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The 19th Borough President of Brooklyn
Jan 8, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
A 🧵: New Yorkers know the only thing that can heal them and kickstart our recovery is getting COVID-19 vaccines in as many arms as possible, with a real-time assessment that ensures our most highly impacted ZIP codes are sufficiently supplied and staffed. New Yorkers are seeing a lot more rhetoric than results in the early weeks of this mass vaccination campaign. They are getting sick of the finger pointing from City Hall to the State Capitol and back.
Jan 8, 2021 21 tweets 9 min read
Update from today’s @NYCMayor/@NYGovCuomo briefings:

#Day314 Stats/Trends:
🔹Hospitalizations: 8,561 (+13)
🔸Discharges: 901 (-23)
🔸Admits: 1,068 (+18)
🔹Deaths: 161
🔹ICU: 1,475 (+51)
🔹Intubations: 912 (+53)
🔹Tests: 243,903 (18,832 Pos: 7.72%) 🔹#RedZones: 8.32%
🔹Excl. #RedZones: 7.49%

NYC (Compared with 1/06):
🔹Hospitalizations: 356
🔹Hospitalization Rate: 4.33%
🔹New Reported Cases (Over 7-Day Rolling Average): 3,960 (Including “Probable” Cases)
🔹Citywide Positive Tests: 9.38%
Jan 7, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Update from today’s @NYCMayor’s briefing:

NYC (Compared with 1/05):
🔹Hospitalizations: 273
🔹Hospitalization Rate: 4.28%
🔹New Reported Cases (Over 7-Day Rolling Average): 3,870 (Including “Probable” Cases)
🔹Citywide Positive Tests: 9.21%
🔹You Can Get A #COVID19 Vaccine If You Are:
🔸Healthcare worker
🔸Resident or staff in group living facilities
🔸Medical examiner or coroner
🔸Funeral worker
🔸Frontline, high-risk public health worker
Mar 27, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
From @NYGovCuomo (from @JavitsCenter):

🔹In just one week the Javits center has been transformed
🔹1. Flatten the curve
🔹2. Increase hospital capacity
🔹Balancing public education with public health 🔹Schools will remain closed preliminarily for another two weeks, past the April 1st deadline and every school district has to come up with plans to continue
🔹Will continue the 180 day waiver for number of days for school year
🔹21 days for the possible apex