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Jul 18, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read

New developments show promise for mathematically modeling natural language in alignment with human cognition. A thread on integrating Lambek calculus, quantum computing, and text circuits:

1/n Lambek calculus elegantly captures the compositionality and context-dependence of language using typed logic. Sentences have atomic types like Noun, Verb, etc. Rules compose types into larger structures. But modeling large texts classically becomes intractable.
Aug 31, 2022 12 tweets 6 min read
A fantastic talk by Prof. @gemmaboleda of @putaupf, on #colexification at @abralin_oficial covering almost anything discussed in her paper jointly by Prof. Thomas Brochhagen also of @putaupf (Link to the paper and the author's webpages can be found in the comments). 1>11 🧵 "Here is summary of what the talk and the corresponding paper are all about:
"When do languages use the same word for different meanings? The #Goldilocks #Principle in the #lexicon 2>11
Aug 30, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Finally, somebody in NLP started talking about structures! Semantic, syntactic, and their interplay.
If you're profoundly curious about the 'Semantic Structure in Deep Learning', this paper by Dr. Ellie Pavlick of @BrownUniversity might be a good fit for you. 1>3 🧵 #ai #nlp… 2>3
Aug 24, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Check out this wonder paper by Prof. @JudithTonhauser & Dr. Judith Degen. After reading it, I can say I recovered somehow from depression and got a bit more motivated. Tribute to both of these venerable scholars!
1/4 🧵 I'll put the link to their pages, in case you're interested in their research interests.
Link to the paper:
Aug 22, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
What happened to stratificational (neuro-cognitive) linguistics? It had some drawbacks, but was (and still can be, imho) a very efficient approach to bridge the gap btw. the symbolic and connectionist approaches to language. Even Prof. Lamb's Lab, has not been updated 1/4 since 2010. Here are the links to his Lab and his most recent paper 'Linguistic structure: A plausible theory (2016)'. When it comes to the interfaces, the need for transduction (unlike computation) increases, since symbolic (and digital) items are to be encoded to fuzzy 2/4