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Jan 7 5 tweets 1 min read
$1k > $1M Strategy

1/ Believing you NEED a 100x to make it starting with small capital is dangerous

With small captial you can swing trade with little slippage (gas fees can hurt though)

Compound just TWO 3x plays and your $1,000 is now $9,000

One more and you're at $27,000 2/ Once you are comfortably in 5 figs look to split your risk and start considering capital preservation

Move some into safer plays - capital preservation
Split your high risk funds across multiple plays so rugs/losses hurt less
Be patient, rushing leads to greedy mistakes
Apr 14, 2021 18 tweets 21 min read
$GLCH is the first ‘for purpose’ #Defi Blockchain
💰$23M Market Cap
🔓Most Private/Seed/Presale Tokens Unlocked
🤝Partners with $ORN #API3 $RAMP $UNN $CELL $ROUTE
🤝@JeffKirdeikis CEO @TrustSwap is a Strategic Advisor
👨‍🔧Project Leads are Public & Visible
coingecko.com/en/coins/glitc… ImageImageImage $GLCH #Blockchain
vs #DeFi Blockchains
$XRP $XLM $ETH $AVAX $SOL (All >$4B Cap)
✅Faster TX finality time
✅Amongst the highest throughput
✅No vulnerability to 51% attacks

⚠️Per image both $SOL and $AVAX have experienced notable bugs that dramatically slowed their networks ImageImage
Mar 5, 2021 19 tweets 26 min read
$JUP @JUP_Project
Write up is finally ready - There is SO MUCH going on with this

$JUP is its own #blockchain
Fully encrypted version of #Whatsapp Launching 17 March
#NFT Marketplace TBC
US Gov Compliant
#Traceless Cash
Competitors between 4x and >1,000x Market Cap ImageImageImageImage $JUP is more than just a low cap crypto project

The public team of 5 members has extensive experience in #blockchain and IT

Team info (Images below) gojupiter.tech/team/

@JUP_Project has been in development since 2016 and is compliant as a vendor to US Govt. at all levels ImageImageImageImage