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Mercredi 22. 7h30.
Toujours pas de @Florielvm à l'horizon, mais de gros nuages.
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C'est parti pour un nouveau fil #FreeFlorie sur le thème de la politique. Free Florie
@Florielvm Je suis nulle en politique et je n'aime pas les choses compliquées.
Bref, ma devise se résume à "On oublie pas, on pardonne pas". C'est très binaire...
Je ne supporte pas le racisme. Par exemple, je reste bloquée sur ça :
Pour moi, quelqu'un qui a léché les bottes de Macron un jour, sera toujours associé au président, peu importe son sexe, peu importe sa maladresse, peu importe ses excuses et revirements.
Florie est beaucoup plus ouverte, démocrate, indulgente, intelligente que moi. #FreeFlorie Petite violence #FreeFlorie
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Ideetje… leuk draadje voor @rblommestijn, @EvaVlaar, @thierrybaudet, @annstrikje en alle anderen die zo hysterisch doen over #lentekriebels, met “educatieve” liedjes over seks. Ik begin met deze parel van #RobertLong genaamd: Iedereen doet het.
Deze kan natuurlijk ook niet ontbreken!!! #Lentekriebels
Hele goede van @MrFrankFella! #lentekriebels
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Dear @elonmusk we have a problem!
@Florielvm is suspended!
She is president of the @ppinternational.
@elonmusk @Florielvm @ppinternational Let me explain why this is a problem...
Florie was the only woman in this european meeting (this is also a problem). A german participant insulted her at the end.
@elonmusk @Florielvm @ppinternational She wrote a very long thread about sexual and sexist aggression she faced when she was teenager and during her employment in her former french political party.
We supposed a lot of people didn't like it. She had been careful with privacy and gave no name.
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@jopparocks @WingsScotland @jerseyp295 @michaelbruce543 @MacfadyenAngus @AlexSalmond The plot was this.
There was the original "sleepy cuddles" incident. It really happened. It was inappropriate with an employee, had been apologised for and forgotten years back.
Sturgeon's office learned about it in the #Metoo review.
@jopparocks @WingsScotland @jerseyp295 @michaelbruce543 @MacfadyenAngus @AlexSalmond They persuaded that Alphabettie to reactivate that incident. They then set about fabricating numerous incidents that "mirrored" it to try to obtain a conviction under Scottish "Moorov" doctrine, that repeated similar incidents equal corroboration.
@jopparocks @WingsScotland @jerseyp295 @michaelbruce543 @MacfadyenAngus @AlexSalmond The new incidents ranged from the ludicrous - pinging someone's hair in a lift full of other people, "putting hands on shoulders over her clothes" when asking someone for a dance at a party - to the entire fabrication of Woman H's "attempted rape".
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So I literally just learned that @lancereddick died suddenly, and it's kinda knocked me for six. Not only because there were no warnings, or because he's one of my favourite actors, or his superlative voice acting, or... or... but because he was such an amazing human, period. 1/x
@lancereddick A long tweet essay follows. Not all about Lance Reddick, but he is a major part of the story. It may take a few hours, I am doing other things. But I'll keep the thread going until I've written it out. Buckle in. 2/x
I am a curator of things - words, ideas, concepts, across fields academic, cultural, technological - and one of the things I curate is a list I call "Perfect TV Dramas" - and it is a SMALL list because the criteria are strict, and there is no flexibility. Those criteria are: 3/x
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With the end of the division of labour being based on sex, men & women became more likely to meet each other in situations in which they're competitors for jobs, contracts etc.
This has likely increased mistrust & suspicion between the sexes.
In this context some men came to see not only women's labour, but also women as commodities, & some women celebrated this.
Some women also realised they could weaponise their femininity against men for commercial gain, hence some of the more spurious #MeToo claims etc.
The erosion of widely accepted gender roles, whilst it may have been sold as 'liberation', may have just propelled us into a less free, spiritually & socially stifling world of mutual resentment & suspicion. Imprisonment in liberatory chaos if you will.
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Hugh Grant was a gatekeeper for the Leveson inquiry. There was far more to the phone hacking scandal but Grant brought it round to 'I'm a celebrity, they hacked me' levels of attention

Just like #MeToo which covered up for the same issue.. just sayin'
"How Royals' lawyer used Leveson, Lord McAlpine and veiled threats to keep Rolf Harris arrest secret...and even tried to forbid us from even publishing their warning"…
Rolf Harris was a favourite of the queen

Y'all know what he was jailed for, right?…
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Remember how after #MeToo the media gave a lot of footage to dudes lamenting how they just can't invite a woman colleague to drinks or dinner anymore but not as much to why women find such invitations scary?

Read this. He was a Google-proof meeting too!…
If any of the Korean women who met him had Googled him, which given that it was a job interview they almost certainly would have, they would have come across a lot of "verification".

He hangs out with the Indian PM. Surely a lunch with him won't result in sexual assault? ImageImageImageImage
There are going to be so many movies and documentaries made about this guy. The extent of his methodical preying on the women shows that his social capital must have played a role in this.

Even the most ardent sanghi victim blamer can't victim blame here.
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Δειτε εδω στημενους "βιασμους"... να χαρει ολο το #MeToo

Αγορασε σφυρι, αυτοτραυματιστηκε και ανεβασε στα social media φωτογραφιες της, διασκορπιζοντας ψεματα για 3 ανδρες και υποτιθεμενους βιασμους. Προκαλεσε ετσι τρομερη αντιδραση στο (1/4)…
κοινο, το οποιο ξεσηκωθηκε εναντια στους υποτιθεμενους βιαστες της. Κυριολεκτικα τους κατεστρεψε τη ζωη. Το αρθρο κανει λογο και για αποπειρα αυτοκτονιας αυτων. Σκεφτειτε σε ΤΙ ΑΚΡΑ τους εφτασε!

Ο οχλος κατεστρεψε την επιχειρηση του ενος και τον κακοποιησαν (2/4)
σωματικα. Ο ιδιος αποπειραθηκε να αυτοκτονησει. Ο δευτερος προφυλακιστηκε, ανευ στοιχειων και αποδειξεων, για 73 μερες. Ισχυριστηκε μεχρι και οτι την αναγκασαν να κανει σεξ με 8 ανδρες. Τα ψεματα της κατερρευσαν πολυ αργα. Οι ζωες των 3 ανδρων ειχαν ηδη (3/4)
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1/ Something I’ve been thinking a lot about - even though we’ve lost abortion in the last year, feminism as a political force feels like it has less cultural impact that at any point in my lifetime.

After Trump. After #metoo. It’s just not a central part of the conversation.
2/ If we’re serious about making this a better world for women, I think it’s worth asking why?

I think somewhere in the last 10 years, feminism became more about having the right public opinions instead of trying to pass policy to meaningfully impact women’s lives.
3/ I also don’t think we engaged the public very constructively. And just being honest, I feel I played a role in that.

I think it’s really important we reassess what we’re doing from here, make changes and push forward.
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3 months ago it was discovered that @BruceAshford, the former provost of @SEBTS, was accused of attempting drug a young black female 15 min. from the Southern Baptist Seminary. Ashford was working for Lyft at the time and 17-year-old Eziya Bowden was his passenger.
Bowden claims Ashford sprayed something in the car that made her feel faint as he flirted with her. She jumped from the moving car and was subsequently rushed to the ER. Ashford lost his job with Lyft. No charges were filed. Here's why this is significant:
This is not the 1st time Ashford was accused of inappropriate behavior. Bruce's wife Lauren Ashford posted #metoo in August of 2020, a month after reaching out to @R_Denhollander and @BethMooreLPM for help with abuse & neglect. She accused @jdgreear & the SBC or self-protection.
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chatgpt has inspired me a lot
on revision, i would change the last phrase to:

“if all non-actors die?”

can chatgpt think twice about something after speaking?
i can, but you’re not gonna let me, bc you’re gonna screenshot everything i’ll eventually delete

i wanna wait for the views to go higher so the chances that screenshots exist will maximize
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I haven't been on twitter long enough to know if Joseph's story gets rehashed as much a Bathsheba's, but it's another one that spotlights the assumptions about consent/abuse brought to the text.

Thinking about this in wakeful hours, thanks DST, so a 🧵& invite to conversation
Joseph's rejection of Potiphar's wife is most often preached as example of young man "fleeing temptation." Is that what's going on? Does text indicate Joesph himself desires Potiphar's wife in some way? What do you think?
Joseph declares Potiphar's wife's coercion attempts to be undesirable, a betrayal of Potiphar's trust, wicked, & a sin against God. Naming this merely "a temptation" assumes instead that young men are tempted by any sexual opportunity.
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1/ Did you read “She Said?” The book by the NYT reporters that started the #metoo movement?

The women specifically kept their stories private until there was a credible reporter looking into what happened. Because they knew alone the stories would do nothing.
2/ I’ve worked with literally hundreds of journalists in my career. I’ve almost never had a bad experience. I think it’s because they know me as measured, credible and appreciative of the role of the fourth estate.

Unfortunately, there is one individual who really cut corners.
3/ I said a few years ago publicly that when this person’s reckoning comes, which it will, I will happily go on the record. I will also connect them to others that can do the same.

This upset them very much. They’ve tried to pressure me to take it public now.
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Since a few days, there has been a lot of anti-Holi propaganda being peddled on Twitter, mostly linked to female harassment. The peace fools have merely picked up the 2-3 incidents in order to defame the whole Hindu religion and its culture.
While they are generalizing the whole religion, here is the long thread about the crimes that have taken place against women on the occasion of Eid, which they don't wanna talk about.
1. Gopalganj, Bihar: On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, a Muslim girl came to visit her sister on July 24, 2021. On Eid, the girl was out with her nephews when she was gang raped. One accused, Shariful, was arrested by police.
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Sólo por informar, he de decir que la primera persona de Podemos que tuvo palabra en la ONU fui yo, en la Comisión de DDHH en Ginebra, allá por 2017. Pero entonces al partido ya no le importaba lo que ocurría fuera de Madrit, y mucho menos lo que hacía yo.
En aquel entonces, estaba a tope presionando para que la UE y la ONU crearan un instrumento para monitorizar las actividades de las multinacionales por el mundo y así limitar las violaciones de DDHH que cada día cometen.
Mi principal objetivo era acabar con la explotación laboral de las mujeres que trabajan en la industria textil, que se cuentan por MILLONES. ¿Por qué me dió por eso? Porque lo vi con mis propios ojos, porque me lo contaron las propias mujeres, en Honduras o en Sri Lanka.
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Brainstorming a new direction—I’m trying to bring this dynamite home.

Look, I know I’ve left things unsaid about living inside the timeline where our continued existence is guaranteed by virtue of how far we’ve come so far.

Because I don’t have the words to render that thought.
It’s like a shimmer of a thought I can only grab while stoned, and I didn’t take any weed at all today because weed makes me feel brave and “mystical” and I wanted to feel scared, I wanted to see how brave I could be while sober and scared.

I’ve laid out a lot of topics though:
- power
- existential luck
- unity vs. fragmentation
- narrativizations that ring true help us align our understandings of reality
- façades and tricksters
- God and Satan
- dystopia and utopia

Just off the top of my head.

I’m also really into history and music theory actually.
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Johnny Depp's Unusually Long List of Abusive Friends [long thread]

For some reason, JD tends to be best friends with horribly abusive guys. Here's a list of some of the famously abusive men he calls his "best friends".

tw// mentions of SA, abuse, and r@pe
1. Roman Polanski
In 1977 when the director was 43, he was arrested and charged in LA for assaulting a 13-year-old girl. Hours before he could be arrested he fled the US. Since then, he's stayed in France and other countries where he could avoid extradition to the US. ImageImage
His 1999 film *The Ninth Gate* starred JD and the two became close friends. In 2009 Polanski was arrested on an outstanding warrant for the 1977 charge. The next year JD was asked about the arrest and defended the convicted child rapist. "Why now?" Depp said. ImageImage
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🧵Wealthy business owners LOVE to talk about how if an employee has an issue they "should sue." And act like if there's no lawsuit there must be no issues.

Why would they say that? Because lawyers are expensive and most employees can't afford it. Bosses know this shields them.
Lawyers measure taking cases based on "return on investment" just like other businesses. They MAY take a case pro-bono if they feel it's high profile or will make them a significant amount of money. Otherwise, they are likely to not take the case without a large retainer. 1/
Now...why would an employee need a lawyer? Why don't they just file their complaints through the Department of Labor in their state?

Well, laws in states can vary. Let's talk about that for a moment. 2/
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I'm listening to the Broadband Breakfast summit today (you can too for $9 👇). Tweeting sporadically.…

Amy Peikoff (Parler legal / policy): notes a need for "separation" between state and Internet companies.
Amy comments on the problem of jawboning. "The governments put pressure on these platforms and the platforms comply."

Suggestion here being that states need to pull themselves out of the tech discourse.
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Story of Hajia Gambo Sawaba

The Woman Who Survived Forced Marriage at 13 to Become a Powerful Political Activist in The 1950s

A thread

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2023

Retweet to educate someone
Hajia Gambo Sawaba was a Nigerian politician and activist who was well known for her charitable causes one of which was fighting for the freedom of northern women.
The rights and status of women in Northern Nigeria have to date remained a delicate issue to comprehend or solve although progress is being made. In more recent times, the #MeToo campaign has found its way into the region.
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Au tribunal judiciaire de #Paris pour suivre le procès de #PierreMénès pour trois affaires d’ #agressionsexuelle l’ex chroniqueur foot qui nie les faits vient d’arriver dans la salle d’audience 4.04 @RMCInfo
Les plaignantes ne sont pas présentes ni assistées au procès pour #agressionsexuelle de #PierreMenes, le président invite le prévenu à la barre une chaise lui est apportée eu égard à ses problèmes de santé @RMCInfo
Trois affaires sont reprochées à #PierreMénès une atteinte sexuelle le 20/11/2021 au parc des princes sur une hôtesse "en l’espèce en lui caressant la poitrine et le ventre" #agressionsexuelle @RMCInfo
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1. This photo was obtained by the LA Times...

Here you have now former LA Mayor Eric Garcetti who is Biden's nominee for Ambassador to India.

On the far left is Rick Jacobs his deputy chief of staff.

Rick has placed his hand, without consent, over the crotch of a man.
2. Eric Garcetti says he did not see Rick Jacobs make this inappropriate gesture but that's not the point.

The point is Rick Jacobs felt comfortable doing this in front of his boss, the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Staff members also sent this photo around after as if it was funny.
3. Rick Jacobs has a long history of behaving inappropriately in the workplace including sexual assault and harassment.

Eric Garcetti not only repeatedly witnessed this conduct, he laughed it off.

That's why Rick Jacobs felt comfortable, he knew there would be no consequences.
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#Feminism ; Theory, Approach and Pros & Cons.
Contributions of Movements like #MeToo & #AuratMarch
Political Powerplay, Social Status OR recrafting of Social Fabric.
A Genuine Movement, A Paradox, OR a Hoax.
A Detailed Thread on the Downtown talk of this age.
Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms. Motivated by the quest for social justice, feminist inquiry provides a wide range of perspectives on social, cultural, economic, and
political phenomena. Yet despite many overall shared commitments, there are numerous differences among feminist philosophers regarding philosophical orientation, ontological commitments (such as the category of women), & what kind of political and moral remedies should be sought.
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