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A non-snarky Tweetstorm on the Tara Reade Hoax.
When the fucking IDIOTS of this country elected a game show host to the Presidency, I feared a Black Swan event would happen during the first term of same and that to our peril he would choke.
I didn't see a pandemic coming; I thought it would be terrorism or a free-standing market crash, but here we are. 2/
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When you wake up and find out one of the 2020 US presidential candidates was just publicly named a suspect in an on-going criminal investigation:
Not mine:
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Genuinely laughing watching the people who have spent weeks publicly vilifying Tara Reade as an unstable liar adding the disingenuous faux-concern what's motivating them is concern for her well-being:

"What concerns me most is the well-being of that impoverished deranged liar"😢
Her lawyer explicitly says that he #BelievesHer story and is disgusted by the victims-shaming Democratic pundits have been doing to discredit & smear her.

Just because you created a social media bubble doesn't mean that her claims are disproven if enough Democrats proclaim it.
What's "harming #MeToo" is its extremely obvious & cynical weaponization, where - as happened with B. Clinton -the prevailing standards change based on the accused's Party.

Few will tolerate career- and reputation-destroying tactics that are wielded with no consistent standards.
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This is all just so frustrating and sad. Her life will never be the same. #MeToo has taken a hit. Could have been avoided through thorough journalism. But the absolutely irresponsible, self-interested people who pushed these claims will never, ever take responsibility.
It makes me so livid. The same people who pushed these claims also brush off and denigrate feminists as "liberals," then attacked us as hypocrites for not jumping on this story before it was properly reported. Those of us who care about sexual violence understood the stakes.
It was all a game of dishonest, cynical gotcha from the beginning, from the right of course, but also from bad actors on the left who have low-key (and sometimes high-key) hated feminists since at least 2016. They used this as a cudgel with no regard to who & what they damaged.
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THE COLD, HARD TRUTH: #Biden and #MeToo

1) #JoeBiden is on camera repeatedly groping, sniffing, & feeling girls without consent, to their visible discomfort.

2) Multiple women have accused Biden of inappropriate contact.

3) These actions disqualify him from the presidency.
4) A YouTube search reveals deeply uncomfortable instances of Biden's roving hands copping feels of little girls.

5) Biden's violation of women and girls' physical boundaries is so well known that @TheDailyShow did a segment called the Audacity of Grope.…
6) The ONLY ethical stance when a powerful man engages in forced touching of women and girls is to vehemently and vocally reject their behavior. And to hold them accountable.

7) Applying #MeToo principles selectively is a moral failure that is profoundly chilling to survivors.
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"The story of Reade's allegations against Biden shows what can happen when the rigorous standards espoused by mainstream publications are sidestepped for a more credulous and politicized approach.” - My piece at Salon, March 31.…
For those words, I was harassed endlessly, accused (mostly by men) of being a traitor to feminism and a rape apologist, despite years of being a feminist writer and despite being a survivor of a sexual assault.
But this sort of thing is the reason that it’s false when the opponents of feminism, who have now declared themselves the arbiters of feminism, declared that vetting Reade’s case closely was somehow a betrayal of feminism.…
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Tara Reade tried to get me, a rape survivor, banned from Twitter because I said EXACTLY what is today being confirmed by politico & other outlets. This woman abuses the report features & has followers on the alt right including the alt left who doxx & threaten me. How is this ok?
I want people to be aware of the following:

1. What I said in that screenshot HAS BEEN PROVEN ACCURATE

2. Tara, a supposed survivor advocate, did this to me knowing I was dealing with PTSD already from domestic violence & a recent sexual assault

3. IMMEDIATELY after I said I spoke to Lynn Hummer, who Tara Reade scammed out of over $1,400 & has slandered & harassed online, & "didn't know what to think anymore" 2 things happened-
Tara suddenly started contacting me like crazy after previously ignoring my DM's (cont)
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#WhyWomenKill série Américaine qui a l'objectif de ramener dans le droit chemin (du patriarcat) les femmes qui auraient l'audace après #metoo de pencher du coté féministe.
#backlash de #MeToo
série patriarcale ++
3 femmes, 3 fausses héroïnes, chacune dans des personnages complètement stéréotypée.
1963, Beth Ann, étant la figure maternelle elle est bien entendu celle qui à la personnalité la plus néfaste.
folle manipulatrice se rapproche de la maîtresse de son mari pour lui voler le bébé
Visage maternelle : elle focalise sur elle toutes les peurs et complexe masculin, tout le pouvoir que les h n'ont pas. La série noues rappelle(comme dans toutes les oeuvres) : les femmes sont des voleuses d'enfants (propriété masculine), manipulatrices, dissimulatrice : le diable
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Thread on [swallows hard] Tara Reade, Dr. Blasey Ford, and how the right views women.

It's been two months since Reade's escalated accusations against Joe Biden hit the political world like a sack of wet rats and the story has fizzled out entirely, consternating the right. 1/
This was supposed to be the surprise 3rd quarter onside kick that shifts the momentum of the game back in their favor, but instead the other team recovered and they have no idea what happened. The trouble lays squarely in the rights views of sexual assault and survivors. 2/
Tara Reade may as well be a conservative caricature of a sexual abuse accusor. Her story has changed weekly to fit new revelations. She goes through names like most women go through bras. She's been caught lying, repeatedly. She stands accused of fraud and manipulation. 3/
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If you want to understand sociopaths better, how they operate to trigger and harass their victims publicly without ANYBODY being aware, I RECOMMEND to read this thread below and evidence, and then watch this rapist's video:

This is NOT THE ONLY example btw. Below, another example where the rapist refers to a 2016 private joke between us in a 2018 video:

Click the image to see the conversation. This is rapist Alex M, youtuber Exurb1a, for you. @Exurb1aQ
The above kind of psychological abuse (undeniably proven with evidence) by Alex M, is done publicly and it's what we refer to as 'victim triggering'.

Alex literally uses his youtube channel and by that fans to play part in his covert psychological abuse. @Exurb1aQ
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Wait, so Dem leaders have killed the #MeToo movement and now fat-shaming gets #Pelosi a flood of adoring praise?

I guess that's why she can get away with giving Trump expanded surveillance powers, passing his key bills, and absolving him of 95% of his crimes.
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I think this piece is accurate in the extremely narrow sense that there wasn’t a widespread hashtag but fails as cultural commentary.

A quick trip down memory lane to remind us what the conversation was related to #Kavanaugh & #MeToo back then.…
So, first off, Faludi seems right that there wasn’t a huge #BelieveAllWomen phenomena, although “believe all women” was bantered about by some.

But this ignores the rush to believe women without or before evidence in a way that has clear political goals.
Instead of Ford - whose allegations clearly split the country in terms of their credibility - let’s focus on Julie Swetnick, once represented by Michael Avenatti. Her testimony was what started the “gang rape” narrative.
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A lot’s been written about the double standard in how the media/liberals have responded to the Biden/Kavanaugh allegations. But here's a thread laying out just how pervasive that double standard really is.

Here’s a list of the 50 biggest hypocrites:

“I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. My heart broke watching her testify. She’s a hero – brave, compelling, credible”…

“The vice president’s answers were credible and convincing.”…

“I believe her. Many, many, many Americans believe her."…

“Sen. Schumer believes that Joe Biden’s answer has been sufficient and will work as hard as he can to make sure Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump...”…
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Here's why Ben Smith is going after Ronan Farrow...

1. Simple jealousy. Smith wanted to be the wunderkind and ended up bankrupting BuzzFeed, while Farrow changed the world and won a Pulitzer

2. Smith wants to damage the #MeToo movement to protect BIden.

3. Smith wants to...
...protect Hillary Clinton (who Farrow dared criticized)

4. Smith wants to protect NBC. That's what Smith does, Palace Guard cuz he's a mercenary climber

5. Smith is sending a warning to other journalists that if they criticize Democrats or NBCs, they too will be blacklisted... this way.

6. Smith has always been a lying, jealous sleaze and he would never have the courage to take it to CNN or WaPo over the Russia Collusion debacle, cuz he's a simpering climber.

7. I've had my issues with Farrow, my disagreements, but overall I trust...
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1) Buzzfeed Ben can fuck off to the sun
2) Ronan is 32?
The lede he’s pushing: MeToo was based on a lie.


False, bro
Well. At least now I know why that bastard Ronan Farrow has such good skin. He’s 32
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I want to be really clear: If you even think Biden MIGHT be a rapist, going out of your way to defend him is gross. If you think we have an obligation to vote blue, you’re right, but you can argue that without throwing MeToo or survivors under the bus. Or, if you can’t, be quiet.
People who've covered sexual assault & survivor justice since before #MeToo are being extra careful with Reade's story because we know demolishing a woman's reputation, based on things like her skipping out on rent, only harms survivors and scares them out of coming forward.
I once rented from the last great New York eccentric, a guy whose LEAST bizarre quality was that he had to collect the rent in cash, in person, on a different day every month, and once forgot to charge me for like five months. If he hates me, does that mean I was never assaulted?
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My opponent pulled a gun on his first wife & shot it, forced her & mistresses into three abortions, & illegally prescribed painkillers for a patient he was sleeping with while married.

Me? Not so much. I will vote to give you health care though.

Chip in:…
Don’t just press like. Donate a few bucks right away. Let’s beat the hell out of Scott DesJarlais this November 3.
My beloved Tennessee is in trouble.

Ravaged by a deadly virus, our rural health hospitals are collapsing, and people are dying.

Rep. DesJarlais, caught up in his own scandals, is in hiding.

I’m asking for your help.

Tennessee is asking for your help.…
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2. News: Neurosurgeon: Face MASKS POSE SERIOUS RISK.

If you wear a face mask, contract a sickness, you can't fight it off as effectively as if you had normal blood oxygen levels.

It could create a “DEADLY CYTOKINE STORM" in some… #Trump #COVID19
3. News: NEW JERSEY: Latest Coronavirus Insanity: Surfing Is Allowed But Swimming Is Not… #Trump #News #KnowYourRights #CoronaVirus
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but

Demanding that people tell you who they're voting for, on a public platform, is a form of bullying and intimidation. It's especially a bad look for this year's mainstream Democratic "Red Scare" Party liberals. Rethink this approach.
Every time someone says "I'm not comfortable voting for a man accused of sexual assault," liberal Dems somehow think it's okay to jump into their mentions to demand "WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR THEN, BECAUSE A SEXUAL ASSAULTER IS THE ONLY CHOICE."

Step back. Look at those words.
To consider: The only - and I mean only - strategy that Dems are giving liberals is "this is a bad choice and it doesn't represent anyone's interests and may in fact be harmful but it's the only choice we're giving you."

That's narrow and it's also not correct. Be thoughtful.
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THREAD: Stacey Abrams is a #MeToo hypocrite.

As the self-proclaimed governor of Georgia joins Joe Biden on MSNBC tonight, her blatantly political dismissal of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations proves one thing...…
Abrams is a ‘Me Too’ hypocrite who puts her own political ambitions ahead of survivors.

Actively campaigning to be Biden’s running mate, Abrams has been more than happy to ditch her “believe survivors” principles even amid growing corroboration of Tara Reade’s story.
Abrams’ crass dismissal of Tara Reade and support for Joe Biden simply cannot be reconciled with her relatively recent statements about believing and trusting women who level allegations of sexual assault:
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Recently, my alma mater Harvard Law School asked for a donation for my 15th reunion, a class I’ll always share with the guy who sexually assaulted me when I was a teenager and completely got away with it. THREAD
It’s a part of my life that I wanted to keep buried forever because it filled me with such shame, not just the fact that I was sexually assaulted, but the fact that the faculty of Harvard Law School actually voted on whether to take away my degree for speaking up about it.
I was only 18 when it happened, having skipped several grades, gone to college at 13, a first generation immigrant, a young woman of color who had overcome poverty & beaten the impossible odds to get in. The last thing I expected to happen to me at Harvard Law was sexual assault.
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#Maennerwelten ein persönlicher Thread:
Ja, ich lebe auch darin. Meine früheste Erinnerung an Übergriffe auf meinen Körper stammt aus meiner Kindergartenzeit. Vier Jahre alt muss ich gewesen sein, als sich mein Vater das erste Mal in mein Bett legte.
Ich erinnere mich noch heute, über 40 Jahre danach daran, dass er nach Bier gerochen hat.

Ich lebte darin, als ich mit 7 Jahren einem Fremden den Weg zeigen wollte und plötzlich hinter ein Gebüsch auf unserem Spielplatz gezerrt wurde.
Er zwang mich, mich hinzuknieen und masturbierte. Dann landete etwas Ekliges, Weißes, Heißes auf meinem Gesicht und in meinen Haaren. Er wischte sich an meinen Haaren ab, steckte seinen Penis wieder ein, zog mich hoch und sagte:
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Lieber @jokoundklaas, es ist toll, dass ihr eure Plattform #JKlive mit #männerwelten für dieses wichtige Thema nutzt. Wirklich. ABER...
..nicht-weiße Frauen, wie sie in eurem Beitrag nur minimal zu Wort kommen, sind noch viel häufiger Opfer von (digitaler) sexualisierter Gewalt (Bitte einmal „Intersektionalität“ nachschlagen) Wenn sie schon nicht mehr Raum bekommen, sollte das wenigstens erwähnt werden #JKLive
..das Gleiche gilt für queere Frauen, deren Existenz (und Schmerz) in eurem Beitrag gänzlich ausgeklammert wird. von Trans-Frauen mal ganz zu schweigen #JKLive
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