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A treacherous Few have stolen the Earth & our lives - join us to reclaim health for people & planet through the ballot box via GE in 2024. See pinned thread
24 Feb
@MiserableLes1 @DerbyChrisW @billy_blog Thanks for reply - busy just now but want to discuss later 😊
@MiserableLes1 @DerbyChrisW @billy_blog 1. We need to elect a socialist Government (for which we need a socialist party - see pinned thread). But capitalism can't be overthrown via 1 parliamentary term so #UBI - a social dividend from our common (stolen) resources, is needed as a human right
within capitalism first
@MiserableLes1 @DerbyChrisW @billy_blog 2. #UBI should be at least 2/3 the median wage & pegged there (extra for special needs). There's no problem with providing a wholesome job guarantee as well obviously. The issue is that all MMT-ers I've seen are capitalists who shun UBI & want the exploited poor doubly-robbed
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23 Feb
1) Dear Socialists, it really is up to us "nobodies"to save ourselves & the planet - the "somebodies" have us enslaved to kill all life on Earth (including us) to provide their dirty, luxurious self-destructive lifestyles, when we have resources & tech. for all to be comfortable
2) The FAIR SOCIETY PARTY needs just 650 people to be parliamentary candidates at the next General Election so that the *60%* of the population who are currently politically-disenfranchised have a party to vote into good Government.
3) The UK is, in effect, a right-wing, capitalist, UNFAIR, 1-party state currently - so join The FAIR SOCIETY PARTY and be 1 of the 650 people to change history for good ("ordinary" members welcome & needed too). See pinned thread for more details on Twitter profile of @BoxerMk2
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19 Feb
1) A very few people have - often violently - commandeered our common resources. They own the Earth & our lives and rent a tiny part of them back to us extortionately - the price is our freedom and cooperative, caring natures. We're enslaved to provide them with free luxury which
2) damages human & planetary health. We're forced to fight against each other to survive - this is deadly capitalism. It causes needless, immense suffering, waste and degradation every minute of every day. We've got to fight back for the sake of all who suffer or will otherwise
3) suffer in future - those who will be born into this human-induced nightmare. We've looked and cannot find *any* political party that is working to achieve a fair society. They all - big or small - are *not* working against deadly capitalism. They all want to preserve the
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