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1/16 Good evening everyone,

All eyes where on the CPI, Core CPI and PPI reports this week. The slowdown in inflation is actually a confirmation that FED's demand destruction program starts to be felt by markets.
2/16 The 10YUS bonds are retesting now the "Neckline" of the daily Head&Shoulders. If buyers manage to push the price beyond 2.9% and close above it on a weekly closing basis, it means that the breakout was a fakeout and that might put a break to the RiskOn assets rally. Image
4/16 Continuing my idea from the last analysis, DXY looks toppy on monthly and it confirmed my fakeout theory. I still want to see more confirmation, meaning a clear weekly close under 105, but for now RiskOn assets are happy with this weaker DXY.

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$ETH seems to have gone through an ultra-fast bounce if we compare it to the previous cycle.

During the previous crypto cycle, ETH ranged between the low and the halfway point in log terms between the low and the high for the whole bear market.
There's no guarantee that this repeats but I think it's a decent starting point to work out what happens next.

Fundamentals catalysts (ETH merge?) will perhaps skew this a bit.
Also it's possible that crypto doesn't get any more bear markets (uponly?), but here's the thing with that: markets tend to move in cycles for quite deep reasons.

Maybe legacy markets go into uponly mode again because the Fed has decided not to do much about inflation ...
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开个帖子复盘,#CPI 公布前,主力在做什么~
尤其是突破23.8k后,大户开始陆续出货或者说制造压盘。最明显的是 #OKX #BTC 现货,我们周一更新过超级大户压盘——在24200有一笔近1000个btc超大卖单。
Binance BTC现货则是直接成交了几笔大额委托卖单
合约方面,#binance 和okx #BTC /USD当季前后脚在9日凌晨1点附近都有零星大户卖出平多
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Simple, basique, a thread

Avant que toute la #crypto sphère se remette en ordre de marche avec du vert dans les yeux (calmez vous ça peut prendre du temps), il est bon de rappeler certains principes simples, basiques
Aucune formation trading n’est magique, réussir demandera de l’investissement personnel et de la rigueur à tout instant
Comparer le price action passé pour imaginer ce qu’il va se passer demain, ça marche pas, c’est pas le pays de Candy ici
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Inflation reported at 8.5%, which is better than the expected 8.7%!! #Crypto Markets in green!!✅✅✅

so does this mean we just survived a recession?

Well, there are 3 upcoming event you MUST know about 🧵👇
1) Unemployment Release - September 2, 2022

Politicians have a hard time stating we are in a recession since the unemployment rate is so low. Last report came in at only 3.5%.

If we get a rate of 3.5% or lower at the next release = bullish Image
2) August CPI Report - September 13, 2022

This next CPI report along with the unemployment rate will lead us to the the most important decision of all, and that's whether the FED will lower or increase interest rates at the next meeting. Image
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A mission-critical financial application must be safe & secure.

When the #Crypto industry goes through multi-million dollar hacks,

building a robust financial platform has been the core driving principle of #Cardano

So here's a thread on Functional Programming: 🧵👇 Image
The public blockchain sphere has been growing rapidly over the past decade

If we reflect on that growth,

it has mainly been on the valuation side of things

and not that much on the utility or user side of things

So why is it that way?
One of the reasons for this lack of growth in utility is the lagging scalability

But there is another elephant in the room, which most don't address

This is the lack of a secure programming environment for the #dApps

and the rest of the #blockchain infrastructure
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Microsoft recently announced that they will BAN #NFT use in @Minecraft - to create an "inclusive experience"

Epic Games CEO @TimSweeneyEpic countered that Epic Games Store will not ban NFTs in games

So, what does this mean for the future of gaming?

We break it down 🧵👇🎮
1/ So, first of all, Microsoft’s Mojang Studios recently announced that Minecraft will:

- Block the use of NFTs and blockchain technology on its servers

- Microsoft’s game will also bar the creation of NFT projects based on its assets

2/ This came as a blow to projects such as @nftworldsNFT which is built on Minecraft

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I don't think #BITCOIN will be the #1 token in the next decade

The token that drives the most economic value will

A few things I look for👇
1/ Which chain will capture the 14 trillion dollar real-world-asset (RWA) market

2/ Which chain will capture the social media / metaverse market

3/ Which chain will capture the on-chain bond and equities markets
4/ Which chain will capture the e-commerce market

5/ Which chain will capture the supply chain market

6/ Which chain will capture the infrastructure of communications protocols
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Understanding the "CURVE WARS" and the powerful model of veTokenomics to attract liquidity for DeFi. Image
DeFi refers to financial applications built on blockchain technologies, typically using smart contracts. Smart contracts are automated enforceable agreements that do not need intermediaries to execute.
Anyone with an internet connection can access them to perform financial transactions and many other activities.
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Mastering on-chain analysis & whale hunting can make you #crypto-rich!

Sadly, most do the opposite of what they should.

I've compiled 8🧵on tracking influencer wallets, finding alpha, & 100x-ing your portfolio gains.

Enjoy & retweet.

#defi #crypto #alphagems Image
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פעם, לפני ששוק הקריפטו התרסק לאפר, הייתה כאן אופנה לכתוב על Stablecoins.
היום אני מתכוון להחזיר אותה לתמונה, והפעם:

צנזורה - האם למדינה אין באמת שליטה על (חלק) מהבלוקצ'יינים?

בואו נצא יחד לעוד #קריפטו_טוויט
אתמול, קיבל שוק הקריפטו בשורה מעניינת: OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control, הרשות שאחראית בין השאר על ניהול הסנקציות בארה"ב, הודיעה על שורה ארוכה של כתובות את'ריום שנכללים מעתה ברשימת הסנקציות של ארה"ב.
זה לא עניין של מה בכך: OFAC הם חבר'ה רציניים מאוד. OFAC הוא הגוף שאחראי מטעם ארה"ב לנהל ולהוציא לפועל סנקציות נגד אישים בעלי סיכון גבוה, הכוללים בין השאר: טרוריסטים בינלאומיים, סוחרי סמים מרכזיים והאליטה הפיננסית/הפוליטית של מדינות העוינות לארה"ב.
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How #Crypto will unlock $100B+ of value in mortgage-backed securities

BEWARE: A very boring🧵ahead (Nerds only!)👇
This can be applied to any asset that gets securitized, so lets start with the basics of what this means:

Securitization = pooling assets so they can be repackaged into interest-bearing securities

i.e mortgages, cars, or other loans

There is a MAJOR problem
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Whale closed 300.000 Long positions on Bitfinex😱

Let's find out WHY this is important and WHAT it could mean for the market 👇

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto #Bitfinex #Futures
ETHUSDLONGS, a chart on tradingview which displays the total amount of open Long positions on Ethereum at Bitfinex. This metric has a major change in the recent data which is very important to be aware off.
The amount of ETHUSD Longs has been reduced with ± 300.000 (!!). That is a massive change on it's own, but it becomes more important when we take a look at historical data.
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One standout narrative for #crypto markets in 2021 was the L1 wars. New protocols and #Ethereum forks achieved significant market share during the speculative frenzy.

Makes it all the more refreshing to see an open source project attempting more genuine innovation.

.@KindeliaOrg is not a typical cryptocurrency project. While it does come with a native transactional token (more on that later) - that currency is not required.

Kindelia is an attempt at a P2P functional computer - utilizing the HVM - High-order Virtual Machine).

The HVM opens up the possibility for real-time, dynamic and verifiably accurate functionality in blockchain applications. More technical details can be provided in a long-form article once the Kaizenga platform is complete.

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@SeiNetwork's Incentivised Testnet has moved on to Act 2 and the chance for non-validators to participate and earn $SEI rewards have come!

I've prepared a step-by-step guide to help you with it.


#IBCGang #Cosmonauts #Cosmos #Crypto
1. Go to

2. Click on the “Connect” button at the top right-hand corner.
3. Currently, only Kelpr wallet is supported. Approve the connection.
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1/6 This is a great alpha thread. But so many notions, so many articles, videos etc can be simply overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in the never-ending tsunami of #crypto info.

How do I keep myself organized? 🧵👇👇👇
2/6 Enter @instapaper. It allows you to save web articles and videos in an organized and easy-to-read fashion which you can read later.
3/6 Basically save anything in a single click and read anywhere.

It supports iOS and Android App. You can use Google Chrome/Brave extension
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1/13 📅Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money leaving Defi. Was it still the case on July? Quick thread but you'll get the general trend where ecosystems are exploding.
2/13 TVL on @Defilama is at 68b$ at 31/July, increasing by +21% since end of June.
3/13 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap just crossed the 1b$ threshold and sitting now at 1,075b compared to 848b end of June, so +27% increase.
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5min pour comprendre comment cette théorie permet à la blockchain #Bitcoin d’être l’un des réseaux les plus résistants au monde 👇
Peu connue du grand public, la théorie des jeux est pourtant l’un des éléments clés de la réussite de #Bitcoin

Issue des mathématiques, l’application de cette théorie permet notamment à la #blockchain Bitcoin d’être l'un des réseaux les plus sécurisés au monde aujourd’hui
👉L’histoire derrière la théorie des jeux

Les 1ères traces de recherches mathématiques remontent aux années 1920.

Elles seront ensuite reprises et développées en 1944 dans le papier “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior” écrit par Oskar Morgenstern et John Von Neumann
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Ok so what is the #Ethereum Merge and how will it inevitably be bullish for the ecosystem

Incoming 🧵 1/453
2/453 :

So the Merge is the combining of the existing layer of the #Ethereum network along with the new POS (Proof of stake) consensus layer, the Beacon chain 🤝

Remember the 3 benefits this brings ..
Scalability, sustainability and more importantly security 💯
3/453 :

The merge itself is expected to be introduced Q3 / Q4 of 2022. This is the biggest upgrade to date for the #Ethereum network .. Now how does this transaction bring with it a bullish case. Well listen up legends ‼️ ... 5 stages are being implemented :
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❺ Blogs about Blockchain, Web3 & #Metaverse Research everyone should Follow ✅

Thread 🧵
✿ Web3 Foundation

Are you interested in staying up to date with the latest #blockchain technology, protocols, decentralized applications, and open source projects?

The #web3Foundation is the perfect place for you.

✿ Hashnode #Web3

Documenting the path to #decentralization.

Discover the Web3 universe with a curated team of Hashnode writers.

Learn about #crypto, the blockchain, altcoins, #NFTs, and about our decentralized future.

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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research has identified that information can be scattered around the Cosmos ecosystem; meet the monthly newsletter. If you are serious about #Cosmos this is a must. #stargaze #juno #secretnetwork #osmos #ibcgang #dydx #ethereum #evmos
2) First we recommend viewing this through our blog instead.… Developer Activity

First off, what is Github commits for us non-engineers? According to Free Code Camp… it means
3) “The git commit command will save all staged changes, along with a brief description from the user, in a “commit” to the local repository. Commits are at the heart of Git usage.
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Lots of talk today about #Bitcoin and #Crypto being regulated, and even Bitcoiners calling for regulations on other cryptocurrencies

I do not like and even reject the framing:
"Regulations Will Help Adoption"

4 basic reasons why, a short 🧵👇
1/ #Bitcoin is already one of the heaviest regulated assets there are, every agency chimes in

IRS, CFTC, FinCen, SEC, have all weighed in with their regulations, and today US Senate bill working to give regulation power back to CFTC

More regulation is NEVER the answer
2/ #Bitcoin is already perfectly legal to buy it right now, both personally and for institutions and corporations.

There is nothing holding it back, look at:
@Saylor and $MSTR + Fidelity + Coinbase + Blackrock, etc, I could go on...
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I was listening to this new podcast and I was quite intrigued by the way how these guys explained to make some $$ through participation in the governance process.

A major selling point of decentralization is giving governance power back to the users but we’re seeing that a lot of that isn’t happening nowadays. A lot of token holders only care about ‘numba go up’.
To be up-to-date about a certain project that you’re following, check out the governance forum. You’ll see some updates, thoughts and proposals that the majority of holders don’t even knew would be possible. This can give you some insight and alpha.
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