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1/ NEWS out of #Wyoming ahead of #ConsensusInvest, previewed by Chris Land, gen. counsel of WY Banking Division at #FordhamLaw #blockchain regulation conf today:(1) solution to #BitLicense prob for #crypto cos=open a NY branch of a WY SPDI; (2) Wyoming just released custody rules
2/ Chris explained today that #Wyoming #SPDI, which is a state-chartered bank, is a passport into ~42 US states w/o need for addl state license. In the other states, such as NY, it may need to open a branch. Federal law protects parity of national banks & state-chartered banks...
3/ ...of other states, so if a state exempts a national bank from a regulation, then other state-chartered banks are exempt from it too. Thus...drum roll...since NY law exempts national banks from the #BitLicense, #Wyoming's #SPDI almost certainly exempt too (NOT LEGAL ADVICE!)
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Are some days better than others for trading @bitcoin and other #crypto?

If so, how does trading $BTC only on (historically) the best days compare to simply #HODLing?

Check out our full analysis here!

[explanation continued in comments]
2/ To answer the above, we started by calculating the average $BTC price returns for each day of the week, including weekends.

Here are the average log returns for Bitcoin from 2017 until present day:
3/ We can see major differences between days:

Monday and Saturday emerge as clear winners, with average returns of +0.69% and +0.5%, respectively.
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday all returned neg. values for the past 2 years. To date, Weds proved to be the worst performing day.
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Asa Saint Clair, who is the President of World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization, was charged in an investment fraud scheme related to a digital coin offering for IGOBIT.

The DOJ described World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization as a "purported" Intergovernmental Organization (or IGO), though, so it seems it was probably a scam and not really an IGO.
Oh, wait a minute. This announcement from last year said he was also the Treasurer and would be speaking at Davos!…
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#Bombshell: Ex-#DisneyStudios CEO, #RichardCook was found on the flight logs for #JeffreyEpstein’s #LolitaExpress to travel to #LittleSaintJames. #Disney owns #ABC who buried #Epstein’s crimes while children got raped & murdered! Cook started #Legendary pictures owned by #China!
I definitely think there is something fishy here. #DickCook started off as a monorail operator at #Disneyland. How does someone go from running a train at an amusement park to heading distribution for Disney films within 10 years? Are they promoting #Pedophiles from within?!
Correction to the original tweet, #DickCook started #DickCookStudios w #China and worked with #LegendaryPictures in 2011 after #Disney.
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Google Censorship, Political Bias, & Blacklist

• Censors Search Results To Swing Elections
• Google Engineers Leaks Blacklist and Election Meddling
• Censors Top Health Sites While Investing Billions In Pharma
• Decentralized, Open-Source, Privacy-Focused Solutions
1/ Google's mission statement "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"

As the #1 visited website in the world it receives 5.6 billion searches per day controlling ~90% of global search traffic.…
2/ Our minds, political beliefs, and world views are inseparably linked to Google's search results.

Unfortunately, whistleblowers and google engineers have come forward to share compelling evidence that Google is no longer an objective source of information.
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A running thread of things that @Twitter could do to unlock value for users. Will add to overtime. Please feel free to retweet and reply with your own, most of these below I have just taken and summarized from others. In no particular order. 1/♾ #JustKidding 🤔 or am I?
@Twitter I drafted a tweet on my phone but of course, can't access "draft's" on the desktop. So lets maybe start there. The desktop and @Tweetdeck version should be MORE robust than the mobile app not less. Tweetdeck, for example, has no bookmarks, emoji's, live video, polls, gif's, etc
@Twitter @TweetDeck There are SO MANY great meaningful quotes, threads, replies, and conversations that vanish into the Twitter ether, drowned out by hot takes, snark, and 280 character riffs on what some influencer or politician just did. Find a way to collect and resurface this treasure trove.
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these claims of “quantum supremacy”—even “official” ones, whatever that means—are nonsense.

The “task” the Google team chose to tackle seems so contrived as to make their claims of quantum supremacy worthless.
My take is that Google’s device can’t do useful work at this point in time; that’s fine, its not supposed to. It’s an R&D testbed and from that perspective, they have made some interesting advancements.

It’s sad that those advancements are overshadowed by nonsensical claims.
I’ve had dozens of people ask me if this is the end of #crypto (-graphy or -currency, take your pick) in response to these silly claims.

The answer is no. For more, check out my earlier tweets on the topic:
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.@repfranklucas makes the obvious point that one of the issue with people being "underbanked" is lack of institutional trust. He asks Zuck why people who are distrustful of banks would trust FB. Zuck - in contradiction of earlier media statements - basically says people trust FB.
@RepFrankLucas .@RepGregoryMeeks asks Zuckerberg if FB has worked with any minority-development depository institutions, given that he cares about the "unbanked" so much.

Zuckerberg admits he has no idea if FB has done this.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
@RepFrankLucas @RepGregoryMeeks #Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

Stop it.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
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The theory of #cryptocurrency, say @libra_ says that because there's #blockchain and no one needs to go through a bank to hold #crypto, there shall be #FinancialInclusion but in reality, inequality in #bitcoin is as bad as in fiat, if not worse...…
@Libra_ There are three primary sources of economic inequality in #bitcoin

1. #Bitcoin is obtained via substantial fiat investment in compute
2. #Bitcoin CX is not grandma friendly
3. Value of #bitcoin is determined by fiat exchanges rather than by underlying decentralised commerce
@Libra_ Then there are some secondary sources

1. #bitcoin can't address causes of poverty and financial exclusion that (a) Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze (b) Abhijit Bannerjee et al. have addressed in their Nobel winning research.
2. #Bitcoin does not change social or political incentives
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Lol, i just heard this evening that @paxful will start charging 1$ or 1% which ever is higher of the two options on every internal transfer of bitcoin and customers will only have 5 times to make free internal transfer in a month, like LMAO @raypaxful
#Paxful #Bitcoin #Crypto
It still baffles me and leave me in shock why @paxful and @raypaxful will decide to charge such an outrageous fee on a Bitcoin transaction, 1% which means 10$ on 1000$, 100$ on 10000$, 1000$ charges on 100000$ bitcoin internal transfer 😀.
Even BANKs does not charge such an outrageous amount on money transfer, what’s now the essence of Blockchain ? What’s essence of Bitcoin 🤷🏽‍♂️ ?
Do you guys really beleive you have the user base enough and have become so indispensable that made you think people will accept this ?
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1.) #Qanon #Barr #Duhram decode thread. #DNC breeched by #SethRich, given to #Wikileaks, #Google funded Crowdstrike to analyze DNC server and report it was a Russian hack 2 illegally form the #Russia collusion narrative. In the #MuellerReport they don’t question #Crowdstrike
2.) Then #DebbieWassermanSchultz ordered the hit on #SethRich by two MS13 members who we're then murdered themselves after #WikiLeaks given the emails.
3.) #HillaryClinton had cut a deal with #LorettaLynch to take #AntoninScalias #SupremeCourt seat in exchange to exonerate her at the #DOJ. Coordinated with #JimComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #PeterStrzok and others
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Making sense of the non-sense.

The 40k ft view as to why the crypto bull run is on hold.
There's a couple of things in play behind the scenes to consider. The purpose of the 'STORM' is to both defund and takedown the criminal networks in both the political & financial system
2. The financial system is used to fund and control the political system, therefore housecleaning is required simultaneously in both arenas.
Listening to DJT's speech at the UN, patriots are now in control- demonstrated by FLOTUS ringing the opening at the NYSE, and US Marshals
the closing. The days of the WS Banksters blatantly rigging the markts appear to be over.
So what comes next? "Nothing happens until something moves" A.Einstein.....(also BG123)
What action is required before things move?
1. DOJ DECLASS and high profile arrests.
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Fractals should not be relied upon for trade execution, but I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility to see another prolonged Altcoin accumulation phase, similar to 2015, prior to the next true crypto-mania bull run. $ALT $ALTS #Altcoins
Don't forget what sparked the last mania bull run - Ethereum and ICOs. Do we need another similar revolutionary catalyst to get another one started? What might it be? What else could cause venture capital as well as the retail world to pour hundreds of billions more into #Crypto?
If the fractal plays out, then the next moon mission starts some time around October 2020. 🚀🌛
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Fact checking. Dossier : Zynecoin. Affirmation n°1 : "va sur le site il n'y a pas d'adresse à Paris". #zynecoin #vraioufaux #karimBenabdelkader #crypto #CryptoNews #vousavezvoulujoueronvajouer
Affirmation n°2 : "Nous n'avons aucun lien avec la France l'AMF n'est pas compétente". Étrange quand on sait que 90 à 95% des investisseurs sont basés en France @AMF_actu #zynecoin #KarimBenabdelkader #crypto
Screen et page Etherscan "info Zynecoin". Y-a-t-il volonté de tromper les investisseurs pour les rassurer afin qu'ils pensent être en conformité/ protégés avec/par la loi française?
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1/3 #GigFair is an exciting new platform launching in 2019 that will allow anyone in the world to work in the global digital economy.
#electroneum #etn #blockchain #fintech #crypto #cryptocurrency #Criptomonedas #massiveadoption #bitcoin #btc #tothemoon #hold
2/3 "Gigs" are items of digital work, carried out remotely. The current global digital economy is estimated to be over $4 trillion US dollars per year, yet the current global gig economy is staffed almost entirely by individuals who have a bank account.
3/3 The concept is simple. By allowing customers to buy "gigs" with their credit cards in USD it makes it easy to buy work. These funds are cleverly converted into ETN (a mobile cryptocurrency called Electroneum) and transferred to the worker carrying out the "Gig".
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#Crypto v.#RBI

Hearing of Crypto case has resumed.

Mr. Shyam Divan, Ld. Sr. Advocate started his arguments for RBI.

Most likely the arguments will conclude today.

This coverage is #powered by @coindcx
The counsel for RBI is reading the IMC report.

And reading out the disadvantages of Crypto.

The judge interrupts and asks how you are concerned with the consumer protection, it is not your concern. It is Govt. concern and not yours.
The counsel is briefing about the suitability of ban with the example of China.
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#Crypto v.#RBI

Matter is listed in Court no. 5 as item 1 today. Court has resumed.

Crypto case hearing has started.

Mr. Ashim Sood started his arguments.
Mr. Sood is arguing that the action of RBI is against the doctrine of proportionality beside being based on no study whatsoever.
Mr. Sood now explaining the law formulated by Wyoming (USA) to regulate Crypto assets and custodial services (Exchanges).
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This is unfiltered data at this point. I will create a medium article by tomorrow afternoon.

#Coinmarketcap and their new(ish) top 200 ranking system

#cryptocurrency #crypto #altcoins #ranking #cryptotwitter #CoinCheckup #CoinGecko #Decentralization #CT
Starting from the bottom ranked & working up #coinmarketcap listed coins #2319-1933

All disqualified because market cap cannot be calculated & are not listed on the "correct" exchanges. The projects tagged have the blue question mark. The rest should according to CMC methodology
#coinmarketcap listed coins #2319-1933 (All disqualified from top 200, tagged projects have the blue question mark)

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Why is Bitcoin a Big Fucking Deal?


Why can't Millennials afford houses?

Thread-y McThreadface... 1/
Money used to have intrinsic value. It either was, or was backed by, gold.

You could go to a bank and exchange your notes for their equivalent in gold. 2/
Throughout the 20th century, the biggest economies unpegged their currencies from gold.

The UK did this during The Great Depression in 1931. The US was the last one to do so, in 1973.

Since then, governments have had complete control of the money supply. 3/
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#Crypto v.#RBI

Case is listed in Court no
4 as item no. 1 today.

Court about to be resumed in few minutes.

After the Court starts, few minutes will go in dealing with "urgent mentioning" matters.

Stay tuned..
The Court resumed. Urgent Mentioning matters are being dealt with.
Crypto case hearing has started.
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The question for the #ethereum community is, how do we do #defi without creating another ICO boom and bust like #YOLO situation... IMO the main cause of current eth/btc price being out of whack with the immense technical progress in and around eth over the last two years.
#bitcoin is overpriced because there's been very little technological progress. But finance isn't just about technology. It's also about trust. #bitcoin is overpriced vs better tech including #ethereum BECAUSE nothing changes, same as the UK and US high street banks.
Finance isn't the best space to move fast and break things. Alright it isn't health care or space flights and #innovation is never risk free but its important for the community to call out things that don't make sense…?
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spotted first by @stephendpalley, the order in Berk v. #Coinbase is big for #crypto & maybe for #clickwrap & #browsewrap agreements too. First, the court says that having a policy barring insider trading doesn’t prevent claims for insider trading occurring on platform /1
Tort duties existed outside of its contract w/users. Existence of a mandatory user agreement doesn't matter- negligence is actionable separate & apart from any contractual remedies & Coinbase had a duty of reasonable care to its traders “originating outside of the agreement.”/2
California law (perhaps uniquely?) recognizes a duty to protect against economic loss: elements: “[1] the extent to which the transaction was intended to affect the plaintiff, [2] the foreseeability of harm to him, [3] the degree of certainty that the plaintiff suffered injury/3
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Alright let's get this through.
My key takeaways from the latest @OwnMarket AMA, and why they make me more bullish than before.

18 tweets so stay focused. 😉

Let's go:

$CHX #STO #securitytokens #Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Exchanges #gaming #mobilegames #ETH #investing
Let's start with the big one. The first STO (project Crowd) is now confirmed to launch its raise in September, this will be accompanied with a huge marketing campaign.
Remember for every #STO, $CHX gets locked away depending on the total raise.
1 month to go 😎
OWN now has officially signed a cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank who will support them in the STO space and also with their upcoming Stock exchange.
This is an impressive bank with over 2 million customers which has received several "best bank" Awards. #banking #crypto $CHX
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1./ #auspol the vacuous & fanciful premise of the Government's Cash Ban Bill (aka Currency Bill) is that we need to ban cash in order to stamp out some supposedly problematic "Black Market" that is plaguing us and is careening out of control @danieltbar @phenrikand @BCAssetsFund
2./ In all the docs provided tho, Govt shows no evidence whatsoever of this supposed Black Market existing in any form that cannot be managed with the powers Govt already has, let alone any evidence that the Black Market is growing at all. For all we know it might be declining!
3./ The main statistical figure the Government presents as evidence of the urgency of this matter is an ABS 2012 point estimate of the "underground production market" of 1.5% of GDP
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