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A small sanctuary in Wales for dogs with behaviour problems & other animals needing a safe haven. We are no kill #Vegan sanctuary.
26 Apr
This great big pig (the one on the right! 😂) is Gandalf 😍

He is huge! A few metres long and over a metre in height.

He's one of the #53pigs entire boars.

He was rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse in Wales.

Where he was starved and treated brutally.

To survive.....👇
To survive he ate the entrails of others, cannibalised, ate bits of cars...all to stay alive! (he's in the picture below, can you see him?)

The slaughterhouse was raided by authorities, all of the animals removed. But the #53pigs were taken to a Defra Isolation Unit....👇
They were instantly condemned, a court order was served on them.

The order was a destruction order. They were a 'public health' risk, unfit for human consumption. They were labled as diseased due to eating other beings, causing a zoonotic disease...TSE, a swine version of BSE👇
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27 Mar
Morning! it's Snouty Saturday! 🐽

One of the #53pigs having a lazy morning in his special piggy barn.

He's safe, loved, warm and cosy which is simply what we all need and want. No matter what species we are.

This little guy was just a piglet when 👇…
he was seized from the illegal slaughterhouse at Bramble Hall Farm.

He then spent the first 9 months of his life in a Defra Isolation Unit under a court disease destruction order.

But after a legal battle he was allowed to come and live here at the sanctuary along with 👇
all the other #53pigs and #53piglets under a special disease restriction license.

We have nearly 100 pigs at the sanctuary. And like many we have had a very difficult year.

Please help us to create a safe, reliable feed fund to help pay the £1000 per week pig feed costs 👇
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25 Mar
It's Nelson 🐷

Nelson is one of our very big & beautiful boars. He's a few metres long & around a metre high.

Most pigs will never make it to Nelson's size. Commercial, large breed pigs are often very poorly bred & often inbred. They are not bred for longevity 👇
Their lives only designed to be short lived before slaughter or just a few years of breeding & then they are past their best.

It's a cruel & ruthless world to be born into.

And in such a twist of fate the only reason that Nelson is alive today is because he was 👇
Seized from starvation at an illegal slaughterhouse.

Who knows what life we will land.

Can you imagine being born into a cold, harsh environment in a factory farm, where your life purpose is to be violently slaughtered.

We have nearly 100 pigs here at the sanctuary 👇
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22 Mar
This is 30 of the #53pigs. These pigs are so incredibly lucky! They have made it through the following challenges on their lives -
🐖Starvation in an illegal slaughterhouse
🐖Avoiding slaughter in a illegal slaughterhouse
🐖Defra Disease Destruction Order
🐖Too aggressive 👇
🐖 Too aggressive, unsafe to live
🐖 In agreement with Defra, pigs must not be moved again.
🐖 Land & facility we use withdrawn and our notice given.
🐖 A risk Defra would insist on slaughter rather than allowing us to relocate them.
🐖 The only option acceptable to Defra is 👇
🐖 for them to be relocated to our own land. But we have only a little land & no facilities.
🐖 Urgent large scale fencing, temporary set up & start of ground works & barn build!
🐷 Defra sign off temporary set up! The pigs come home to the sanctuaries own land! 💖
🐖 Boars 👇
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7 Aug 19
I run this sanctuary, I don't go out, I don't go on holiday, I don't have a day off, I don't buy luxury items, I did buy a gift for someones 50th Birthday, from my own money. I also use my own money to support the sanctuary, thousands of pounds over the years. I live in a caravan
I don't even have a proper toilet. Only I have access to sanctuary funds. Our Patron, has his own money that he uses to live his own life. I don't send DMs asking people to donate, I don't tweet disrespectful tweets, I have no control over what other people say or tweet.
I am incredibly grateful to everyone that supports, donates, likes or retweets. Amazing people that offer their support, both to the Sanctuary & to me personally. We do everything we can to save as many animals as possible and to advocate for veganism. We will continue to do so.
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