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1. Hey there young Spielbergs!

Curious about how AI can be used for film making?

It's still early days, but between text-to-image, text-to-audio and AI-driven animation, building blocks are starting to appear.

Today's thread provides an overview.
🧵👇 ImageImageImage
2. First off, some highlights!

Way back in July @mrjonfinger used @midjourney to produce a coherent short film.

Very solid visuals, but the voices and animation are a bit stilted. We had to rewatch to grok the plot, but it's 100% there once you get it.

3. Another early AI success story is @adampickard's use of DALL-E's to recreate the famous short film "Powers of Ten" by Ray and Charles Eames.

There's no dialog here, but the narrative of the original definitely comes through.

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1. Last week @openai finally removed the waitlist for DALL-E!

Of the AI image creation tools out there, DALL-E is arguably the most accessible.

Today's thread provides a hands-on tutorial for new DALL-E users looking to generate visually consistent assets.

Sticker Time!
2. If you've never used DALL-E, head on over and sign up now!

First announced in April, DALL-E is the OG text-to-image ML model. For months, access was extremely limited, but now everyone, including you, can log in and take this dream machine for a spin.
3. If you need inspiration, OpenAI's Instagram is filled with images that a mere 6 month ago would have knocked our collective socks off.

Since then of course, we've all become jaded as new mind-bending tech comes out weekly.

Ah to be young again.…
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This week @NVIDIA open sourced the 3D object generation AI model, GET3D. GET3D is a generative model of high quality 3D textured shapes learned from images.

Trained using only 2D images, GET3D generates 3D shapes with high-fidelity textures and complex geometric details.

These 3D objects are created in the same format used by popular graphics software applications, allowing users to immediately import their shapes into 3D renderers and game engines for further editing.

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Dhruv Bansal's "Bitcoin Astronomy" translated into a 132-page #Bitcoin Sci-Fi Graphic Novel

ALL art made by AI.

Editing by @TomerStrolight.

Here’s Book 1 of 9 of the Timechain Codex. Enjoy!
The Timechain Codex - Book One - Pages 2-5.

All art created entirely by AI.

Read on...there's more in the thread!

#Bitcoin #Comics #AI #midjourney #scifi
The Timechain Codex - Book One - Pages 6-9.

All art created entirely by AI.

Read on...there's more in the thread!

#Bitcoin #Comics #AI #midjourney #scifi
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It's Friday and that means it's time for the @aifunhouse Week in Review!

As always, it's been a wild week in #AI!

DreamBooth, Instant NeRF, Make a Video, and more ... let's get in!

1. First up, DreamBooth, a technique from Google Research originally applied to their tool Imagen, but generalizable to other models, allows for fine-tuning of text-to-image networks to allow generation of consistent characters across contexts and styles. Image
2. The results are wild - take a look:
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Tomorrow, the International Telecommunication Union votes on its next Secretary General in Bucharest, Romania.

US officials from @POTUS to @ABlinken to @StateCDP have taken an unprecedented interest in the vote of a technical body.

The internet’s future is at stake. 🧵
US candidate @DoreenBogdan is running on a platform of a “Trusted, Connected Digital Future” against Russia’s Rashid Ismailov, a former Telecom Minister and Huawei VP who is likely to support the emerging autocratic view of the future internet.
The @ITU is the world’s oldest UN agency (formerly the International Telegraph Union) and is a technical standards body where engineers and tech companies—but also governments—convene and vote on the protocols for emerging technologies from #6G to #AI.…
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Today's launch event is #AmazonDevices. There's no public livestream, and past @amazon presentations have moved ridiculously fast; follow along here and I'll do my best to keep up with @amazonnews.🧵
Did you know that I am the inspiration for all these #amazondevices?
Reminding us that a new base model Kindle and Kindle Kids launched a couple weeks ago #amazondevices
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I'm excited about this next session at #ExploreSAS => "Super Demo: The Science Behind the Batting Lab" by @SASsoftware <= #DataLiteracy At Bat…
#SportsAnalytics #BigData #Analytics #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #SASVisionary #Data4All #Analytics4All Image
Live session at #ExploreSAS => "Super Demo: The Science Behind the Batting Lab" by Gunce Walton,
Manager for Advanced Analytics R&D at @SASsoftware
#DataLiteracy #SportsAnalytics #BigData #Analytics #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #SASVisionary #Data4All #Analytics4All ImageImageImageImage
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1. Last week @OpenAI released Whisper, an open source model for transcribing audio.

Let’s see how you can use Whisper + GPT-3 to quickly summarize text-heavy YouTube vids.

If you're new to ML this is a great tutorial to get hands on and play along.

2. First we'll to use Whisper to transcribe a video we want to summarize.

Whisper is open source and there are already multiple UIs on the web that allow you run it on video and audio.

For YouTube videos, @jeffistyping created a super simple UI.…
3. To transcribe a video, just paste in its YouTube URL and wait for the title and preview image to appear.

In this example, we chose a 10-minute video of @garrytan discussing Adobe's recent $20B acquisition of Figma. Image
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Very happy to share that The Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics is now finished and will be out in the next few months! Some of it is already published online. If you're interested in #DigitalEthics, #AIEthics, #ethics, #privacy, #AI, #philosophy, this one is for you... 🧵👇 Image
In this chapter, @SvenNyholm relates the new area of the ethics of human–#robot interaction to traditional ethical theories such as #utilitarianism, Kantian #ethics, and virtue ethics. #AIEthics…
In this chapter, Emily Sullivan and Mark Alfano (@moral_psych) develop a normative epistemic framework for sharing information online. They argue recent technological developments call for a rethinking of the norms of testimony. #epistemology…
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And the winner of the 2022 SAS Hackathon is...
(awarded by 100+ jurors from among 71 contributing teams from 50 countries, co-sponsored by Microsoft)
#SASVisionary #SASExplore @SASsoftware #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #DataScientists
Keep alert for the 2023 #SASHackathon, coming in a few months.
@SASsoftware #SASExplore #SASVisionary #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #DataScientists
Here's how I promoted it earlier this year...…
Congrats to the #SASHackathon Winner!
See more news on
@SASsoftware #SASExplore #SASVisionary
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Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Atsuko Tanaka as Kusanagi Motoko - IMDb…
Major Motoko Kusanagi : If a technological feat is possible, man will do it. Almost as if it's wired into the core of our being.

Ghost in the Shell… Vimeo 4:20
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An Iranian parliamentarian recently suggested using facial recognition technology to crack down on internal unrest. What are #Iranian AI capabilities and how do they intersect with ongoing #MahsaAminii Protests? A thread: #IranProtests 1/6
The head of #Iran's parliamentary legal and judicial committee recently advocated for reinforcing Iranian facial recognition technology to reduce clashes between #Iranian security forces and protestors. 2/6 Image
This isn't the first time we're hearing of #Iran using #AI tech to track dissent. The Iranian Traffic Police discussed its plans to use facial recognition software to identify and fine pedestrians back in 2020. 3/6 Image
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#DataScientists, DataOps Engineers, Business Data Users/Analysts, #ML/#AI Engineers & more! Join me + 1000's of other Data Enthusiasts at @SASsoftware EXPLORE online for FREE => 100+ sessions, peer breakouts, & free training:…
#SASVisionary #ExploreSAS Image
Some cool @SASsoftware EXPLORE sessions TODAY:
* Leverage KT Charts with Streaming Data to Improve Industrial Processes
* Banking Hyperautomation with SAS Intelligent Decisioning
* Ensuring Fairness in Analytics-Driven Decision-Making
* Data Catalogs Ignite Your Analytics Journey Image
🌟By the way, the above are just 4 of the 100's of sessions this week at #SASExplore. We've just started. We are in the opening session now — there's tons more yet to come.
#SASVisonary @SASsoftware #AI #ML #DataScience #MLOps #Analytics Image
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Do you love 3D maps, worlds & visualisations? Here are 24 world creators, mapmakers, or visuals I've come across recently. Brilliant and creative minds using many different tools! PART 1 #dataviz #GISchat #3dmaps #map #gis #3d 1/🧵
Steven Kay | @stevefaeembra creates many original and cool #3dmaps such as this great visualisation of Windturbines in the British Isles. Follow him! #Blender3D and #QGis are his tools. #SDGs #Wind #b3d 2/🧵
Neil Southall | @neilcfd1 creates fantastic #3dmaps such as this hypnotising animation of #LiDAR data of Copenhagen. He uses #rstats and #rayshader in wonderful ways. #rspatial 3/🧵
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New @RadiologyACR #Government #Relations comments in response to an @NIH #RFI on the feasibility of public private partnerships to address pediatric medical device needs ie lack of access to #healthcare #AI for pediatric patients

#ImageIntelliGently #radvocacy
Action is urgently needed since almost all #AI in radiology has been developed for #Adults and hasn't been shown to work for pediatric patients. Here's what is recommended 🧵
1. Advocate for funding to develop #Pediatric radiology datasets that could be used for training, testing, and validation of radiology #AI
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CIA’s Voice of God weapon.

If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind it- self is controllable—what then?

#CIA #Mindcontrol #AI #weapons
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Excited to share our new paper in Nature Chemical Biology @nchembio

AI is poised to transform #therapeutic #science

The Commons is an initiative to access and evaluate #AI capability across therapeutic modalities and stages of discovery 1/4… Image
@nchembio @KexinHuang5 @TianfanFu @WenhaoGao1 @marinkazitnik @HarvardDBMI @yzhao062 @jure @jimeng @cwcoley @yusufroohani The Commons establishes a foundation for understanding which AI methods are most suitable for drug discovery and why

It provides a robust foundation and modern AI infrastructure to support predictive modeling and data-driven design 2/4 Image
@nchembio @KexinHuang5 @TianfanFu @WenhaoGao1 @marinkazitnik @HarvardDBMI @yzhao062 @jure @jimeng @cwcoley @yusufroohani Researchers across disciplines can use the Commons for numerous #drugdiscovery applications 3/4 Image
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Interesting #privacy and #AI project: someone has developed software to match up geolocated Instagram posts with open camera feeds (showing people before/after they posted their Instagram photos)
The AI software automatically identifying people and matching timestamps on Instagram posts, etc. Image
Has to be a popular location with live camera feeds that can be monitored, but interesting nonetheless. Image
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Rediscovered these fake dating profiles I made with AI from @botnikstudios and 1/4🧵
@botnikstudios I have way too many of these. 2/4
@botnikstudios Tag yourself. I relate on a spiritual level to Rebegga. 3/4
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NVIDIA GTC starts today! There are tons of exciting topics and webinars covered. This year again the whole conference is online and free, so go and register if you have not done so already.

Here are a few special highlight sessions:

1/4 Image
GTC 2022 Keynote - September:

How CUDA Programming Works:

Building the Future of Work with AI-powered Digital Humans:

Building Future-Ready Intelligence for Cars:

A Deep Dive into RAPIDS for Accelerated Data Science and Data Engineering:

A Deep Dive into the Latest HPC Software:

Cross-Framework Model Evaluation and Accelerated Training with NVIDIA Merlin:

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Tips on writing a NIH R01 on #AI. In last 6 weeks our group landed 4 @NIH / @theNCI R & U grants on #AI in #imaging & #medicine. I got a number of enquiries about grant writing tips. I share some thoughts below. Also free offer - Happy to review & provide f/b on your S aims page
1. Specific Aims page - Most important page of your proposal. Articulate the clinical unmet need, followed by your unique solution, your preliminary data, brief description of team, your approach/specific aims and most critically your success criteria. Sample SA page below.
2. Significance/Background - Most important section in your narrative. Focus on unmet clinical need. What is the status quo & why is it not sufficient? (cost, tech etc). What is needed ? How will this impact unmet need? Who will be impacted? How many? Who will use tech?
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Why do I donate time & money to political candidates? Because I want voters to know about them & win. Donations from candidates go directly to marketing. That’s billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, booths at events, getting a team to knock doors, & market to 850k-40M people. 🧵
The @USBlockchainPAC has identified 14 candidates across the nation that champion #WEB3 technology. That’s #MetaVerse #DeFi #NFTs #Crypto #SSID #dApps #DLT #DAOs & #ML #AI 🧵
Political contributions are an important fact of life in democracy. Contributing to candidates, campaigns, and organizations that you support is the only way to give them the resources to win, and to effectively advocate for the issues that you care about.
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