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What is the solution for Hindu hatred by #Bollywood? What Hindus can do to stop them?

Hinduphobic is not new, #Bollywood has been making Hinduphobic movies since the 70s, they always portrayed a Hindu Sadhu a fake & a r@pist. Also, they've always shown a Hindu..
businessman a dishonest & cruel. However, let us not dig into any further details about it, instead, how can we stop them & that should be the topic of discussion for us now?

Demanding a "BAN" to such Movies/Web Series will never happen & moreover, even if the Govt does..
that then they will set the narratives of being a "Fascist Govt" & a "Death of Democracy" in India. So, this is just not an option to focus on, we need to play a mind game here to defeat these @$$h0les!

I have 2 solutions for this prob & I'm going to explain them one by one.
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Graceful personality, expressive eyes and great acting skills, Nutan will always be remembered as the finest actress of Bollywood…

#GoldenFrames #Bollywood
Born to parents Kumarsen Samarth, who was a director and Shobhana Samarth, who was an actress in the 40s, legendary star Nutan was familiar with the world of cinema at a very young age

#GoldenFrames #Bollywood
Nutan wasn’t interested in acting when she was a child but she loved dancing and music

#GoldenFrames #Bollywood
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Delhi High Court begins hearing suit by Bollywood Production Houses against 'Bollywood drugs mafia' reportage, seeking to curb irresponsible and derogatory remarks against the film industry.

The matter is before Justice Rajiv Shakdher.

#media #Bollywood
Adv Malvika Trivedi for Republic: This is an application for condonation of delay in filing the response.

Counsel for Plaintiff states he hasn't received a copy of the same.

We served on 12th. This is just condonation of written statement: Trivedi
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#MCOpinion: The market rally of Nov is showing no signs of let-up. What is playing on retail investors’ minds?

#Markets #Retail #Investors #Investments…
How do companies in the Asia Pacific stack up on the rating front? How is India placed? A @MoodysInvSvc rating report brings out the numbers. @ravi_ananth writes for #MCOpinion.

#Moodys #Companies #Business…
#MCOpinion: The three farm laws have been reforms that have been long overdue, ever since the 1991 liberalisation era. @AnandKochukudy writes.

#FarmLaws #FarmBills #FarmBills2020…
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Delhi High Court begins hearing suit by #Bollywood Production Houses against 'Bollywood drugs mafia' reportage.

The suit seeks to curb irresponsible and derogatory remarks against the film industry.

The matter is before Justice Rajiv Shakdher.

Senior Advocate Rajiv Nayar for the plaintiff.

Entire schedule has been disrupted because if pleadings not been filed. Republic filed on Saturday and may not be on record : Nayar
Because of*
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Delhi High Court to shortly hear suit by Bollywood Production Houses against 'Bollywood drugs mafia' reportage, seeking to curb irresponsible and derogatory remarks against the film industry.

The matter is before Justice Rajiv Shakdher.
The suit singles out @republic's Arnab Goswami and Pradeep Bhandari and @TimesNow's Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar for conducting media trials of Bollywood personalities and interfering with the right to privacy.

@navikakumar @pradip103 @RShivshankar

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10 contentions in the 1,069-page suit filed by Bollywood producers against Republic TV, Times Now…
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Yesterday I met an old friend & acquaintance of #RavindraPatil from the time when he was assigned to a builder being threatened by Shakeel. He yet again confirmed what we already knew - Salman was the one driving that night. Image
He also told me about how a private plane was sent to London to bring down advocate #HarishSalve to represent Salman the night before his hearing. Crores pumped into this.
The khan family really is filth personified. Sexual assault, murder, underworld dealings, financial fraud - what crime have they not done?
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#Thread #MotaBhai #JKL
While everybody was busy doing social media wars and peddling agendas,there is one man who is changing #Bharat on ground.
Read on 😎
↗️5 Lakh Hindu-Sikh Families Became Jammu & Kashmir Domiciles.
↗️All Perks / Facilities Withdrawn From Omar Abdullah & Mehbooba.
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Supreme Court declines to entertain petition praying for removal of Uddhav Thackeray led government from #Maharashtra and imposition of President's rule.

CJI to petitioner: As a civilian you are liberty to approach the President, don't come here.

#SupremeCourt @OfficeofUT
Petitioner attempts to highlight incidents of "misgovernance"

CJI: You are saying that because some #Bollywood actor (#SushantSinghRajput) has died, the Constitutional rule is not being followed in the State?

#SupremeCourt #Maharashtra @OfficeofUT
Petitioner: There are more instances.

CJI: Every instance you have mentioned has taken place in #Mumbai. Do you know how big #Maharashtra is? Thank you, we are not inclined to entertain.

#SupremeCourt @OfficeofUT
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Even after its recent stand, the Hindi film industry needs to keep watching the channels that have attacked it & persecuted its women actors.
Not to see what the channels are saying, but to see a clear picture of what #Bollywood itself is expected to become. (1/7)
(2) Basic principle: The new extremist movement first asks for compromises from industry players. Then it coerces / co-opts them. But the endgame is to destroy existing players & rebuild the industry from its cadre.

Why coerce the film industry, when you could possess it?
(3) This endgame is close for India's 'news' TV. You can see the English broadcasters strung down a gradient: From accommodation, to compromises, to co-option, to full possession (you-know-who at each position.) The game is rigged so they keep moving, or come under fire.
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The Film Producer Plaintiffs have also made social media companies

Twitter and

as parties in the 1,069 page suit before Delhi High Court.

@pradip103 @navikakumar @RShivshankar @TwitterIndia @Facebook #BiharRaiseVoiceForSSR @YouTube
Allegations made by the Producer Association. Comments such as

"Deep links between ISI and Bollywood"

@dreamgirlhema #SushantSinghRajput #BollywoodStrikesBack #Bollywood
Arguments of Producers:
1) Rs. 30,521 crores to the national economy
2) 17 State Govts, Union Govt have appointed Association members as brand ambassadors for Covid awareness, Arogya Setu, Swachh Bharat, Beti Bachao, AIDS campaign
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Friends pls understand, #Bollywood #Drugcartel #Underworld tactics, since public have not gone for movies due to covid,these meanies want u to start returning by showing movies that you may want to see like #NArendraModi n #DilBechara, remember it is produced by #sandeepSingh 1/1
This movie #Modi is as per reports produced by a man who is allegedly a drug don..Anand pandit as per this video at 8.44, he is Sandeeps godfather and also producer of Amitabh Rheas #chhere...
I think @PMOIndia @narendramodi @amitshah should object to the release on Oct 15 if the producer himself is of doubtful repute as is involved in #drugs as this video says.. directly leads to #SandeepSingh #SurajSingh #DubaiLink
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An industry that has thrived on labelling people, lampooning communities, reinforcing stereotypes, & lecturing the world, is now wincing & whining because someone did the same to them? Wah #Bollywood

Bring out the popcorn already!
Think it's important that #Bollywood sue media people for slander. It's important to prove to the public that:
There's no drug use in the industry.
There's no casting couch or sleaze,or discrimination against women.
There's no dirty money.
There's no nepotism

More power to them
Waisey, would love to know which Daddy-Big-Pockets has cracked the whip, & asked the #Bollywood lot to go to court.
From top to bottom,they've all toed the line like ba-ba-lambs. That's some clout!
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Major studios including #Dharma, #RedChillies, #YashRaj, #AamirKhanProductions file a civil suit in Delhi High Court against #Republic #ArnabGoswami #RahulShivshankar #NavikaKumar for their derogatory, defamatory remarks against #Bollywood. #BollywoodStrikesBack
This comes in the wake of these channels using highly derogatory words and expressions for Bollywood such as “dirt”, “filth”, “scum”, “druggies” and expressions such as “it is Bollywood where the dirt needs to be cleaned”, “all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench
and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of Bollywood”, “This is the dirtiest industry in the country”, and “cocaine and LSD drenched Bollywood”. Courtesy: Press Release
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Trivialisation of rape by liberals :

Rape happens in BJP run state, CM is responsible

Rape happens in non BJP state, PM is responsible

If the rapist is "secular", noone is responsible

If upper caste can be blamed, then rape happened even when didn't happen

1/4 #rape #Hathras
When #bollywood chatu Kashyap is accused, rape didn't happen in closed room

When non Chatu Nana Patekar is accused, rape happened on shooting stage

12 year old Hindu girl in Pakistan can never be raped, she married a 36 yr old Abdul with 2 wives and 12 children by choice

Noone has time to discuss how laws & processes can be improved to actually address the rape issue

Rapes globally r a law & order issue, social issue, but in India is it a Hindu issue. Only Hindu iconography can be used to highlight rape

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@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 Sir @PMOIndia @amitshah @rajnathsingh Sirs we have voted u to power, #Bollywood with Politicians in Maharashtra have been exposed by many #whistleblowers on SM in cases of #childtrafficking #auction supplied by #NGOs, @republic journo was arrested since he knew SS #farmhouse 1/1
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic 1/2 had something hidden which they did not want exposed... If #BJP is serious about cleaning India, expose what is hidden there and other places ...#Child and #womenTrafficking is killing out system .. @republic had the guts to expose, but politicians jailed them
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic Please sirs if the minister of #WomenAndChild is not bothered to take strict action on this because of connections, please change and put tough police women as head of this ministry. So many children are kidnapped from cities and villages and auctioned at Bollywood parties..1/3
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A tweet thread.
It is a strange phenomenon. Not the way in which the judicial and criminal investigation processes have been subverted in India to arrest and oppress victims and punish civil rights campaigners. That is a travesty of justice and a denial of civil rights, alright
It is the brazenness with which such gross acts of egregious violation of constitutional principles and protections of civil liberties are carried out. It is the utter lack of regard for the niceties of due process. It is the widespread support for it among ordinary people.
So the mockery of justice of the #BhimaKoregaon activists's trial and incarceration, the arrest and false charges against #UmarKhalid and the many others falsely accused in the #DelhiRiots police investigation are not only tolerated but actually supported by many in #India
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Many people I know complain about the loud, boorish coverage of the #drugcase being probed by #NCB. We have written several articles on the subject without the lies, hearsay and mind-numbing nonsense. Do read and share the thread. Will keep adding as we write more. @thenewsminute
#Drugscase: #WhatsApp issues statement on chats being leaked. To get its hands on the chats, the #NCB is said to have cloned the mobile phones of those questioned.…
How #NCB retrieved #WhatsApp chats allegedly between #DeepikaPadukone and her manager
WhatsApp chats reportedly by #RheaChakraborty, Deepika Padukone and many more have surfaced in the last few weeks.…
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I see a lot of - Fine some #Bollywood stars took some drugs. What’s the big deal ? We have bigger issues to deal with.
Here’s why it’s big deal :

1. Interrogating users helps #NCB find distributors which helps find importers(into country and city) which helps find producers.
2. Even if it is not possible to take direct action against producers, it’s important to know who’s sending in this poison to ruin your country.
3. The most famous nexus / route in South Asia is Afghanistan - Pakistan - India/Nepal - India - Burma - Thailand. This is a known..
smuggling route and governments have long since tried to block them. Air, land and water - all routes are used by human traffickers and drug cartels to smuggle these drugs.
4. The terror networks will always be hand in glove with drug cartels because everyone needs money that’s
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More than 100 days after #SushantSingRajputDeathCase , talent manager #JayaSaha has confessed during intense grilling by the @narcoticsbureau . Jaya has named #Bollywood 's biggies who consume drugs.. "I supplied, they asked", she told NCB. Many A-listers under the lense.
Under the lens*
#DeepikaPadukone to appear before @narcoticsbureau on September 25, while #simonekhambata & #RakulPreetSingh to appear on September 24 ( Thursday) for questioning. #SaraAliKhan & #sharddhakapoor to appear on September 26. Action packed days as summons have been served to them.
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NIA to join SSR case soon!!! Finally #ISI ur stooges in #Bollywood hv bn exposed and ur decades worth of effort hs been watered down. My sympathies! Ur strategy to destroy the younger generation of India hs failed. 😊🙏#SushantSinghtRajput 1/5
2/5 NIA hs very recently been given the power to go to foreign countries for investigations. This agency can now go to FRIENDLY nations for interrogation. NIA ws in UAE last month to interrogate on Kerala GOLD SMUGGLING case, which I hv already posted in my previous threads that
3/5 Kerala Gold smuggling case, murder of Balabhaskar and Sushant’s case have a pattern. I do feel that somewhere these cases may get clubbed. Best bit is— unless these BOLLYWOODians r not escaping to CHEEN & Pakistan they can not escape the HAMMER of NIA. 😇
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“क्या लुक है”
“DP का कमाल है “
“क्या ड्रग्स हैं ?”
“DP का का माल है “ #Bollywood #BollywoodDrugGang #Drugs
NCB team just a kilometer away from #ShraddhaKapoor's residence....

#ShaktiKapoor Image
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Your mischievous campaign deploying battery of #Bollywood celebs planned murder of #AssamTea @AmitabhBehar @OxfamIndia; We flagged issue 2 @PMOIndia @sarbanandsonwal @himantabiswa for which inquiry underway! Ur #Supari Killer NGO deserves immediate kick out from India #FCRABill Image
Earlier too MHA @HMOIndia directly blamed @Greenpeace @greenpeaceindia for "Trying to destroy Indian Tea Industry"
You NGOs do paid hit job on behalf of World Industrial Lobby; #Evangelist forces n other anti India vested interest groups. So #FCRA Image
Earlier too MHA @HMOIndia directly blamed @Greenpeace @greenpeaceindia for "Trying to destroy Indian Tea Industry"
You NGOs do paid hit job on behalf of World Industrial Lobby; #Evangelist forces n other anti India vested interest groups. So #FCRABill best remedy for you! Image
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Saying it again - #Bollywood is all worked up because it cannot control the narrative anymore. Journos covering tinsel town know all dark secrets but cannot write thanks to massive business their org get from movies. This fixed match was broken by social media and @republic
Editors, journos covering Bollywood ask soft questions to keep stars happy for getting access and ensure they come for their award shows. That's the main job. Majority of magazine covers are paid. You think these guys would even dare to expose inside stories? Nope
Did anyone even question SRK on his business partners link with ISI? Was there an Aamir interview on why he met Turkey's first lady in these times? Has Mahesh Bhatt being ever grilled on his dubious role defending terror? No. Journos are being used to kill these stories.
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