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Most recents (24):… Is there an Epstein connection?
What's this?…
Who is in that picture? Is that Ghislaine Maxwell? Wasn't she an underage hooker madame for Epstein & friends? Who else has been to Epstein's properties?
How many victims may have been groomed or even held at these fortresses?…
Remote, large locations sparing no expense.
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1) Has anyone noticed that the #MSM—CNN, CBS, the New York Times, Yahoo! —plus @FBI @DHSgov—are all posting significant content related to #pedogate &/or #MeToo over just the past week?
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For months, authors have been asking for a better sexual harassment policy from @fanxsaltlake. What happened publicly today on twitter is an indication of how women have been treated privately by those running this con.
We wanted to better protect fans and presenters alike. Articles like this, and the comments made here by those in charge at FanX, gave us pause.…
But statement after statement and article after article and email after email kept going off the rails.…
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(THREAD) I just watched @rustyrockets interview @jordanbpeterson, and want to say that—among my many objections to Peterson—I resent his framing retrograde cultural philosophies as post-postmodern. This thread details how Peterson's schtick is destructive. I hope you'll share it.
1/ For those who don't know Peterson, he's a pre-Modernist thinker whose embrace of some mid-20th c. philosophical, lit-critical, and psychological dead-ends—an ideology frozen in the 50s—has made him a hero among the alt-right. He's part of the so-called "Intellectual Dark Web."
2/ Just as I'd have less problem with Bill O'Reilly if he copped to being a retrograde boor whose head as to key matters like gender equality and civil rights is stuck in the suburbs of his childhood—so we'd know to ignore him—Peterson's dangerous because he disguises what he is.
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This is my husband, Andy Blumenthal, talking directly to SAR Academy in Riverdale, NY.

SAR, the events in question happened nearly 40 years ago.
Your investigation started nearly 6 months ago.
What is going on with that?

SAR Academy, the events in question happened nearly 40 years ago. Your investigation started nearly 6 months ago.
What is going on with that?…

SAR Academy, why was another misconduct incident "a tightly guarded secret at the school?"…
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492-Not going to list her tv appearances, tv shows, books, etc...But I am going to point out she all very advocate of #humanrights, #LGTB, #Childtrafficking & #PlannedParenthood. All very #Metoo and all.
Aren't we nice?
#MadRespect here for @Seal to call her #Hypocrisy 👇
493-She is also a big supporter of #Obama Global Health Initiative. This is nothing more than a continuation and expansion of the UN’s global population control program.
Do you know who else backs this program? 🤔👇
Coincidences, I am sure
494- Remember that one time she gave a speech & @nbc & all the other #DeepState news networks along with the #DemocraticParty all came out in support for her 2020 presidency?
Why did she back out & all of a sudden the idea was out of the #msm?
@potus knows what's in her closet
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Do I feel a thread coming on, like the flu? Possible.
This Gaza situation. I don't know if people (by people, I mean "people who can't find Gaza on a map, or don't know it's Occupied by Israel, or how close it is to Europe, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt...etc.) understand how dire it is.
When I was in Gaza 20 years ago, it was dire.
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Wanna bet also a heavy Dem donor? Given audience at The Whitehouse and no prison time! (HRC style 2 tier justice)

Much like Assad Qamar of Ocala, FL (no longer top scammer it seems)…
Lotsa property forfeited!

#MeToo issues too!!…
Interesting site, compares docs...…
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“I remember when nobody called me out on my racism”
There’s nothing more racist than someone crying about the times they could be comfortably racist without being called out on it.

“Oh the good old days”

We should all #ReminisceLikeGervais
“I remember a time when you could own Black people and make them do things without pay and it wasn’t “unconstitutional””

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1) November 15, 2017.
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump “interrupts speech twice for a sip of @FIJIWater.”

The significance of islands.…
2) Fiji is ~330 islands.
3) Selling children for sex is common in Fiji. Their own families pimp them out as do hotel staffers, sailors, foreign tourists and more.

Local hotels care for their guests by sending staff to “procure” them.…
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Potentially triggering thread for victims of #abuse: talk about #EricSchneiderman: did you know he is innocent? The women who claimed he “abused” them are actually #sexslaves for #NXIVM and #RogerStone, who is one of the main shadow leaders at NXIVM set this up. Eric practiced
#BDSM and other forms of overt sexual activity that would remind you of #50Shades but he did NOT #rape or #abuse anybody. The #sex was completely consensual. What a couple decides to do in the bedroom is up to them BUT, if it’s not consensual that’s when it’s bad. His sex was
100% consensual. In July 2017, Donald and I spoke about ES diving into the #trafficking ring #NXIVM and its offshoots - here’s where it gets interesting, one of the men who was giving #TeamAvocado information about #Trump’s trafficking ring used to be a Master at NXIVM and he and
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It's a beautiful evening on the East Coast, so let's talk about a subject that's close to my heart: HOW TO DEAL WITH ABUSIVE STALKER TYPES.

I hope you guys read, respond & RT. I think this conversation is important, both for personal and for political reasons.
Once, I recounted an campaign waged against me by a stalker in Moscow to my therapist. He asked, "What do you think made you so attractive to this person?" This may seem like victim-blaming, but it can actually be a very important and helpful question.
If you're doing interesting and/or controversial work that gets noticed, if you're physically attractive/fascinating to a particular person, if you're with someone who's physically attractive/fascinating, you may become a target. "Price of prominence," ppl used to joke to me.
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4 new Cohen filings: here’s the docket…
Oh hello! A request for Judge Woods to seal seized material from Cohen re: 2 women who accused AG Schneiderman. WTF?!
Peter Gleason, the attorney who wrote this letter, says he often takes clients who have been abused by powerful men. He hears 2 women & advises them to do nothing.
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I'm so sorry that this happened to Eric Schneiderman. So sorry.

Discussed with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen.


I cannot believe we lost Mr. Schneiderman to a Michael Cohen - Donald Trump set up

I feel sick.
I did the right thing and I said the right thing when it was galactically unpopular to stand up and sound warnings



How many more will we lose to this assault on the Constitution and due process?
homie, I want you to see this.
I want all of my friends to see it. I oppose #MeToo. I will always oppose #MeToo. A key demand is belief of any female accuser on assault before ANY TRIAL.
How DARE Governor Cuomo, Cyrus Vance, @SenGillibrand, others have prejudged?
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1) #NXIVM again. In my tweet storm here 👇 I mentioned this could go in 100s of directions, but never expected this one. Incoming 💣

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #TheStorm #TheStormIsHere #MEtoo #ExposeAllEvil #ThesePeopleAreSick

2) So the #Anons have been bouncing this back and forth all day, but yes, someone we all know has the #NXIVM brand on them. And it will hopefully discredit her forever.

#DrainTheSwamp #DeepStateinPanic #DrainTheDeepState #DeepState #DeepStateAgenda #QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS
3) These images are direct from my screen captures. I had to suffer thru this porn film to get them, but they are mine, authentic and real. Many other anons have done their own versions and independently verified the same.

#DrainTheSwamp #DeepStateinPanic #DrainTheDeepState
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El #feminismo necesita de ovejas negras y aquí tenéis a una. La hegemonía que controla sus filas se muestra cada vez más fanática: imposición de códigos de conducta en la seducción, uso de la violencia sexual contra las mujeres para crear pánico moral y mucho dogma hecho eslogan.
El movimiento #MeToo es imparable. No juzgo a quienes abren la boca y se atreven a denunciar y señalar a quienes compraron en el pasado su silencio. Celebro semejante acto de valentía y de superación personal. Voy a poner mi atención en otra cuestión.
Lo que vengo a juzgar es cómo el feminismo hegemónico ha instrumentalizado el movimiento #MeToo para rescatar un modelo de feminidad frágil, suave y que necesita de la eterna protección estatal.
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So, let me address this in a thread. Caveat--I'm a proud Liberal/Dem who lives in the Atlanta suburbs in a heavily Republican district. Most of my friends are all Republican voters. We've talked about this a lot. 1)
You would think that Trump voters would be appalled by the behavior we've seen from Trump and other Republicans over the past two or three years. The truth is, they're not. They don't care. I mean it when I say this. THEY. DON'T. CARE. 2)
Some of my friends were eager Trump voters in 2016, and some were begrudgingly Trump voters. In the end, they were all still Trump voters, so it doesn't matter. But, the one thing that binds them is they don't care how Trump treats women. 3)
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New #QAnon 1318.

Mass exodus in DC?
Mass exodus- corporate CEOs?
Who has the POWER?
Who has the CONTROL?
If POTUS was NOT IN CONTROL would they be retreating?

#Q #MAGA #GreatAwakening #Trump #POTUS #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #MondayMotivation @realDonaldTrump
When #Q asks, "Mass exodus in DC?" he is referring to the unprecedented number of representatives who will not be seeking reelection. As of 4/27/18 that number is up to 53, based on this report.

#QAnon #MAGA #Trump @realDonaldTrump

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“I am the law.” Four women accuse NY attorney general and #MeToo  advocate Eric Schneiderman of violent physical abuse. Several gave harrowing accounts of violence, fear, and intimidation to @JaneMayerNYer and me in our @NewYorker investigation:…
Several of the women went to pains to specify that this was, in their view, assault, not roleplaying or any other form of consensual activity.
One of the women, a prominent attorney, wasn’t in a relationship with Schneiderman at all. She says he propositioned her, began calling her a “slut” and a “whore,” and, when she withdrew, struck her without warning.
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Name another actor fired after an investigation of multiple, recent harassment claims who gets this kind of “complicated artist” treatment and is still set to star in another show ... Exactly. And why? Because his *public* accusers are trans. #MeToo #ButNotUs
I know of at least two other women, neither trans, who had similar stories about Tambor but didn’t come forward because they thought he was already done. I hope those women, and any others like them, seriously consider coming forward.
Usually after sleeping on something I’m calmer and see more nuance in it. In this case I’m even angrier than I was yesterday. Yes, there are two sides here, but here’s the thing: one side has to by lying.
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THREAD: I wanted to make a funny quip using a #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, so naturally I searched the web for inane depictions of what the public thinks I do as a professor. Well dang that was a shocker. 1/
Apparently I’m supposed to be a man, which was not really a surprise. Bad hair, okay, whatever. Glasses requisite, etc.
So some 20 photos into my search, some female profs show up. Glasses, of course. Just, what’s up with the “come hither, I want to shag you” look? 3/
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Hey, hi, I just had a little convo about #metoo with my mom and she started to make those all too familiar "but what if the accusations are false" sounds. Here's what I said in case it's useful for anyone.
1) It may seem like men are being felled with a single story. This is almost certainly not the case. Repercussions are only swift because there have been years of ignored complaints, accusations and whispers and institutions know they can't keep up the front anymore.
2) There is no benefit in coming forward with a story about being harassed or abused. None. In most cases it's the exact opposite--women are targeted and harassed.
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During his tour for THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER, Junot Díaz did a Q&A at the grad program I'd just graduated from. When I made the mistake of asking him a question about his protagonist's unhealthy, pathological relationship with women, he went off for me for twenty minutes.
He asked me to back up my claim with evidence. I cited several passages from the book in front of me. He raised his voice, paced, implied I was a prude who didn't know how to read or draw reasonable conclusions from text.
When I suggested that maybe my question had been answered, and he move on to someone else's question, he refused. He told me he was leaning on me to explain myself, which is what he did with his students. (Never mind that I wasn't his student, or a student at all.)
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1/n I believe it is arguable that identity is in the mind. We have absolutely no idea to what extent our biology and our life experience influences our identity. It is pretty much a philosophical argument and as such is highly subjective. How can someone who is biologically male
2/n ...know that he is actually a woman? I do not doubt that trans women believe that they are actual women but, at the end of the day, that's what it is, a belief and to legislate for that belief, to me, is dangerous. You may as well legislate for the existence of God...
3/n ...You cannot rely on people just saying they are the opposite sex and then expect everyone to believe it. What if they're not sure? What if they're not serious? I will give you two examples. The first is @grrlalex have a look at this interview of Alex..
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