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1)🔎 Kerkgenootschap waarbij het lijkt alsof de geloofsovertuiging overeenkomt,met de #WEF #SDGs van #Agenda2030, ofwel de doelen worden meegenomen/behandeld vanuit kerkelijk perspectief, of ze mengen opzettelijk de SDGs met het geloof. De Remonstranten. #D66 #VVD #uitpluizen
2)🔎 Thema's vd #TheGreatReset en volgens #Agenda2030. Ik zag #D66-ers, #VVD-ers en beleidsmedew in het ledenbestand en #Kaag was te gast. Ze werken naar 2030 toe en hebben daarvoor een werkgroep aangesteld. Ik ga de agendapunten en personen linken. (Christa Anbeek #MtF?)
3) Zo kwam ik hierop: In 2010 ontving het Remonstranten Broederschap de Bob Angelo Penning vh COC.
In 2013 werd de Penning uitgereikt aan Carolien vd Lagemaat, Transgenderbeweging. Zij had invloed op de inwerkingtreding vd Transgenderwet,zij zit bij de #VVD en de Remonstranten
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Putin's Rasputin, A.K.A #AleksandrDugin. Top Philosophy professor among Russian universities, author, occultism, military strategist, and think tank for Putin are some of the crafts he is well known for. What is his role in the new world order, and why should we care? 🧵
Aleksandr Dugin wrote a book called the #FourthPoliticalTheory. The Fourth Political Theory is another approach to the #FourthIndustrialRevolution, written by #KlausSchawb C19 #TheGreatReset.

Horde Vs Alliance vibes...
We all know the legion is the real problem 👀
This "New World Order" goes by many names. The Fourth Political Theory and Fourth Industrial Revolution as previously mentioned. Other names include the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals (#SDG), #GreenDeal, #TheGreatReset, #Agenda2030 previously known as #Agenda21 etc.
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The Fascistic Economics of #Pfizer.
To understand what is happening in the field of health, where our regulators have utterly failed to protect us from the dangers of the "vaccines", one simply needs to look at the field of financial regulation.
Clip is from #ReasonTV:
This thread is based on a @reason TV video about the Netflix video: "Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street by Emmy Award–winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger, which tells the story of the largest Ponzi scheme in history"
This video explains #Pfizer & #BigPharma
As Zach Weissmuller, who narrated the video, has said: "To better understand the Madoff saga, director Joe Berlinger should have consulted the works of the free market economist George Stigler, who won the Nobel Prize in part for his work regulatory capture."
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In their own words…

‘As of December 2022, all G7 economies have now moved into the development stage of a #CBDC.’ 🤡

#ProjectCedar #WEF
#BankCollapse #EO14067
#Biden #SVB

Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker - Atlantic Council…
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Me los imagino alrededor de una mesa,con un mapa mundial viendo qué zonas van a ser las elegidas para su proyecto de Geoingeniera. También, grandes charlas de cómo meter miedo a la población para q se hagan grandes sus tragaderas a la hora de hablarles de la ecatombe 👇👇 sigue
Del cambio climático, imagino que en esa charla elitista, pensarían en el modo que la gente se autoculpase acerca del calentamiento global,que nunca sospechen que son ellos mismos que lo están provocando. Imagino,que en ese despacho, se hablaría de donar a los medios👇👇👇sigue
De comunicación ingentes cantidades de dinero para que metan con calzador su propaganda dictatorial y así inyectar miedo a la población acerca de una ecatombe planetaria. Imagino que elegirían,por medio de sobornos y amenazas,a los principales gobernantes de los países 👇👇sigue
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Epoch Times: “@WHO⁩ will have the authority to override health measure decisions made by individual nations and grants the organization the capacity to censor what it considers #misinformation and #disinformation, should the amendments be adopted.”…
“Another startling change was the removal of “respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons” in Article 3 of the IHR, replaced with the terms “equity” and “inclusivity.””
“At the same time, the WHO’s new amendments change the advisory nature of the IHR to that of law, meaning that the organization will hold just as much power—if not more—compared with a governing body with legally binding jurisdiction and enforcement capabilities.”
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𝗥𝗲𝗱𝗽𝗶𝗹𝗹/𝗠𝗴𝘁𝗼𝘄: meus dois centavos sobre a matéria do Fantástico!

Matéria essa com forte base de viés de confirmação, falácia do nirvana e também com a falácia do espantalho. ⬇️
@MasculinidadeRZ @38bitcoinheiro @DonSandro10 @alan_schramm @R0nih Principalmente quando a jornalista afirma que a "#Redpill é homens que se acham superiores as mulheres."

Para entender a palavra “Matrix“, inicialmente temos que saber sobre as tecnologias utilizadas em redes de computação, matemática e citar dois termos gramaticais. ⬇️
@MasculinidadeRZ @38bitcoinheiro @DonSandro10 @alan_schramm @R0nih O primeiro termo é “Mãe” [Madre; Mother], e o segundo termo é “Geratriz” [Generatrix; Geratrix; Aquela que gera, geradora; Gerador Central]. Portando, tudo está contido dentro da matriz do gerador central.

[Matrix = Motherboard Generatrix] ⬇️
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𝟭𝟱 𝗠𝗜𝗡 𝗖𝗜𝗧𝗬...🏩🏠🏢🏥
Edmonton Canada  is currently in the process of creating a 15-minute Smart City.
But what is it⁉️

What are their plans ⁉️☝️🤔🙏👇
#15minCity #TheGreatReset #Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #NewWorldOrder #Depopulation #ClimateChangeLockDowns
15 minute cities being pushed everywhere‼️☝️🤔🙏👇
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One RING to rule them all
One RING to find them
One RING to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them

#OneRing #WEFPuppet #WEF #GreatReset #C40 #PuppetKing #Agenda2030 #TheRingKing #KingCharles #JimmySavile Image
King Charles launched THE GREAT RESET in June 2020...working hand in glove with Klaus Schwab Image
100% - 👑 Charles rolls out red carpet for the #PfizerPrincess (they’re probably related) compromising royal political neutrality...his mother, The Queen, would never have entertained this

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Rothschild Khazariaanse Maffia (KM), het grootste georganiseerde misdaadsyndicaat ter wereld dat de Khazariaanse oligarchie heeft gevormd door hun inzet van Babylonische geld-magie.………
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FLASHBACK: George Soros | Henry Kissinger | China, USA & The NWO | 2009‼️‼️

Soros: "I think this would be time because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order, a financial world order;‼️🙏👇
-Well, certainly a decline in the value of the dollar is necessary in order compensate for the fact that the US economy will remain rather weak, will be a drag on the global economy.China will emerge as the motor replacing the US consumer,"‼️‼️

Revelation of the Method‼️🙏👇
Kissinger:"I'm quite optimistic because the Chinese in my opinion have concluded they need a long period of cooperation with the US for their own development;...‼️🙏👇
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La #Cina ha pubblicato l' "Iniziativa di sicurezza globale", elaborando concetti e principi fondamentali innovativi, sostenendo fermamente una struttura di governance guidata dalle Nazioni Unite e il ruolo delle #NazioniUnite.

Ecco alcuni punti fondamentali:
Priorità della cooperazione

È nostra comune aspirazione raggiungere una #pace mondiale duratura, in modo che tutti i paesi possano godere di un ambiente esterno pacifico e stabile e che i loro popoli possano vivere una vita felice con i loro diritti pienamente garantiti.
I paesi devono lavorare in solidarietà per promuovere una comunità di sicurezza condivisa per l'umanità e costruire un mondo libero dalla paura e che goda di sicurezza universale.
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HISTORY REPEATS: "Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert." —Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (1924)

TAKE AWAY 👉In the end, propaganda could not prevent defeat.

#Russia #Ukraine #BigLie #Agenda2030 #KlausSchwab #GeorgeSoros #Nazis
"It sounds like the stuff of Kremlin #propaganda, but it’s not."

Exhibit A:
Image 1 : NATO Propaganda
Image 2 : The Truth (June 20, 2018)… #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #Nazi
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The Mukaab: A Gateway to Another World

Saudi Arabia unveils giant cube-shaped supertall skyscraper. Large enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings, the global icon will feature innovative technologies to transport you to new worlds. The project is set to be completed by 2030.
The Saudi Arabian government has announced plans to build a 400-metre-high cube-shaped skyscraper named Mukaab. The 19-square-kilometre development, described as the "new face of Riyadh", is set to be built to the northwest of central Riyadh.
The wider development will contain over 100,000 residential units and 9,000 hotel rooms along with more than 980,000 square metres of shops and 1.4 million square metres of office space. All within a 15 minute walk.

#agenda2030 #15minutecities #SDG
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#Agenda2030 permitirá a gobiernos apoderarse de la tierra contaminada y trasladar a los residentes a ciudades inteligentes. Si la tierra + agua a su alrededor está completamente envenenada, no puede optar por no participar en el modelo de "ciudad inteligente".Empiezan a entender? ImageImage
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@TwitterSupport why's it taking me up to 2 days to tweet one post with a brief film clip? What's going on?
What happens is I post the film clip then for 1 or 2 days it gets stuck at about 90% uploaded? Seems like #censorship to me? Can you look into it please?
Are you aware of our rights as citizens to express our opinions unhindered under both the US #1A and UN #Article19 ? ImageImage
.... so that means I can't tweet while the previous tweet is 'uploading' [censored]
Seems like nothing has changed on this platform?
Correct me if I'm wrong 🤔
#Censorship #1A #Article19 #FreeSpeech #SpeakersCorner
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#DigitaleID #WEF #GreatReset
🇨🇦 Justin Trudeau stellt das kanadische Gesundheitswesen auf den Kopf und droht den Ministerpräsidenten der Provinzen, die Finanzierung des Gesundheitswesens einzustellen, wenn sie der digitalen Gesundheits-ID nicht zustimmen.…
Ohne diese digitalen IDs können Sie auf keine Gesundheitsversorgung zugreifen. Sie werden nicht wirklich in der Lage sein, ein Bankkonto zu haben oder irgendetwas im Zusammenhang mit Finanztransaktionen online zu erledigen…
Für Landwirte und Verbraucher, Sie werden nicht in der Lage sein, in Geschäfte zu gehen. Sie werden nicht einmal in der Lage sein, irgendwo etwas zu verkaufen.…
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El abogado Luis Mª Pardo, de Liberum, explica en pocas palabras lo que nos pretenden hacer las #Elites y grupos de poder. Este es el enlace al #Vídeo:…. #Masones #Agenda2030 #Globalismo #PLANdemia #Liberum. (Hilo)
Pasaportes sanitarios y tarjetas con nuestra información al servicio de quien quiera manipularla, futuras restricciones y medidas, estado policial y/o militarizado bajo el “manto” de la contención de la “próxima pandemia” (¿?) y un sin fin de barbaridades procedentes, sobre todo,
de la Xodida #OMS y sus satélites colaboracionistas, como es el caso de la corrupta y satánica #UE. O se nos unen muchos más “despiertos”, o estos GOLFOS -a base de aprender de los fallos que han tenido en estos TRES AÑOS pasados-, van a constituir nuestra eliminación… Y
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Agreed. The singular advantage of money as a near-universally acceptable, reliable medium of exchange is that it breaks the need to know and trust counterparts all along the chain of trade & production. 1/x
This not only expands -and hence enriches- the network of exchange (think Adam Smith or “I, Pencil”) but removes node-occupying middlemen and toll-exactors. Efficiency increases, but transparency and fairness, too. 2/x
Once we have #CBDC-s -coupled to #Agenda2030 #IoT tracking of ‘#carbon’, meat protein, ‘circular economy’, low food miles, etc, we will have subjected ourselves to an intrusive, permanent rationing where a tax collector, a camp guard, and a Levitican Inquisitor...
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😌🔴❗Per chi pensava che offrissero il superbonus senza ottenere molto ma molto di più in cambio
link nei com👇

L’agenzia delle entrate ipoteca le case che hanno approfittato del superbonus

“Superbonus 110% misura di rilancio e sviluppo sostenibile”

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The U.N. is a happy organization?

This happynwo site is now the forwarding address for: (which was a blank site in 2020 with only "Ⓒ Copyright New World Order Project 2020" at the bottom.)

Hmm.🤔 #NewWorldOrder Image
How many damn "2030" Groups are there? #Agenda2030…
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BEËINDIG DE VN!!! Ongekozen Dictatoriale Beauracraten!

[Ze] willen alleen nog horen wat in hun fascist #GreatReset #Agenda2030 past.

De VN hebben een initiatief gelanceerd om "het gebruik van informatie- en communicatie technologieën" tegen te gaan.
De Verenigde Naties zijn een Luciferiaanse sekte, gecontroleerd door de Ridders van Malta, Jezuïeten, Rothschilds en Rockefellers.
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