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Bikini Robot Army Founder & Character Assassination Survivor. Comically terrible spy -2014-2019 & subject of a few books by @NYTimes authors + a Pulitzer winner
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Jan 15 14 tweets 9 min read
@do_loans @IncognitoWallet Andrew. Or equivalent. Still trolling me. It get really weird when dudes are obsessed with every thing i do and say.
The other day he kept asking for more and More and more. I caved and sent more thought he was in trouble
But The sad guy keeps wanting and wannking.... @do_loans @IncognitoWallet That’s when I learned he was really last years stalker patiently waiting under one of his finstas (apparently for a year) seeking my attention. Obsessed men, whom I just learned actually travel in sad packs hiding behind false faces, and ideas...
Apr 25, 2020 13 tweets 6 min read
Imagine you turn on the television & you watch a guy doing the talk show rounds; (@davidenrich)
telling the world YOUR life story focusing on all your mistakes. Using Concepts you explained to him. Even speaking your words verbatim - words that you taught him - as his own... ...Now imagine he changes tact, speaks of your father & his suicide, & how he,(& he alone) KNOWS more than you about your fathers life!
THEN he (#davidenrich) destroys your reputation & character, lies in let’s say, @nytimes, calling you terrible, false, & exaggerated names, ...
Mar 2, 2020 34 tweets 17 min read
“Broeksmit...seeking to get to get compensation...”

“Broeksmit held firm – but Schiff's committee subpoenaed the documents anyway”

I can’t wait for #thedaily@mikiebarb⁩ anymore,
time to straighten out ⁦@davidenrich⁩’s false narrative ...… Here’s what happened: @RepAdamSchiff ‘s lead attorney, @danielsgoldman & I did not get off to a great start. He wanted everything I had & felt entitled to my fathers name; his emails, my docs Etc., so I began recording our conversations otherwise no one would believe me...