer being heard for Depp... And laughably Depp was in Spain at that time... LOL! So US does have stupid judges like Chanachoor..
I think Amber Heard is a better actress than Moody Ali... She went to court in full media glare when she didnt need to... Faked a bruise under her right eye which disappeared a day later... Shes a bigger scamster than Moody... LOL!..
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Les journalistes de France Inter m’ont fatigué du matin. Je vais même pas dire à quel point toute cette interview de @sandrousseau était bancale, mais j’ai envie de faire un point sur cette histoire de "rape look" ⬇️
A savoir qu’avant cette interview je n’avais jamais entendu parler de ça et pas que je soit une experte mais vraiment en terme de vss et leur traitement aux États Unis ça me semble bizarre que j’ai loupé un truc pareil si vraiment c’est courant.
Du coup. Ça vient d’où cette histoire ?
Dans une interview au JDD Philippe Labro raconte que Timsit lui aurait raconté que… bref vous voyez la source fiable sur ce "nouveau type de plaintes"
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Actualización 12:

1. Durante su show de stand up, anoche el comediante Chris Rock hizo un número completo en nombre de la ex esposa de Johnny Depp que inició con la frase: "Creele a todas las mujeres, menos a Amber Heard". Image
"Creele a todas las mujeres, creele a todas las mujeres menos a Amber Heard... ¿qué c*rajos le pasa? ¡Se c@gó en la cama!

Está muy bien ella, pero no puedes c@g@r en la cama, eso no está bien. Una vez que te c@g@s en la cama de alguien, ya eres culpable de todo. Image
Se c@gó en la cama, ¿qué c*rajos estaba pasando allí? Wow y siguieron con la relación después de eso, debe haber sido una verdadera c@g@d@. Yo he estado con algunas verdaderas p3rr@s, pero santo Dios." Image
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If you have followed my tweets over the last 6 mths re a case of sexual harassment then read this thread by @CamillaTominey at @Telegraph

Alannah Jeune has acted with integrity and immense courage whilst being persecuted &bullied by the former dean and his mob of supporters 1/5
Article after article in support of the dean have attempted to reframe the dean as the victim, a boys network has tried to belittle and discredit her

“This was the case of a man using his power, connections and position to trample down the woman who’s telling the truth” #metoo Image
Intimidated and scared for what he would do next Alannah recalls the horrific incident

“He said he had been watching me throughout the service and could not take his eyes off me. That the sun light was catching my hair and that he wanted to reach out and stroke it” Image
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アメリカで2017年に #MeToo 運動が起こった際もこの「独自調査」により「状況証拠」から数々の性加害が暴かれました。例えば「被害を受けた当時、誰かに相談したか?」など。そしてその「当時の相談相手」の言質を取り「信用に足る」と判断したら報じる、という風に。「物的証拠」ではありません。(続
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Today in @DisInfoChron, journalist @thackerpd takes out after a piece by @paldhous in @BuzzFeed about the role played by a small, little-known animal rights group in the debate over Covid-19 origins.…
The debate centers on two main competing scenarios: That SARS-CoV-2 transferred to humans from an animal host, or that it leaked from a lab, specifically the Wuhan Inst of Virology, and then infected humans. The lab-leak hypothesis encompasses both genetically…
Engineered viruses and unaltered viruses that may have been cultured in the lab. Although Thacker is pretty harsh, I have to agree that Aldhous and BuzzFeed have pretty much manufactured a scenario that is not accurate: The idea that the lab-leak hypothesis has become…
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Lady Gaga activism and kindness over the years - A THREAD
[October 2009] Lady Gaga speaks at the National Equality March, the first national march for LGBT rights since 2000.
2009-2011: Lady Gaga & Virgin Mobile donate $20k each night of her Monster Ball Tour to support homeless LGBT youth.
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Challenge accepted. Looong thread.🧵This took me a few days to respond to bc I went ahead and did your digging for you. Thank you, not needed. I needed the refresher and I’m not against putting in the work. I’m a mother, so I’m used to spoon feeding someone when they need it.
Here’s just a few things from the laptop that I’d like to touch on. Let’s start with Beau because that’s clearly when Hunter’s life started spiraling out of control.
Beau Biden died in May of 2015 from a brain tumor leaving behind his wife (Hallie), daughter (Natalie), and son (Hunter). Despite being married to his then wife, Kathleen.
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🧵For some years I was a senior contributing editor at Attitude magazine. That was a purely honorary title but I was delighted to have my name on the masthead and to be publicly associated with what was widely regarded as the world's best gay magazine.
I wrote for the first issue in 1994. It was launched by Richard Desmond, who later owned the Daily Express, and the founding editor was straight, but the first editorial was clear: 'We created Attitude because we believe the reading interests of gay men aren't being fully served'
Attitude didn't overtly brand itself 'gay' in the way Gay News, Capital Gay and Gay Times had done, but the word appeared a great deal throughout the mag. Fast-forward to 2013 and here are a couple of random pages from the July edition. I've ringed in red every instance of 'gay'.
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cw: abuse, Johnny depp

Recommend that anyone mad that I've been defending Amber so vehemently read this article. It really sums up a lot that's been on my mind these last couple of years ImageImageImage
and like dont get it twisted. I've never seen a movie with amber in it in my life. im not a stan. I grew up loving Johnny Depp and was hardcore obsessed with lots of his movies up until his egregiously racist role in the lone ranger. This isn't about stanning; this is about truth
anyway if the responses to this tweet involve any sort of abuse apologism or harassment, I WILL be turning them off except for mutuals
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Johnny Depp was #FalselyAccused & vilified in the media. He has had his life & reputation torn apart by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, & less than half of the people who knew something came forward to defend him. We need to change that.

It's time to speak up.

Many people have interacted with, worked with, known and/or dated Amber Heard. This thread is appealing to those who once knew/know her to come forward and speak up. To bring truth to light if they know anything thay could help Johnny get his justice and get Amber to STOP.

Costar and "friend" to Amber Heard throughout the filming of Aquaman, I think this man knows more than he's saying and though follow Johnny Depp in solidarity during the trial is HUGE, it's not enough IF he does, in fact, know something that can help.
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Archived thread by user @drugproblem who was wrongly suspended likely by the Bundy-like fanbase for Depp #ListenToWomen #MeToo #IStandWithAmberHeard 1/12 ImageImageImageImage
2/12 ImageImageImageImage
3/12 ImageImageImageImage
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Someone abused my step-brother when we were little, we are 2 months apart in age. We met when we were 9 but by the time he was 12 something changed dramatically in his behavior. I believe someone raped him & that is why he abused me. I do not know who.
For some reason this detransitioned man's story of abuse felt more genuine to me than almost any other interview I've ever heard from an abused child. As a victim of CSA who doesn't like to go "into the well" is what I call it of the "details" I related to everything he said.
The language he uses seems trauma informed, he has similar tales of whoa about his "therapists" as I do mine. He seems educated on what drugs do what. I appreciate his Buddhist philosophy, so is mine. It just gave me a lot of hope & with all the news this week I hope it gives
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Jacob Hoggard arrives w/ his wife for the start of his trial. The lead singer of Hedley is accused of sexual assault involving a woman and a teenager in incidents from 2016. Hoggard has pleaded not guilty.
Jury selection begins this morning. Photo h/t to @AllieElwell @CBCNews Image
Hoggard was arrested and charged in 2018. There have been several trial delays because COVID. The trial was supposed to start Jan 2021.
Jacob Hoggard officially arraigned. Pleads NOT GUILTY to 3 offences involving a woman & a teen in 2016.
Count 1: sexual interference minor under 16 (this is touching)
Count 2: sexual assault causing bodily harm (teen)
Count 3: sexual assault causing bodily harm (woman)
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Abro hilo explicando el caso de Elizabeth Finch, la protagonista del escándalo mas reciente de #GreysAnatomy

Luego de la celebración de ayer por el episodio n°400 de la serie, se dio a conocer que una de sus principales escritoras en la última década resultó ser una psicópata: ImageImage
Grey's Anatomy es una serie extremadamente conocida no sólo por ser uno de los dramas médicos más famosos (actualmente desarrollándose la temporada 18 y con la 19 ya confirmada) sino también por los numerosos escándalos que la rodean:
ya fuera por rumores de un ambiente de trabajo tóxico, celos, peleas físicas, la mala sangre de Shonda Rhimes con algunos miembros del cast, el despido de actrices amadas por el público, etc. Greys anatomy siempre dio la nota, y esta vez le tocó a una de sus escritoras:
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the overturn is of Roe v. Wade will force more sexually responsibility or more child support or less sex. But here is something to ponder. Any 1 against SCOTUS doing this is flat out UNDEMOCRATIC. Nine people should NOT be able 2 decide something of this magnitude. Image
So they're kicking it back 2the states. Now citizens of the state U live in will get 2VOTE on how dey feel about the matter. If U don't like this you're antidemocratic. So far all U pro-democracy majority rules people, well we're about to see jus how much U believe in that.
Its horrible aint it? How dare somebody tell you what to do with your body. How dare someone thinks that someone other than you get to terminate a pregnancy. Feels violent don't it? Now, what you do with your body will now be subject to your fellow citizens...JUST LIKE VACCINES.
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Are we a people?

A thread on the #SCOTUS leak, abortion, & the divide in our country:
In his famous "City of God", St. Augustine recalls how "the people" are defined in Cicero’s Republic: “’The people’ he defines as being, not every assemblage or mob, but an assemblage associated by a common acknowledgment of law [ius] and by a community of interest.”
Augustine modifies this, saying that if a people "is an assemblage of reasonable beings bound together by a common agreement as to the objects of their love, then, in order to discover the character of any people, we have only to observe what they love."
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My wife, a tenured professor and a #MeToo victim, has sued @UMN_Music over harassment, discrimination and retaliation. In Congress I will make sure that universities and other employers are held accountable and that all #MeToo victims have legal remedies.
Allegations supported by evidence include a former @UMN_Music director looking under a professor's skirt and talking with male colleagues about what he saw and a professor every year asking graduate students in oral exams which scholars they want to "shag, marry or kill." Gross.
The federal judge said that this #MeToo case belongs in state court. Federal remedies for harassment victims aren't working. That will change when I get to Congress to represent #MN01. There needs to be a viable federal remedy for all #MeToo victims.…
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