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SEC Chair @GaryGensler spoke at the @AspenSecurity Forum today on cryptocurrencies.

In the thread below are some clips from his speech, highlighting investor protection concerns in the space, and the SEC's authority 🧵

@GaryGensler: “I believe these platforms not only can implicate securities laws — but some also implicate commodities & banking laws.

“Many platforms have 50-100 crypto tokens trading on them…the probability is quite remote that w/ 50+ tokens, that none of them are securities.”
@GaryGensler: “Make no mistake: to the extent there’s securities on the platforms, the platforms must register unless they meet exemptions.

Make no mistake: If it’s a lending platform that offers securities, it also falls under SEC jurisdiction.” #crypto #AspenSecurityForum
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The best analysis combines fundamental factors in its outlook.

+ bonus points for a holistic world-view

#Bitcoin & #crypto



March of 2020 (pre-covid crash & around time of last $BTC halving) : hype was ~ATH, no one would have thought to call for a ~$4k price just 2 days after.

The unthinkable happened, world markets experienced a liquidity event, & that impacted the crypto market.

No amount of TA could have predicted this -

Markets tend to move together, and crypto in 2021 is no different - many of the same holders of crypto (funds, retail, c.o's) also hold equities.

Because of this, bringing a world / macro view into the equation is critical. Image
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1/ @blockchainassn and its 46 member companies—companies with tremendous expertise in the crypto ecosystem—appreciate the Senate’s ongoing engagement on the digital asset tax information reporting provisions in the bipartisan #infrastructurebill.
2/ While some minor improvements have been made, the latest language still poses fundamental concerns and questions about certain terms and definitions used in the provision.
3/ To be clear, the Blockchain Association firmly believes that all taxpayers should pay the taxes they owe.
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If you're not a developer it's hard to see why @Polkadot has an insane advantage over every other blockchain.

I believe $DOT and $KSM are going to be the Nr. 1 blockchains in the future.

Here's why 👇🧵

(hint: it's because ecosystem and dev tools)
Building something as complex as $DOT takes some very bright minds. The more you can get, the better.

In one interview @gavofyork said that building @ethereum took 3 developers 2 weeks, but building @Polkadot took 50 experts 3 years.
#Blockchains are one of the most exciting technologies in our lifetime (believe it or not, they will change the world).

However, there is a good amount of Layer 1 chains.

Tricky part:
As a dev, you need to choose where to build on. (in most cases)
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1/ My letter to #California Senators @SenFeinstein @AlexPadilla4CA regarding the #Infrastructurebill's damaging effect on #crypto #innovation. Short thread below
2/ Dear Senator - I'm writing to urge you to reject the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, pending removal/adjustment of the language in the section "Enhancement of Information Reporting for Brokers and Digital Assets".
3/ The overly broad definitions applied within that section to "brokers" and "digital assets" will have a chilling effect on innovation in the digital asset industry.
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1/ The world of video games is about to get swept off its feet, as the rise of the #PlayToEarn model, brought to the mainstream by @AxieInfinity, charts a new path for ALL game developers, threatening conventional business models.…
2/ For studios like $ATVI, the decision to acquire @king_games was a boon to their revenue and cashflow, acting as a stabiliser to overall earnings, providing a stable base to offset the seasonality that previously characterised most video games businesses.
3/ Monetising the casual gamer was easy money, although as the "loot box controversy" showed, applying Pay-to-win on AAA games isn't a good idea, for various reasons. Engaging gameplay, storylines, music and graphics make a game, not just "winning".…
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Just hit the home page of @withFND for #trending auctions 🤯🤯

CURRENT BID : 10 eth 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Thank you to everyone out here living in #crypto Twitter for the memories of my 28th birthday 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Eyyy , if you got a second I thought you might be interested in this crazy collab drop we did ✨🙏🏽@hunterorrell
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To the #crypto community,
Since coming back to focus on #Blockchain innovation, I've been distracted by recent allegations & info related to @AlexSaundersAU. We're both Aussies🇦🇺 representing #crypto education, so I felt I had to eventually 1) make a statement & 2) ask questions ImageImageImageImage
As explained, this is not about throwing Alex 'under the bus', it's about trying to get facts so we as a #crypto community can better understand what is going on. Truth & Transparency will always be king in the #blockchain and crypto arena. Alex, is this your 'stealth' project? ImageImageImageImage
Could you confirm @AlexSaundersAU, if any of the images below related to a startup you have allegedly been working on in recent months. Are the images below of #DecentralBank directly related to your project and are the images accurate? If so, is a stablecoin & gov. tkn planned? ImageImageImageImage
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(1/31) [Mega thread]
I have not done a company deep-dive on Twitter yet, but this is the first time that I feel like there is an opportunity in front of me that could be similar to $TSLA 🚘trading at a $35B marketcap back in 2019

(Beware: this thread is pretty long)👇

(2/31) I will walk through the adoption of cryptocurrencies 🪙, traditional banking and network effects, to show why I currently believe there is a huge opportunity in $SI (Silvergate Capital).

Disclaimer: I currently hold a large chunk of my portfolio in this stock
(3/31) So first off, #cryptocurrencies.
Large volatility even for the big ones like $BTC and $ETH, speculative for most blockchains and cannot be valued on normal company metrics.
For this reason most investors steer clear of this asset class.
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Regulators are hitting #crypto hard right now! Here's what is happening and what you need to know!

Both Binance and FTX have reduced their leverage max from 125 and 100X to just 20X.…
100X leverage is rocket fuel mixed with vodka for traders. Most professional traders go nowhere near 100X. It is a product for retail traders and gamblers.

That being said leverage is a useful tool, and reducing harm by reducing leverage is going to be a good thing.
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(1/n) @OlympusDAO Ω $OHM is using community-governed monetary policy to reach a lofty goal — Unpegging #DeFi from fiat currencies

How?  A DAO-governed treasury that’s expanding quickly and creating the right participation incentives to keep the gods happy. Thread 👇 Immortality113, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
(2/n) @OlympusDAO gained some traction on social media for a couple reasons:

-High APY

-@mcuban allegedly owns a small stack.…
(3/n) The DAO’s governance manages the monetary policy of @OlympusDAO and its token $OHM, which is a reserve currency backed by a treasury of assets (DAI, FRAX, OHM-DAI SLP, OHM-FRAX LP, and SUSHI rewards from the OHM-DAI SLP)
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WHY does #Bitcoin RIP on weekends? A Wall Street Fraternity called Theta Delta Gamma. #crypto
A thread 👇👇👇
People love to speculate on #Bitcoin. It has made billionaires and it is wildly volatile. But if the volatility isn’t enough, you can speculate doing options. And that’s just what people do. The primary buyer of #Bitcoin options are retail investors like you and me.
Someone has to sell those options. Those are called “market makers.” Their job is to make $ by selling options to investors. When an they sell you a call, they take the other side of your bet. To make $, they try to “hedge”– to transfer off risk, by trading #bitcoin itself.
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A thread on dealing with emotions in #Crypto

1. After a massive short squeeze movement you will experience emotions of fomo/panic/confusion:
a. What if it keeps ripping up without me?
b. What Alts will rip now that BTC has ripped up?
c. Should I short it cause it went up too high?

Be patient and hang tight. The market will always present a new opportunity.

a. In moments like this it is better to stay position-less rather than force a position in now.

b. Alts typically do not start bull markets, BTC does. So that means on a daily basis BTC needs to put in a higher low and a higher high to show structure change.

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Geliştirici gruplarımızda paylaştığımız kaynakları herkesin faydasına sunmak için bir Twitter floodunda toplamaya karar verdik. Bu tweet dizisi; temel #blockchain, #Ethereum ve #Solidity üzerine faydalı bulduğumuz kaynakları içerecek. Lütfen diziye katkıda bulunmaktan çekinmeyin.
Beginner's Series to: Blockchain
Microsoft'un hazırladığı, kısa videolarda temel blockchain ve Ethereum geliştiriciliği hakkında faydalı özet bilgiler veren bir video serisi…
Blokzincir ve Kripto Paralar
BTK Akademi’de yer alan, temel blockchain üzerine en kapsamlı Türkçe video eğitim serisi…
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An incredible financial shift is taking place before our eyes with institutional money steadily flowing into the market.

If you zoom out and actually understand what is coming then you will know this decade will be insane for #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum

A recent survey by Fidelity shows that 90% of institutions plan to have exposure to crypto by 2026. That is INSANE.…
"institutions" represents a very broad group.
Here's a break down of money by group (non exhaustive list)
Hedge Funds 4 trillion
Sovereign Wealth Funds 5 trillion
Central Banks 9 trillion
Asset Managers 34 trillion

Even a fraction of this money entering crypto is HUGE!!!
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#Crypto cucks rant
1/ Do people with kodak stock go online and attack anyone doubting the company, argue with those whove invested in X similar competitor company or recite company promotional material about future plans as facts that will happen (instead of just current plans)?
2/ No, in fact stock holders are a pain in the ass to companies, why? because they put their interests (gains) over the interests of the company. If the company screws up they're on their case, unlike crypto where mistakes are spun,ignored,defended,backing the company like cucks
3/ In crypto that this happens is due to a lot of manipulation by the company and communities(mostly unintentional) to make you feel a part of the project, and stems from cryptos early beginnings as community based projects. This era is long gone.
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"What is your hope for #Bitcoin - how it can impact the world?" #TheBWord #Bitcoin
@elonmusk @CathieDWood @jack
[answers below]
@elonmusk @CathieDWood @jack @elonmusk "For #crypto in general, that it can improve the efficiency of the information system we call 'money'. And more power to the individual which I very much agree with."
@elonmusk @CathieDWood @jack @CathieDWood " ... convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence from a technology point of view.
Think about Internet in the earliest days. Impetus to grow was pretty incredible.
[It will] change the world in ways we cannot even imagine right now."
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Omdat het weer ouderwets #Bitcoin-uitschelddag is van de entourage van @MadelonVos__ even een draadje nav een briljant stukje in de @FTAlphaville van journaliste @jemimajoanna. Verplicht leesvoer voor non-tokkies met belangstelling voor #Bitcoin en andere #crypto. Draadje.
1/ Image
Mw Kelly beschrijft de #bitcoin wereld zoals die is: een innovatief piramidespel (Ponzi scheme) dat hangt op het vinden van steeds dommere mensen om muntjes van eerdere instappers te kopen. #BTC zelf is een "zero sum" game. Tegenover iedere winnaar staan vele verliezers.
Cruciaal daarbij zijn zoveel mogelijk pushers. @MadelonVos__ is een bekende, maar ook bonafide journalisten als @hmblank en vele anderen zijn cruciaal. Al die mensen hebben "skin in the game". Behalve vroege instappers is er een heel ecosysteem waarin veel geld wordt verdiend.
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1/ ~FIVE YEARS AGO, I first said #bitcoin cld take down a GSIB (global systemically important bank)--NOT because of anything wrong w/ Bitcoin, but bc the banks just aren't set up to handle an asset that settles in minutes & is irreversible. @ChrisBrummerDr…
2/ If banks are going to start owning #bitcoin/#crypto on their books(ie, not just being custodians like w/ stocks), banks need special rules to deal w/ the huge differences in settlement terms. Banks use systems set up ~40yrs ago (esp in US),most of which reconcile only 1x/day😱
3/ Again-issue is w/ banks' IT & operational systems, not w/ #Bitcoin (which I consider the most significant financial technology invention of human history. Yep, really💪). In this @ChrisBrummerDr podcast w/ former Fed Governor Dan Tarullo, we discuss how bank capital rules work
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We have been very vocal about $VYGVF and how much we love the stock. It is down -62% from it's high in April and we LOVE it more! Here is why you should BUY $VYGVF...
Why is the stock down? The first reason is that #crypto is also down. #bitcoin is down -46% from it's April high and many other #altcoins are down much more. Sentiment around #crypto has brought the $VYGVF stock price down with it.
In theory, results of $VYGVF are correlated to #crypto prices. This IS true but they are even more exposed to ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT and TRADING VOLUME. They make MONEY off of trading, not off the price of #crypto. They have NO direct exposure to #crypto prices for earnings.
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I have a new working paper out on “#Crypto Premium and Jump Risk” with Paolo Santucci de Magistris #EconTwitter Link:… [1/n]
The paper shows that sudden and large price moves in bitcoin prices (jumps) explain a large portion in the variation in bitcoin returns [2/n]
Study tail-risk in crypto markets is important for at least two reasons 1/ is tail-risk priced similarly to that in equity markets? 2/ to characterize the SDF of the marginal investor and price alternative cryptocurrencies and tokens and do risk-management [3/n]
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(1\49) A Personal Memoir Perspective on my path and what I see for #Blockchain & #Crypto for the People?

I grew up in a cult religion. First exposure to mind-control & understanding of how profound belief structures were, due to the intensity of such an environment. $EGLD $CEL
(2\49) Upon reflection, while the magnitude was different much of the belief structures of the world were equally as harmful & deceiving. They could create a social construct that to everyone inside it felt like the most ideal way to live. They could make everyone stop
(3\49) questioning things. None of this felt right to me though. Even at a young age I had a skeptical mind, in part because my body was already sick and I hadn’t been on this earth very long, more on this in a future date but just understand the medical industry is full of
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🧵 Crypto for Beginners, from a beginner:

I've been reading up on #crypto lately, here's some thoughts from a relative beginner to the space.

First off, I read this DeFi book from @coingecko and enjoyed it - very quick read:

I've briefly touched crypto in the past. I first heard about and mined some bitcoin in 2011 (even mining on EC2 Tesla gpu clusters for fun) but didn't think much of it and ignored the space for years. Then got back into it, lost lots of money with trades and ignored crypto again
For years I had dozens of crypto-related terms muted on Twitter.

I didn't want to hear another person talking about HODLing, shitcoins or how crypto was doing to kill traditional finance overnight
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(1\28) The biggest misconception about #crypto is it’s just a different currency. No, it’s an advancement in #technology. All of our financial systems are archaic & outdated. Also, current design based on existing infrastructure promotes wealth inequality continually $CEL $EGLD
(2\28) why it continues to get worst. This creates much of the wealth suppression of people, which leads to resource scarcity, falling into Maslow’s lowest hierarchy of needs, contributing to corruption, crime, chaos, social issues, etc. The core problems of society have a root
(3\28) cause.

ACH - Automated Clearing House transfers take 3-7 days which is horrible in an instantly connected e-commerce world.

Securities - Cash (unless wire which isn’t instant), stocks and other securities require settlement which can be 3 days or longer. All solved
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