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Won't respect criminal & corrupt Frauderendums. Rants at Tories. Blocks Brexiters. #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw. #FBPE #BrexitInquiry #JoinTheEU #IndyRef2 #StopTheCoup
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Feb 18, 2021 • 10 tweets • 6 min read
.@BorisJohnson the lying Crime Minister.

ONE year ago TODAY you wrote to 100 year old war veteran @HarryShindler & made him a promise.
In true #LiarJohnson style you have not delivered on your promise.

Mr. Shindler is taking the matter to court & he keeps *his* word unlike you. Mr. Shindler lives in Italy and along with millions of others was denied his democratic & lawful right to vote in the 2016 EU Referendum due to the UK’s 15 year voting rule and he’s not happy!

#Disenfranchised? Please support this case.
Dec 12, 2020 • 13 tweets • 7 min read

BREAKING: News about the main case being brought by @julienfouchet1 of French Law firm @ScpCPF of Bordeaux & Paris on behalf of ALL EU & UK citizens.

A case number has now been assigned. Things are moving forward positively.


"All the legal cases aiming to restore EU citizenship for British nationals"

"Four arguments for EU citizenship"
"If successful, this approach would preserve EU citizenship rights of UK nationals living both in the EU and in the UK."

Sep 10, 2019 • 11 tweets • 26 min read
"Cressida Dick {...} listed in Theresa May's resignation honours"

Now we see why the @MetPoliceUK are fighting to not investigate Vote Leave who are now a large part of the @GovUK and @Conservatives party! 🤔🙄

#BrexitInquiry… @metpoliceuk @GOVUK @Conservatives When asked about the delay into investigations being made by @MetPoliceUK into LeaveEU & Vote Leave at a London Assembly meeting 4 months ago!
Interesting to note that a file has been handed to the @CPSUK weeks ago in relation to LeaveEU but nothing about Vote Leave!