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Over 10 years after the 2-year universal basic income pilot ended in Namibia, this follow-up report has been published. It includes interviews with recipients, like this one with Josef Ganeb, a bricklayer, whose business flourished during the #UBI pilot.…
Rudolphine Eigowas is a dressmaker and her business flourished too but when the pilot ended, problems born of money scarcity returned.

"I just want that they bring back the BIG, the whole Namibia must get the BIG - the problems are not only here - the whole Namibia must get it!”
Christian Swartbooi repaired shoes during the pilot. Over ten years later his eyesight prevents him from continuing that work and he wishes #BasicIncome would return.

“BIG was working.” His wife, Crecia, continues: “With the BIG we never had to suffer, but now we are suffering.”
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THREAD: The corp Dem establishment & its media allies are LOVING THE current divide & Conquer/mass cancellation/neverending war among indy media.

To rightfully politically frustrated progressives giving this oxygen for a month now at expense of all else...THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT
In reality, this goes back far earlier than this year and the current online war bw hosts and channels...I started seeing this in 2016 after @BernieSanders endorsed @HillaryClinton. Rightfully disappointed and frustrated progressives' began turning on Bernie & diving head first..
into a political nihilist mentality that believes ANY politician--whether or not you agree with them on policy/morality--that takes a direction or makes a policy or strategic choice you don't agree with is a "sell out" or "fraud." Now this has extended to YouTube hosts...
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We should be wary of #UBI for so many reasons, it's hard to cover them all here. I will do a full length post on UBI in Canada and why we should stay far away from it soon.

To summarize (sources at end of thread):

In practice UBI will be used to destroy/commodify vital social programs. Left-wing proposals exist, but this is the form we're most likely get in reality. The one supported by right-wing economists, billionaires, and the drive of capital to commodify everything possible.

If UBI $$$ aren't generous enough to live on, it's a huge subsidy for low-wage employers, allowing them to pay marginalized workers sub-survival wages, especially those stuck in gig-economy hell. Think WalMart using food stamps to lower their wage bill times many billion.

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I have been warning for ~4 years that this was the ultimate goal.

Rule One of modern politics is that if #Technology empowers servitude, #surveillance, or social engineering those in power will seek to exploit it.

#bankofengland sees #CBDC as a tool: #socialcredit +#NetZero
You @SteveBakerHW @DesmondSwayne @DavidDavisMP @Mark_J_Harper @SirGrahamBrady @Fox_Claire are valiantly resisting vxxne passes, but are you alert to this, much more overarching, more intimately intrusive horror?
ALL to be watched, weighed, tracked, traced, rationed, restricted?
The shorthand I use is #Sinification: what #XiJinping’s #CCP did in #China yesterday, his proselytes & admirers -like #KlausSchwab- promote today, Big Tech, Pharma & Finance offer to enable tomorrow & YOUR government plans to introduce -on some pretext or other- the day after.
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Anti and Non-capitalist Vision. Tweets, Texts, books, sources Image
Alternatives to Capitalism
Proposals for a Democratic Economy (pdf)

by Robin Hahnel & Erik Olin Wright… Image
Society after Money: A Dialogue (pdf)
Bloomsbury Academic, 2019 Image
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@Halsrethink Bill is however subject to the 'productivity' fallacy of interest rates. That the natural rate is low because we supposedly have nothing worth investing in and hence funnelling money into (usually poorly managed) public projects would help raise it.
@Halsrethink Contra that, there are many obvious instances of the misuse of too much too easy credit in so many fields. It also overlooks that genuine productivity gains may be limited because 'hurdle' rates have been elevated by all manner of govt interventions - hardly to be cured by more!
@Halsrethink We're in a bifurcated world where the sabotage of capital markets has (a) prevented creative destruction of zombies and (b) promoted 'destructive creation'™️ of Unicorns, as well as layering debt upon debt to strip 'cash-out' gains for PE/SPAC Ichneumon parasites
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Check out @aletafor3, for another #UBI candidates who's brave enough to call out racism.
I prefer a plain LVT as a cleaner funding policy for it, but her funding policy is somewhat similar to it.

ps: The incumbent can't run again.
This policy is awkward, though, @Aletafor3.
"Work to fill vacant units before approving new high rises that drive up rent prices for everyone."
More housing supply actually lead to higher vacancy and lower housing cost.
You want more housing.
Please read:
More room vacancy means that there is more competition among suppliers, encouraging them to lower the rent.
It would also mean more suitable places for people to rent as there would be more options to choose between, which also reduce traffic (ppl can find places closer to work).
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Asset sharing, Covid and AI: a thread.

Time to wake up, Canada. You're sleepwalking your way into a nightmare. 1/
Last spring, I was sewing masks like a mad woman - first in town to wear them. I cleaned my groceries and complained that schools should be closed.

My mom dragged me, kicking and screaming towards skepticism. She had a lot of help, from @_whitneywebb 2/
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.@MayorOfLA said he is presenting the city budget to City Council tonight. He said it is the biggest budget yet. Also that "you are its co-authors and co-owners."

Did he ask you for input on the budget? 🤔

@BLMLA-led People's Budget LA has a survey!
On small businesses, @MayorOfLA proposes:
-an ordinance to cut 90% of time to secure alcohol approval
-$8,000 of expiring fees for 3 years
-"let’s make al fresco dining permanent!"
-$25 mil in "come back" checks for $5,000 to 5,000 businesses
He is announcing a program in collaboration with @nithyavraman (whose name he mispronounces) to set aside $1.3 mil to help street vendors and to help them clear bureaucratic support.
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The unfortunate thing is people on our own team listen to uneducated voices about economic solutions & perspectives and in desperation, they ignore the most important things. I mean absolutely VITAL things that are gonna really have far reaching & extremely negative consequences.
Never underestimate the power of an uneducated herd, galloping in precisely the wrong direction based on the absolute right sensibilities however with absolutely destructive consequences.

The #UBI or Universal Basic Income is a false promise.
I have long been a proponent of a Universal Basic Needs approach because the government can absorb any price shocks or costs that may be associated with a lack of production or dealing with gouging and hording.
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@MiserableLes1 @DerbyChrisW @billy_blog Thanks for reply - busy just now but want to discuss later 😊
@MiserableLes1 @DerbyChrisW @billy_blog 1. We need to elect a socialist Government (for which we need a socialist party - see pinned thread). But capitalism can't be overthrown via 1 parliamentary term so #UBI - a social dividend from our common (stolen) resources, is needed as a human right
within capitalism first
@MiserableLes1 @DerbyChrisW @billy_blog 2. #UBI should be at least 2/3 the median wage & pegged there (extra for special needs). There's no problem with providing a wholesome job guarantee as well obviously. The issue is that all MMT-ers I've seen are capitalists who shun UBI & want the exploited poor doubly-robbed
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1) A very few people have - often violently - commandeered our common resources. They own the Earth & our lives and rent a tiny part of them back to us extortionately - the price is our freedom and cooperative, caring natures. We're enslaved to provide them with free luxury which
2) damages human & planetary health. We're forced to fight against each other to survive - this is deadly capitalism. It causes needless, immense suffering, waste and degradation every minute of every day. We've got to fight back for the sake of all who suffer or will otherwise
3) suffer in future - those who will be born into this human-induced nightmare. We've looked and cannot find *any* political party that is working to achieve a fair society. They all - big or small - are *not* working against deadly capitalism. They all want to preserve the
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It’s (thankfully) been a minute since I was active on night twitter, but the @LPE_Project #UBI symposium is so rich, I’m eroding my own norms 🙀! Time to talk about our lovely monetary consumption (& production...) economy!
First things first, read the intro! @NoahZatz did a characteristically thoughtful job introducing analytical themes and outlining the contours of the ensuing conversation. You simply love to read it. (Also...the links…the links…the memories...🔗🍻)…
“Even the most progressive nation-based approach to basic income faces a fundamental justice challenge in the reality of human mobility.”

“ transfer programs created in response to #Covid19 may have some insight to offer.”

- Jennifer Gordon 🔥🔥🔥…
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cw: suicide, reactionary bs

One thing that really pissies me off are those facist reactionary "#ProLife" bigots.

And I'll explain in detail, WHY they are bigoted.

So strap in and hold tight...
Regardless if those advocate for the [very facist] idea of de-facto criminalizing #suicide or #abortions, "#ProLife" advocates aka. bigots are not willing to provide even a halfass alternative substitute as a figleaf to pseudo-legitimize their ideas.
I mean, regardless whether or not one person should be allowed to have a say into the health, life and well-beijng of another person is something agrees with [I think #ProChoice is the only non - reactionary-facist answer!]...
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I have a confession to make about Universal Basic Income (#UBI). I'm late to the party and was initially very skeptical. It's not because I don't believe in the research or the important equity issues. I just thought people couldn't swallow it. I let cynicism win. #cdnpoli 1/12
As a double confession, I felt the same way about legalizing marijuana. I thought well, of course I support it. Makes good sense on many levels. But it's too hard to sell. People won't get it. Basically, I succumbed to the dark side of centrism. #UBI #cdnpoli 2/12
The pitch for #UBI is complex. It goes far beyond issues of social justice and equity. Of course common decency alone says we should allow everyone dignity, inclusion, and stability. But it isn't just about being nice and fair. It's also good social policy. #cdnpoli 3/12
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Starting a thread of my favourite rejected cartoon roughs... /1 4 apparently skinless peopl...
A thread of my favourite rejected cartoon roughs... /2 A boss is talking to a sad ...
A thread of my favourite rejected cartoon roughs... /3 Image
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When we rest we often feel guilty. Society values effort, productivity and achievement above everything. But for me resting isn’t doing nothing, it’s an essential part of preparing to do something, and recovering afterwards. It’s how I survive.
1/ Picasso’s painting ‘Rest’ - abstract image of face res
At nursery #school #rest was factored in. We napped on camp beds with scratchy blankets after lunch. Even at primary school we were given the opportunity to lay our heads on our hands on our wooden desks while the teacher read to us. Short interludes in otherwise hectic days.
2/ Black and white photo of children sitting at wooden school d
The thing I remember most about secondary school is rushing. We were always hurrying from one place to another, at risk of being late, but not allowed to run. My only restful moments were in the art room, library and garden, or walking up to the playing fields to do sports.
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#HologramThread: #crypto

In 2020, I got into Crypto. I have made money. I have lost money. I have invested in Good Things®. I have lost thousands by getting scammed. And I have lost money mostly for two reasons: Greed and Stupidity.

Curious? What kind of investor are YOU?
Look, the economy is rigged. We all want to be billionaires. I've been a #UBI advocate for several years, and I believe that ECONOMIC FREEDOM is a fundamental human right. Without the power to NOT WORK, someone else will always have more to gain from your labor than yourself.
I'm not a financial professional. I declared bankruptcy in 2009. God knows I could never live by Dave Ramsey's rules of money. I am not, nor should I be, a financial role model to anyone, anywhere. So, this advice is worth exactly what you are paying Twitter to show it to you: $0
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THREAD: Understanding pivot. Growing pressure from world population life-style will reach a point where it is damaging the capacity of Earth systems to an extent where life support will be challenged. It is simply a question of at what stage governments act. 1/X
Pivot is the same at each point 1-4. I use the STOP acronym. a) Stop, or halt, all increase of extraction/drawdown. b) Think, plan measures that will restore Earth system capacity and keep delivering basic services. c) Organise, re-work old regulations and agencies and then 2/x
Proceed to act. Notice that pivots are different depending on where measures are set in. It is MUCH harder to change when carrying capacity is challenged to an extent where people are dying. However, the pivot idea is a useful decision framework as you will see in 3/x
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Did you know that one of the ways our government prevents massive recessions, or mitigates them is with automatic stabilizers?

Thread 1/x #COVID19
Automatic Stabilizers are cash injections into the economy when certain events occur and they are cyclical and automatic. When the economy improves, the stabilizers eventually slow to appropriate levels as well.
They serve the public through services such as food stamps, Medicaid, and many other public services, but the key purpose of these automatic stabilizers is not just to help the people.
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Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)
When humans interact with computers they require a user interface (UI), and when machines interact with each other they need application programming interfaces (APIs). At the end of the day, however, these have to be implemented by humans. Good #APIDesign considers both. (2/100)
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1/ Why UBI is #Kuwait’s best hope to survive the next 20 years.
2/ Kuwait's economy is dominated by the state which in turn generates almost all its revenues from oil. Furthermore, private sector activity today is in effect completely dependent the public sector.
3/ I posit that excessive public sector employment is the root cause of many, if not the majority of Kuwait's problems that, left unchecked, will ensure standards of living only decline from here on.
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