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Writer, editor, activist with 20 years+ professional experience. Living with chronic illness, exacerbated by DWP #HostileEnvironment. Publishes as Maya Bly.
25 Feb
Tweeps: two weeks ago today, I nearly lost my life due to a very serious bilateral pulmonary embolism.

I had no symptoms at all, except for tiredness & a little breathlessness, which I attributed to other causes. When you're living with chronic mental ill health & ...1/
...on a very low income due to #UniversalCredit, you get used to feeling rubbish a lot of the time. Vague symptoms like fatigue are inevitably dismissed by GPs.

Over the course of about 8 hours on that Tues, tho, I started feeling faint & very weird. 2/
I got up to use the loo & collapsed, losing consciousness. When I came round, I couldn't breathe.

Luckily, I managed to reach my phone & paramedics from @Ldn_Ambulance came within 30 minutes.

Unluckily, I couldn't get to the door & ... 3/
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16 Mar 19
So, after a very tough week, where my mental wellbeing was heading towards the danger zone, where the challenges of #UniversalCredit, insecure housing & a violent neighbour almost broke me....& then #Brexit & #Christchurch..., here is my story of #HopeInTheDark...1/
I went to a community "repair cafe" today, run by @RestartProject. Basically, you take along your dead appliances & a handy-minded volunteer will have a go at fixing it. 2/
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