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How can homeless advocates, who TAUGHT US that homelessness is primarily caused by poverty, send out newsletters about increasing funding for vouchers aka means testing and in-kind resources, perpetuating second class citizenship and welfare slavery.1/
POVERTY IS NOT A LACK OF HOUSING. IT'S A LACK OF CASH. Need housing? Build more housing. But DON'T sit there and tell me that if most people had money they would still be homeless. The data just doesn't bear it out. Breaking fucking news: @AndrewYang ran for president. 2/
He and the #yanggang made UBI mainstream, so we can stop propping up the human service industrial complex. Yes, we like working "with" people but there are plenty of traumatized people out there who need help BEYOND just proving their worthiness to @HUD and housing authorities 3/
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No longer is it necessary to pay attention to my 2019-2020 ramblings/warnings of a global economic reset. Instead, as of June 3, 2020, you can now hear it directly from the source: the World Economic Forum (#WEF).

The World Economic Forum: home of the #FourthIndustrialRevolution as designed and desired by the ruling classes in tandem with the world's most powerful and ruthless corporations and institutions.

Leveraging #COVID19 (& global #protest) for all it's worth, the virus is indeed the new war on terror.

"The Great Reset" - "A better #capitalism and a better world—to help shape the recovery from COVID-19, the Forum has launched the Great Reset Initiative"

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Thread: @AndrewYang was right. We need a #UBI and universal healthcare coverage.

The civic unrest we're witnessing is a symptom of serious underlying economic problems. Race relations are merely a trigger, but in my view, it's an ever widening wealth gap.

I have 2 proposals:
1. Implement a #UBI of $1000/mo for all US citizens & PR holders >= age 18, and index it to total federal tax revenue, which has grown 4.92%/yr since 1980.

As tax rev grows, so does the UBI, with a high watermark, so if tax revenue falls (recessions, etc), UBI remains steady.
This guarantees everyone gets an equal equity stake in the US economy AND grows as the US economy (and thus tax revenue) expands.

Notice how tax revenues grow regardless of political party in charge of the White House/Congress. This approach is thus immune to politics.
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This is an ugent PSA for #leftist, #liberals, #Democrats, #independents,#NotMeUs & all supporters of #VoteGreen2020 hoping to qualify for federal 💰 & debate stage time:

#HowieHawkins doesn't want to achieve any of that. We need to save the party from him. #CleanTheGreens🌻
Who am I to make such an accusation? A former 🌊 who decided to vote #Howie2020 after #Bernie suspended. As I became more involved w/ #HowieAngela2020, I members of @OurUnitedLeft found out that the GP is struggling w/ corruption that surpasses that of the @DNC. #CleanTheGreens🌻
This is NOT an attempt to smear all @GreenPartyUS candidates, staff, or organizers. My intention is to spread awareness that #HowieHawkins2020 is the a Hillary Clinton-Debbie Wasserman Schultz political style machine that can and must be stopped NOW. #CleanTheGreens🌻
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i'm sure the #YangGang all remember the @AndrewYang x @PeteButtigieg instagram live event they had. in it, they talked about what books they're reading, and pete mentioned one called "the public option." being curious about what public figures are reading, i checked it out. 🧵
first, let me say, the book does a great job of explaining the many types of public options we have in the u.s. and delving into areas where they can be expanded. such as the postal service, as a current public option, that can be expanded to include banking (as it once did).
the authors are pro-#UBI and believe it could mesh well with other public options. like the #Yang2020 campaign explained, ubi isn't meant to solve every problem, and public options are great especially in areas where markets tend to fail (especially inelastic markets).
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/21/2020-2…

What is the Appropriate Social Discount Rate for a Charter City?…
#charter #social #discount
Democratic senators propose $2,000 monthly payments to most Americans - POLITICO…
#UBI #monthlypayments
Immune system discovery could end chronic organ rejection…
#OrganRejection #ImmuneSystem
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/17/2020-2

Coronavirus has made basic income not just desirable but vital | World Economic Forum…
#Income #UBI #basic
The Invisible Business Risk of the Covid-19 Pandemic | naked capitalism…
#pandemic #coronavirus #capitalism #risk
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WATCH & RT: in 1945 after WWII Labour’s Clement Atlee counter-intuitively beat war-hero Winston Churchill, and went on the set up the UK’s National Health Service.
Today, we’re in a similar socially revolutionary moment.

The time to consider #UniversalBasicIncome (#UBI) is now:
People replying to me about #UniversalBasicIncome, trust me UBI isn’t what you may think it is. It’s almost always surprising to people who delve into it. Start with this basic primer from a World Economic Forum website write-up @wef:…
I should add, the piece was written by @scottsantens 🙏🏽 hi @eleanorwalshie can we book him for an interview on my show?
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#MMT economists have been saying for decades that a #JobGuarantee is an automatic stabilizer. When the private sector is laying off millions of workers, the Federal government must step in as the employer of last resort.
You take people as they are, where they are, and you do on-the-job paid training at a living wage & benefits for anyone ready, willing, and able to work. During a #pandemic, one of the most important jobs under the #JobGuarantee system is to #StayHome.
There are also millions of jobs that can be done remotely and safely right now (e.g. emergency call centers, wellness checks, testing/tracing/isolating for #COVID19, weatherizing vacant buildings, installing rooftop solar on every school and gov building,..
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One of #ModernMonetaryTheory's titans is @ptcherneva, a leading proponent of a federal jobs guarantee. In this long interview with @drvox, Tcherneva explains how a jobs guarantee would rescue us from the tragic chaos of mass unemployment.…

In one sentence: "A job guarantee is the idea that people who want decent work should be guaranteed that opportunity. It is a public option for a basic, decent job with basic living wages and basic benefits."

Tcherneva wants "a program that solicits proposals from the community — from municipalities but also nonprofits. They come with projects and say, 'look, we’re doing this important work, but we’re understaffed and underfunded. We would like to staff these projects.'"

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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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I’ve been watching a fair amount of the debate between @mcuban and #UBI proponents like @scottsantens.

It’s been quite useful for identifying the sticking points.

I noticed some recurring themes that illustrate a need for clarification in any messaging around the subject.
1) UBI is not a handout, it’s an investment.

The instinct to attach a work requirement to government assistance comes from viewing the money as a giveaway.

This isn’t a present for people to go have a good time. It’s an investment in their well-being and in their future.
Rather than giving people money in exchange for their time, we should give them money and let them use their time *more* productively than that.

People want to live and to do good things.

We don’t have to demand compensation from people. We just need to invest in ourselves.
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INTRO - Here are my thoughts on basic income in light how what we are experiencing now.

Voici ma réflexion sur le revenu de base à la lumière de ce que nous vivons actuellement

(La chaîne sera reproduite en français ce soir ou demain).
1) Since the pandemic and the CERB payments, there’s been much interest for basic income… and also lots of confusion of what it is and what it is not. As I said in prior tweets, words matter.
2) First of all, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a basic income, but basic income is not necessarily a UBI. The “Universal” in UBI means everyone gets a cheque, regardless of income.
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We need food industries to ban together and coordinate a support for #UBI.

The problems:
-People have no money to buy foods.
-Foodbanks are overwhelms and are not design to distribute foods on a large scale. 1/
-Farmers are wasting and dumping their products due to lack of lack of demand FROM their supply chain.
-More people are unemployed. 2/

-CEOs and Leaders of the Food Industries (i.e
Farmers, Markets, Groceries, Restaurants, Brokers, etc.) must unite and coordinate their influence to put pressure on congress to pass #UBI.
>>This will allow their Customers (us) to have cash on their hand to spend. 3/
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I experienced some racism today! I walked to a Mexican restaurant here in San Diego. There were some other, white people in the store waiting for their food when I got there. I ordered my food, and immediately after I sat down to wait I alone was told that I couldn't wait inside.
When I went outside, I was met with death stares from someone in their car who talked some shit about me I couldn't totally hear. Today made me realize that there is no need for AI to help foment division on social media. It's already everywhere.
It could totally not be racism. It could simply be that I am less threatening, low-hanging fruit and it is easier to ask me to leave than it would be to ask someone bigger. It's certainly happened to me before, and who's to say it's because I'm Asian. But I felt the hostility.
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I am an optimist, but rarely sound like one. I'm wired to see, then fix problems. That journey isn't rosy but always worthwhile. So I don't love dramatic "failed state" proclamations.

Here's the most balanced view I have of what I'm pessimistic & optimistic about for the US.

I'm optimistic about:
1) Many young people are more civically engaged than ever.
2) Even the far left & right see many of the same problems. They mainly disagree on solutions. Eventually we can debate those.
3) Reserve currency + military buy us time to solve things.

4) We have the tools to aggregate and direct capital from individuals to where its needed. We've only scratched the surface for deploying it.
5) The entrepreneurial spirit is still here, but underutilized. You see glimmers on Shark Tank & some startups.

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Another night of staying up at 5 am thinking about the way I will bring Universal Guaranteed Income (#UBI) to the people of this nation, but more specifically my city of #Atlanta. (A thread)
It’s time that we all engage within a social contract with one another as well as with our government. This contract states that we all can agree that not one person that lives within this nation should be regulated to less than humane living conditions of any kind.
This means that at the very least, the safety nets in place are supposed to be adept in providing an income which would be right above what would be considered poverty for one person. This figure is around $12,700 annually, so about $13,000/year•$1,100 monthly.
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I have a friend, @PeterDiamandis, who says that “the day before something is truly a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea.” And crazy ideas are very risky to attempt. But here's one crazy idea that may be worth attempting now: Universal Basic Income. #velshi #UBI

#UBI is a big idea & there are many versions of it, but it goes something like this: every citizen, regardless of employment status, gets a modest income from the state, no strings attached. It allows them to live ABOVE the poverty line w/o the bureaucracy of means-testing.

#UBI not only serves those who fall through the cracks, but also the caregivers, gig workers, contract workers, part-timers, freelancers, home workers & people who care for their children receiving no healthcare or childcare benefits through their employers #velshi
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I am an Australian teacher. You will not by default practice #herdimmunity on me & my colleagues. Read "I’m an epidemiologist. When I heard about Britain’s ‘herd immunity’ coronavirus plan, I thought it was satire" by William Hanage…
Catching #Covid19 still means you can get it again. Prof Kim Woo-Ju, Depart of Infectious Diseases at Korea University. He's done SARS, Swine Flu Pandemic, Ebola, & MERS. At 8.08 he calls those who have #Covid19 & get it again as having a "reactivation'.
There were no brawls over toilet paper in Taiwan b/c everyone felt safe. Teachers in Taiwan had a Pandemic Office providing PPEs for teachers & students & highly trained cleaners as well. In Australia some schools didn't have enough soap for students to wash their hands.
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I’ve signed the Humanity Forward Pledge, which calls for $2,000 per month to every American for the duration of this pandemic and $1,000 forever.
Before #Covid_19, I knew that UBI was an important safety net for people in my community. The United States has exercised a war on the poor for generations and without this basic income too many families in #NY15 and in the country will fall through the cracks.
I’ve signed this pledge because it will create positive change and could save families and lives in my district.
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July 31, 2017, #WEF: "As developments in artificial intelligence and robotics advance, there is going to be a severe and swift disruption of many working classes."…
"#UBI, an economic proposition in which a sum of money is regularly paid to a population, could be a vital bulwark against the unintended consequences of #automation in the workforce."
"Companies will profit significantly from workforce #automation, so the private sector will be able to afford shouldering this burden, while at the same time still making greater #profits."
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A lot of people are worried about their #mortgage in the wake of #COVID19 and rightfully so.

Optimists say that since rates are super low that we won't have any issues. I want to dispel that myth. Let's explore what's going on and what happens moving forward.

The major factor is unemployment. This excellent graph from @TheBlock__ shows the speed and magnitude of what #COVID19's slowdown is doing. 10 million unemployed in 2 weeks means a lot of folks will be stressed when it comes time to pay rent/mortgage.

It's unprecedented. Image
To understand what's going on now I need to take you back a little first. Let's explore the past year.

In short, lenders have been stressed due to high demand, and lag times are hurting those waiting for their refinancing loans to close.
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#HologramThread The Politics of Magic

Q: What is the most basic tool in the magician's kit?
A: Misdirection

Who here has seen all the right-wing outrage at the #KennedyCenter getting $25 million? Raise your hands if you've seen that on your social media feeds.
Imagine that you are watching someone do a magic trick with a quarter. You give them the quarter, and they make it disappear. They say they aren't going to give it back. That's the price of the magic trick. Are you mad about it? What if someone else TELLS you to be mad about it?
At the same time, the real magic is happening: While you are focused on the quarter, the same person who told you to be mad about not getting it back holds a magnetic reader near your wallet or purse. They lift a few credit card numbers and charge $5,000 in cash advances.
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