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20 Nov 20
An interesting tale about submarines.
A Soviet submarine ran aground on Sweden's south coast very close to a Swedish naval base in 1981. They claimed it was due to an emergency and navigation errors, but Sweden took it as attempted snooping by the USSR in Swedish waters.
The sub returned but Sweden was on alert, convinced that Russian subs could still be lurking off their coast. Soon they began to pick up elusive underwater signals & sounds. Swedish subs, patrol boats, and helicopters started pursuing them for over a decade but to no avail.
Each time, the search would reveal nothing but a few bubbles on the sea surface. Sweden was worried about the intrusions but couldn't fathom why, would Russia provoke them since the Cold War was long over.
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22 Jun 20
Shared by another Veteran Submariner. Makes a lot of sense to me. Read on...
No retired Chief Justice or Judge comes on the National TV and criticises the judgement delivered by the serving Judge. 1/5
No retired Bureaucrat ever criticises the order passed by the present Cabinet Secretary downward to the SDM. This domain is reserved for the Politicians as they have to fight the elections and gather votes. 2/5
Why the retired Generals come on the National Media and discuss the strategy and tactics of the present day LAC? Who is bothered about their irrelevant obsolete strategy in the present scenario? 3/5
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