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Inquiry opened by the Committee of Privileges into whether Boris Johnson misled the House of Commons over #Partygate… Image
Open call from the Privileges Committee for evidence (including from anonymous sources) by Friday 29 July 2022

#Partygate #LiarJohnson… ImageImageImageImage
I know it's tempting, but 🙏 don't spam up the Inquiry into how Boris Johnson misled the House about #Partygate

Stick to the facts, which are clear.

He bloody did lie.
Trouble is he's so used to getting away with it.
Hopefully the greased piglet will finally get stuck fast
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@chalemedia @acgrayling Ukrainians are focused solely on survival.
@chalemedia @acgrayling I share your concerns and thought you might be interested to see this article, published well before war in Ukraine.

War has focused attention on what they need to survive and understandably so.
@chalemedia @acgrayling Following the links on the above article highlights three significant articles that are relevant to #LiarJohnson's ever-changing role and positions before and after Brexit, to better serve his political ambitions - to the cost of everyone else!
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The article, now deleted, in this thread before the link to the,, article 👇…
Read also - leaders of #Trumpian ilk, i.e. #LiarJohnson the incumbent PM in UK Government.…
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"Britain is a nation that’s changed night and day since 2016. It was a quiet, prosperous nation that became a haven for Right-wing populists, a breeding ground for racism, and a hub for misinformation. None of which is a coincidence."
"It’s the byproduct of nationalism, racism, and demagoguery. And if it sounds similar to post-2016 America, that’s because it is. Both countries began their ascent down the black hole of authoritarianism at the same time for a reason."
"Actually, two reasons: Boris Johnson and Donald Trump."

"Two men who are similar in more ways than they are different. Two men who redefined Western politics for the worse."
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@chrisriddell50 My first thought when I saw this today was whether your colleague @MartinRowson might regard these events as, 'a storm in a fur cup'!

...evidently, there are agendas but, some are too quick to impose their interpretation on events - they hear but don't LISTEN! Image
"In the last few weeks, the benefits to Russia from its sabre-rattling must have far exceeded the Kremlin’s expectations. It has produced a traffic jam of presidents, prime minister and ministers making their way to Moscow."
"They may be issuing warnings against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the reality is that for the first time since 1991 Russia is once again being treated as a superpower to be feared, cultivated and never disregarded."
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"YOU can practically smell the panic from die-hard opponents of Scottish independence as they realise that Theresa May's "precious Union" is about to crumble to dust, ..."
"...thanks largely to the arrogance and contempt of those self-same Anglo-British nationalists who claim to love Scotland and this so-called Union."
"There are a number of telling signs of this panic, such as the recent revival of reheated scare stories from 2014, and the almost constant gaslighting from Conservatives who assert that they are "augmenting devolution"."

No 'oven-ready' offerings to serve to save 'The Union'?
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"The growth of UK betting sector since then has created billionaires, such as Bet365’s Denise Coates and Betfred’s Done brothers. At the other end of the scale, what starts out as a harmless flutter has driven countless customers into financial ruin, family breakups, and worse."
"The betting industry promotes its wares predominantly through advertising on TV, social media or via wall-to-wall sponsorship of football clubs."

Propaganda uses the same media and targets people in a similar manner!
"The gambling industry could not exist unless the bookmaker or casino had a better grasp of the odds than the punter. That’s the foundation upon which the industry is built, and it’s a bargain that – unless they are completely delusional – the gambler enters into knowingly."
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"Democracy doesn't disappear over night. RW populism doesn't goose-step into power fully formed, it CREEPS!"
1. Create a populist nationalist MOVEMENT #Brexit
Target the 'left behind'
Erdogan called it 'the will of the REAL people'😲
2. Ignore rational EXPERTS: infantalize language eg simple slogans & post-truth politics! #LiarJohnson
3. Immorality #ToriesDevoidOfShame eg #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied
4. Dismantle political/judicial mechanisms eg #RuleOfLaw
Install your own people & toy with institutions!🔥
5. Design your own Citizen!
#JohnsonRegime eg Heaton-Harris dictating how academics lecture on #Brexit & Education Sec says students can't criticise PM!
(Erdogan now arrests critics!)

6. Laugh at the Horror! Inhumane cruelty RE refugees, Afghanistan, kids in poverty! #PartyGate!
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@Haggis_UK As always...#LiarJohnson muddies water with obfuscation and evasion...aimed to confuse/brainwash members of the public including MPs of ALL parties - political, if any clarification is needed!

#OfficeGSBrown "this a moral issue" is root of the crisis at heart of UK Government!
@Haggis_UK With all due respect, does @CrispinBlunt seek to trivialise and deflect attention from the central rot at heart of UK Government under direction of #LiarJohnson?
@Haggis_UK @CrispinBlunt Investigations into breaches of covid regulations, resulting from #LiarJohnson's absence of moral leadership are complex insofar as they involve different regulations in place at time of each transgression; carrying different penalties.

Some may incur financial penalties only.
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"Boris Johnson suffered another major blow to his authority on Monday after a Treasury minister staged a dramatic public resignation over the government’s decision to write off £4.3bn in fraudulent Covid loans."
"Theodore Agnew, a Treasury and Cabinet Office minister, called the oversight of the scheme “nothing less than woeful” and accused officials of “schoolboy errors” on multiple fronts."
"Speaking in the House of Lords, he accused the government of “arrogance, indolence and ignorance” in its attitude to tackling fraud estimated to cost £29bn a year."
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"Officials working in No 10 claim they have held back information from Sue Gray’s investigation into the partygate scandal due to a “culture of fear” surrounding the probe."
"Three sources told The Independent they have not divulged messages and pictures on their phones after a senior member of staff told them to remove anything that could fuel speculation in the wake of the first party revelations."
"Messages in a WhatsApp group were said to contain photographs of people drinking and dancing, as well as references to how hungover people were the next day."
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"There is no obvious way out for the prime minister. It was not a one-off, it was not an ambiguous situation, it definitely happened. That hasn’t stopped him trying all of those excuses, it has just meant each time one fell down marked another full news cycle of the scandal."
"Johnson’s personal ratings are in the toilet, his party now lags hugely behind in the polls, and just like phone hacking the scandal stretches beyond just government. The Sun faces questions having had its deputy editor, James Slack, as the central figure of one of the parties."
"The Met Police are comprehensively failing to look anything other than incompetent in their response: they have, somehow, prioritised a civil servants’ investigation over their own, handily ignored the presence of police in Number 10,"
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"Britain’s welfare system is “unfit for purpose” and in urgent need of reform, experts warned on Sunday amid fears that millions more families will struggle to make ends meet amid the dual pressures of the pandemic and the spiralling cost-of-living crisis."
"The soaring price of food and rent, along with energy bills – which are expected to more than double in April when the price cap is lifted, bringing the number of households under “fuel stress” to at least 6 million –"
"is forcing families to choose between basic essentials such as food and heat, the experts said, while growing numbers are being forced into debt and relying on food banks."
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"On Thursday, William Wragg, the chair of the public administration committee, claimed there had been attempted blackmail involving threats to funding in the constituencies of his fellow Conservative MPs who backed a confidence vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership."
"No 10 dismissed the allegations and said they would only be investigated if any evidence was presented."

This raises the questions: "Who would investigate the 'concerns raised'" and "Does No 10 not consider it relevant to question alleged actions of Whips?"
"He added: “I think the claims have been unsubstantiated, as the prime minister said, he hadn’t seen any evidence. I haven’t seen any evidence of this. Any allegation of that seriousness should be looked into and would have consequences if it is found to be true.”"
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Downing Street’s tactical decision to hide Bertie Booster in the fridge in order to stop the negative headlines is hilariously backfiring.

1) They try to spin a spy story on Labour only for it to be revealed that Johnson took £45,000 from her and didn’t declare it! Also…
It turns out that Cameron and May also cultivated the same source, and the story is in any case at least five years old. As devastating counter-attacks go, this is like being assaulted by hamsters nibbling at the toes of the person who sent them.

2)The parties keep coming. Friday night piss ups at Downing Street. A special fridge bought, not for Bertie to hide in, but to keep that wine chilled for the big chillax…Who knew Tories liked to party 🎉 like this. Gives the term ‘Tory Party’ a new meta meaning. And…
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"Corruption is a word used nervously in the UK. We’re quite happy applying it to other countries; but in Britain even critics of the status quo can be surprisingly reluctant to describe as corrupt our society’s tight, often concealed circulation of power and rewards."
"Johnson’s response – “I genuinely believe that the UK is not remotely a corrupt country” – has been floridly unconvincing even by his standards."
"Most voters disagree with him. According to YouGov, 80% think there is “a lot” or “a fair amount” of corruption in British politics, and only 1% think there is none . Since the corruption controversy took off, the Tories have dropped in the polls."
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"BORIS Johnson has “basically admitted” that his proposals to reform Westminster standards would not have prevented even one of the sleaze scandals which have engulfed the Tory government, the SNP have said."

So, why waste time with theatrics...if not, to cover-up other deeds!
"After taking a jab at the 👉“missing £600,000 in the SNP party accounts”👈, the Prime Minister claimed that the opposition’s “constant attacks” on corruption in his government did a disservice to the people around the world suffering under true corruption."

⚠️Disinformation! ⚠️
"MICHAEL Russell has said £600,000 raised for a SNP second independence campaign is "not missing" and that the money is still available for this purpose."

@theSNP @Feorlean have repeatedly replied to false criticisms relating to £600,000 raised for #IndyRef2 - waiting patiently!
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"Johnson’s brief time as foreign secretary was not regarded as a success. Indeed, we have little proof that he has a clear idea of what he thinks UK foreign policy should be, other than to leave the European Union, which he has achieved."
"The pandemic has understandably occupied much government bandwidth, yet without it we would still be shackled with a Cabinet unable or unwilling to speak truth to power."
"There is a broader cost to this malaise, and to Raab’s dereliction of duty in reportedly not making the call to try and save the lives of Afghan interpreters who have assisted British troops."
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@Andrew_Adonis Regrettably, essential truck drivers needed for transport of food and supplies to UK have heeded the message of hate and rejection, not to mention the endless Brexit red-tape!

Who can blame them?!?

I can't help wondering what #LiarJohnson and UK Government can be thinking!?!
@Andrew_Adonis Jus' wait 'ere a cotton pickin' minute!
@Andrew_Adonis If there aint no food supplies bein' delivered...does this mean there's no food for pickin' and packin'...or does it mean there are no pickers doin' the pickin' and no packers doin' the packin'...
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"Boris Johnson’s government has hiked spending on Union flags to more than £163,000 in two years as part of its drive to boost pride in the national symbol."

'tis but a piece of cloth!

Each LIE from #LiarJohnson & cabal in UK Government diminishes UK - a blot on the landscape! Image
"The latest figures show spending has increased in virtually every Whitehall department since Mr Johnson became prime minister two years ago."

UK taxpayers' money to BURN! 🔥🔥🔥 Image
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A day in politics can be very loooooooooooong!

It is now 'CRYSTAL CLEAR' why #May appeared to overuse this phrase when speaking - it was to check NOT the IQ but the EQ of the audience!

One assumes all parties present are adults since this is a pre-requisite to be a politician!
"Angry… but it’s a strange situation where the First Minister is effectively arguing that reporters and politicians are stupid for taking what she says at face value, and even more stupid if they ask for clarification later."

Seems 'crystal clear' to me!!
All would be 'crystal clear' if audience really listened and asked pertinent questions on content of conferences when given chance to do so, instead of playing infantile party politics or chasing tomorrow's headlines!

LIFE is deadly serious NOT a continuous political campaign!
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"Johnson’s rank unfitness for office is evident in his lack of a domestic policy agenda: his “levelling up” speech last week was devoid of substance on how his government might seek to reverse the impact of a decade of spending cuts on the least affluent parts of the country,..."
"...together with the unequal impact Brexit is forecast to have in the coming years. It is evident in the way Brexit has played out so far: the ideological drive for a hard Brexit with no consideration of the consequences for the stability of Northern Ireland ..."
"...or the damage done by threatening close allies with breaking international law. It is evident in the way the government tries to stoke divisive culture wars over whether footballers should take a stand against racism in order to distract from its own incompetence."
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When you are "woke" you are awoken to the fact that a man born into privilege was burning £50 notes in front of homeless people at the same "tender" age as those 3 "lions" who took penalties on Sunday....
Those 3 young men attracted a shitstorm of hate but have earned privilege through talent and hard work and have used some of that privilege to give something back through sport and charity work/philanthropy.
Those lions gave their England earnings to NHS charities whilst a "leader" gave NHS money to his chums and claims freebies as and when he likes. This surely tells you a lot about where we are and what needs fixing. #JohnsonOut #JohnsonVariant #LiarJohnson #EnoughIsEnough
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