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A Thread related to #AmarAkbarAnthony - An all time cult classic closes 45 years of it’s release.

Released on 27.05.1977 , Till date, in terms of footfalls, return on investments, repeat value and cult quotient, AAA remains his biggest hit
The story of #AmarAkbarAnthony - - the director Manmohan Desai got the idea while reading a newspaper! He read a news piece of a drunk man named Jackson, who was fed up of his life and hence decided to drop his three children in the park

According to Director Manmohan Desai, the character of Anthony Gonsalves was based upon a real person from his youth.
@SrBachchan Sir also achieved his first Best Actor Award for his extraordinary performance

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In this thread I have looked at the past 6-7 decades to classify guitar songs using genres. Please comment if I have missed any obvious songs
#Bollywood #guitar @p1j @MusicAloud @Taubashikkan @taparam @Bollywoodirect @hims_negi @parikhm
ROCKNROLL – Original rock n roll had “brass and piano” sound to a dance beat ,guitar got introduced later evolving to “classic rock”. Hindi rock n roll songs mostly used brass, piano and snare drums; some of the epic songs where guitar are used are presented here .
GUITAR ARPEGGIOS are sequential notes played on different strings of a guitar like a harp . they provide rhythm / melody for the rest of the song although they don’t get enough credit for it ! The first time a bass guitar was used in one of the RDB songs in this medley.
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion “East of Eden: Unleashing the Content Subcontinent” with @ianuragthakur, Bela Bajaria, @MadhuriDixit, @shekharkapur, @saadmohseni and @authoramish

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us for the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
.@ianuragthakur: To exist and to stay relevant, we need hard power and to form relations beyond boundaries, we need #softpower.

#Raisina2022 #culture #content
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#TheKashmirFiles decoded

#PallaviJoshi - #ArundhatiRoy
CM who plays golf & take #Bollywood actress on motorbike is #FarooqAbdullah
There's a pic of #PallaviJoshi & Bitta on wall at terrorist Bitta Karate house when Krishna visit him. It's this 👇
#TheKashmirFiles decoded

Sharda in film is cut in 2 pieces alive in aara machine

It's real incident of #GirijaTickoo #KashmiriPandit who was gang raped & cut alive in 2 pieces in a carpenter saw machine

#KashmirGenocide #KashmiriHindus #Kashmir_Files
#TheKashmirFiles decoded

#Pushkarnath so & #Sharda husband was killed shot in rice container in film

In real happened to #BKGanjoo a telecom engineer who was killed in rice drum and Bitta Karate
His blood soaked rice was given to his wife
#KashmiriPandits #KashmiriHindus
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Geetoshree #SandhyaMukhopadhyay (সন্ধ্যা মুখোপাধ্যায়)) passed away at the age of 90 on 15 February 2022. She was the doyen of Bengali playback music and a household name in both Bengals.
Sandhya, was she was popularly known, was born in Dhakuria, Calcutta, on 4 October 1931 to Narendranath Mukherjee, a railway official, and Hemprova Devi. She was the youngest of six children.
By her teen years she was already being trained in Hindustani Classical Music under the tutelage of Pandits A. T. Kannan and Chinmoy Lahiri.
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Amid the startup craze, celebrity couple– actress @AnushkaSharma and cricketer @imVkohli, have invested in plant-based meat startup @bluetribefoods.

#plantbasedmeat #viratkohli #anushkasharma

1/ #thread 👇…
2/ This is not their first bet in the startup ecosystem.
The duo have together invested in fintech unicorn Digit Insurance (@heydigit)

@imVkohli @AnushkaSharma
3/ @imVkohli has in personal capacity backed sports startup @sportconvo, fashionwear Universal Sportsbiz, among others.

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As Sardar Patel said in Kolkata 1949,“till yesterday you wanted Pakistan,voted for it and now you claim to love india, how do I believe you?”
The so called patriots from #Bollywood have lot to answer actually for the sins of their father, grandfather or great grandfathers.
We can start with Kaifi Azmi,father of Shabana Azmi. He wrote poems celebrating the creation of Pakistan. Kaifi Azmi was a proponent of partition and wrote a poem just before Partition"अगली ईद पाकिस्तान में" (Next Eid in Pakistan).What a pity,went & came back within few days.
Stayed here & now his children give us gyan on how much their parents loved india.
IPTA (Indian People's Theatre Association) was & remains the cultural front of Communist Party . Check Shabana Azmi & she is an active proponent of IPTA.
It was under the communist ideology
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जे #Bollywood ने मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीच केलयं तेच #Tollywood #Teluguwood आता #Bollywood च करणार #Pushpa ने ह्यांचा बाजार उठवलायं, ह्यांच्याकडे नविन कल्पना नाहीत, भिकार गाणी, ड्रग्स आणि D Gang शी लगट ही त्यांच्या ऱ्हासास कारणीभुत ठरतीये, सर्वात महत्वाच म्हणजे ह्यांचा माज आणि …
राजकारणाप्रमाणेच जी घराणेशाही राबवलीये तीच घातक ठरणार. त्याहून महत्वाच म्हणजे नको त्यात नको ते #सेक्युलरीझम च ग्यान चो*तात. लोक ह्यांच्या दिखाव्याला आता वैतागली आहेत. मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीबद्दल काय बोलावं? ज्या दादासाहेब फाळक्यांनी पायंडा रोवला, त्याच सृष्टीतले कलाकार …..
फालतू राजकारण्यांच्या ताटाखालची मांजरे बनुन धन्यता मानत आहेत. मराठी कलाकारांच्या मुलाखती ह्या इंग्रजीतच होतात. सिरीयल्स वाले तर विचारायलाच नकोत. सटायरच्या नावाखाली कंबरेखालचे पाचकळ विनोदांनी तर ऊत आणलायं. जे कलाकार लोकलचा पहिल्या वर्गाच्या डब्ब्याचा पास अभिमानाने दाखवतात तर …
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(1/5)80 के दशक में रामायण धारावाहिक को घर-घर तक पहुंचाने वाले रामानंद सागर का जन्म 29 दिसंबर 1917 को ब्रिटिश इंडिया के पंजाब में हुआ था। अब यह जगह पाकिस्तान के लाहौर में है। रामानंद सागर के बचपन का नाम चंद्रमौली चोपड़ा था। रामानंद को उनकी नानी ने पाला और
(2/5)उन्होंने उनका नया नाम रामानंद सागर रखा। परिवार की आर्थिक हालत ठीक नहीं थी, इसलिए रामानंद को कम उम्र से ही काम करना शुरू करना पड़ा। उन्होंने उन दिनों ट्रक क्लीनर और चपरासी की नौकरी भी की है।

1940 में रामानंद सागर पृथ्वीराज कपूर के पृथ्वी थियेटर में असिस्टेंट स्टेज
(3/5)मैनेजर के तौर पर काम करने लगे। यहीं से उन्हें राज कपूर के साथ काम करने का मौका भी मिला। साल 1950 में उन्होंने प्रोडक्शन कंपनी सागर आर्ट कॉरपोरेशन बनाई। रामानंद सागर के कई सीरियल और फिल्में पॉपुलर हुईं लेकिन 'रामायण' की सबसे ज्यादा चर्चा रही।
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Love when Delhi journos do this romanticism of #Mumbai in the Congress mouthpiece.
So here is my two paise take (I'm born and brought up in this city):
Mumbai is dead long ago. We are choked. The blame should be on 'secular' Sena. They have ruled us for 35 years and messed it up.
#Bollywood is just one industry based in #Mumbai. It is under attack on the war on drugs. But truthfully, it is dishing out shit for years. The war is that people don't want to see this shit despite the opening of multiplexes. That's the war Bollywood has to win. Will they?
The magnetic appeal of #Mumbai was - connectivity, opportunity and work culture. Our infra is choked, projects are blocked, real estate is expensive and other states have better opportunities. So the millennials are moving out. Who is giving permissions for high rises in slums?
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Thread on #Bollywood Hypocrites & their support of #Modi on #Demonetisation

1. @TandonRaveena
2. @AnushkaSharma
3. @vidya_balan
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Kickass #Storytelling Made Easy,

with legendary #Bollywood movie @DDLJ.

Dig in to discover the framework: Image
Stage 1: Expose character, setting and conflict Image
Main #Character: Raj - A happy-go-lucky college lad who doesn't take anyting seriously Image
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They defy science.
They defy gravity.
They make insane movies.
They are larger than life.
Their movies are ridiculed for their action and stunts.
Most of their stars don't work in Hindi movies and they are least bothered about it.
Many people in central and northern India don't like their movies.


I like their movies. And more than the movies, I like the fact that they are not at all apologetic about their religious beliefs. They strongly and aggressively practice the religion.
They are not ashamed of telling the world that they are Hindus. They wear it on their sleeves. This is what I like about #tollywood the most.
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In the trailer of ‘The Family Man 2,’ the antagonist Raji’s, played by Samantha Akkineni, uniform matches that of LTTE, which haven't sat right with many who started trending the hashtag #FamilyMan2_against_Tamils on Twitter. #FamilyMan2_against_Tamils… Image
Some viewers noticed that in the recently-released trailer, Raji’s uniform resembles that of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a Tamil militant organization. The trailer also mentions an "unexpected coalition" between the "ISI and rebels" worsening things for the show. Image
Alleging that Tamils were being shown as "thugs," many Twitter users announced that they will be unsubscribing Amazon Prime. Moreover, assuming that the rebels depicted are from LTTE as Akkineni plays a Sri Lankan Tamilian, many Twitter users came to defend the organization. Image
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Ranveer Singh as Indian Birds 😉😉😉🙈
I like this guy, hence the effort.
(Images are not mine)

1. Himalayan Monal
#birds #IndiAves #fun #RanveerSingh #Ranveer #Bollywood #thursdayvibes ImageImage
2. Black Hooded Oriole

#RanveerSingh #Ranveer #birds #fun ImageImage
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#72YearsOfLibertyCinema Inaugurated on 21 March, 1949. The Liberty Cinema, now a Grade-II Heritage Site and also known as “the showplace of the nation” was designed to be both “local and global, modern and traditional’’. M A Ridley-Abbott was appointed the architect (1/7)
Unfortunately, soon after the completion of the first floor, he died in a plane crash while travelling to England on holiday. J B Fernandes completed the construction work.
W. M. Namjoshi, an interior and furniture designer, created the distinctive décor of the theatre’s exterior and interior with the help of Habib Hoosein. One striking details of the cinema's exterior is the theatre’s name spelled out in neon and a streamlined piano keyboard (3/7)
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1/1 Meanwhile film maker Subhash Jha said that he was keen to work with Rhea Chakravorthy, “ She is pretty and talented, I don’t mind working with her even if she is out on bail.
1/2 If Sanjay Dutt could be so busy during his bail phase why cant this girl work? She and her family have gone through a lot. All the pain would make her a better actress than she was a year ago.
1/3 Certainly Mr Jha, I agree because when Sunjay Dutt acted there was no social media and hence the awareness factor was nil. If it was today he would have been a pauper..
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In March 2020, India's 1st Lockdown Started Due To Novel Corona Virus Pandemic & During This Crises King SHAH RUKH KHAN Came Forward To Help INDIA.
#COVID19 #ShahRukhKhan #MostCharitableActor @iamsrk
A Thread- 9 ImageImageImageImage
🔸SRK donated undisclosed amount in PM Cares Fund .
🔸2 Crs in Maharashtra CM Relief Fund .
🔸Donation of 2.5 Crs to West Bengal CM & Donation to Delhi CM .
🔸Donated 75,000 PPE Kits.
🔸Provided 5500 daily food requirements for a month. #दानकर्ता_शाहरुखखान #SRKDonatesForCovid 2/9 ImageImageImageImage
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@KirenRijiju @narendramodi @smritiirani @SmritiIraniOffc The day the Ministry for women and child concentrates on getting rid of #WomenNChildTrafficking I will say this work is being accomplished. As of now #SushantMurder has exposed #Bollywood people in the crime, politicians cannot befriend them and speak about #BetiBachao! 1/1
@KirenRijiju @narendramodi @smritiirani @SmritiIraniOffc 1/2 this is the second term of #NamoGov, public is aware of who are the people involved in these crimes. Sushants probe points to politicians and bollywood people in #Trafficking and standing with those who do it!
@KirenRijiju @narendramodi @smritiirani @SmritiIraniOffc 1/3 until statistics of how much is being done to rescue young girls and women are not shown to us, we will not believe this dept. Everyday children go missing there is a mafia working with #Bollywood to kidnap children and women
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Graceful personality, expressive eyes and great acting skills, Nutan will always be remembered as the finest actress of Bollywood…

#GoldenFrames #Bollywood
Born to parents Kumarsen Samarth, who was a director and Shobhana Samarth, who was an actress in the 40s, legendary star Nutan was familiar with the world of cinema at a very young age

#GoldenFrames #Bollywood
Nutan wasn’t interested in acting when she was a child but she loved dancing and music

#GoldenFrames #Bollywood
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Delhi High Court begins hearing suit by Bollywood Production Houses against 'Bollywood drugs mafia' reportage, seeking to curb irresponsible and derogatory remarks against the film industry.

The matter is before Justice Rajiv Shakdher.

#media #Bollywood
Adv Malvika Trivedi for Republic: This is an application for condonation of delay in filing the response.

Counsel for Plaintiff states he hasn't received a copy of the same.

We served on 12th. This is just condonation of written statement: Trivedi
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#MCOpinion: The market rally of Nov is showing no signs of let-up. What is playing on retail investors’ minds?

#Markets #Retail #Investors #Investments…
How do companies in the Asia Pacific stack up on the rating front? How is India placed? A @MoodysInvSvc rating report brings out the numbers. @ravi_ananth writes for #MCOpinion.

#Moodys #Companies #Business…
#MCOpinion: The three farm laws have been reforms that have been long overdue, ever since the 1991 liberalisation era. @AnandKochukudy writes.

#FarmLaws #FarmBills #FarmBills2020…
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Delhi High Court begins hearing suit by #Bollywood Production Houses against 'Bollywood drugs mafia' reportage.

The suit seeks to curb irresponsible and derogatory remarks against the film industry.

The matter is before Justice Rajiv Shakdher.

Senior Advocate Rajiv Nayar for the plaintiff.

Entire schedule has been disrupted because if pleadings not been filed. Republic filed on Saturday and may not be on record : Nayar
Because of*
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