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29 Jun 20


Islam is today faced with two major challenges. Numberless of criticisms are coming from ex-Muslims, orientalists and Islamaphobes, from one angle.
The other challenge is from within, with many clerics and their followers justifying pedophilia and child marriage, citing the hadith mentioned in Sahihul Bukhari that Prophet Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine.
This thread, as the title shows, is to weigh the arguments raised in support or against the marriage, both from within and without; and to revise the history without falling into the trap of historical presentism.
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12 May 19
I’m one of the staunch critics of “scientific miracles in the Holy Koran” from epistemological and ontological points of view. But that doesn’t I believe Koran is against science! I mean the Book is not like Darwin’s “On the Origins of Species” that you can drive theories from.
There are also no “rulings” in science. We have theories and they are neither true nor false. Finding another theory doesn’t mean that other is false. It means more understanding from different source or another angle. This is why scientists “modify” theories not change them.
From the time Democritus said there is atom, no one demolished his assertion. When Rutherford and JJ Thompsons came they modified the theorems but the basic idea of atom is there untouched. Even with Quantum Mechanics the basic idea of atom is still there but with quarks.
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11 May 19
Most Quranic exegetes in Northern Nigeria are reducing the Book to an ancient book. They don’t know how to interpret Quran using modern and scientific languages. They prefer to go back to 10th or 11th century to take the opinions of classical scholars like Dabariy or Ibn Kathir.
I’m not saying that the classical scholars were wrong in their interpretation even though I don’t take their views infallible. But they understood Koran according to the available information in their time and we have different information today.
Classical scholars exercised their own “ijtihad” and whether they were right or wrong they would be rewarded according to their intentions. It is time for modern scholars to start using available apparatus in the modern world to reinterpret Quran according to our time.
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