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Jun 14, 2023 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 2 min read
"How did America break up?"

"Slowly, at first. Then very suddenly."

It's coming faster than we think. 2/
FedGov will be exposed as a paper tiger.

Look at pot legalization; DEA etc still angrily stomping their stompy little feet, insisting cannabis is MUH SKEJOOL ONE ILLEGAL.

Nothing they can do about it.

There are a thousand other issues states can de facto secede on....
Jun 14, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
Getting Trump elected would be an even, TEN TIMES bigger...middle finger to the establishment than 2016.

I accept this noble mission. 2/
Quite possible the Uniparty thinks exactly what Hillary did in 2015--she encouraged MSM to push him because she thought he was the most easily beatable.

He's flawed. Pig-headed, terrible at hiring, pro-Holy-Jab.

But I really admire the Man in the Arena.
Jun 12, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
It's SO bad, it's got a name:

"Replication Crisis"

Turns out, much of psychology is made up, because when they tried to replicate even some famous cornerstones of psychology...they couldn't.

The Crisis spread to other social "sciences" too.

Even some STEM.

Gets better: 2/
The "Father of the Sexual Revolution", Kinsey, was full of shit.

He got pushback from real scientists (he was an zoologist studying wasps before publishing the bibles of sexual liberation)

But "lies travel the world before truth puts its pants on"…
Jun 12, 2023 β€’ 5 tweets β€’ 2 min read
Any sufficiently advanced donuts are indistinguishable from black!

Get Ken Block on it.


The effect of their pressure washing it and whining on socmedia will be...

More people defacing it. 2/
Sung to the tune of Stones' "Paint it Black":

🎡 I see a rainbow and I want it painted black
🎡 No colors anymore I want them to turn black
🎡 I see the trans walk by dressed in wrong gender clothes
🎡 I have to turn my head until my nausea goes
Jun 7, 2023 β€’ 12 tweets β€’ 4 min read
Pro audio as mentioned is almost all horn-loaded above around 500Hz.

Some great systems use midrange horns, about 24"x24", to reproduce down to around 200Hz

There was another club in Houston that had a MEGA-expensive sound system with mid-horns...

Remember Club 6400? 26/
6400 must've had at least $500k in audio, probably a million.
6 4-way horns around the dance floor, driven by the finest audiophile-quality QSC amps.
No expenses spared!

It was fantastic sound; I bet that place was laundering a shit-ton of mob drug money.
Jun 7, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
Horns can be curved or folded--straight is best but unrealistic in most applications.

Paul Klipsch built his huge company in Hope, Arkansas (yeah, Clinton's home town) on his very famous Klipschorn speakers, fully horn-loaded.

Bass was a very cleverly folded design that... 20/
...used the corner of the room as the final stage of the bass horn's expansion.

My second bass horn was a curved design, physically equivalent to modern concert venues' "scoop-bin" designs.
Looks like a Nautilus shell from the top.

Here're my engineering drawings for it: ImageImage
Jun 7, 2023 β€’ 18 tweets β€’ 6 min read
This reminds me of all my favorite music & DJ oddities.

If y'all haven't, you should check out...
(continued to show links properly) 2/
Beat boxing recorder:

Beat boxing flute:
Jun 4, 2023 β€’ 8 tweets β€’ 2 min read

(Especially not a big one)

Our Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo is a 6yo male, just exiting puberty.
He's really sweet and affectionate, as cockatoos are known for

* unless you truly know what you're getting into and the commitment it requires 2/
Around my daughter he's like a giddy prom date, and needs to show off to her by...
...attacking me.

A 350 gram bird with a beak sharper than wirecutters can make some really impressive cuts, and the crush creates painful bruising.

He KNOWS not to...but instinct!
May 29, 2023 β€’ 12 tweets β€’ 4 min read
I **LOATHE** Apple software.


It's all penguin-cutesy "Look At Me I'm so FRIENDLY and USABLE"

But I'm trying to backup my wife's iPhone vid/pic to my PC drive, and it's miserable.

Of course Appleites will say "just back up to iCloud!"

I. DON'T. WANT. TO. 2/
I've spent hours, on and off, trying various combinations of Microsoft's Photo app vs using iCloud app (which when it "syncs", creates local cloud links)

etc etc

Quickest way turns out to be:
Go to her ICloud, select a couple hundred at a time, and download the ZIP file....
May 27, 2023 β€’ 5 tweets β€’ 2 min read

Whenever we worry about "landed gentry" and feckless billionaire's drug-addled whore heirs owning 1,000's of prime acres...

Giving the State the power to take that land...for the "Greater Good", of course! a terrible, terrible idea.

There's a better way. 2/
Sure, Turner's kids may or may not be assholes, and I don't like the Hiltons or Soros kids much either.

But I'd rather THEY had 1000's of prime acres...than the far worse Faceless Twats of FedGov.

Which owns > 80% of Western states' land!
May 27, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
Speaking of the abominations of property taxes and eminent domain...

I'm starting down the rabbit hole of "original land patents", "allodial title" again.

Our "warranty deed" real estate is fairly new, only started in 1940's.

It makes you essentially a tenant on "your" land. 2/
Step one, New Rule:
When you sell your house and list at "assessed" value, gov has to buy IN CASH if it's on the market > 3 months.

Small step toward sanity.
May 23, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
This sounds like one of those "And the entire bus stood and clapped" stories.

Trying to imagine this in the context of my wife's work....
And failing.
And I have a pretty vivid imagination.

See the Rolling Stone "bus-clap" article too:… 2/
"He was so tiny and so perfect, and I didn't want to leave him, but was there was nothing I could do," Hogan said.

So naturally she's suing Texas so she could....abort him?

Makes total sense.

I'm DYING to see the transcripts and actual evidence here.

May 23, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
LGBTQIPedo+ don't reproduce genetically, so they must reproduce memetically.

Or else what's the purpose of "gay pride" events, or "drag queen story hour"?

That's right: recruiting.
Or "grooming". 2/
NAXALT applies.
But at the leading edges, this IS what's happening.

I feel bad for the majority of LGB, who live quietly.
The coming backlash will hurt the innocent too.

They should be--are, in many cases--speaking out against evil evangelical psychos pushing it on kids
May 22, 2023 β€’ 15 tweets β€’ 4 min read
I'm really surprised parents are still this oblivious.

It's masochism to pay--DEARLY--to have your children ideologically mutilated in one of the Left's indoctrination camps.

There are some degrees--they're spelled "S T E M"--worth getting for a few gate-kept careers... 2/, medicine, veterinary.

Law? LOL, that's child abuse.
I'm betting my lawyer frens discourage their kids from law.

Ditto doctors; unless one of my kids were dead-set, then I'd say "veterinary".

Ohwait...we did!

Which leav3s...what?
May 1, 2023 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 4 min read
You're obviously, clearly forgetting to divide by population to get PER CAPITA (per person) numbers.

We're 330 million people, even France is small by comparison at 65m.

We're only #11 in MSD's per person.
You're more likely to die in a mass shooting in Belgium, for example. 2/
::deep breath::

Quoting Snopes.
Apr 24, 2023 β€’ 5 tweets β€’ 2 min read
If you do any kind of shop work--woodwork, metal, etc--GET ONE!

There are add-ons to an existing shop-vac. Dirt collects in a bucket under the cyclone, leaving the shop-vac filter almost completely clean. I haven't replaced mine in almost a year.

Saves time and filter $$ 2/
Mine's fairly cheap, but works well on stale horse feed, sawdust, metal grindings from welding projects and more.
It even separates fine agricultural lime dust.
No idea how energy efficient it is; I have the usual 'FIVE PEAK HP!!1!" Rigid shop-vac…
Apr 23, 2023 β€’ 5 tweets β€’ 2 min read
(New SA flag)
Plus it's just fugly.
A meaningless POS that looks like a cheap corporate logo.

I guess Nike-addicted people find it appealing. 2/
Pre-94 SA flag is noble, with rich historical meaning:

Brits' Union Jack, with the flags of the Orange Free State and the South African Republic following it, respecting its triple origin.

The orange-white-blue is the Dutch "Prince Flag" from their 1600's rebellion. Image
Apr 23, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 1 min read
Afrikaners, Boers, pay heed!

See his TL for all the tricks to being allowed to stay in America: 2/
Use the Dems' illegal voter pipelines against them:
Apr 22, 2023 β€’ 5 tweets β€’ 3 min read
Really a great evening!

Thursday night when we got back from BBQ, a HUGE thunderstorm started.

We put the cockatoos to bed, and @AetherCzar, my son, and I sat by the sliding glass doors watching the lightning show.

Lightning is underappreciated... @AetherCzar 2/
A million+ volts and about 50,000 amps of current.
Very briefly, a few milliseconds, it's making as much power as 20 nuclear generators!

I'd read that the "bremstralling" (when charged particles slam to a stop and emit and emit radiation) makes x-rays from lightning...
Apr 15, 2023 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
Listen up Acela-riding Northeastern soyfarts:

Texas is BIG.
Five Belgiums wide.

We have roads where the official limit is 85.

On most highways between cities, you're a danger to others (and an asshole) at under 75.

So don't getcher panties wadded: 2/

I TOLD YOU not to gitcher panties wadded, Boomer!

And you can keep your Boomer Conservative, Inc club.

You guys fucked it all up.
Now we're left rummaging the junkheap hoping to rebuild.

"Real conservatives"
Get stuffed.
Apr 14, 2023 β€’ 7 tweets β€’ 3 min read
So sophomoric.
Such a boringly trite swipe at strawman-Christianity, the smug new atheist evangelist's take.

Scientists of deep faith advanced science tremendously, in part BECAUSE of their faith.

Pseudo-intellectual crap, and precisely the WRONG approach to counter Woke. 2/
Atheism isn't more intellectual; as they've tried and failed to label themselves "Brights" (like "gay" was co-opted)

Scientists with faith (consciously or not) believe the universe is rational, and was created by a rational Mind...