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Mom of two incredible girls. Wife. Acute Care Surgeon, CU/UNM/PENN. Associate Program Director @ University of New Mexico. She/her.
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I’m a #triplevaxxed surgeon, now sick & isolating with #COVID19. I’m married to a #triplevaxxed rheumatologist MD & mom to 2 kids in Moderna 💉trial, all negative but #quarantining since 3 y/o is blinded to vax status. Wanna know how Hubby’s work is treating him? (A 🧵)

1/? He works for a large private health company, so Families First Coronavirus Response Act /FFCRA doesn’t apply. He is staying home with the exposed kids (kid 2 is 3 yo & still blinded in the trial). His options?
1️⃣Use vacation time
2️⃣Take unpaid leave…