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26 Nov

• 27 Bullet Points 📍

• Easy to Find 📍

• A good start to evaluating a project 📍


• Circulating Supply:
• Total Supply:
• Market Capitalization:
• Vesting/Issuance Schedule:
• Inflationary or Deflationary Tokenomic Model?:
• Consensus Model:
• Synchronous or Asynchronous?:
• Transactions Per Second:
• Transaction Finality Time:

• Use Cases:
• Competitors:
• Partners:
• Seed Investors:
• Initiatives/Consortiums:
• Blockchain Energy Consumption (kWh):
• Founders and Developers:
• Smart Contract Languages (if applicable):
• Product Stack:
• Uses of native token on its blockchain:

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21 Nov
Banking, Cryptocurrency & DeFi 💵

Presenting: #Scallop


//A THREAD 🚨 📈
Coin Gecko Metrics

Points of interest:

• Market Cap: 82 million
• Circulating Supply: 20 million

Exchanges: KuCoin, Gateio , Pancakeswap

Main Competitors: $COTI, $NEXO, $CRO
What is $SCLP ?

Scallop is a fin-tech provider providing #crypto & fiat use all in one place

This allows TradFi & DeFi to merge in a secure & compliant manner for mass adoption.

Scallop has applied for FCA authorization to deal in EMD’s (UK) as an Electronic Money Institution
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16 Nov
Token velocity is EXTREMELY important to the price action of a crypto

The more a crypto changes hands, the higher the velocity is

There’s a reason why payment tokens without any means of reducing velocity (lockup’s, staking, etc) struggle to see significant price appreciation
If a token is aiming to provide liquidity in large transactions ($XRP)

That’s when high token velocity can be an edge.

There’s no way $XRP can be used to it’s full utility if it’s only priced in the single digits.

If you’re settling 5T a day like SWIFT, you’d need a bare MINIMUM $50 $XRP to support the necessary settlement.

With current circulating supply, it would need to be $100.

In reality, you would need a significantly higher $XRP than that price to prevent any bottlenecks
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12 Nov

I made this off of memory in my free time , so I apologize if I missed some important things to focus on, but this should help anyone looking to do some more in depth FA.

TOKENOMICS (one thing not mentioned is the effects of token velocity)
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12 Nov

Some featured include:

• $QNT
• $KDA

& more 🤝
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11 Nov
My personal portfolio & exit strategy

Short thread 🚀

(Not financial advice) Image

• DCA on the way up at certain price points using fib extensions & other metrics like RSI/MACD.
Roll profit over into other projects

• If anything goes parabolic before another project has moved, all profits rotate into the bag that hasn’t pumped

• Once the ‘euphoria’ phase has kicked in, I’m taking 75 % off the table into stable coins.

• 20 % will be rotated to aggressive plays in euphoria

• 5% to bank acct.

• I will be profit taking on multiple platforms with limit orders set in case exchanges crash
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5 Nov
A Protocol & Product layer Platform for Esports & Video Entertainment 🚀

Presenting: Verasity


// A THREAD 🕹 Image
Coin Market Cap Metrics

CMC Ranking: #180 ✅
Market Cap: 330m ✅
Circ. Supply: 4.47B ✅
Max Supply: 10.3B ✅
24h Vol: 61m ✅

Price: $.074 ✅ (7 cents)

Exchanges: KuCoin, ZT, HitBTC, Gateio, OKEx
#Verasity is a cryptocurrency company that is involved in:

- Esports
- Video Entertainment
- Advertising

Mission: to increase engagement & ad revenue for video publishers on any video platform, while also rewarding viewers.


Through its patented Proof-Of View Technology ImageImage
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24 Oct
Rethinking The Internet:

A sustainable user-centric internet economy

Presenting: Syntropy

$NOIA ImageImage
Coin Market Cap Metrics

CMC rank: #302 ✅
Market Cap: 182m ✅
Price: $0.37 ✅
Circulating Supply: 482m ✅
Max Supply: 1B ✅
24h vol: 3.4m ✅

Exchanges: KuCoin, Uniswap, Gate.Io , Bancor
For those who are more esoteric, understand the duality of the world we live in:

Love vs. Hate
Light vs. Dark
Good vs. Evil
Yin vs. Yang

Entropy vs. Syntropy

One cannot exist without the other.

Things that appear opposite are merely two extremes of the same thing. ImageImage
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21 Oct
ODAP, Partners, CBDC’s & more on Overledger

Presenting: Quant


In part 2, we covered:

- Quant Tokenomics
- The importance of token velocity

In this thread we will cover:

- Partners
- CBDC’s
- more on Overledger

Let’s begin.
ODAP (Open Digital Asset Protocol)

In October of 2020, MIT & Quant announced a collaboration to push #crypto one step closer towards mainstream adoption.


*(Intel also plays a role in ODAP)*
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19 Oct
Building the ‘internet for blockchains’

#Quant Tokenomics

Presenting: Quant


In Part one of our series, I covered:

- Overledger
- the similarities between each
- ISO TC 307
In part two, I will cover:

Tokenomics and the importance of token velocity.

(An often overlooked and misunderstood concept in cryptocurrency)

**ODAP, CDBC’s and other alpha will be covered in part 3.**
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16 Oct
Leading the Connectivity Revolution

& Solving the Single-Ledger Dependency Problem

Presenting: Quant


Coin Market Cap Metrics

CMC Ranking: #49 ✅
Circ. Supply: 12m ✅
Max Supply: 14m ✅
24h vol: $58m ✅
Price: $292 ✅
ERC-20 ✅

Exchanges: Coinbase, KuCoin, Binance, HitBTC, Mandala
**This will be a 2 part series**

Too much alpha

And not enough thread space

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15 Oct
The Financial Crisis of 2008

The rise of #Bitcoin

the Fallacy of Overchoice in #Crypto

And how to carve your own path in this ‘noisy’ & nascent market 💎

//A THREAD ImageImage
Story time:

The year was 2008.

A global financial crisis had shaken the world with shock effects not seen since the Great Depression.

Bailouts upon bailouts saved us from world-wide catastrophe.

*Or* should I say saved the ones responsible for its occurrence

Effects of the 2008 crisis in US:

Opportunity cost of 640 Billion - approximately $5,800 per household

Home values: $3.4 Trillion in real estate wealth

Stock values: $7.4 Trillion in stock wealth - $66,000 on average per household.

And Millions of foreclosures…
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14 Oct
Building the future of finance:

Presenting: Alliance Block

$ALBT #NoMercy

//THREAD 🚨🔥🐂 ImageImage
Coin Market Cap Metrics

CMC rank: #305 ✅
Market Cap: $171m ✅
Circulating supply: 232m ✅
Total supply: 1B ✅
24h vol: 4.1m ✅
ERC-20 ✅

Exchanges: KuCoin, Bitrue, PancakeSwap, Bitfinex, Hoo
Before we dive in, I want to tell a little story.

There is a Greek tale that tells the story of a titan god of fire:


A brutal war waged between the titans & olympians:

Prometheus played an essential role in the victory, leading to the sovereign takeover of Zeus. ImageImage
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11 Oct
Today’s thread: Kadena

$KDA Image
Before we dive in , I will be providing its current Coin Market Cap Metrics below:

CMC ranking: #245 ✅
24h vol: $5.1m ✅
MC: $312m ✅
Price: $2.04 ✅

Exchanges: KuCoin, Hotbit, Bittrex, coinex

Let’s begin…
Kadena is a layer 1 hybrid Proof-of-Work ‘parallelized’ blockchain solution inspired by #Bitcoin Image
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27 Sep
The gem of the month:


Let’s dive in…

WADZPAY is a layer 2 blockchain - agnostic payments protocol based out of Singapore.

•Leveraging up-to-date technology to provide:
- faster payment/settlement
- enhanced security
- low transaction costs
-interoperability between legacy and blockchain payment structures
Some partnerships include:

- MasterCard (HUGE)
- Tomochain
- Xin Fin (HUGE)
- BlockSphere

& more.
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