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Co-founder of @EthioTube. Made in #Ethiopia. Son of #Addis. @ManUtd fan. Admirer of #ቋንጣፍርፍር. Saved by the blood on ✝️. Humor is appreciated. Opinions my own.
Nov 15, 2020 21 tweets 5 min read

The War That Should Never Have Been Fought

I need to get these thoughts off my chest. We now find ourselves in a war that should have never happened. War is ugly. War puts innocent people in danger. War is distractive. Most people know that. Nobody needs to be lectured on how bad war is, particularly Ethiopians. You know who said no to war? Kinijit/CUD and Hibret/UEDF in 2005 when facing #TPLF-led EPRDF for an election.
Sep 18, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read

Do not be deceived by the unitary/አሃዳዊ bogeyman argument some folks have come up with to label their political adversaries. As a matter of fact, unitary form of government is not undemocratic in and of itself. Finland is unitary state. Ireland is unitary state. South Korea is unitary state. Portugal is unitary state. The list goes on. If any political group in #Ethiopia were to advocates for unitary form of government through a democratic process, they are within their right to do so.
Dec 3, 2019 27 tweets 3 min read

የሁለት ስብሰባዎች ትዝታዬ

በቅርቡ ዲሲ በነበረኝ ቆይታ የጃዋርን እና የእስክንድር ህዝባዊ ስብሰባዎች የሚዲያ ሽፋን ለመስጠት የመገኘት እድሉ ገጥሞኝ ነበር። የመጀመሪያው ስብሰባ የጃዋር ነበር - ቅዳሜ እለት። 1/27 ከስብሰባው በፊት ቃለ ምልልስ ማድረግ ስለነበረብኝ እንዲሁም የአድራሻ ለውጥ ሲደረግ ስለዋለ፣ እኔና ባልደረባዬ በስፍራው የደረስነው ትንሽ ዘግየት ብለን ነበር። በር ላይ ግርግር ስለነበር፤ አዘጋጆቹ በጓሮ በር እንድንገባ ነግረውን ገባን። 2/27