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Words can unite or divide, encourage thoughtful discourse or derail it. Likewise, our silence can empower evil. MOCs @ 202-224-3121
11 May 20
This is hard:
-Resisting the GOP's broad swaths of damage;
-Feeling isolated and afraid about their damage to democracy;
-Russia's covert propaganda attacks
-Being isolated by COVID

I'm trying to compartmentalize & focus, going to rooms in my mind to be productive. Here's how:
These mind-rooms include politics, environment, home, gardens, health, relationships and a few others.

Inside each mind-room are the resources I have:
time, money, stuff I own, talents.

It's not crazy. Really. I'll show you.
Let's go into the politics room:
In the politics room, I have $$. Each week I donate at least $10 to help someone or something. Today I'll buy stamps to send letters with a SSE in them to support the Post Office.

This room has time, too, to spend as needed on emails, texts, phone banking. It adds up over time.
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3 Apr 20
@effie_persists @threadreaderapp I unrolled this thread so that I can share it with non-twitter friends. It’s really an important and very reassuring message. Thanks for it.
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22 Mar 20
This morning I reviewed my calendar & journal. It has made me angry. Not just irritated but 🤬🤬🤬 livid angry at people who treat politics like a game. Politics is life, and lives are literally the price when not taken seriously.
I started following COVID19 on Jan 25. By mid-Feb I had started stocking up on essentials & sharing a spreadsheet to encourage others to also stock up.
I began researching and writing a booklet for friends began late Feb. That booklet was distributed starting the first week of March.
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24 Feb 20
Candidates are interviewing for a job. While contentious moments at the debates stress us, they show how candidates fare under pressure. Watch for non-verbals.

This #WPCM thread will help you discern differences between Dem candidates by looking at the last debate 1/10

How to Choose the Best Candidate?
Who can walk the walk, not just talk?
What is character & integrity? How do we see these?

This article is a grounding exercise before watching interviews & debates & before casting your primary vote.
2/… #DemCast #WPCM
We would be remiss not to address Russia whose goal is to splinter our country, now dividing Democrats against Dems. Remember that what unites is is greater than what divides us.

It’s our responsibility to have difficult conversations.
3/… #DemCast #WPCM
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17 Feb 20
Election security is the first step if election integrity is to be maintained. From Russian hacking & gerrymandering to DFL-only support for legislation, it’s obvious that all must support this cornerstone of democracy.

Candidate views on election security in threads
Isn’t election security a problem of the past?

Not according to an intel report that warns that the Russians are still at it. Yet the GOP says this is an attempt by Dems to seek an advantage.

"Russia's cyber operations have been successful...”
Iowa’s Caucuses relied on the internet, not a best practice. Fortunately, they also had paper back ups, a vital best practice. How’s the integrity of elections in your state compare with the nation? Check this map at Vox.
#WPCM #DemCast
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11 Feb 20
There is a lot of noise to get through when deciding which #PresidentialCandidates to vote for. Polls make primaries feel like a horse race.

Analyst @RachelBitecofer reminds us that our electorate is more moderate than many of our candidates.
#DemCast #WPCM
Polls get attention. Are you also paying attention to endorsements? Polls measure the general population while endorsements from newspaper editorial boards & unions affect voter turnout. Those from individuals? Not so much.

Who’s cleaning up endorsements?…
A new form of meddling has emerged: R’s registering and voting as Democrats to vote for candidates who are least ideologically aligned with the electorate.

Good intelligence repeatedly sounds the alarm that Putin is still working to influence our elections.

#DemCast #WPCM
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4 Feb 20
Franklin Graham is in a dither over JLo & gets unmercifully ratioed for his hypocrisy in the comments 😂

Of course he’s only crying crocodile tears to create talking points for Fox. He knows Fox viewers won’t hear the #RestOfTheStory They are cut off from context.

Franklin Graham’s tweet makes it obvious that this is a performance.

Fox has effectively isolated a swath of Americans from the #RestOfTheStory.

Fox viewers won’t ever hear the reminders of Melania’s nude photos or any of the rest of the ratio. 🙄
Fox reports are true only 17% of the time, but it’s false, mostly false or Pants-on-Fire 55% of the time (Politifact). Because Fox viewers never get the #RestOfTheStory they lack context to judge what’s fact.

The impeachment counsel & GOP senators relied on that.
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3 Feb 20
Dems know that an America where many win is a stronger nation than one where very few win. We know that wealth is built where infrastructure is strong & a social contact means giving back. Learn about candidate's ideas to create more winners & less disparity in this thread #WPCM
We've had a few winners and many losers in this “game” of economic well-being. #WCPM #DemCast #wealthgap
America's top 1% own more wealth than the bottom 1/2. When we consider the magnitude of the problems we face from schools, road & bridge repair, migrating from fossil fuels & climate change, it is unconscionable that so few hold so much, avoiding taxes & responsibility. #DemCast
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24 Jan 20
Threaded are tweets that explore which presidential candidates "get" the many facets of social justice. Underlying bigotry shapes the policies they'll create, and affect the projects that'll get funded. Bigotry affects us all but harms those most vulnerable
@threadreaderapp unroll please.
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10 Jan 20
Foreign Policy is this week’s topic for the Presidential Candidate Moment. While foreign policy is a national not party concern, it is helpful to know both where the candidates stand and how that comports with the Democratic Party Platform.
This thread is always a group effort😙
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8 Jan 20
The news of Iran’s retaliation is everything we have dreaded. We fear even worse news. How do we function with this emotional weight?

I’m going to share my take, which I hope will spread comfort & perspective.

Do your usual living tonight & tomorrow. Maybe even eat on the good china & drink the fine wine. Verbalize your gratitudes. Live life fully.

We have every reason to be grateful for this minute, which is a level of gratitude we would do well to realize daily.

For any one of us, tomorrow may change our life trajectory far more quickly than anything happening in the National or global stage may cause.

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12 Jul 19
Trump's show, "Chaos," is pretty simple. The producers draw from only a couple buckets, over and over.

Bucket 1: Undermine rule of law and government as we know it. Use the courts. Stack the courts. Dismantle programs. Install foxes.


Bucket 2: Predation & greed.
DeVos, Acosta, Mnuchin, Sessions, Kavanaugh, Barr, Price, Carson, Pruitt are just a few of the foxes appointed as department heads for departments they should protect, but will undermine and dismantle. Acosta is only the most recent blatant example.
As soon as the spotlight starts revealing what's happening, they draw from

Bucket 3: Fear which includes terrorizing the vulnerable, attacking Democrats or calling on nationalistic/xenophobic definitions of "patriotism" & "christianity."

People are objects & caring is weak.
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