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Satirising anti-social media & parodying legacy news All views my own not those of my social media provider Or maybe not even my own All usual caveats apply!
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@FalconApoda @g_gosden 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


Shouldn't laugh

But that's just a joke

And QED proves my point!

Israeli recce aircraft checked it early then later in the morning confirming it's name US Navy number & flag

And it was flying an enormous celebratory "holiday" flag😂🤣 @FalconApoda @g_gosden Now fighter jets might have initially thought #USSLiberty radio surveillance ship was completely different Egyptian warship (WHY?)

Despite only had few anti-pirate-boarding machine-guns

Still raked it with armour-piercing bullet (had NO armour!) & cannon fire missiles & NAPALM!
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@CivisEuropeae @RossjournoClark Bang on

Apart from all the things that blow holes in your inapplicable analogy

No one banned horses

Or carts

No government (or scientist) claimed to have a crystal ball

No one banned the internal combustion engine

Or decreed the battery powered car had to be the replacement @CivisEuropeae @RossjournoClark No one banned hay or straw either

Or horseshoes

Oh & no one claimed the science was settled & there was a 97% consensus

BTW Climate "Science" originally based on heat & light flowing through Ether

Arrhenius theories from Dawn of development of modern Thermodynamics

And he...
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@RossjournoClark @he1entweets Never mind that

Have these people never lived through a long-term continent-wide Winter High (pressure)?

Have no analysts or planners checked the records

Weeks or even months of freezing still air

Cloudless nights

At least there's above average Winter Sun during "daylight"🤦‍♂️ @RossjournoClark @he1entweets So it'll be bl0dy cold

We'll need MORE power than usual

But will be NO wind AT ALL

Solar will at least be higher than in cloudy Winters - ie b0gger all

There'll be NO imported electricity as rest of Europe will be in same boat

And we've BLOWN UP our coal-fired power stations
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@SinistaMace @TheRabbitHole84 @elonmusk @CommunityNotes No it doesn't you #RaceBaiting liar

FBI Table 43 crime stats for 2019 shows




59.1% of violent crime in the US v 36.4% for Blacks

69.8% of rapes v 26.75

45.8% of murders v 51.2% for Blacks

The populations are 78.6% v 12.2%😱

@SinistaMace @TheRabbitHole84 @elonmusk @CommunityNotes Or has your Woke "Democrat" lefty "liberal" #BHM #CRT b[i]ased so-called "education" system let you down so badly

You haven't even come across concepts like "rates" & "per capita"

And are so incredibly thick ignorant & uneducated you don't realise "Whites" outnumber Blacks 6+:1

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@Warren1Point Yeah

You take "back" land you yourself "colonised"

By killing grannies & babies

You do realise PHIListine was a probably Greek origin Sea People base from which they oppressed the Hebrew tribes in eg Judah Israel and surrounding areas up to the Euphrates & across to Iraq😱🤦‍♂️ @Warren1Point The colonising Romans renamed the lands of the Israelites including Trans🏳️‍⚧️Jordan Palestine after their enemy the Phoenician colony in Gaza to rub the revolting oppressed Jews noses in it

Modern "Palestinians" are colonisers from Arabia

You know

The ones that colonised Spain🤦‍♂️
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@mildlettuce @Gerdundula1 @eyeslasho Amazing how Whites are taught about Black Hi-STORIES

But don't know Africans denuded entire Southern coastlines of Europe & vast swathes of Eastern Europe terrorised & controlled British coasts & even raided ICEland & US ships for slaves

And colonised half of Spain & Balkans!😱 @mildlettuce @Gerdundula1 @eyeslasho Strange how Whites are taught Black Hi-STORIES

But don't know the Crusades we're to free invaded conquered colonised enslaved CHRISTIAN & Jewish lands

Don't know that MORE WHITES were taken to Africa as slaves Than Africans were taken as slaves to Anglo-Saxon North America!😱🤦‍♂️
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@ubuntu6661 @potatopuff6 @eyeslasho You do realise Africans were invading raping sistas & killing bros enslaving & trading each other long before Whitey returned to home of humanity😯

Started Atlantic Trade by paying Whitey explorers to ship slaves along coast😲

Only stopped killing bros to sell to AmericaS!😱😲 @ubuntu6661 @potatopuff6 @eyeslasho You do realise big bully Central Africans invaded conquered killed enslaved little San from North same time as Whitey landed in South

And North Africans invaded raped killed enslaved conquered & colonised Southern Europe & Balkans long before Whitey returned to home of humanity!
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@seamusjaco @David_Leavitt @lindayaX Yeah

"Liberal" bigots keep engaging with things they don't like

So the #X #AlGoreithm keeps feeding them what they find most engaging

And it's a well-established fact that "liberals" who are the biggest users of psych meds psychiatrists etc

And it's not just the "oppressed"🤦‍♂️

@seamusjaco @David_Leavitt @lindayaX But feel free to lock your doors & windows

Run away to your #SafeSpace

Put in your earplugs

Don your red-tinted specs and blinkers

Wrap yourself in your comfie-bwanket

And sing La! L.A.! #_L_A_! ! ! I'm not listening!!!

Before you have a #CognitiveDissonance❄️#Meltdown!😲🤣

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@ccacy @MattGertz Yes

It's ALL on video

But you've clearly only seen "liberal" #FakeNews narrative highly edited sliced& diced & stitched together Rupared videos

And never original full ones

I'm sorry your media did that to you😱

If you can handle the truth start here:… @ccacy @MattGertz If that's too much #AntiTrumpHoax #Debunking for you

Here's a shorter thread on #DebunkingAntiTrumpHoaxes

That were the only "news" you've followed for the past 8 years

Thanks to your #FakeNews "liberal" media

And how & why you're suffering #TDS!😱🤦‍♂️…
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@DennisPeasant_ @USConst_Amend_I @elonmusk No one has confirmed anything of the sort

Firstly #MediaMatters count "#WhiteLivesMatter" as Nazi content

So you believe unless you don't think White lives matter you're a Nazi eh

What does that make you?!

Secondly ads APPEAR on X

They accuse X of placing or even pairing...

@DennisPeasant_ @USConst_Amend_I @elonmusk 2ndly #MediaMatters accuse #X of placing or even pairing Ads with Nazi content (eg "#WhiteLivesMatter)😲

Or even of "placing" Ads "ON" "Nazi accounts"😱

When in fact they were creating accounts & manipulating feeds until THEY (alone) saw 0.000001% of X Ads next to "Nazi" a/c!🤦‍♂️

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@treacletoffee11 @RuralConserv @LozzaFox @UKLabour Oh

You mean indigenous cultures like the Native Americans in the USA

Who drove out the South Americans

And indulged in rape war slavery cannibalism...

Or maybe those Zulu & Masai type from Central Africa who killed or drove out the San in the South about the time Whitey came! @treacletoffee11 @RuralConserv @LozzaFox @UKLabour Or do you mean the Philistines/Filistines/Palestine who were one of the Sea-Peoples related to the Phoenicians probably from Hellenic Cyprus who set up bases around the Mediterranean including on the South Coast of the Judea/Israelites area

Or maybe the Romans who renamed the..
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@sandorpetofi34 Feel free to continue embarrassing yourself😯

By proving you're an illiterate ignoramus totally lacking in critical thinking skills😲

Or are you still too drunk & bleary eyed to read what you think you are "replying" to in your #DrunkTweeting sessions!😱🤦‍♂️

😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂 @sandorpetofi34 How many people voted for #Stalin #Mao #PolPot of any of the Kims?!

It doesn't matter how many votes the right-wing gets in Ukraine😯

If they control the police😮

The military😲


To put this in perspective

Despite having little support in their base city...

Nov 16 5 tweets 2 min read
@LouiseMensch @elonmusk @DavidSacks Do you & "60% of Americans" also support cutting off transport links fuel electricity food & water to "open-air prison-camps"

Or sniping & shelling civilians for years

Killing tens of thousands

Including the aged women & even children

As #Zelenskiyyy & his #KiveRegime did😱🤦‍♂️ @LouiseMensch @elonmusk @DavidSacks And weren't #Putin's initial "invading forces" just those permanently based "on" (ie up to 300 miles from & up to 500 miles from the Donbas contact line) RUSSIA'S most vulnerable border

Or on regular training exercises to defend it

And even when increased in response to...
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@DocLanceP @KonstantinKisin #EducateYourself

"Palestine"/Philistine was modern Gaza

But the land of Phoenicians (possibly Greek origin) NOT Arabs

Romans renamed lands of the revolting Jewish tribes (enemies of Philistines) "Palestine" to rub their noses in it

Modern Palestine was Israel AND JORDAN!😱🤦‍♂️ @DocLanceP @KonstantinKisin History didn't start in 1945

Jews to have returned to Palestine as original homeland after WW1

Then Palestine split into Arab Palestine (Jordan) & Jewish Palestine (Israel) between wars

But Jewish immigration discouraged in 30s

Then ISRAEL split after WW2 into Jewish & Arab!
Nov 12 9 tweets 9 min read
@GoneToTheDogs87 @EvacTony '

#Woke #2TierPolicing🧵😯

How recently did you crawl out from under your rock?!😲

Where have you been for the past few years!!😱🤦‍♂️

@GoneToTheDogs87 @EvacTony '

#Woke #2tierpolicing 😯

Did you just crawl out from under your rock?!😲

Where have you been for the past few years!!😱🤦‍♂️

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@shaani092 @AJEnglish A picture is worth a thousand lies😱🤦‍♂️

#FakeNews #FakePhotos #Gaza #Palestine #Israel DON'T #GasTheJews

@shaani092 @AJEnglish A picture is worth a thousand lies😱🤦‍♂️

#FakeNews #FakePhotos #Gaza #Palestine #Israel DON'T #GasTheJews

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@nikstankovic_ @gogogirl1313 That's point

NOTHING happens EVERY year

Might have couple of very good years with very mild flu (&/or anything else)

Then a very bad flu (&/or something else) year

And guess what happens to people that would have been taken out by an average flu

Year or 2 older AND sicker!🤦‍♂️ @nikstankovic_ @gogogirl1313 So all the "dry timber" that had extra year or 2 in God's waiting room became deadwood

Note how Sweden reported as massive jump in deaths

But from previous year not suddenly standard 5 year av

But prev yr freak low

And massive jump STILL BELOW 5 & 10 Yr av!

Rolling 5 Yr av..
Nov 5 13 tweets 12 min read
@Beepisboopis @SaferHaywood @jamesrbuk So you hate Jews & don't care about Jewish Civilian lives

Especially the ones that kicked all this off

And you forgot to say what you did about indigenous Europeans being displaced from Spain France Italy Balkans Eastern Europe UK Ireland Iceland even occupants of US ships!😲🤦‍♂️

@Beepisboopis @SaferHaywood @jamesrbuk So what have you been doing about all the raiding & colonising & killing & enslaving & displacing from their homeland of the indigenous Europeans of Spain France Italy Balkans Eastern Europe UK Ireland Iceland even occupants of US ships!😲

Which is what Shores of Tripoli about🤦‍♂️

Nov 5 9 tweets 2 min read
@smugglycorrect @JulianMalins @afneil Grow up troll & #EducateYourself

The sexes are irrelevant

The point is he never mentioned sexes

Or ages

Never mind rApE

He mentioned that there USED TO BE arranged marriages between leaders FAMILIES to facilitate peace

And that GOING FORWARD inter-faith marriage... @smugglycorrect @JulianMalins @afneil (currently illegal to be performed IN Israel though they recognise inter-faith marriages conducted abroad) between the leaders' "children" would enhance peace

Netanyahu is 74 & his daughter 45

Youngest Hamas leaders in late 50s

But batshit crazy #FemiStazi cat-ladies like you
Nov 1 5 tweets 5 min read
@metrikk @shalowaters @ScottAn72778460 @OCpatriot_ @sav_says_ Read A Pile Of Top Nazis Talking About How They Love Leftist Marxism - By: Paul Jossey


Working link:… @metrikk @shalowaters @ScottAn72778460 @OCpatriot_ @sav_says_ Nazis WERE #Eugenics & #Euthanasia (aka #ProChoice & #AssistedSuicide) loving #Socialists

Like evil-twin sibling-rivals not only in former ally Stalin's USSR

But in "progressive" lefty "liberal" socialist politics media & academia in West

Who rebranded Nazis as Far-"Right"😱🤦‍♂️

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@JibbaJabb Here's the full #BBCNewsNight "debate" between #PeterHitchens & #MatthewPerry with pro-drug-legalisation former social worker #BaronessMeacher & #JeremyPaxman

@JibbaJabb Here's an analysis of the #BBCNewsNight "debate" between #PeterHitchens & #MatthewPerry with pro-drug-legalisation former social worker #BaronessMeacher & #JeremyPaxman

A bit heavy-going!🤦‍♂️