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This from ⁦@KathaPollitt⁩ is really important. It’s crucial that we believe women instead of automatically writing them off or taking their word as worth a fraction of a man’s. But “trust but verify” should be the standard, and here, that failed.…
And wow, whatever you think of the accusations against Stringer, this is absolutely batshit. No one should admit to something they don't believe they actually did just because someone else claimed it happened! Image
This is insane too! It's absolutely true that due process has not been equally extended. But the answer is not to say "fuck due process for everyone then," it's to make sure that everyone gets due process. (FYI I am a Millennial). Image
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In a recent essay in @theammind, I wrote about enduring cancelation, and the consolations offered by literature and philosophy.

The essay draws on the writings of four historical exiles, but there are many more I wasn’t able to include.…
Many of the great literary, religious, and philosophical figures in history suffered ostracism, exile, wrongful imprisonment, or were put to death— often (but not always) because their attempts to live honestly put them in conflict with the surrounding society.
In reading their works, a new and more intimate connection with the past emerges. When we find ourselves scorned or excluded by the world, these souls greet us with no judgement or condescension, guiding us back to eternal truths.
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1 Das ist das übliche Vorgehen von #Polizei #Staatsanwaltschaft und #Justiz bei #Vergewaltigung, insbesondere immer dann, wenn Täter und Opfer einander bekannt, nicht fremd waren/sind - wie es so mehrheitlich der Fall ist…
2 und häufig ein Vertrauensverhältnis besteht, der Täter also ein Bekannter, Freund, Kollege oder eben sehr häufig der (Ex-) Partner ist.
Siehe #metoo u. #ichhabeangezeigt. Schluss mit #Vergewaltigungsmythen.
Weitere Info via Frauenberatungsstellen sowie auch bei @barbaraclemm.
3 Mein persönlicher "Fall" findet sich in meinem blog, siehe unten verlinkt.
Im blog finden sich Nachweise in Form von (anonymisierten) Gerichtsbeschlüssen, dem AG-Urteil, dem Einstellungsbescheid der Staatsanwaltschaft, den e-mails aus der Tatzeit (#Beweise, dass ich mir nichts
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1) PMJT’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford (@telfordk) is testifying before the HoC Standing Committee on National Defence re what she knew about the #Vance sexual misconduct allegations in 2018. Minister of Defence’s office contacted PMO to say there were ...🧵#cdnpoli #MeToo
2) personal misconduct allegations against CDS Vance. Elder Marques at PMO told Telford about this but they did not know the substance or details of the allegations. They sought advice from the PCO Clerk on how to proceed. They were told it needed to be investigated without ...
3) political interference. Minister of Defence was told to tell the Ombudsman to reach out to PCO. PCO tried to get more information about the allegations but the Ombudsman did not respond to their requests. This is in line with previous testimony of the Clerk & Marques.
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Context Clues in the Era of #MeToo

Against all odds and much prevailing wisdom, the news audience trusts the news media. Here's why that's a problem.…
I have been sleeping on the Defector since they launched, no more than vaguely aware of their existence as a landing pad for Deadspin exiles, but I love the work they are doing under the heading of "Journlismism". For instance, this piece from last month.…
My piece for today, linked at the head of this thread, is about how audiences have a lot of implicit trust for the news, whatever "the news" means to them as individuals, and how this is a problem when the media abdicates this responsibility.

Which they do. Frequently.
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1) Meet the new boss, ⁦@IainTRankin⁩, same as the old boss, ⁦@StephenMcNeil⁩.

@MichaelTGorman⁩ Stephen Tobin started working in the premier's office as director of strategic initiatives. Previously, he had been employed #nspoli #nslp…
2) by the @LiberalPartyNS
caucus office as director of strategic communications during the tenure of former premier Stephen McNeil.

(Kudos to Margaret Miller for having the courage to call her boss and her party out!)

This is not the first time, that McNeil and the party
3) have been exposed for their misogyny.

In June of 2017, @RealMaggieRahr broke the story of former party staffer Michelle Coffin, who experienced assaults followed by an attempted cover up at the highest levels of the party. #KylieHarris #LabiKousoulis…
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Ora bem.

Se o movimento #metoo não é sobre empoderar vítimas a denunciar agressores em posições de Poder então lamento informar mas é somente vigança.

A culpabilidade de uma situação de violência diz apenas respeito aos tribunais. A eles compete apurar factos e determinar a realidade julgável e púnivel. Isto é um facto independentemente da proximidade que vitima ou agressor possam ter de nós.

Relembro que os piores agressores são impares em fazerem-se de vitimas, em isolar as reais vítimas da sua rede de suporte, a descredibiliza-las de antemão e em casos extremos até em relação a propria familia. Testemunhos fora do contexto de um julgamento real valem zero

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Chelsea Archibald stated on live chat if a new board is elected, they will either fire her husband, Skyler Archibald or he would quit. Chelsea further stated if this were to happen, all of the other employees would quit too.
Skyler Archibald says he doesn't know what i'm talking about---regarding allegations he will quit---if he doesnt succeed in packing the board with his friends----
told him check out John Huismann's letter published 23 hours ago--alleging Chelsea Archibald threatened he would quit if he doesn't get those appointed Board members elected who R friendly to his interests (family friends).

Skyler Archibald said "thanks for sharing!"
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Siden jeg kom på Twitter, har jeg været absurd frustreret over at se voksne menneskers passivitet. Minoriteter, forældre, lærere osv. Jeg har virkelig ikke kunne holde det ud, og som de fleste af jer enten har set eller hørt, så har jeg en tendens til at konfrontere folk med 1/4
Det. Jeg er på ingen måder opdraget sådan, og mine børn skal heller ikke opdrages sådan. De skal lære at sige fra, på samme måde som jeg er blevet lært det af mine forældre. Især af min sorte mor. Jo mere jeg oplever adfærden, desto mere irriteret bliver jeg. 2/4
Jeg har dog den seneste tid tænkt på, om jeg måske ser for sort/hvidt på det? Det håber jeg inderligt er tilfældet, for alt andet ville få min hjerne til at brænde sammen. Jeg vil oprigtig gerne lære om det frem for at være sur over det hele tiden. 3/4
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Delhi High Court begins hearing MJ Akbar appeal against trial court judgment acquitting Priya Ramani in criminal defamation case

#PriyaRamani #MJAkbar #MeToo @mjakbar
Judgment completely perverse, judge has not decided matters that have been open after trial: Senior Advocate Geeta Luthra for Akbar

#PriyaRamani #MJAkbar #MeToo @mjakbar
Let me call for the trial court record: Justice Mukta Gupta

#PriyaRamani #MJAkbar #MeToo @mjakbar
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new from me in @FreeBeacon:

A Pirate Ship without a Harbor--without Trump, the Lincoln Project has become a paper tiger, with flatlined digital engagement, shedding followers by the tens of thousands


Amidst #MeToo and grift scandals, the liberal super PAC has lost followers on Twitter in each week since Trump’s second impeachment trial on February 13…

The Lincoln Project's relevance on Facebook fell off a cliff after the 2020 election, and its "likes" are completely stagnant…

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Emmanuel Levinas (1905-1995) is one of the most underrated thinkers of the 20th century. This @threadapalooza is my tribute. Levinas was imprisoned as a POW on the Western front during WWII. A Jewish student of Heidegger's, he criticized Western thought to save it from itself.
Levinas is chiefly and rightly remembered as the thinker who understood our encounter with the human face to be the basis for our (experience of) responsibility. In the age of Big Tech and Big Data, this insight will only grow in importance and controversy. 2
Despite the elegance and simplicity of Levinas's core thesis, his work is far from simple. Levinas is great because he contains irresolvable contradictions. 3
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Welcome to Coffee & Culture. Today, I'll tell you a war story.
In this story, men & women are together in combat, deliberately, for one of the first times, & we have to negotiate our roles in a job that nobody prepared us for.

The Only Woman on the Sand 🧵
The noise of two giant Army helicopters taking off is deafening. The silence, after you & 25 of your closest colleagues have jumped off the back and they’ve taken off, leaving you alone and stranded just outside an Afghan village, is sobering.
As the dust from the rotorwash settles, I look around, squinting against the harsh glare of the desert sun. I can make out the village hundreds of meters in front of us, & I can see the narrow path that we will have to cross to get from the open desert into the center of town.
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Την καλημέρα μου
τα σέβη μου
και τα συγχαρητήριά μου σε όλους όσους βλέπω εδώ και μέρα να ρωτάνε
"εγώ τι μπορώ να κάνω;" στο #MeToo

Έχετε περάσει στην επόμενη πίστα και δεν το έχετε πάρει χαμπάρι.
Το #metooGR είναι απλά η αρχή
το μέρος που συναντιόμαστε&μαθαίνουμε για την
επικαιρότητα αλλά όπως έχω ξαναπεί δεν είναι 1 κόντρα σχετικά με το αν θα τρεντάρει κόντρα στα απανωτά μνημόσυνα
είναι πάνω και πέρα από τις μοδίτσες των social media.

Τι μπορεί να κάνει ο καθένας μας που έχει όρεξη να κάνει κάτι παραπάνω.

1. Μάθετε όσα μπορείτε παραπάνω για
την κακοποίηση. Δεν έχει μόνο ένα πρόσωπο. Μπορεί να την συναντήσετε παντού. Μάθετε να την αναγνωρίζετε. Μάθετε το λεξιλόγιο γιατί πίσω από το λεξιλόγιο, κρύβονται έννοιες. Αν σας λείπουν οι λέξεις, σας λείπουν και οι έννοιες που είναι τα red flags της κακοποίησης. Μάθετε ότι
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1/ Quando eu tinha 15 anos fui com o meu pai a uma consulta de fisioterapia num sítio recomendado por um amigo da minha família.
Nesta altura eu remava competitivamente, treinava todos os dias e tinha algumas lesões musculares que me incomodavam.
2/ Nesse dia o meu pai deixou-me na clínica e eu ia de metro para o treino quando a consulta acabasse.
Dez minutos into fisioterapia and chill, começam os comentários do costume. “Pareces mais velha do que és”, “estás muito desenvolvida para a tua idade”.
3/ Começou a perguntar-me se tinha namorado, “até onde já tinha ido com ele”.
Com esta idade eu já tinha tido o meu fair share de conversa da treta por isso tentei desviar o assunto.
O gajo continuou o monólogo e as imbecilidades foram escalando. Contou-me que com
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Just want to call attention to the sheer strength @yifan_xing_e and @killnicole have exhibited in coming forward with their accounts. For those who watch #MeToo unfolding around them, it might look easy to do. It's not. A thread.
Both were women & total newcomers. One hadn't even graduated from university yet, and still was interviewing for her 1st job. They were both taken advantage of by a prominent person known in the *global* Scala community at face value as one of our friendliest/kindest individuals.
For the past >10yrs, Jon has been single-handedly the *most* present individual in the Scala community. For years, he attended nearly every Scala conference *globally*. Going as far as acting as the chairman of the Scala Center Advisory Board early in the Scala Center's life.
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Very impressed by FireEye's new Ghostwriter report, out today. This report, if I may use this opportunity for a provocation, implicitly articulates a powerful critique of the state of the art of current threat intelligence reporting.…
A crucial detail here is made explicity in FireEye's blog post, not the actual report: this report was a joint, multi-team effort that cut across artificial distinctions in our field, between IO and APT research, between disinformation and infosec narrowly conceived. Bravo!
Too often we draw a sharp line, perhaps increasingly so, between disinformation and infosec, between threat intel research and influence operations research. Many of the most aggressive adversaries never made that distinction in their operational design.
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درسال ۲۰۰۸ یک دختر ۱۸ ساله به اسم ماری با پلیس تماس گرفت و گزارش داد که مورد تجاوز قرارگرفته. درتحقیقات پلیس مدرک قابل اعتنایی پیدا نشد و موارد متعددی از تناقض در روایت‌های ماری از ماجرا مشاهده شد. درنتیجه ماری به دروغگویی و تلاش برای جلب توجه متهم شد

اما طولی نکشید که با تکرار وقایع مشابه معلوم شد که اصل ماجرا ساختگی نبوده و ماری صرفا قربانی یک واکنش دفاعی مغز بود که در اون، جزئیات یک اتفاق وحشتناک در حافظه دستکاری میشه: اختلال تجزیه‌ای یا dissociative amnesia.

این واقعه دست‌مایه نگارش یک کتاب و مینی‌سریال Unbelievable شد
در همه جای دنیا، حتی کشورهایی که از لحاظ شاخص‌های اجتماعی رتبه بالایی دارند، جرائم جنسی کمترین درصد گزارش رو داره.
طبق آمار، بین ۹۰ تا بالای ۹۹ درصد این جرائم بدون پیگیری باقی می‌مونن. مثلا گزارشی که پارسال در نیوزیلند منتشر شد رقم ۹۴ درصد رو ذکر می‌کنه:…
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Αυτοαναφορικό τεντόπανο προς τρωκτικά του τιέλε

Είδα την μαλακία για το profiling
Θα μπορούσε
να έχω κάνει το profile οποιουδήποτε θύτη που έχει σκάσει μύτη στο #MeToo
Σας διαβεβαιώ ότι το κάνω εξαιρετικά.
Ήταν συνειδητή απόφαση να μην το κάνω με τις έρευνες
να τρέχουν από σεβασμό σε αυτές.
Το ότι δεν τα γράφω εδώ
δεν σημαίνει ότι δεν το έχω όμως
και δεν μπορώ να διακρίνω τον τρόπο δράσης του καθενός από τον τρόπο που γράφονται τα tweets.

Το ότι κάθομαι και γράφω 3 μήνες τώρα για την κακοποίηση, δεν σημαίνει ότι το παίζω Μπόκοτα
στην Eurovision & βαθμολογώ ποιος θα το σηκώσει στο τέλος.
Σημαίνει ότι αναγνωρίζω κάθε μορφή&στέκομαι απέναντι. Δεν σημαίνει ότι υποτιμώ οποιονδήποτε στέκει πίσω από τα τρωκτικά. Σημαίνει ότι δεν τον φοβάμαι&το θεωρώ υποχρέωσή μου να είμαι εδώ κάθε μέρα & να λέω σε λούπα ότι
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After three years of silence, I have decided to speak up and share the story of how I was manipulated and harassed the past several years by an idolized figure in the Scala community, Jon Pretty. #MeToo…
When you read this blog, you probably already made up your mind, whether or not you believe me. Regardless of what you think, I will stand by my experience. I believe “people who matter don’t mind, and people who mind don’t matter”.
I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I simply want to share my story and make peace with my traumatizing experience. And perhaps, my story will help people learn about predatory and abusive behaviors. And perhaps, I can help prevent the next woman from being harmed.
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The allegations of abusive and bullying behavior by producer Scott Rudin are the latest example of how the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment has evolved into a broader push for accountability in toxic workplaces…
After the Hollywood Reporter’s initial story this month, the Oscar and Tony winner pledged to “step back” from Broadway productions as well as film and streaming projects…
Few Hollywood stars have spoken publicly about Rudin in the wake of the allegations.

Some have spoken up, such as producer and Annapurna Pictures founder Megan Ellison, author Michael Chabon, actress Tavi Gevinson, and more…
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Reading about Rudin and it’s amazing how much the media, news and entertainment industries support abusive white men. There are entire structures that support these men that have to be taken down in order for change to happen.
But we aren’t willing to go deep as an industry. Instead we make optics changes - a few big name hires - and them we move on allowing the dysfunction to fester.
In order for these men to thrive - bc let’s be clear they THRIVE - they need a support system. Some are powerless (assistants, interns etx) and others are not (c-suite, producers, donors etc)
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The Scott Rudin coverage reminds me of something #metoo made clear: focusing on individual abusers will never be enough for systemic change.
Only certain victims and abusers are newsworthy, meaning the most vulnerable are almost always ignored in media.

But nothing ultimately changes
Episodic framing is good for journalists and outlets, but it prevents us from having an accurate understanding of abuse, how it destroys lives, what we can do to stop the cycle.
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So very proud of @Wight_DASH using the single sex exemptions to keep a women’s service women-only 🖤🖤🖤
Hey @WomensPrize I know you don’t provide a service, so much as a cultural resource, but if this little refuge can use the Equality Act to remain for women only, why can’t you? #SexMatters #WomenOnly
It’s obviously not “transphobic” for a refuge for women fleeing male violence to have only women on staff. That’s beyond question.

What is deeply questionable, however, is the motives of a man who insists upon his purported legal entitlement to work at that refuge.
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