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🧵A thread about $Bern 🪙
1. Introducing @BonkEarn, the new 2022 token standard on #Solana, founded by a member of the $Bonk community. Launched in early June, $Bern quickly reached an ATH with a mc of around 15m then falling free to 1m mc. Image
2. Tokennomic:
69% of the total supply was airdropped for FREE.
20% will be reserved for eco partners
11% of will be placed into a new LP for market participants to acquire
Each wallet receive 10.000 $Bern and can sell for 100$ at the ath.
3. $Bern brings some exciting features that SPL tokens have never seen before. With each transaction, a 6.9% fee is incurred, distributing as follows:
5%: Bernzy Bonus Fee, rewarding $BERN holders
1.5%: Used to Buy/Burn $BONK
0.3%: Dev fund for fees/LP
0.1%: Goes to $BONK DAO
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🚨 BREAKING: #Bitcoin PUMPS to $29,000 🚀

Is This Just the Beginning of the BULL RUN? 🔥

We've got some thrilling news for all you #crypto enthusiasts out there!

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Breakout Alert!

👉 #Bitcoin has made a breathtaking move, smashing through the crucial resistance level at $27.5k with an impressive surge in trading volume!

👉 Bulls are rejoicing as this clean breakout signifies a potential upward trend for Bitcoin. Image
2️⃣ Institutions Are Hopping on the Bandwagon!

👉 The big players in the financial world are starting to take notice!

👉 #BlackRock, one of the largest asset management firms, has recently submitted an application for a #BitcoinETF.
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🚨 BREAKING: Deutsche Bank, the $1.4 TRILLION banking giant, just made a SHOCKING move into the #CRYPTO world 🔥

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ The world of finance is about to witness a groundbreaking move as Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest lender, seeks a #crypto custody license! Image
2️⃣ #Crypto custody services are the future, and Deutsche Bank knows it!

👉 They're ready to store and manage digital assets like never before, opening the floodgates for institutional and individual investors to dive into the lucrative world of cryptocurrencies.
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1/ Last week, @samkazemian revealed details on @fraxfinance's new L2 Fraxchain.

Frax has already launched several innovative stablecoins and an ecosystem of supporting products. Fraxchain can take the protocol's value to new heights.

Here's everything we know so far🧵👇
#crypto Image
2/ What is Fraxchain?

Fraxchain will be a hybrid rollup with gas denominated in $ETH or for Frax, their ETH stablecoin $frxETH. This means that as people use Fraxchain the amount of frxETH used up for gas will increase. That frxETH can be burned OR distributed to veFXS holders.
3/ You can expect Frax to also include the latest innovations.

One thing Frax is considering is starting the rollup from day one with every wallet having account abstraction. This allows for more security and a better UX for all.…
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My new #crypto followers, most people will charge you $1,000+ for an investing course/mentorship or paid group.

Not me.

I'm creating an army of millionaires for free.

The techniques I used to earn millions and reach financial freedom (updated 2022)👇🏽
1) How to get started with Technical Analysis basics, a non sponsored @tradingview tutorial:

2) When to buy? Trend reversals, moving averages and support/resistance guide:

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🚨 BREAKING: 🇬🇧 UK Parliament Approves #Crypto Regulation Bill 🔥

Stablecoins and all cryptocurrencies set to be regulated 💥

Massive implications for the crypto industry 🚀

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ The Financial Services and Markets Bill (FSMB) is racing through the UK Parliamentary process, and stablecoins and #crypto are about to face a whole new era of regulation. Image
2️⃣ The FSMB has just been approved by the House of Lords, following its prior endorsement by the House of Commons.

👉 Now, it's heading into the final stages before becoming law: Consideration of Amendments and Royal Assent. Image
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#Ripple's #XRP granted OFFICIAL tradable status in the country's booming crypto market 🚀

A thread 🧵 Image

👉#Ripple's XRP among 501 digital assets now LEGALLY tradable!

👉 The government just gave the green light to #XRP and other listed tokens! Image

👉 Indonesia amends trade regulations, paving the way for #CRYPTO ADOPTION!

👉 Get ready to witness a revolution in the crypto industry as the government embraces the future of finance!
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🚨 BREAKING: Explosive SEC-Ripple Case Documents Unleashed 😱

🇺🇸 The SEC's release of the Hinman papers in the #Ripple case has sparked a major boost for #Ethereum 🔥

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ The Hinman documents reveal a game-changing insight into the SEC's stance on #Ethereum.

👉 It turns out that senior SEC officials did not classify Ether as a security back in 2018, opening the door for an exciting regulatory gap. Image
2️⃣ According to JPMorgan, these explosive revelations could explain why the SEC hasn't taken action against Ether while targeting other #crypto this year.
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🚨 BREAKING: #Bitcoin 🚀

🇨🇳 China's Secret Plan to PUMP #Crypto Market with Trillions of Dollars Revealed 🔥

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Rumors of a secret U.S. alliance to destroy #crypto have ignited a rollercoaster ride for #Bitcoin, Ethereum, #BNB, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Tron, Polygon, and Solana. Image
2️⃣ According to former Forbes billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, China is ready to "rip in trillions of dollars" through massive quantitative easing 🤑

👉 This could be a game-changer, as China's economic stimulus package aims to inflate everything, including the #crypto market! Image
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🧵 Following smart money can turn you into a #crypto pro with savings for the rest of your life.

I've compiled 9 Whales That Multiplied Their Investments By x100 In Months.

Here's How You Can Repeat Their Success 🔽 Image
I've collected the best wallets in terms of profit, which @cyrilXBT reviewed in his threads.

Here is the table in which they are distributed by portfolio size:

Each name contains a link to their wallet on @zerion.

Let's know why these names so quirky: Image
"Big Hairy Kong".

This bright name describes a wallet that made a x20 profit on the $KONG token:
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🎥 NEW VIDEO ALERT! We break down the intricate process of #DeFi #Liquidation in light of the recent market liquidation topping $163 million due to USDT short-time depeg.
Dive deep into the #crypto world with #EigenTx: 🌐 #Blockchain

🔗 Collateral and borrowing play a crucial role in liquidation. In the video, we illustrate this by borrowing TUSD against vBUSD collateral via #Venus.
Understanding this exchange is crucial to navigating the volatile crypto market: #Cryptocurrency

🎬 And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
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🚨 BREAKING: #BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF application with the SEC has a jaw-dropping success rate of 575 to 1 😱

Will they be the ones to crack the code and bring #Bitcoin to the mainstream? 🔥

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Is #BlackRock about to make history with their #Bitcoin Spot ETF application?

👉 Their track record with the SEC is unparalleled, with 575 approvals and only ONE rejection.
2️⃣ As the world's largest asset manager, #BlackRock has been cautiously stepping into the #crypto realm.

👉 They started with minor investments in #Bitcoin futures and even launched a Blockchain ETF in Europe.

👉 Now, they're going all in with the Bitcoin Spot ETF in the US! Image
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🚨 BREAKING: Coinbase Drops Bombshell on SEC in Epic Showdown 😱

Find out why the #crypto exchange is FURIOUS with the SEC 🤬

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Coinbase just fired shots at the SEC with no mercy, exposing their shady tactics and evasive maneuvers.
2️⃣ In a blistering letter filed in court, Coinbase slams the SEC for their "no straight answers" policy 🤬

👉 Despite a court order to address the inconsistencies, the SEC continues to dodge and parrot their talking points. Image
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In the bear market, as I've always mentioned, it's the perfect time to expand knowledge, accumulate funds, and build a long-term investment portfolio.

So how can we effectively manage your crypto longterm portfolio?

Check out my tips as below:
🧵 👇🏻 Image
📌 This thread will conclude with:

Part 1: Project Selection Process

Part 2: Top 3 Portfolio Management Tools

Today, we will begin with Part 1. Image
Part 1: Project (PJs) Selection Process

▪️ The PJ selection process, done by the PJ #portfolio manager, evaluates PJs ideas in terms of benefits and ensures alignment with overall strategic goals.

▪️ Effective PJs selection for long-term investment leads to better #ROI Image
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🌿🚀 Introducing Web3 Stash: Your High-Flyin' Newsletter! 🌿🚀
Subscribe Here:

#NFTs #Crypto #Web3 #Cryptocurrrencies #Defi Image
Hey, hey, hey! What's shaking, crypto cats, #NFT ninjas, and Web3 wizards? Yash Gawde here, your very own NFT artist turned entrepreneur, and I've got a serious scoop to drop on you today! Get your munchies ready and prepare for a wild ride! 🍕🔥
Over the past few months, I've been on a wild journey in the Web3 space, creating mind-bending NFTs, spreading crypto awareness, and rocking the digital world like nobody's business. And guess what? It's about to get even more exciting!

Drumroll, please... 🥁🥁🥁
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本篇基本涵盖 #zksync 空投你所需要的所有数据,信息以及技巧,建议收藏。


#zkSyncEra #Airdrop #Crypto
1⃣ zksync数据以及空投标准

参照 #Arbitrum 的发币数据

参考数据… Image

最低的代币空投额度 625枚
最高的代币空投额度为 10250枚



(3/n) Image
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🚨 BREAKING: #Ripple CEO Drops Bombshell Revelation on SEC vs. #XRP Lawsuit 😳

You won't believe what Brad Garlinghouse just exposed about the SEC's "bad faith" actions 😱

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ In an explosive video, Garlinghouse unveils how the SEC knowingly created CONFUSION to manipulate the rules and enforce their own agenda 😱

👉 Their actions scream "BAD FAITH, plain and simple!"
2️⃣ It's clear that the SEC's intentions were malicious from the beginning.

👉 Filing the case against #Ripple just "DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS" is a cold-hearted move, putting politics over people.

👉 They're trying to KILL innovation and stifle the #crypto industry in the U.S.
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Since its inception in 2009, #Bitcoin has gained mainstream recognition & acceptance, therefore the need for a Bitcoin Spot ETF has become increasingly important. A $BTC spot ETF would offer numerous benefits, not just for individual investors but for the overall #crypto market
Throughout the years I've talked to numerous high-net-worth people, and I mean the top tier, like 0,1% type.

Many, if not all, are still very skeptical towards Bitcoin, not because they don't like the tech or the possible returns, but because they don't like the EXTERNAL RISK! ImageImage
Wealthy people know that protecting their stack is the best way to stay wealthy. Until now, we haven't seen much of this legacy money, except a few high-risk prop firms or some small hedge funds.
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Is $BTC decoupling from stocks?

Does it means it's the end for #crypto? Or is it an opportunity to make even more MONEY?

a 🧵 Image

Historically, $BTC showed a low to moderate positive correlation with traditional financial markets.

But in Q1 2023, it began detaching, hinting at a shift in the financial landscape. What's the reason? Image

Factors behind #Bitcoin's decoupling:
- Increased institutional adoption
- A growing interest in #DeFi
- A view of Bitcoin as an inflation hedge
- Global economic uncertainties.
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@BlackRock the world leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions based in New York City, filed for #BitcoinETF in push into #crypto

A thread 🧵 Image
This thread comprises 👇

1. What is #EFT
2. What is #BitcoinEFT
3. #BitcoinEFT Regulation
4. Advantages & Demerit of #BitcoinEFT
5. #BitcoinEFT or Owning #Bitcoin which is better.
What Is an #ETF?

An Exchange-Traded Fund (#ETF) is a type of security that can be traded on a stock exchange. #ETFs typically track multiple underlying assets, such as an index fund, stock, commodity, bond, or other asset, but can be structured to track anything from a Image
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1/ I just lost all my #Ordinals. ALL of them. Not a scam or theft. A technical mishap. Here's what happened:
2/ A few weeks ago, I inscribed some #cursed ordinals, specifically @CursedBTCPunks. Unfortunately, they never appeared in my Xverse Wallet, so yesterday I joined their Discord in an attempt to find answers about my cursed inscriptions.
3/ I read that in order to view my cursed inscriptions, I would need to import my @xverseApp wallet into @SparrowWallet. So that is what I did...
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毋庸置疑,追踪鲸鱼持仓并预知潜在 rug 风险是币圈必备技能


@bubblemaps 以用户友好的交互,帮你完成追踪巨鲸,隔绝风险…


#tools #Crypto… Image






以 $SHIB为例,公链选择ETH,搜索栏搜索SHIB进入界面。可以看到右边栏为持有地址排名以及所占份额。

(2/10) ImageImage
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There’s a lot of fud around #crypto now and fear in the air.

But what is the smart money buying on this dip?

Let’s explore a few trades made by profitable whales 🧵 Image
Today we’re going to be using @etherscan & @zerion to explore the holdings and recent buys of 2 whale wallets.

I’ll be showing you:

1️⃣ Their Holdings
2️⃣ PNL for each token
3️⃣ New buys on this dip
🔑 How I found these whales

Let’s get into it.
Whale #1 (b3f3)

1. $USDC

Holding: $116,184

2. $ETH

Holding: 60 $ETH ($105,273)

3. $ARB (New buy)

Holding: 101,335 $ARB ($102,336)

PNL: +$2,389

Last buy time: June 16 (the just bought $ARB on this dip)
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🚨 BREAKING: #Binance and SEC Reach Deal to Move U.S. Customer Funds Onshore 🔥

Massive Win for #Crypto Investors 🚀

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ #Binance and #Binance US strike a deal with the SEC 🤝

👉 SEC's motion for a restraining order addressed!

👉 But judicial sign-off still pending! Image
2️⃣ #Binance US takes the lead 💪

👉 Only Binance US employees can access customer funds!

👉 No Binance Holdings officials allowed near private keys or wallets!
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