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31 Mar
1/100: It's time to examine the biggest snake oil seller of the planet - @BillGates: his detached worldview, his alleged philanthropic motives, the monopolisation of science, behavioural patterns of the wannabe saviour of the planet & possible endgames.
It's a #WildRide-Thread.⬇️
2/100: To understand the opportunist Bill Gates, one must rummage through history, as well as internalize his basic attitude: Total control at any price, ethical issues are non-existent in his world, collateral damages were and still are part of his daily bread, part of his game.
3/100: Plato & Aristotélēs had early ideas on "Population Control"; Thomas R. Malthus' "An Essay on the Principle of Population" (1798) outlines "the positive check to population": Diseases, wars, disasters, famines & pestilence, he wanted to utilize them. Image
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30 Mar
Some Johnson & Johnson MSM reports.
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24 Mar
On 2nd December 2019 the @WHO hosted the Global Vaccine Safety Summit. Let's see what they have to say about safety at this conference. Mini Video-Thread ⬇️
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19 Mar
Don't blame me, @martytwit was feeling a bit down & needed a fresh new #hospital #dance whoopee out of Austria, this time from the Hospital in 𝕭𝖗𝖆𝖚𝖓𝖆𝖚. This one has everything you need: a green dragon, priests, a skeleton ... a profound experience.
@jack & @Twitter please don't suppress this posting, it is an important hospital dance video, very important for the genre overall and the people need to see it.
Unfortunately @jack & @twitter are suppressing it, I don't know why, seems like they don't like #hospital #dance videos out of Austria anymore. Take notice @warnermusic.
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18 Mar
Secret 7 points plan for Germany aka "Massnahmenpapier 4":

Involved: @UniofNottingham, @mayer_iras, @crowdhelix @BMI_Bund (Markus Kerber, Seehofer), Merkel, George Gao (@Leopoldina / CCP), Xi Jinping, many more.

Direct Download:…
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17 Mar
Tanzania's President John Pombe Magufuli is dead (R.I.P.).

Please welcome the new President of Tanzania:
Samia Suluhu Hassan, approved by @wef & Klaus.

𝚂𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚣𝚎 𝚋𝚞𝚐𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚢.…
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17 Mar
We are inviting @1NRSmith to an interview to clarify about his part in context to the Panic Paper, his real China affiliation. Being "against Chinese style lockdown" while also preaching "contract tracing" and "mass testing" sounds like a faulty script + @mayer_iras connections..
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16 Mar
Heinz Bude
Maximilian Mayer (@mayer_iras)
Markus Kerber (@BMI_Bund)
Horst Seehofer (@BMI_Bund)
Lothar Wieler (@rki_de)
Angela Merkel (@cducsubt)
Christian Drosten (@c_drosten)
Xi Jinping (CCP)
Otto "Loser" Koelbl (@ottokolbl)
George Fu Gao (CCP)
Heinz Bude - A real CCP asset - the endboss,

Otto "The Loser" Koelbl wanted to adorn himself with other people's feathers - he failed, his life is generally a constant fail.
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12 Mar
Today we peek inside the current situation in Israel: how Netanyahu sold his people to Pfizer/BioNTech & Co, conducting mass-experiments on the populace, dividing the nation into a two-class society with a 𝓖𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝓟𝖆𝖘𝖘-push, thus entirely ignoring the Nuremberg Code.
2/: 18th November 2020:

Israel’s health officials were desperate.

@pfizer announced: Their vaccine was “95% effective VS COVID-19".

Israel had ordered millions of doses from @moderna_tx & @AstraZeneca, the @pfizer/@BioNTech_Group-miracle cure was missing in their stock.
3/: How did Israel subsequently acquire an estimated four to five million doses of the Pfizer miracle in Dec 2020- enough to vaccinate at least two million people in Israel? Netanyahu wanted to outdo himself and show that he could single-handedly save the nation, thus the world.
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11 Mar
The weather is a downhaul, lockdowns are robbing your last nerve, only a fresh #hospital #dance video out of Austria can cheer you up now: a #PR-ThinkTank milestone, a feast of joy 4 all of your senses, THX Clinic Schladming!

@jack & @twitter, please don't freeze the play-count again, those #hospital #dance videos out of Austria are the only straw of hope we have left. Don't you agree? #ZusammenGemeinsamWir #TogetherTogetherWe
@warnermusic, I hope they did the appropiate tax payer money drop for the track-license.
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1 Mar
I know, I know, you were eagerly awaiting the next #hospital #dance-video from Austria: now we enjoy the Regional Hospital Feldbach & Fürstenfeld, a PR think tank-touchstone, which indulges all your senses. The genre has outgrown the underground.

"House of 1000 Corpses"-Edition.
PR-text quote: "Employees of the Feldbach Fürstenfeld Hospital Association send a signal of unbroken joie de vivre and the power of community to the outside world."

The video was produced by

Paid by tax payer money.

Full Video:
Please @jack & @Twitter, no reason to suppress the view-count again. It is a rising genre, the people love #hospital #dance-videos, not?
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28 Feb
@PeterDaszak on Gain of Function-experiments, Dec. 2019:

"You can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily"

"... inserting the spike protein into a backbone of another virus"

"[...] insert these other related diseases and get a better vaccine.”

... the same Peter Daszak and his @EcoHealthNYC, who has hidden almost 40 million in Pentagon Funding concerning GoF-experiments ...…
The same Peter Daszak who is in bed with the CCP and the Wuhan Institute for Virology dismisses any alternative theory nowadays.

He is a master-flipflopper.…
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27 Feb
"Oh @c_drosten got wind of the new China conspiracy.

Getting nervous about your little ménage-à-trois with Georg Fu Gao and Shi Zhengli coming out, Christian?

The PCR zoonoses mafia."


Firestarter @a_rosenfelder:
"The scientific equivalent of the Hamburg-hunt for partying teens: Also-highly-valued-in Germany-@DrZoeHyde suggests, following the example of China, anal swabs for asymptomatic children, tweet has been deleted. The dark side of #NoCovid comes to light."
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24 Feb
controlled op@work:
- @nhaerting sues @rki_de, wins courtcase, gets classified 200 pages email com. surrounding the "panic papers"
- gives them to @weltamsonntag & @focusonline,lead-stories
- gatekeeps the 200 pages, public has no access
- then promotes #Nocovid propaganda by RKI
@nhaerting claims to other journalists, who are not within his umbrella orga-choice, that "everything is still a ongoing court case", that is "the reason I can't rls the full 200 pages emails com". At the same time no problem in sharing it to @weltamsonntag & @focusonline.
Distraction from the "real meat": the super-secret & highly classified "Massnahmenkatalog 4", dated 24.3. (one day after the panic paper rls), authored by @mayer_iras, in coop with @Ningbo_Uni, the 6.5 billion dollar @4IR_APPG think tank @crowdhelix, for Markus Kerber, @BMI_Bund.
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23 Feb
More than 5k followers, thank you!

Have a fresh new #hospital #dance video from Austria for that: the Pro-Version of the prior rehearsal of "Uniklinikum Graz" is now a full-fledged #PR-think tank feast for the eyes.

"Body bags at the doorway"-edition

Btw. @jack & @Twitter are now suppressing the view-count, seems like they don't like the new rising genre of #hospital #dance videos. That's an oxymoron, isn't it? Keep sharing to break the shadow-algorithm.
Addendum 1-a:
Sad story: my favourite #hospital #dance video "Floridsdorf Klinikum" is no more available on their original Youtube channel (Had many plays), most probably due to Warner Music Copyright claims. But don't worry, someone else uploaded it.

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17 Feb
Important - share: Camera footage out of care homes (USA, corrected), provided by @RobertKennedyJr's team. You can clearly see: Collateral Damages, Army assisting, force, death.

Worldwide phenomen, also in Germany:

21st Century Nuremberg Trials-material
Above video is an extraction of the ongoing @CoronaAusschuss livestream, I thought I should share it immediately. Skip/rewind back to @RobertKennedyJr's part.

Original country of the footage is most probably USA, same patterns are reported worldwide.

You can hear such reports about the usage of National Armies in Care Homes from many parts of the world, especially from the western hemisphere. Also in Germany, f.e. Berlin Care Homes. Prior whistleblow reporting similar patterns of execution, Berlin:…
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15 Feb
#Shock-#Rock GIF-collection, it happened back in January 2020, went on in Febuary, March, April, suddenly stopped sometime after May 2020. Do you remember the time? It all started in the chans...

Thread ⬇️-Music: Michael Jackson, Remember The Time:

I don't know, bet you wanna try
Every time you see

Do you remember
When we fell in love?
We were young and innocent then
Do you remember
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14 Feb
Galaxy Project isn't forgotten:

snowflake @trvrb, "woke" @firefoxx66, shitty non-open souce data @nextstrain/@GISAID = "muuuh mutations" -agenda fearpr0n

Remember D614G mutation? No clinical significance.… ImageImage
Looks like they're all singing GISAID's tune now. Interestingly enough, no mention of any rapid sequencing or strategies anymore. Image
There used to be 4417 entries, now you see "only" 3945, where did the rest vanish?…

Data not even for @nextstrain-low quality standards reliable? Nobody knows, closed data, gatekeeped by @trvbr, Richard Neher, sponsored by Gates. Image
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9 Feb
Psyop-arena: @nhaerting talks about "China"-ref. in the 200 pages "panic-paper" emails.

George Gao (Chinese CDC), joined Event201, co-author
of the SARS-CoV-2-cult/Zhu-paper, part of @Leopoldina. Period.
This might be the prototype of all "panic papers", again, George Gao is author, even main author.

Notice the date: 24th January 2020, notice the wording: "global health concern".…
All ways lead to Mr Edward Holmes (@edwardcholmes), precautiously blocked me when I started to critisize the trash-data over at @GISAID & @nextstrain, @trvrb.

Eddie boy provided the 6 Wuhan sequences to start the trash-phylogenetic tree of SARS-CoV-2.…
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7 Feb
@welt published an article today on the “panic paper”-scandal in Germany.

Title is "Maximum collaboration”, showing @BMI_Bund / Horst Seehofer had a secret paper drafted in the 1st COVID-19 wave that dramatically depicted the threat.

A scandal of gigantic proportions. Thread⬇️ ImageImage
2/: @welt released 2 versions: long version as print, short-edit, online.

This thread focuses on the long version. It's of crucial importance-people around the globe understand this earthshaking scandal. Share.


German: Image
3/: Mid-March 2020: Federal Minister of the Interior-Horst Seehofer (@BMI_Bund, @cducsubt) was on the edge: Christian Drosten (@c_drosten) & Lothar Wieler (@RKI) urgently warned: Germany was threatened w/ dramatic consequences if the country returned to everyday life too quickly. Image
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4 Feb
@Eurosurveillanc opened Pandora's Box, we're now officially entering Chapter II. The journal just commited kamikaze-suicide, their goal was to discredit every single scientist on the planet.

In case you disagree with them:
Here is a template on how such a protest-email could look like if you disagree with their suicidal tendencies.

If you think real scientific debate is the only way to go, then here is an inspirational template for you.

We were expecting this kind of behavioural pattern in the end, though not in such a balant way. @MarionKoopmans thinks that this is settled, she is mistaking here big time. People are not dumb, even though she might think that, some call it god-complex, others call it stupidity.
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