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It just occurred to me that someone like Arthur Fleek (Joker) is a poster boy for the necessity of the #UBI.

Mentally ill and on seven different anti-psychotic drugs, he isn't deemed mentally ill enough by the welfare system to get state assistance. Arthur has fallen through the
cracks of the system, of which there are many.

He's a White male, and the people he deals with in attempting to get state assistance are unsympathetic PoC, who are likely fully trained in the white privilege conspiracy theory, and can't understand why he doesn't just cash in
his white privilege check and claim the invisible benefits granted by America to the White male.

The #UBI doesn't make assumptions about you. It doesn't tell you that you are worthy or unworthy, privileged or poor, you get it without preconditions.

You know that the system
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This video is too good. @AnaKasparian

#YangMediaBlackout extends to progressives who refuse to compare ideas by the merits as well.

I've yet to have someone explain why a FJG + Guaranteed Housing + Inc Min Wage is better than straight cash w/ UBI.

@AnaKasparian While a housing guarantee sounds nice, I think the real problem is deeper. The problem with Bernie's policies is that they are based on the notion that a person making minimum wage should be able to afford a quality life equivalent to what they could have had in decades past #UBI
How many of the franchise retail stores you went into lately did *not* have automated checkouts? I'll bet the last pharmacy you went into did. In the 1970's a multinational telecommunications company would employ somewhere upward up 25,000 employees #UBI
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1/ #MyYangStory #ISupportYang #YangGang

I have a unique perspective on this election. I started my career managing political campaigns, but after about 8 years of it, I burned out and decided my last campaign was going to be electing Bill Clinton.
2/ It was an amazing experience and I got to host Bill and Hillary at a rally the night after the final debate that really clinched the election.

I felt then as I do now, that I was doing something to change the world for the better.
3/ There will be many in #YangGang that will cringe at the mention of Clinton, but that was a beautifully run campaign and they fought hard for average Americans and also realized there were things they would have to settle for, that weren't great.
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The Fed #JobGuarantee as a counter-cyclical, automatic stabilizer, a govt purchase of commodity based slack labor to create a bufferstock of employed resources, vs unemployed resources & the nominal price anchor it presents are key to the reason it is far superior to the #UBI
The UBI neither countercyclical, nor does it present a nominal price anchor. It has no price anchor and it serves the capital class to fatten their wallets whilst providing ZERO services for the people receiving it.
Cash they need you say?

Well, what stabilizes the purchasing power of that $1000 you just gave out, devaluing labor?

What prevents Walmart from subsidizing poor wages?

Why do you suppose Silicon Valley supports a UBI?
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@Lau_Bast @jkennyamdg @AndrewYang Hi Laura,

Good question. I see you got a lot of responses from #YangGang.

There won’t be any price controls on Main Street businesses because it’s a free market so you can take that off the table.

Local businesses have been struggling to compete against big box retailers...
@Lau_Bast @jkennyamdg @AndrewYang Since the last Great Recession.

When they finally have more people in their community coming in to get haircuts, car repairs and have things like dental repairs done...they’ll be thrilled for the steady business.

Jacking up prices would push away those very customers...
@Lau_Bast @jkennyamdg @AndrewYang To their competitors.

Local businesses don’t operate like an oil cartel and thus don’t collude on price fixing. They aren’t nature more pure market driven.

The second thing that will happen is they will need to hire more people as the demand increases...
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Thread on some thoughts on @ewarren's plan to demand poor countries meet labor & environmental standards to trade with the US & on @Noahpinion's critique.

1) Yes, Clinton-era free trade agreements caused a multi-decade job bleed from the US, especially in manufacturing
2) Free trade generally benefits lower cost providers. Therefore, a net positive for emerging nations.

3) There are things we could have done to phase in free trade deals, like boost investment & re-training in other industries, to limit the downsides. But hindsight is 20/20.
4) While ALL consumers benefit from lower prices from free trade & much smaller groups of workers benefit from protectionism, it's the job of a nation's leaders to balance the two. That did not happen here. The digital boom abandoned the analog workers of exported industries.
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The case for a universal basic income, open borders, and a 15-hour workweek… Time for some hope, inspiration, and ideas for #auspol and the future. 1.
Imagining utopia, writes Dutch historian Rutger Bregman, “isn’t an attempt to predict the future. It’s an attempt to unlock the future. To fling open the windows of our minds.” 🌻2.
Rutger Bregman: ‘We know that every milestone of civilization — the end of slavery, democracy, equal rights for women — were all utopian fantasies in the past. So the point is to come up with new utopias: visions of a radically better society.’ 3.
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Political rant ahead. Warning: thread ahead! It's sad to me how many people automatically disqualify @AndrewYang just because he is running under the democratic party.
Besides showing ignorance in the political system, this just proves that politicians are not the only ones to blame for the polarization of the United States. Political policies and beliefs differ from one candidate to the next, even within the same party.
It's even more sad to me, however, that the policies that would help the most people are bashed the most by others who claim since they didn't get help, why should others.
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THREAD: Most reporting on DFA's July 2019 Presidential Pulse Poll results that we released today will be focused on the current top-lines, there's a TON of fascinating info right beneath the surface.

Let's take a little time & chat about them.
First: the way the top-five candidates in our Presidential Pulse Polls have changed (& occasionally haven't) over time is fascinating.

@BernieSanders has been strong throughout, but the growing support for @ewarren and @KamalaHarris since Dec. 2018 is v. noteworthy.
@BernieSanders @ewarren @KamalaHarris The changing dynamics of progressive's top-5 in our July 2019, April 2019, and December 2018 Presidential Pulse Pols is more pronounced in this graph.

Check out: @ewarren's rapid growth over the last three months... also @BetoORourke & @PeteButtigieg rapid rises & descents.
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THREAD: Have a question about the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Here's a link to my UBI FAQ. In this thread you will find question after question commonly asked, followed by a link from my FAQ that answers that question.… #BasicIncome #YangGang
Question: "What is UBI and why should I support it?"


#BasicIncome #UBI #YangGang #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend
Question: "Wouldn't #UBI just lead to the rising prices of goods and services and rents to the point the amount provided becomes entirely pointless?"


#BasicIncome #UBIFAQ #YangGang #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend
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In boosting for @AndrewYang , I am coming to realize that the mainstream left (even the more classically “bleeding heart” style of liberal), is just as likely as the right to interpret poverty as a result of a defect of Character rather than of circumstances. 1/?
The number of Democrats who respond to the idea of the $1000/mo #FreedomDividend being offered as an *OPTIONAL* replacement to welfare benefits by claiming that the poor will spend the money on drugs or alcohol is staggering. 2/?
I’ve literally had people tell me that if the “we” don’t tell people in how to spend the money that they’ll just end up worse off. Hidden in this “logic” is an implicit belief that welfare is not meant as a boost out of poverty, but as a containment/damage control mechanism. 3/?
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words matter, especially when you're describing something that has already happened in history

Yang wants to dismantle the "welfare state" and turn govt into an arm of industry

this is literally what was Mussolini's goal...

Hitler & Mussolini had basically different views on who should be at the top of the hierachy

for Mussolini it was a triumvirate of industry, banking & military

for Hitler it was the party

a concept embraced by the Soviets in Russia and Republicans in USA

and here we are



and it is spitting on the legacy Martin Luther King Jr #MLK to say so

for it to be #UBI everybody gets it, regardless of age & labored income


so miss me with the ageist bullshit


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THREAD: It's amazing how @RashidaTlaib's plan which would give every adult earning less than $50k a $250/mo boost is rightfully seen as very progressive by progressives but those same progressives can cry neoliberal at @AndrewYang's plan that would boost the same people the same?
Example: If someone on SNAP + SSI is getting $750/mo right now, and they choose the $1k/mo Freedom Dividend instead, their incomes get boosted by $250/mo. They also gain full control over the foods they buy. Rashida's LIFT+ would be the same boost, but maintain SNAP's control.
So why is it more progressive to boost incomes of those on welfare, but in a way that maintains control and maintains high marginal tax rates on earned income? Is that what progressive means to you? Is progressivism defined as paternalistic control and punishment of employment?
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1) Let's talk about #art and the #UBI. @AndrewYang, anytime you want to talk, I'm ready!
2) I'm an #artist of sorts. I #paint, I get paid for it, I teach some classes, so let's say that I'm an #artist for the sake or argument, shall we? If you're on board, I'm on board. Let's get this thread started.
3) We could wax poetically for hours about the social good that #art does. There are thinkers and philosophers who have said more than I ever could about this and I suggest that you do your own research. Discovery is #beauty.
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#realcarersweek 1/
Carer poverty is increasing - as the benefit system is devastated; as care charges increase exponentially, as carers are forced to leave work to care, many find themselves struggling to afford the basic and subsidising care costs and paying for equipment.
#realcarersweek 2/
Carer health is suffering - mental health, anxiety, physical pain, putting off their own health checks, often because there is no support to allow them to do this. Emergency planning to take account of carer needs/wellbeing is patchy at best.
#realcarersweek 3/ Where is the future planning? How are we planning for the future of disabled children and adults who may outlive their immediate family? The greatest fear of carers is what happens if they are no longer there to care for our loved ones.
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#Automation will displace millions of jobs, solidify inequality, and transform cities as neoliberalism did the Rustbelt. In response, everyone from the Alt-Right to Silicon Valley is now backing #UBI. But is keeping capitalism afloat really the solution?…
Over the last 20 years, 85% of the jobs lost in the US have been due to automation, not outsourcing. Over the next 10 years, many are predicting that 50% of US jobs will be destroyed or impacted due to automation. Many are former positions within the so-called "gig economy."
Many economic and automation experts predict that "boom towns" of today, like Las Vegas, in 10 years could face upwards of 65% of jobs being automated out of existence, becoming "the next Detroit."
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Okay, getting a lil annoyed at the D2020 candidates' spiels about free higher ed and student debt. Here's a #LibertarianSocialist view on this, 3 simple points:

(A) federal support for teaching colleges
(B) universal sabbaticals
(C) free market if you aren't into college (1/8)
As to (A), it would be pretty stupid to just give people tuition to any college or university, if for no other reason than that the cost of a credit hour has far outstripped inflation. We need a nation-wide system of colleges that offer quality education, (2/8)
pay the instructors a living wage, and aren't profit-generators and/or the playthings of wealthy donors where the executives are living large and throwing wine and cheese parties. We need schools that focus on that, and that's what we should pay for. (3/8)
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Yang is on Point tonight!

#YangTownHall #YangGang #math #FreedomDividend
I love how effortlessly @AndrewYang talks about solving complex problems. #refreshing
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I'm in Oslo, Norway, and the UBI Nordic 2019 conference has just begun. Here's the link to the live stream.

#BasicIncome #UBI #UBINordic
VAT is the most efficient tax that exists, besides other corrective taxes like carbon taxes, and land value taxes. Instead of taxing what people put into the economy, VAT taxes what people take from the economy. VAT on its own is regressive but with UBI is the optimal tax system.
"I want real freedom of movement in Europe where people have the ability to move, but they also have the ability to stay."

Barb Jacobson making the vital point that an EU-wide dividend would not only eliminate holes in national UBI systems, but also reduce desperation migration.
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This is one thing I'm worried about. I support #UBI only if it supplements our existing social safety net. Dismantling it in favor of UBI is not something I'd support at all. Yang's team hasn't gotten back to me, and he hasn't gotten back to @dpakman either.
Giving us $1,000 per month sounds great, but 30 years from now when $1,000 isn't worth as much (if it isn't adjusted for inflation) means it's a short-term bandaid over a broader economic problem, and that's if it lasts that long since Yang's sunset law would apply to UBI too.
In the BC interview Yang claims you'd have a choice between UBI or social security / UBI or other social safety net programs. This seems like a huge fucking gimmick. He needs to stop pandering to pepes and come on progressive shows to explain

16 min mark:
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Unpopular opinion: The fears of automation are overblown.

Automation is a slower moving problem than we're told, just like climate change.

It's a generational issue. There will be transitional periods like in truck driving, where drivers will still remain in the car for years, until machine learning is safe and infrastructure is ready.
It will effect jobs in chunks not in sudden massive 'attacks.' Adjustments will be made. Im not against supporting those specifically impacted.

When Shumpeter talks about creative destruction, he does talk about taking care of those effected or displaced by it. I agree with this
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Ford is right, his government has done more in the last 6 months than most. So, to celebrate, I thought we'd break down some of his "accomplishments." Are you ready? An #onpoli THREAD: (1/)
Lets start with Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open For Business Act. Ford has successfully gutted workers rights, given more power to corporations and the rich/powerful in Ontario, and prevented a crucially important $1 an hour wage increase from taking place. (2/)
The now famous Bill 5, of course, slashed #topoli's control over its own municipal elections, while also changing elected positions across the province to positions that Ford can appoint his buddies and campaign donors to. (3/)
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The Story Behind The Countryside Living Allowance…


How I discovered a policy that could raise wages and bring about full employment…

…a thread.


Minimum wage can drive marginal workers into unemployment.

Or push them into undesirable jobs with no room for professional growth.

So a policy that can promote employment AND raises wages is the Holy Grail of Economics

#fullemployment #wages

It all began when I was working on a project for tax and welfare reform.

My job was to investigate the revenue generating potential of Land Value Tax and the ease of avoiding payment.

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syed saddiq is just stupid for coming & telling us govt finances worst than what they thought as.

Dah kau bodoh, tak nak membaca, nak buat macam mana. baik kita hantar dia balik UIA
ini dah kali kedua pemimpin PPBM kencing atas janji manifesto yg sememangnya masuk akal dan harus dilaksanakan utk naik taraf kualiti hidup rakyat.

kali pertama berkaitan isu ptptn atau isu higher education financing reform.
hari itu beria batal GST. Kerajaan hilang RM23billion setahun.

RM23billion itu boleh digunakan utk perbaiki sistem kesihatan, pendidikkan, walhal beri jaminan perutukkan utk semua anak2 Msia yg dapat lanjutkan pelajaran di dalam Malaysia
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